Amanita muscaria
(Linnaeus per Fries) Hooker, Flora Scotica 2:19. 1821

Mushroom Synonyms
GenusSpeciesVarietyFormCitationBookVol. PageYear
Amanitamuscariamuscaria(L. ex Fr.) Pers.

Kindgom: Fungi
   +----Division: Eumycota
           +----Subdivision: Basidiomycotina
                   +----Class: Hymenomycetes
                           +----Order: Agaricales
                                   +----Suborder: Agaricineae
                                           +----Family: Amanitaceae
                                                   +----Genus: Amanita
Pileus Size: (5) 7 - 25 (40) cm broad; Shape: convex , becoming plane to slightly wavy or depressed in age; Color: blood-red, or various shades of bright-, scarlet-, or orange-red; becoming lighter toward margin; Surface: smooth, covered with white warts or small patches (remains of the universal veil); sometimes washing off in age; tacky, sticky or viscid when moist; Margin: striate; at first appendiculate; Flesh: firm when young and becoming soft in age, white (yellowish beneath cuticle); thick; Odor: faint; Taste: pleasant.

Gills Attachment: free; adnate to adnexed; Color: white; Spacing: close to crowded; Thickness: broad; Face: minutely hairy.

Stipe Size: 5 - 18 (30) cm long; (1) 2 - 3 (4) cm wide; Shape: enlarging toward bulbous base; sometimes equal or tapering slightly upward; Surface: fibrous to cottony; Color: whitish; sometimes discolored with age; Flesh: hollow to stuffed.

Veils Partial Veil: membranous, white to whitish; leaving median to superior ring; Universal Veil: whitish; forming a scaly series of 2-4 concentric rings.

Spore Deposit: white; Size: (8) 9 - 13 um x (6) 6 - 9 (9) um; Shape: broadly elliptical; Surface: smooth; Amyloid: non-amyloid; Miscellaneous: thin-walled, colorless.

Common Names
Common NameCountrys
British Isles
North America
Fly Agaric
Fly Amanita
Fly Mushroom

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