Extra Biblical Writings Section
Apocryphal, Pseudepigraphical books and writings:
The Dead Sea Scrolls:
Gnostic Works and Books:
Historical Writings regarding the Church and Church History:
Miscellaneous Section

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Note: Many have written in asking if I could compile an A-Z list of all the books for the sections,
above. Due to the amount of time involved (and the number of books) sorry but I am unable to do

However I have listed all the books (not in alphabetical order) within my current collection and
if you know the name or even a part of the name of the book that you are after you can do a quick
search using the find function in your own browser (usually it is the ctrl f keys).

Links to other interesting sites related to non canonical books & manuscripts:
This Site contains the Gospel of Barnabas and some  interesting facts regarding this often misused and ignored work. Well worth the visit!
The Gospel of Thomas Home Page. I found this site very useful and well presented.
Another Great Site for Non canonical Books.
Ancient Manuscripts: A must see site for those interested in Books & Manuscripts.

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