The Dead Sea Scrolls

Fragments and smaller works
The temple as described in the Temple Scroll
The Words of Moses
Commentaries on Genesis
The Book of Secrets
Priestly Service on New Year's Day
A Reworking of Genesis And Exodus
A Liturgical Calendar
The Inheritance of  The Firstborn, The Messiah of David
Commentary on Psalms
Prayer of Praise
The Last Days: A Commentary on Selected Verses
A Liturgy
A Lament for Zion
The Secret of The Way Things Are
The Ages of The World
A Baptismal Liturgy
In Praise of Wisdom
Meditation on Israel's History
A Horoscope Written in Code
Lives of The Patriarchs
The Book of Giants
The archangel Michael And King Zedekiah
Israel And The Holy Land
Assorted Manuscripts
Enoch And The Watchers
The Two Ways
The Healing of King Nabonindus
The War Scroll
The Vision of Daniel
A Vision of The Son of God
Tales of The Patriarchs
The Acts of A King
The Thanksgiving Psalms
The Coming of Melchizedek
The Divine Throne Chariot
Tongues of Fire
The Parable of the Bountiful Tree
Redemption and Resurrection


The Dead Sea Scriptures - by Theodor H. Gaster -
The Service of God.
The Manual of Discipline
The 'Zadokite' Document
The Letter of the Law: Ordinances
A Formulary of Blessings

The Praise of God.
The Hymn of the Initiants
The Book of Hymns
Poems from a Qumran Hymnal
a] David (Psalm 151)
b] Invitation to Grace after Meals
c] Plea for Grace
d] Supplication
e] The City of God
f] Morning Hymn
A / B / C / D / E / F
Lament for Zion
Hymns of Triumph
Prayer for Intercession
The Litany of the Angels

Still to come:
Expositions of Scripture
Psalm 37
Psalm 45

The Triumph of God

The War of the Sons of Light and the Sons of Darkness.
The Rout of Belial: Predictions of Coming Doom.
Weal and Woe: An Exhortation
The Last Jubilee: ('Melchizedek Texts')
The New Covenant.
Manual of Discipline for the future Congregation of Israel.
The Messianic King
Testimonia: Proof-texts of the Messianic era.
A 'Messianic, Florilegium
The Wondrous Child.

General / Topics

The Wooing of Wisdom.
The Wiles of the Harlot.
Visions and Testaments
The Last words of Amram
The Epochs of Time.
Memoirs of the Patriarchs.
The Oration of Moses.

The Dead Sea Scrolls in English (G.Vermes)

Main Works
The Community Rule The Damascus Rule The Messianic Rule
The War Rule The Hymns  

Liturgical Fragments

The Words of the Heavenly Lights The Liturgical Prayer The Blessings
The Triumph of Righteousness The Angelic Liturgy  

Bible Interpretation

The Genesis Apocryphon The Blessings of Jacob The Words of Moses
Commentaries on Isaiah The Prayer of Nabonidus Commentary on Micah
Commentary on Nahum Commentary on Habakkuk Commentary on Psalm 37
A Midrash on the Last Days A Messianic Anthology A Commentary on Biblical Laws

*The Copper Scroll.

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