I'm a freelance by trade. From the two words "free," meaning unfettered and unencumbered, and "lance," meaning lancer, horseman, warrior, or soldier. In my case, I combine several talents -- I'm a fighter, but not a great one, a thief but not a highly skilled one, an assassin but not a subtle one, a horseman but not an outstanding one, and a wizard but not an accomplished one. While none of my skills is first-rate, I am second-rate at enough things that I can work a variety of assignments at an economical rate, with holiday discounts.

 I go by a variety of names -- I'm not even sure which one I was born with. I prefer Wulf, because it conjures up an image of me as a grizzled, northern warrior standing at the prow of a longship, an axe in my hand and fire in my eyes.

 It's a nice image. Too bad it's so far from the truth.

-- Wulf, The Demon Crown


Welcome to the new Wulf Archives! It's been a very long journey since Wulf's first adventure was posted to the Internet, and I think we've all grown and changed a lot since then. The first Wulf story (Heart of the Lion) was posted to the then-small alt.sex.stories newsgroup using my crude shell account. Since then Wulf has been with me all the time, following me from isp to isp, and from archive to archive. At last, I'm happy to report that Wulf and his friends now have a permanent home, independent of the vagaries and weirdnesses of my own service providers.

I hesitate to count the number of words I've written about Wulf, or the amount of mail that he has generated. Suffice to say, he's certainly become a true epic fantasy character, and even today he continues to struggle (albeit reluctantly) against the forces of evil, repression, sorcery and chaos. We have made many good friends through Wulf's good offices, and the experience in creating and chronicling his adventures has been one of the most rewarding I've ever had. These pages, the most definitive collection and resource on Wulf available, are dedicated to those loyal readers who have followed us all these years and made us a part of their lives.

These pages change constantly, so be sure and check the News link below for updates. And now, without further delay, I present the Links, which will give you full access to the world of Wulf the Freelance. Click on the title graphic to access the appropriate page.  

What's new at the site, plus my own comments, responses to e-mail, questions, dirty jokes, ideas and general discussion.

The answers to all your Wulf- and Thystra-related questions. Or at least those that I can remember. If you have any further questions or suggestions for this FAQ, feel free to e-mail me.

Wulf's adventures, from the plains of the Veldt Lands to the caverns of the Dark Elven realms. Wulf risks death and worse in a constant struggle to keep his own skin intact, serving as a mercenary warrior, corsair, explorer, thief, and more, all with the help of a cast of stunning women of the type only found in the pages of heroic/erotic fiction. These stories are highly explicit sexually, and are intended only for readers over eighteen. The latest of these, Down in the Dungeon, Part Three is up and ready for your perusal.

A comprehensive list of all Wulf's friends, companions, enemies, lovers and rivals.

A chronology of Wulf's adventures, as a result of some specific requests by people who are getting desperately confused.  


Images of Wulf and his pals as submitted by various fans and readers. There's some excellent work here by a wide range of talented people from around the world!  

You can post messages, questions, comments, etc. here. You needn't limit yourself to stuff about Wulf, and I will try to check in periodically to respond to anything folks bring up.

  This is my catch-all page for articles, background information, and other stuff about Wulf, Thystra, characters and more. If there's sufficient interest, I might put more non-Wulf fiction here, or put it on its own "Other Writing" type page. There's descriptions of a couple of Thystra Warhammer battles and an old non-Wulf cyberpunk/horror story of mine. Now, it's also got our very first piece of Thystran fiction by a different author (hopefully the first of many), so check it out now or by all the gods you'll regret it... ;)


Links to friends, to acquaintances, and to the best written (and other) erotic resources on the net.


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