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    Subject:      LIST: Alternate History Stories, 5 of 8
    From: (Robert B. Schmunk)
    Date:         1996/04/16
    Message-ID:   <4kv8of$>
    Newsgroups:   rec.arts.sf.written,soc.history.what-if,alt.history.what-if,rec.answers,soc.answers,alt.answers,news.answers
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    Archive-name: sf/alt_history/part5
    Rec-arts-sf-written-archive-name: alt_history/part5
    Version: 26
    Posting-Frequency: Quarterly
    Silverberg, Robert, THE GATE OF WORLDS (Holt, Rinehart & Winston 1967; Methuen
         1980, 041704710X; Tor 1984, 081255454X, 0812554558)
      %T German tr. by Thomas Ziegler as AUF ZU HESPERIDEN! (Droemer Knaur 1982)
      %W The Black Plague of 1348 killed more than half of Europe, leaving it
         defenseless before the invasion of the Ottoman Turks.
      %S A yound man from the backwater of London seeks his fortune in 1960s Aztec
         N America.
    Silverberg, Robert, "Lion Time in Timbuctoo", in <IAsfm> Oct 1990; LION TIME IN
         TIMBUCTOO (Axolotl 1990); and BEYOND THE GATE OF WORLDS (Tor 1991,
      %T French tr. by Helene Collon as "Tombouctou a l'heure du lion", in LE NEZ
         DE CLEOPATRE (Denoel 1994, 2207241912)
      %S Diplomatic intrigue is rife as the Emir of Songhay lies dying.
      %C See also Brunner's "At the Sign of the Rose" and Yarbro's "An Exaltation
         of Spiders".
    Silverberg, Robert, "Looking for the Fountain", in <IAsfm> May 1992; and
      %W A shipload of Crusaders was blown off course and ended up in Florida.
      %S While looking for the Fountain of "Youth", Ponce de Leon finds a tribe of
         Christian AmerInds who want to sail to Palestine and free Jerusalem.
    Silverberg, Robert, "A Sleep and a Forgetting", in _Playboy_ Jul 1989; <WMHB2>;
         (Bantam 1992, 055308996X, 0553370685)
      %W Genghis Khan was abducted at age 11, and after being sold into slavery
         became a prince's guard in Constantinople.
      %S Modern scientists in our timeline somehow communicate with a palace guard
         in old Constantinople, and one reminds him of sense of destiny.
    Silverberg, Robert, "An Outpost of the Empire", in <IAsfm> Nov 1991
      %W The first Exodus failed on the shores of the Red Sea, preventing the rise
         of Christianity and its inclement effect on the Roman empire.
      %S 2200 years after the founding of Rome, a clash between the Western
         (Roman-influenced) and the declining Eastern (Greek-influenced) empires.
    ------------------, "Via Roma", in _Asimov's Science Fiction_ Apr 1994
      %S A Britannic visitor to Rome finds himself among the political "jet set"
         and sees from the sidelines the bloody creation of the 2nd Roman Republic.
    ------------------, "Tales from the Venia Woods", in <f&sf> Oct 1989; and THE
         Dozois) (St. Martin's 1990, 0312044518, 0312044526)
      %T French tr. by Helene Collon as "Legendes de la foret Veniane", in LE NEZ
         DE CLEOPATRE (Denoel 1994, 2207241912)
      %S Early during the 2nd Republic, two children meet a mysterious old man
         hiding in a ruined imperial hunting lodge in the Teutonic provinces.
    ------------------, "To the Promised Land", in <WMHB1>; and THE COLLECTED
         055308996X, 0553370685)
      %S 4000 years after the failed Exodus, the few remaining Hebrews in Egypt
         plan a new Exodus, to space, and recruit an historian to write their tale.
    Silverberg, Robert, "Translation Error", in _Astounding_ Mar 1959; <WoM>;
         TRANSFORMATION II (ed. ... Roselle) (Fawcett 1974); and THE CUBE ROOT OF
         UNCERTAINTY (Macmillan 1976)
      %T French tr. by Helene Collon as "Le Traite de Dusseldorf", in LE NEZ DE
         CLEOPATRE (Denoel 1994, 2207241912)
      %T Portuguese tr. by Elza Martins as "Error de Leitura", in RUMO A ESTRELA
         NEGRA (Expressao & Cultura 1974)
      %S An alien returns to Earth after tampering with history in 1914, finds
         things are askew and decides that he has shifted onto a parallel by
    Silverberg, Robert, "Trips", in FINAL STAGE: THE ULTIMATE SCIENCE FICTION
         ANTHOLOGY (eds. Edward Ferman & Barry N. Malzberg) (Charterhouse 1974,
         0883270358; Penguin 1975); exp, THE FEAST OF DIONYSIUS (Scribner's 1975,
         0684139987; Berkley 1975) THE BEST OF ROBERT SILVERBERG VOLUME 2 (Gregg
         (Thomas Nelson 1978, 0840766017)
      %S A man visits a number of different San Franciscos, one in a timeline where
         Pres. Willkie maintained US neutrality in WW2.
    Silverberg, Robert, UP THE LINE (Ballantine 1969, 0345325850; Ballantine 1973,
      %T Czech tr. by ... as title unknown (Navrat 1992)
      %T Portuguese tr. by ... as OS CORREIOS DO TEMPO (Livros do Brasil 1993)
      %S A time-travel tour leader gets in trouble.
      %C Basically non-AH, but the result of assassinating Jesus at age 11 is
         briefly described.
      %C Follow-ups include Baron's GLORY'S END, Kingston's CAESAR'S TIME LEGIONS,
         Macdonald & Doyle's TIMECRIME, INC., and Wu's THE ROBIN HOOD AMBUSH.
      %C Nominee: 1970 Hugo for best novel.
    Simak, Clifford, THE FELLOWSHIP OF THE TALISMAN (Ballantine 1978, 0345277511)
      %T Portuguese tr. by Eurico Fonseca as A IRMANDADE DO TALISMA (Livros do
         Brasil 1980)
      %W A series of "blights" periodically prevented Europe from advancing beyond
         the Dark Ages. Also, magic works.
      %S A young man accompanies a woman and her griffin on a quest to retrieve a
         talisman to fight the blight.
    Simak, Clifford, RING AROUND THE SUN (Musson 1953; SFBC 1953; Ace 1954; World
         1960; Avon 1967; Four Square 1967; NEL 1977; Carroll & Graf 1992,
      %T Portuguese tr. by Eurico Fonseca as MUNDOS SIMULTANEOS (Livros do Brasil
      %S A whole series of parallel Earths (uninhabited) can be reached by mental
         means. Emphasis on the mutants and androids than on crosstime aspect.
    Simak, Clifford, SPECIAL DELIVERANCE (Ballantine 1982, 0345298977)
      %T Portuguese tr. by Eurico Fonseca as O MUNDO DO CAOS (Livros do Brasil
      %S Six people from different timelines join together on a quest.
    Simak, Clifford, WHERE THE EVIL DWELLS (Ballantine 1982, 0345307704)
      %T Portuguese tr. by Eurico Fonseca as ONDE MORA O MAL (Livros do Brasil
      %W Dragons, fairies, etc, are real. Also, Rome did not split into two
      %S The appearance of "The Evil" from over the river provides incentive to
         hold the Roman Empire together in a time of schism (c. 1400).
    Simmons, Mark, "The American Civil War: Another Story", in _Miniature Wargames_
         #105 (Feb 1992)
      %W Shiloh was a one-day Confederate victory, and Grant did not rise to Union
         command so speedily.
      %C Summary of war-gamers' simulation of a complete Civil War, including the
         fall and recapture of Washington, and the final rebel surrender in Aug
    Simner, Janni Lee, ""Learning Magic", in <AO>
      %S Young Houdini entered a life of crime following the death of his mother.
    Simner, Janni Lee, "Out of Sight", in <BAOF>
      %W Helen Keller was not deaf and blind, but her little sister was.
      %S Actress Keller recalls the trauma of living with her sister and the awful
         result while she decides what to do with her illegitimate baby.
    Skimin, Leonard, GRAY VICTORY (St. Martin's 1988, 0312013744)
      %W Joe Johnston retained command at Atlanta and held Sherman off so long that
         McClellan won the 1864 US presidential election.
      %S In 1866, while Jeb Stuart is on trial for his actions at Gettysburg, John
         Brown's son lays plans for a black insurrection.
    Sladek, John T., "1937 AD!", in _New Worlds_ Jul 1967; BEST SF: 1967 (eds.
         Harry Harrison & Brian Aldiss) (Berkley 1968; vt THE YEAR'S BEST SCIENCE
         (Panther 1973, 0586038019); and THE BEST OF JOHN SLADEK (Pocket 1981)
      %S An inventor from the US of Columbia in 1878 sets out for 1937, where he
         encounters a man who can change history with the stroke of a pen.
    Slonimski, Antoni, TORPEDA CZASU: POWIESC FANTASTYCZNA (Towarzystwo wydawnicze
         Ignis 1924; Czytelnik 1967)
      %W Time travellers seeking to prevent the nationalism of the 19th century end
         up in 1796 Italy, where they defeat both Napoleon and the Austrians.
      %S Carnot takes power in France, but is deposed by one of the time
         travellers, who fails in an attempt to create a benevolent society.
    Smeds, David, "The Eighth of December", in DAVID COPPERFIELD'S TALES OF THE
         IMPOSSIBLE (ed. David Copperfield & Janet Berliner) (HarperPrism
      %S ... 
    Smith, Allen J.M., "The Cab Driver from Hell in the Land of the Pieux Hawks",
         Budrys) (Bridge 1991)
      %S A taxi somehow travels sideways to a N America never colonized by
    Smith, Dean Wesley, "A Bubble for a Minute", in <BAOF>
      %W Wallis Simpson fell in love with FDR rather than the King of England.
      %S A high-school kid interviewing old Mrs. Simpson at the old folks home
         finds reality changes as she changes the details of her life story.
    Smith, George Henry, "Take Me to Your Leader", in MICROCOSMIC TALES: 100
         Greenberg & Joseph D. Olander) (Taplinger 1980, 0800852389; DAW 1992,
      %W The South won the Civil War.
      %S A scientist from another Earth warns of Russian attack, but the narrator
         lives in a world where Jeff Davis VI is hereditary president of the CSA.
    Smith, L. Neil, CONTACT AND COMMUNE (publ. unknown)
    --------------, CONVERSE AND CONFLICT (publ. unknown)
      %W Creatures other than humans achieved sapience.
      %S ...
    Smith, L. Neil, THE CRYSTAL EMPIRE (Bluejay/Tor 1986, 031294070X; Tor 1989,
      %W Christendom was destroyed in 1349 when an attempt to ship plague-ridden
         rats to Saracen lands backfired disastrously.
      %S In 2042, a Helvetic N American escorts a mission from the Saracen Caliph
         of Rome into the secretive, mysterious Aztec empire.
    Smith, L. Neil, THE PROBABILITY BROACH (Ballantine 1980, 034528593X)
      %W The Whiskey Rebellion succeeded and the US Constitution was revoked.
      %S In 1987, a Denver cop investigating a scientist's murder crosses timelines
         and finds himself in a Libertarian utopia.
    --------------, "The Spirit of Exmas Sideways", in <Alt>
      %S In 1988, Detective Bear investigates another murder involving the
         crosstime machine.
    --------------, THE NAGASAKI VECTOR (Ballantine 1983, 0345303822)
      %S In 1993, ...
    --------------, THE VENUS BELT (Ballantine 1981)
      %S In 1999, with friends and relatives mysteriously disappearing, Bear is off
         to the asteroid belt to investigate a crosstime Hamiltonian plot.
    --------------, THE GALLATIN DIVERGENCE (Ballantine 1985, 0345303830)
      %S In 2119, ...
    --------------, BRIGHTSUIT MCBEAR (Avon 1988)
    --------------, TAFLAK LYSANDRA (Avon 1988)
    --------------, TOM PAINE MARU (Avon ...)
      %S ...
    Smith, Martin Cruz, THE INDIANS WON (Belmont 1970; Leisure 1981)
      %T German tr. by Michael Gorden as DER ANDERE SIEGER (Bastei-Lubbe 1984)
      %W N American Plains Indians banded together to stop the white man's spread,
         resulting in East and West USAs with an AmerInd nation in the middle.
      %S History of the AmerInd nation alternates with Washington intrigues during
         20th-century white vs. red tensions.
    Snodgrass, Melinda M., QUEEN'S GAMBIT DECLINED (Warner/Popular Library 1989,
      %W Magic exists, as do forces for good and evil.
      %S William of Nassau works with the White Queen to defeat the evil forces in
         Paris, eventually invading France in 1672.
    Snodgrass, Melinda M., WILD CARDS X: DOUBLE SOLITAIRE (Bantam 1992, 0553294938)
      %C In same series as Martin's WILD CARDS I.
         (Macmillan 1973)
      %W Burgoyne beat Gates at Saratoga, and the American rebellion collapsed.
      %S Dual history text of the Confederation of N America and the US of Mexico,
         from 1775 to 1971.
      %C Synopsis in Fadness's "What If the British Had Won the Revolutionary
    Somtow, S.P., THE AQUILIAD [: AQUILA IN THE NEW WORLD] (Ballantine 1983,
         0345338677); fixup of "Aquila", in <IAsfm> 18 Jan 1982 and FIRE FROM THE
         WINE DARK SEA (Donning 1983, 0898652529) "Aquila the God", in <IAsfm> Apr
         1982; "Aquila Meets Bigfoot", in _Amazing Stories_ Jan 1983; and "Aquila:
         The Final Conflict", in _Amazing Stories_ May 1983
      %T German tr. by of "Aquila" by Ruediger Hipp as "Aquila", in <HSL>
      %C "Aquila" nominee: 1983 Hugo for best novelette.
    ------------, THE AQUILIAD II: AQUILA AND THE IRON HORSE (Ballantine 1988,
    ------------, THE AQUILIAD III: AQUILA AND THE SPHINX (Ballantine 1989,
      %W Romans discovered the steam engine and conquered the world.
      %S Farcical adventures of a Roman general in the Americas (Terra Novum) and
         his entanglements with time guardians.
    Somtow, S.P., "Sunsteps", in _Unearth_ Summer 1977; and FIRE FROM THE WINE DARK
         SEA (Donning 1983, 0898652529)
      %S Aztecs depopulate the world in order to meet sacrificial needs.
    Soukup, Martha, "Good Girl, Bad Dog", in <AO>
      %S A Hollywood dog gets tired of being called a female name: Lassie.
    Soukup, Martha, "Plowshare", in <AP>
      %W William Jennings Bryan was elected president in 1896 and decided to serve
         only one term. Also, Teddy Roosevelt never became president.
      %S In 1915, as Bryan and his wife look back at the years, the Lusitania is
         sunk and war looks imminent, giving Bryan a new message to preach.
    Soukup, Martha, "Rosemary's Brain", in <AK>
      %W Instead of a lobotomy, Rosemary Kennedy received an experimental operation
         that turned her into a genius.
      %S Rosemary discusses her plans for her future with her godfather.
    Spelman, Dick, "The Forgotten Worldcon of '45", in <AWC>
      %S ...
    Spinrad, Norman, THE IRON DREAM (Avon 1972, 0380002000; Gregg 1977, 0839823614;
         Jove/HBJ 1978; Pocket 1982; Bantam 1986, 0553252895)
      %T German tr. by Walter Brumm as DER STAHLERNE TRAUM (Heyne 1983)
      %T Portuguese tr. by Jose Sanz as O SONHO DE FERRO (Jose Olympio 1976)
      %W Hitler emigrated to the USA in 1919 and after several years as a
         commercial artist turned to writing SF.
      %S The text of Hitler's Hugo Award-winning novel LORD OF THE SWASTIKA.
    Spruill, Steven G., "The Janus Equation", in BINARY STAR NO. 4 (ed. James R.
         Frenkel) (Dell 1980, 044010821X)
      %W JFK wasn't assassinated.
      %S C. 2200, a man trying to create a time machine in a world dominated by
         multi-nat'l corporations is over-aggressively recruited by a competitor.
    Squire, J.C., "If It Had Been Discovered in 1930 that Bacon Really Did Write
         Shakespeare" (vt "Professor Gubbin's Revolution"), in _London Mercury_ Jan
         1931; <IIHHO> (all eds.); and OUTSIDE EDEN (Heinemann 1933; Books for
         Libraries 1971, 0836938607)
      %W As the title says.
      %S Satirical look at the ensuing literary chaos.
    Squire, J.C., "What Might Have Happened", in OUTSIDE EDEN (Heinemann 1933;
         Books for Libraries 1971, 0836938607)
      %W Britain adopted Prohibition.
      %S ...
    Stableford, Brian, THE CARNIVAL OF DESTRUCTION (Pocket UK 1994, 0671851985;
         Carroll & Graf 0786701226)
      %W The U.S. never intervened in WW1.
      %S ...
      %C Non-AH predecessors are THE WEREWOLVES OF LONDON and THE ANGEL OF PAIN.
    Stableford, Brian, "Complications", in _Amazing Stories_ Feb 1992
      %W Males of all vertebrate species are worm-like parasites living within
         female hosts.
      %S Tongue-in-cheek description of the present-day in that world, mentioning
         Pope Joan and Anna Freud.
    Stableford, Brian, THE EMPIRE OF FEAR (Simon & Schuster UK 1988; Carroll & Graf
         1991, 0881847429; Ballantine 1993, 0345377575); expansion of "The Man who
         Loved the Vampire Lady", in <f&sf> Aug 1988; THE YEAR'S BEST SCIENCE
         FICTION, SIXTH ANNUAL COLLECTION (ed. Gardner Dozois) (St. Martin's 1989,
         0312030096, 0312030088); and TOMORROW SUCKS (eds. Greg Cox & T.K.F.
         Weisskopf) (Baen 1994, 0671876260)
      %T Portuguese tr. by Trindade Santos as O IMPERIO DO MEDO (Classica 1991)
      %W Attila's horde brought real vampirism to Europe and the vampires took
         control, creating the empires of Gaul and Walachia.
      %S A 17th-century scientist's search for the secret of vampire immortality
         takes him to central Africa, and to later confrontation with Dragulya.
    Stafford, Terry: see Gygax, E. Gary, & Terry Stafford
    Stall, Michael, "Rice Brandy", in NEW WRITINGS IN SF 25 (ed. ... Bulmer)
         (Sidgwick & Jackson 1975; Corgi 1976)
      %S With 20th-century help, a 15th-century Khmer king turns back a Thai
         invasion, then industrializes.
    Stapledon, Olaf, "East is West", in FAR FUTURE CALLING (Oswald Train 1979)
      %S An Englishman temporarily trades places with his counterpart in a world
         where England prepares to challenge Japanese world domination.
    Stapp, Robert, A MORE PERFECT UNION (Harper's Magazine 1970; Berkley 1971)
      %W Lincoln ordered the evacuation of Fort Sumter, and the South was allowed
         to go in peace.
      %S In 1981, the USA faces a hostile, nuclear-capable, police-state CSA and
         decides that assassination is the only solution.
    Stasheff, Christopher, HER MAJESTY'S WIZARD (Ballantine 1986, 0345274563)
    ---------------------, THE OATHBOUND WIZARD (Ballantine 1993, 0345385470)
    ---------------------, THE WITCH DOCTOR (Ballantine 1994, 034537584X; SFBC
         1994; Ballantine 1995, 0345388518)
    ---------------------, THE SECULAR WIZARD (Ballantine 1995, 0345376005,
      %S A grad student finds a manuscript which sends him to an another Earth
         where magic works and N Europe and most of Britain are covered with ice.
    Steele, Allen, "Goddard's People", in <IAsfm> Jul 1991; <WMHB3>; and RUDE
         ASTRONAUTS: REAL AND IMAGINED STORIES (Legend 1992; Old Earth 1993,
         1882968018; Ace 1995, 044100184X); rev. of "Operation Blue Horizon", in
         _Worcester Monthly_ Sep 1988
      %W Warned that Nazi Germany was developing a trans-Atlantic rocket, the US
         started a crash rocket development program headed by Robert Goddard.
      %S A history of Project Blue Horizon and its critical race with the Nazis;
         concludes with mention of the first manned mission to Mars in 1976.
    -------------, "John Harper Wilson", in <IAsfm> Jun 1989; and RUDE ASTRONAUTS:
         REAL AND IMAGINED STORIES (Legend 1992; Old Earth 1993, 1882968018; Ace
         1995, 044100184X);
      %S In 1969, the US gov't plans to claim the moon, but the commander of the
         first manned landing goes in peace for all mankind.
    -------------, "The Tranquillity Alternative" (Ace 1996, 0441002994)
      %S In 1995, the U.S. is about to decommission its nuclear missiles at
         Tranquillity Base and sell the installation to the Germans, but saboteurs
         are at work.
    Steele, Allen, "Riders in the Sky", in <AO>
      %W The dirigible was invented in 1860.
      %S Jesse and Frank James become infamous airship robbers, but Northfield,
         Minnesota, and Bob Ford still lie in their future.
    Stephenson, Andrew M., THE WALL OF YEARS (Futura 1979; rev Dell 1980)
      %S Crosstime and time-travel intrigue centered on attempts to alter Alfred's
         dealing with the Danes.
    Sterling, Bruce, & Lewis Shiner, "Mozart in Mirrorshades", in _Omni_ Sep 1985;
         MIRRORSHADES: THE CYBERPUNK ANTHOLOGY (Arbor House 1986, 0877958688; Ace
         1988, 0441533825); and THE SEVENTH OMNI BOOK OF SCIENCE FICTION (ed. Ellen
         Datlow) (publ. unknown)
      %T Portuguese tr. by Eduardo Salo as "Mozart de Oculos Espelhados", in
         REFLEXOS DO FUTURO (Livros do Brasil 1989)
      %S Europe and America of 1775 are exploited by the future of another timeline
         hungry for oil, but resistance forms.
    Sterling, Bruce: see also Gibson, William, & Bruce Sterling
    Stevens, Gordon, AND ALL THE KING'S MEN (Chapman 1990; Pan 1991, 033031534X)
      %W Germany decided in November 1939 to invade Britain the next year.
      %S Operation Seeloewe begins 7 Sep 1940. Scottish resistance alone stands
         free till British forces gain liberation in April 1942.
    Stevermer, Caroline: see Wrede, Patricia C., & Caroline Stevermer
    Stewart, Sean, RESURRECTION MAN (Ace 1995, 0441001211; SFBC 1995)
      %W Magic reasserted itself with the appearance of golems in the Nazi death
      %S ...
    Stirling, S.M., "Cops and Robbers", in FAR FRONTIERS, WINTER 1985 (eds. Jerry
         Pournelle & Jim Baen) (Baen 1986)
      %W Pitt led Britain on to an overwhelming victory in the Seven/Ten Years War
         and the American Revolution never happened.
      %S An FBI agent investigating a strange coin is kidnapped by a crosstime
         science-industrial spy.
    Stirling, S.M., MARCHING THROUGH GEORGIA (Baen 1988, 0671650471)
    --------------, UNDER THE YOKE (Baen 1989, 0671698435)
    --------------, THE STONE DOGS (Baen 1990, 0671720090)
      %W British officer Patrick Ferguson, inventor of the breech-loading rifle,
         survived and prospered during the American Revolution. Also, after the
         Netherlands declared war, Britain captured its Cape colony and later used
         it to resettle Tory refugees from American.
      %S The Dominion of the Draka strives to take over the world (1940-2000) and
         only the US stands in the way. With much supplemental info in appendices.
    --------------, DRAKON (Baen 1996)
      %S A genegineered supersoldier from the Draka 24th century is accidentally
         transported to our 1995 New York. An American cyber-warrior is sent after
         her to minimize the possible damage.
    Stith, John E., "One Giant Step", in DINOSAUR FANTASTIC (eds. Mike Resnick &
         Martin H. Greenberg) (DAW 1993; SFBC 1994)
      %S Intelligent reptiles go back 65M years, where one causes the death of the
         dinosaurs. Instead, insects develop intelligence and go back 65M years...
    Stone, Vince: see Shetterly, Will, & Vince Stone
    Sucharitkul, Somtow: see Somtow, S.P.
    Sullivan, Tim, "Dinosaur on a Bicycle", in <IAsfm> May 1987; and DINOSAURS!
         (eds. Jack Dann & Gardner Dozois) (publ. unknown)
      %T Portuguese tr. by Fabio Fernandes as "Dinossauro de Bicicleta", in
         DINOSSAUROS! (eds. Jack Dann & Gardner Dozois) (Zenith 1993)
      %W The dinosaurs did not die out.
      %S Saurian time-travelers to the past encounter travelers from futures in
         which various species dominate. Chaos ensues.
    Sumner, M.C., "In Fourteen Hundred and Ninety-Three, Columbus Crossed the
         Frozen Sea", in _Tomorrow Speculative Fiction_ Aug 1993
      %W A deep ice age began in the early second millenium.
      %S Even after being abandoned by the Santa Maria and the Hielo, Columbus
         presses westward across the frozen-over Atlantic.
    Sussex, Lucy, "Kay & Phil", in _Alien Shores_ (eds. Peter McNamara & Margaret
         Winch) (Aphelion 1994, 1875346090)
      %S ...
    Swanwick, Michael, "The Edge of the World", in FULL SPECTRUM 2 (eds. Lou
         Aronica, et al) (Doubleday 1989, 0385260199); THE YEAR'S BEST SCIENCE
         FICTION, SEVENTH ANNUAL COLLECTION (ed. Gardner Dozois) (St. Martin's
         1990, 0312044518, 0312044526); and THE LEGEND BOOK OF SCIENCE FICTION (ed.
         Gardner Dozois) (Legend 1991; vt MODERN CLASSICS OF SCIENCE FICTION, St.
         Martin's 1992, 0312072384; St. Martin's 1993, 0312088477)
      %W Earth has an edge.
      %S Three teen-agers living at an American air force base in the Middle East
         climb down a stairway on the edge of the world.
      %C Nominee: 1990 Hugo for best short story.
    Swanwick, Michael, "In Concert", in <IAsfm> Sept 1992
      %W Rock & roll started decades earlier, and had the power to shape history.
      %S An American attends the final performance of Lenin, "The Boss", hearing
         such standards as "The Workers Control the Means of Production".
    Swanwick, Michael, IN THE DRIFT (Ace 1985, 0441358691); rev. of "Mummer Kiss",
         in UNIVERSE 11 (ed. Terry Carr) (Doubleday 1981); and "Marrow Death", in
         <IAsfm> Dec 1984
      %W Three Mile Island melted down, irradiating eastern Pennsylvania.
      %S Life in Philadelphia and the adjacent Drift, 100 years later, and the
         conflict for power.
      %C "Mummer Kiss" nominee: 1981 Nebula for best novelette.
    Talbot, Bryan, THE ADVENTURES OF LUTHER ARKWRIGHT (vol 1, Prout 1982; vol 2,
         Valkyrie 1987; vol 3, Prout 1989)
      %W The British monarchy was never restored and Cromwellian Puritans still
      %S ...
    Tarr, Judith, "Cowards Die: A Tragicomedy in Several Fits", in <AO>
      %W Julius Ceasar's voicebox was permanently damaged by Sulla, and he was
         forced to grab power through the Roman underworld.
      %S Centuries later, a young man from the Alexandria "family" is involved with
         an ambitious Roman woman.
    Tarr, Judith, "Queen of Asia", in <AW>
      %W Dismayed by her son Darius's show of cowardice in fighting Alexander,
         Sisygambis had him killed and became regent for her grand-son.
      %S Under Sisygambis's direction, the Persians attack Alexander from behind at
         Tyre, and she comes up with a novel fate for her new prisoner.
    Tarr, Judith, "Roncesvalles", in <WMHB2>
      %W Upon hearing of Roland's death and Ganelon's treachery, Charlemagne
         converted to Islam.
      %S Describes the event, but no follow through.
    Tarr, Judith, "Them Old Hyannis Blues", in <AK>
      %W Numerous musicians were instead politicians, and some politicians were
         instead musicians.
      %S After switching from big band to rock 'n roll, the Kennedy bros. play at
         President Presley's first inaugural ball, and foil an assassination
    ------------, "Elvis Invictus", in <BAOF>
      %S An overview of Presley's first term, a girl's visit years later to meet
         the King, and a much later leadership change in the Church of Elvis.
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      %S Stealing a timeline jumper in an accident, a man looks around for an
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      %S ...
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      %W Instead of script approval, David O. Selznick let Margaret Mitchell pick
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      %S Mitchell doesn't like Clark Gable, and after an argument with the studio
         picks Groucho Marx to play Rhett Butler.
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         written in 1952 by his grandson, a member of the Nazi's RE Lee Brigade.
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      %W Nazi Germany got some of Hitler's secret weapons into action.
      %S A worker at Peenemunde participates in the struggle to get the V-rockets,
         including the V-X, on-line, but the Allies have the ultimate weapon.
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      %S Centuries later, a Caucasian falsely accused of murder steals a time
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    Toyota Aritsune, TAIME SURIPPU DAISENSO (Kadokawa Shoten 1967)
      %S ...
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      %W The Umayyads did not press on after their defeat at the Kish-Samarkand
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      %C How Nestorian Christianity could have spread into Asia, later leading to
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      %S Despite the Napoleon of Peace, his former enemies maintain their standing
         armies, stifling all reformist movements for decades.
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      %W Xerxes led the Persians to victory over the Greeks, thereby preventing the
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      %S Several hundred years later, a Persian court eunuch is sent to Greece to
         learn the name of the Greek king defeated by Xerxes.
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      %W Mohammed became a Christian, and the lack of Moslem pressure meant
         Byzantium never fell but faced a technologically sophisticated Persia.
      %S Christian monks, including a powerful hymn writer named Mouamet, flee a
         Sinai monastery for Constantinople as Persian forces approach.
    -----------------, AGENT OF BYZANTIUM (Congdon & Weed 1987, 0865531838;
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      %S Argyros finds a cure for smallpox.
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      %S Argyros investigates numerous identical seditious handbills appearing near
         the Persian frontier.
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      %S Argyros is also there for the invention of brandy.
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      %W European explorers discovered Pithecanthropan "sims" instead of
         red-skinned men when they reached the New World.
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      %S In 1610, sims steal a babe from a Jamestown cradle and her father ventures
         into the wilderness to save her.
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         contemplates the origins of species.
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      %S In 1691, a Virginia hunter is captured by wild sims and hopes that his sim
         assistant will think of rescuing him.
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      %S In 1782, steam-driven trains first appear, and a race is held with one of
         the mammoth-pulled trains they threaten to replace.
    (---------------), "Though the Heavens Fall", in _Analog_ Sep 1986
      %S In 1804, a lawyer uses the existence of sims to argue that a runaway Negro
         slave should not be returned to his one-time owner.
    (---------------), "Trapping Run"
      %S In 1812, a trapper in the Rockies is wounded by a bear and is nursed back
         to health by sims.
    (---------------), "Freedom", in <IAsfm> Mar 1988
      %S In 1988, university students opposed to medical experiments on sims kidnap
         a sim carrying AIDS but do not take enough of the new HIV inhibitor.
    Turtledove, Harry, "Down in the Bottomlands", in _Analog_ Jan 1993
      %W The Mediterranean basin never opened to the ocean.
      %S In modern days, a murder during a tour of the Bottomlands Trench reveals a
         plot to destroy the "Gibraltar" mountains with a nuclear weapon.
      %C Winner: 1994 Hugo for best novella.
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      %W The Confederacy obtained advanced weaponry just before the Wilderness.
      %S Afrikaaners from 2014 provide the CSA with AK-47s, etc, leading to
         Confederate victory in the U.S. Civil War, but strings are attached to the
    -----------------, RETURN ENGAGEMENT (not yet published)
      %S ...
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         (e.g., "Neutron Star") plus accounts of famous events (e.g., "Watergate").
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      %W Isolationist America stayed out of WW2 until it was attacked by Germany
         and Japan a generation after the fall of Britain and Russia.
      %S Even in a 2010 Berlin, at the heart of a world dominated by Nazi Germany,
         Jews will still survive.
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      %W Constantinople and the Byzantine Empire fell to the Muslims in the early
      %S Fifty years after the fall of Constantinople, the king of the Bulgars
         invites Muslims and Christians to decide which faith he should adopt.
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      %W The mysteries of coffee were never discovered.
      %S A cop watches several news reports about the new drug from Columbia,
         caffeine, and orders a hit of "coke" at a Macdonald's the next day.
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      %W Hitler's armies penetrated all the way to India.
      %S Gandhi preaches non-violent resistance to the German occupation.
    Turtledove, Harry, "The Maltese Elephant", in _Analog_ Aug 1995;
      %S ...
    Turtledove, Harry, "Must and Shall", in _Asimov's_ Nov 1995;
      %W Lincoln was killed by a stray bullet during a visit to the front lines in
      %S Hannibal Hamlin becomes president and promises a Reconstruction based on
         revenge. Eighty years later, federal security agents visit occupied New
         Orleans during an investigation of gun-running.
    Turtledove, Harry, "The Pugnacious Peacemaker", in THE WHEELS OF IF & THE
         PUGNACIOUS PEACEMAKER (Tor SF Double #20) (Tor 1990, 0812502027)
      %C Sequel to de Camp's "The Wheels of If".
      %S Now a judge of an internat'l court, the bishop is sent to S America to
         adjudicate a territorial dispute between the Incas and the Moslem Amazon.
    Turtledove, Harry, "Ready for the Fatherland", in <WMHB3>
      %W Hitler was shot and killed by one of his generals on 19 Feb 1943 in
         retaliation for an insult, and his successors made peace with the Soviets.
      %S In 1979 fascist Croatia, British agents meet with a Serbian partisan
         seeking weapons.
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      %W Columbus's proposed voyage was subject to an environmental impact study.
      %S The text of the report, suggesting that Columbus be turned down.
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      %W The formation of Mars resulted in a larger planet, capable of sustaining a
         thicker atmosphere and surface water.
      %S After a tool-bearing lifeform destroys a Viking probe on the surface of
         "Minerva", competitive American and Soviet manned missions are sent out.
      %C Synopsis in Lodi-Ribeiro's "Historias Naturais Alternativas".
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      %W Space aliens arrived on Earth in May 1942.
      %S Surprised to find Earth's technology so advanced after a visit 800 years
         before, the aliens still invade, forcing odd alliances between enemies.
    -----------------, WORLDWAR: TILTING THE BALANCE (Ballantine 1995, 0345389972;
         SFBC 1995; Hodder & Stoughton 1995, 0340632399; NEL 1995, 0340648996;
         Ballantine 1996)
      %S The fight rages on into 1943, with beleaguered humanity pushing harder to
         exploit captured uranium.
    -----------------, WORLDWAR: UPSETTING THE BALANCE (Ballantine 1996,
      %S 1943 comes to a close with humanity slowly gaining ground after several
         nuclear exchanges.
    -----------------, WORLDWAR: FINDING THE BALANCE (Ballantine 1997, not yet
      %S ...
    Turtledove, Harry: see also Dreyfuss, Richard, & Harry Turtledove
    Tyler, Denise, "The Butterfly King", in _Pulphouse_ #18 (1995)
      %W Jesus was not crucified and Christians only became a small sect.
      %S ...
    Utley, Steven, "Look Away", in <f&sf> Feb 1992
      %W Albert Sidney Johnston survived Shiloh (a Confederate victory) and carried
         the Civil War north to Ohio.
      %S After the war, former army officers debate whether the CSA should pursue
         its own version of "manifest destiny" in Mexico and points south.
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      %W Ben Franklin invented the internal combustion engine and the Civil War was
         fought with mechanized transport.
      %S Info about the airplane Crazy Horse inherited from the Confederacy and
         later flew at the Little Big Horn.
    Van Arnam, Dave: see White, Ted, & Dave Van Arnam
    van Belkom, Edo, "The October Crisis", in <AT>
      %S ...
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      %T French tr. by Michel Vedewe as CAROLINE OH CAROLINE (Champs-Elysee 1976)
      %W Napoleon won at Waterloo.
      %S Hitler leads an AmerInd-Negro army against Europe.
    Van Herck, Paul, OPERATION BONAPARTE (publ. unknown)
      %S ...
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         (1931 Viking, 1964 eds. only)
      %W After recapturing Manhattan in 1673, the Dutch decided to keep it while
         negotiating the Treaty of Westminster.
      %S Overview of the colony's history until its purchase by the United States
         in 1841, particularly its role as arms merchant to N America.
    Van Rjndt, Phillipe, THE TRIAL OF ADOLF HITLER (Summit 1978, 0671400282)
      %W Hitler faked his suicide and survived WW2, but was found in the 1970s.
      %S An internat'l tribunal considers his fate.
    Vanauken, Sheldon, "The World After the South Won", in _Southern Partisan_
         Spring 1984
      %W Britain recognized the Confederacy in Dec 1862, and her contribution of
         troops tipped the scales at Gettysburg.
      %S The story of the intervention, and some of the later effects of the
         British-Confederate alliance.
    Veiga, Jose J., A CASCA DA SERPENTE (Bestseller 1989)
      %W Canudos revolt leader Ant™nio Conselheiro was not killed by the Brazilian
         army in 1898.
      %S Conselheiro and followers create a utopian village in the N Brazilian
         badlands, and their ideals inspire revolts elsewhere.
    Villard, Oswald Garrison, "Issue and Men", in _The Nation_ 22 Oct 1938
      %W Germany won the Battle of the Marne.
      %S ...
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      %S ...
    Von Rospach, Charles, "'Til Death Do Us Part", in <AK>
      %W Marilyn Monroe was caught sneaking out of the White House in the middle of
         a 1962 night.
      %S After her suicide, Monroe's ghost haunts JFK, urging him to find a way to
         be with her.
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      %S ...
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         <IIHHO> (all eds.)
      %T German tr. by Walter Brumm as "Wenn Booth Prasident Lincoln verfehlt
         hatte", in _Heyne Science Fiction Magazin_ #11
      %W John Wilkes Booth's gun misfired.
      %S Critical review of a Lincoln biography which blamed the president's woes
         on the Radical Republicans rather than on his reconstruction policies.
      %C Synopsis in Fadness's "What If Booth's Bullet Had Missed Lincoln?".
    Waldron, Webb, "If Lincoln had Yielded", in _Century Magazine_ Jun 1926
      %W Lincoln withdrew Major Anderson et al from Fort Sumter.
      %S In 1926, an Englishman discusses society, literature and politics with
         three Northerners variously happy and unhappy with the events of 1861.
    Waldrop, Howard, "The Effects of Alienation", in _Omni_ Jun 1992
      %W On the brink of defeat, Nazi Germany employed nuclear-tipped rockets to
         win WW2.
      %S 15 years later, a Nazi secret policeman attends "The Three Stooges Space
         Opera" at a Zurich cafe run by the widow of Berthold Brecht.
    Waldrop, Howard, "Fin de Cycle", in NIGHT OF THE COOTERS: MORE NEAT STORIES 
         (Ursus/Ziesing 1990, 0942681053; Ace 1993, 0441574734; rev vt NIGHT OF THE
         COOTERS: MORE NEAT STUFF, Legend 1991); and <IAsfm> mid-Dec 1991
      %W The industrial revolution took an odd twist, resulting in steam-powered
         stilts and multi-wheel cycles for transport.
      %S In 1890s Paris, Melies joins with Rousseau, Satie, Proust and Picasso to
         make a movie about the Dreyfus affair.
      %C Nominee: 1992 Hugo for best novelette.
    Waldrop, Howard, "Hoover's Men", in _Omni_ Oct 1988; NIGHT OF THE COOTERS: MORE
         NEAT STORIES (Ursus/Ziesing 1990, 0942681053; Ace 1993, 0441574734; rev vt
         (ed. Ellen Datlow) (Omni 1993)
      %W Al Smith beat Herbert Hoover in the election of 1928.
      %S Afterwards, Smith asks Hoover to become head of the new Federal Radio
         Agency, which also gives TV an early push.
    Waldrop, Howard, "Household Words; or, The Powers-That-Be", in _Amazing
         Stories_ Winter 1994; and CHRISTMAS MAGIC (ed. ...) (publ.unknown)
      %W The Industrial Revolution followed a different path, with electric power
         widely available by the 1840s.
      %S Charles Dickens gives a public reading of THE CHRISTMAS GARLAND, featuring
         Eben Mizer, Giant Tim, et al.
    Waldrop, Howard, "Ike at the Mike", in _Omni_ Jun 1982; THE FIRST OMNI BOOK OF
         SCIENCE FICTION (ed. Ellen Datlow) (Zebra 1983); HOWARD WHO? TWELVE
         OUTSTANDING STORIES OF SPECULATIVE FICTION (Doubleday 1986, 038519708X);
         STRANGE THINGS IN CLOSE-UP (Legend 1990, 0099644401); and <WIW>
      %W Dwight Eisenhower cashed in his train ticket to West Point so that he
         could learn to play jazz clarinet.
      %S In 1968, Senator Aron Presley attends Ike's final performance when
         President Joe Kennedy awards medals to him and Louis Armstrong.
      %C Nominee: 1983 Hugo for best short story.
    Waldrop, Howard, "The Lions are Asleep This Night", in _Omni_ Aug 1986; ALL
         0942681002); THE 1987 ANNUAL WORLD'S BEST SF (eds. Donald A. Wollheim &
         Arthur W. Saha) (DAW 1987); STRANGE THINGS IN CLOSE-UP (Legend 1990,
         0099644401); STRANGE MONSTERS OF THE RECENT PAST (Ace 1991, 0441160697);
         FUTURE EARTHS: UNDER AFRICAN SKIES (eds. Mike Resnick & Gardner Dozois)
         (DAW 1993, 0886775442); and OMNI VISIONS TWO (ed. Ellen Datlow) (Omni
         1994, 0874553083)
      %W Columbus found the Americas uninhabited. Later, African slaves imported to
         mine Peruvian gold rebelled, leading to white decline worldwide.
      %S In 1894, an African boy writes a play about an African king while reading
         a history of the fall of European power.
      %C Nominee: 1986 Nebula for best short story.
    Waldrop, Howard, "The Passing of the Western", in RAZORED SADDLES (eds. Joe R.
         Lansdale & Pat LoBrutto) (Dark Harvest 1989, 0913165492; Avon 1990,
         0380711680); and NIGHT OF THE COOTERS: MORE NEAT STORIES (Ursus/Ziesing
         1990, 0942681053; Ace 1993, 0441574734; rev. vt NIGHT OF THE COOTERS: MORE
         NEAT STUFF, Legend 1991)
      %W Taming the American West also involved bringing water to it, plus the film
         industry set up in Boise.
      %S Excerpts from books and magazine articles about Boise's one-time
         fascination with cloudbusters.
    Waldrop, Howard, THEM BONES (Ace 1984, 0441805574; Ziesing 1989, 092948004X,
         0929480058; Legend 1993)
      %S Time travelers trying to avert WW3 end up in wrong locales: one in right
         time, wrong timeline; the rest vice versa.
    Waldrop, Howard, "...The World as We Know't", in _Shayol_ #6; HOWARD WHO?
         038519708X); STRANGE THINGS IN CLOSE-UP (Legend 1989, 0099644401); and THE
         (eds. Ursula K. LeGuin & Brian Attebery) (Norton 1993, 0393034568)
      %W Phlogiston exists.
      %S A late 19th-century scientist attempts to isolate pure phlogiston, with
         apocalyptic results.
    Waldrop, Howard, "You _Could_ Go Home Again", in _Omni Online_ May (?) 1995
      %S FDR died shortly before the 1932 Democratic convention and Huey Long
         became president, only to be assassinated a year later.
      %W In 1940, author Thomas Wolfe departs the Tokyo Olympics aboard a zeppelin,
         and while listening to Fats Waller, muses about how his life has changed
         since he almost died in 1938.
    Waldrop, Howard: see also Utley, Steven, & Howard Waldrop
    Walker, George S., "Granny in the Flight Path", in _Tomorrow Science Fiction_
         Dec 1994
      %W Barry Goldwater was elected president.
      %S ...
    Wall, John W.: see Sarban
    Walling, William, "Memo to the Leader", serial in _Galaxy_ Dec 1977 & Jan 1978
      %W The British army at Dunkirk was lost, and Germany subsequently invaded and
         conquered England.
      %S An American historian from a Nazi-dominated 2075 goes back to 1940 to stop
         a neo-Nazi from 1974 who traveled back to effect the divergence.
    Watson, Ian, CHEKHOV'S JOURNEY (Carroll & Graf 1989, 088184523X; Carroll & Graf
         1991, 0881856759)
      %S Hypnotized to portray Anton Chekhov's Sakhalin trip, an actor instead
         describes an anachronistic expedition to the Tunguska site.
    Watt-Evans, Lawrence, "The Murderer", in _Asimov's Science Fiction_ Apr 1993
      %W Men responsible for mass deaths of the 20th century died prematurely.
      %S A man arrested for murder claims to be a time traveler who has prevented
         greater carnage.
    Watt-Evans, Lawrence, "New Worlds", in <IAsfm> Dec 1991; and CROSSTIME TRAFFIC
         (Ballantine 1992, 0345373952)
      %S Crosstime traveler offers to sell the secret to parallel worlds, and finds
         one with faster-than-light travel. Both sides fear the other.
      %C Crosstimers are from world where Hitler was killed in 1923 by a thrown
         beer bottle, but no further development is given.
    Watt-Evans, Lawrence, "Storm Trooper", in <IAsfm> Jan 1992; and CROSSTIME
         TRAFFIC (Ballantine 1992, 0345373952)
      %S Reality storms occasionally swap pieces of Earth with pieces of
         alternates, and New York sets up a Discontinuity Control Squad.
    Watt-Evans, Lawrence, "Truth, Justice, and the American Way", in <AP>; and
         CROSSTIME TRAFFIC (Ballantine 1992, 0345373952)
      %W Smith split the Democrats in 1932, causing Hoover to beat FDR. The
         US-Japan fight started earlier, and a firm response at Munich averted WW2.
      %S 20 years later, the Secretary of State looks for a country to which he can
         name a Jewish consul without offending the host government.
    Watt-Evans, Lawrence, "Why I Left Harry's All-Night Hamburgers", in <IAsfm> Jul
         1987; THE NEW HUGO WINNERS, VOLUME II (ed. Isaac Asimov) (publ. unknown);
         CROSSTIME TRAFFIC (Ballantine 1992, 0345373952); WHY I LEFT HARRY'S
         MAGAZINE (eds. Sheila Williams & Charles Ardai) (Delacorte 1990); and HUGO
         Williams) (Random House/Wings 1996, 0517124106)
      %T Portuguese tr. by Ronaldo Sergio de Biasi as "Por Que Sai do Harry's 24
         Horas", in _Isaac Asimov Magazine de Ficcao Cientifica_ #20
      %C Winner: 1988 Hugo for best short story; Nominee: 1987 Nebula for best
         short story.
    --------------------, "A Flying Saucer with Minnesota Plates", in <IAsfm> Aug
         1991; CROSSTIME TRAFFIC (Ballantine 1992, 0345373952); and UFO'S AND
         SCIENCE FICTION AND FACT (eds. ... Manson & Charles Ardai) (Smithmark
      %T Portuguese tr. by Ronaldo Sergio de Biasi as "Um Disco Voadar com Placa de
         Minnesota", in _Isaac Asimov Magazine de Ficcao Cientifica_ #22
      %S A West Virginia diner caters to late-night customers from parallel Earths.
      %C Except for short comments on possibilities, neither story is particularly
    Webb, Lucas: see Reginald, Robert
    Weissman, Barry Alan, "Past Touch-the-Sky Mountain", in _If_ May 1968
      %W Marco Polo discovered America.
      %S An English merchant and wives in Chinese America is mysteriously
         transported crosstime to the Lone Star State, where he meets a traffic
    Wells, H.G., A MODERN UTOPIA (Chapman & Hall 1905; Univ Nebraska 1967);
         included in WORKS, vol. 9 (Scribner's 1925)
      %W The Dark Ages never happened.
      %S A look at a Utopian 20th century.
      %C Borderline AH, as the world is identical to Earth except that it is
         "beyond Sirius".
    Wentz, Richard E., "Reflections of a Rebellion Averted", in _Christian Century_
         23-30 Jun 1976
      %W The American Revolution never occurred.
      %S Musings on life in idyllic, non-nationalist N America, but without any
    West, Wallace, RIVER OF TIME (Avalon 1963)
      %S Teen-agers try to avert WW3 by saving Julius Caesar.
    Westheimer, David, LIGHTER THAN A FEATHER: A NOVEL (Little Brown 1971; vt
         DOWNFALL, Bantam 1972)
      %W The atomic bomb was not used on Japan.
      %S A soldier's eye view of Operation Olympic, the invasion of Kyushu.
    Whitbourn, John, A DANGEROUS ENERGY (Gollancz 1992, 0575053550; Gollancz 1993,
      %W Magic works. Also, the English Civil War ended in 1649 with the exile of
         Oliver Cromwell.
      %S London in a 1967 where the Protestant reformation failed. Charts the rise
         of Tobias Oakley as a Church magician.
    ---------------, TO BUILD JERUSALEM (Gollancz 1995, 0575058714, 0575058730)
      %S ...
    Whitbourn, John, POPES AND PHANTOMS (Gollancz 1993, 0575056533; Gollancz 1994,
         0575057637); rev. of stories in POPES & PHANTOMS (Haunted Library 1992)
      %S Admiral Slovo looks back on his life fom 1486 in a world which is not
         quite ours.
    White, James, THE SILENT STARS GO BY (Ballantine 1991, 0345371100)
      %W C. 200 BC, an Irishman returned home from Alexandria with the plans for
         Hero's aeolipile, leading to an industrial revolution 1000 years early.
      %S In 1491, the Empire of Hibernia launches man's first starship, and her
         outspoken surgeon suspects a religious conspiracy aboard.
    White, Mel., "Sam Clemens and the Notable Mare", in <AW>
      %W Sam Clemens headed east from Nevada in 1864 and was captured by
         Quantrill's Raiders
      %S Sam's Indian horse does his part to rout the guerilla band when Union
         soldiers arrive.
    White, Ted, THE JEWELS OF ELSEWHEN (Belmont 1967)
      %S ...
    White, Ted, & Dave Van Arnam, SIDESLIP (Pyramid 1968)
      %W Alien intervention averted WW2.
      %S Hitler ends up in America, calling for resistance against the "angels".
    Wildavsky, Aaron, "What If the U.S. Had Had One Law for Its Allies and Another
         for Its Adversaries? The Suez Crisis (1956)", in <WIESSF>
      %W The US did not come down hard on France and Britain during the 1956 war.
      %C Scholarly speculations on alternative outcomes, including friendlier
         relations with France, and an Israel less threatened by Arabs.
    Wilder, Cherry, "Kaleidoscope", in ...
      %W The Aztecs were not conquered.
      %S ...
    Williams, Emlyn, HEADLONG: A NOVEL (Heinemann 1980, 0434866059; Viking 1981,
         0670364398; Magnum 1982)
      %W The British royal family was wiped out by a 1935 airship disaster, and it
         took 5 weeks to locate an heir.
      %S A 25-year-old stage actor becomes king of England and discovers the limits
         on royal power in the 1900s.
      %C Basis for the non-AH movie KING RALPH.
      %W The South won at Gettysburg, and the British recognized the Confederacy
         and broke the Northern blockade.
      %S A man from our world awakens in a 1900 in which slavery still exists in a
         Utopian south.
    Williams, Philip M., "What If Hugh Gaitskell Had Become Prime Minister?
         (1963)", in <WIESSF>
      %W The British Labour party leader did not suddenly die in Jan 1963.
      %C A more moderate party and movement results, with general economic success
         and an early end to Rhodesia's UDI plans.
    Williams, Walter Jon, "No Spot of Ground", in <IAsfm> Nov 1989; <WMHB2>; and
         FACETS (Tor 1990, 0312850190, 0812501810)
      %W Edgar Allen Poe did not die in 1849, but lived to become a Confederate
      %S After Pickett becomes ill, Poe takes command of his troops at the battle
         of Hanover Junction during the Forty Days.
    Williams, Walter Jon, "Red Elvis", in <AO>; and THE YEAR'S BEST SCIENCE
         FICTION, TWELFTH ANNUAL COLLECTION (ed. Gardner Dozois) (St. Martin's
         1995, 0312132220, 0312132212; SFBC 1995)
      %W Gladys Presley's boy started reading Marx, Engels, Gandhi, etc.
      %S The story of a rebel rocker, hated for dodging the draft but later honored
         by Martin Luther King, Jr.
    Williams, Walter Jon, "Wall, Stone, Craft", in <f&sf> Oct/Nov 1993; WALL,
         STONE, CRAFT (Pulphouse/Axolotl 1993); and THE YEAR'S BEST SCIENCE
         FICTION, ELEVENTH ANNUAL COLLECTION (ed. Gardner Dozois) (St. Martin's
         Robinson 1994, 1854873105)
      %W Lord Byron was not born with a club foot and went on to be a famous
         cavalryman, making his name by capturing Napoleon at Waterloo.
      %S Mary and Percy Bysshe Shelley twice meet the famous soldier.
      %C Nominee: 1994 Hugo for best novella, 1994 World Fantasy Award for best
    Williamson, Jack, THE LEGION OF TIME (Fantasy Press 1952; Pyramid 1967; Bluejay
      %S A man from 1930s is shown two possible futures which hinge on whether or
         not a particular event happens; future woman tries to affect what happens.
    Wilson, Robert Charles, GYPSIES (Doubleday 1989, 0385249330)
      %S ...
    Wilson, Robert Charles, MYSTERIUM (Bantam 1994, 055337365X; SFBC 1994; Bantam
         1995, 0553569538; NEL 1995, 0450609596)
      %W The Roman empire was not Christianized, and gnosticism became the dominant
         branch of Christianity.
      %S An accident in a secret lab moves an entire Michigan town sideways to a
         world where the Anglo-French N American republic is at war with Spain.
    Windsor, Philip, "If I had been... Alexander Dubcek in 1968", in <IIHB>
      %W Dubcek retained more control over events during Prague Spring.
      %C Musings on a middle course which might have averted a Soviet invasion.
    Wodhams, Jack, "Try Again", in _Amazing Stories_ Nov 1968
      %W Germany pursued a more rational course in WW2, avoiding the invasion of
         Russia til 44 and tipping the US off to Japanese plans in the Pacific.
      %S A man is reborn as himself, with all his adult knowledge. When word
         spreads, he is kidnaped by the Nazis and a different WW2 results.
    Wolfe, Gene, "How I Lost the Second World War and Helped Turn Back the German
         Invasion", in _Analog_ May 1973; THE BEST OF ANALOG (ed. Ben Bova)
         (Baronet 1978, 0894370340; Ace 1979, 0441054706); GENE WOLFE'S BOOK OF
         DAYS (Doubleday 1981, 0385159919); and CASTLE OF DAYS (Tor 1992,
         0312852096; Tor/Orb 1995, 0312890427)
      %W Germany and Japan used economic warfare instead of military conquest in
         the 1930s and 40s. Also, Churchill returned to journalism after WW1.
      %S A retired US Army officer from Abilene KS invents a game called World War,
         and participates in a race between German and British compact cars.
      %C Nominee: 1973 Nebula for best short story.
    Womack, Jack, TERRAPLANE: A NOVEL (Tor 1990, 0812506235; HarperCollins UK 1994)
      %W Lincoln was murdered in Baltimore on the way to his inauguration, and
         Teddy Roosevelt freed the slaves in 1905. Later, Zangara killed FDR.
      %S Fleeing an ultra-violent future Moscow, corporate agents somehow end up in
         1939 New York of a different past.
    -------------, ELVISSEY (Tor 1993, 0312852029; Easton 1993; HarperCollins UK
         1994, 0586213015)
      %T French tr. by Jean Bonnefroy as L'ELVISSEE (Denoel 1995, 2207305554)
      %S Two agents from that future go back to the alternate world's 1953 to
         kidnap the analog of their messiah, Elvis Presley.
      %C Co-winner: 1994 Philip K. Dick Award
      %C Non-AH entries in series are AMBIENT and HEATHERN.
    Wrede, Patricia C., & Caroline Stervermer, SORCERY AND CECILIA (Ace 1989,
      %W Magic works, in Regency London.
      %S ...
    Wright, Esmond, "If I had been... Benjamin Franklin in the Early 1770s", in
      %W Franklin returned to America in 1775 with evidence of a softening British
         attitude towards dealings with the colonies.
      %C Franklin contemplates the troubles, and then describes the appointment of
         Washington as governor of Vandalia (Ohio) and other compromises.
      %S ...
      %C Follow-up to Silverberg's UP THE LINE.
    Wyndham, John, "Random Quest", in THE INFINITE MOMENT (Ballantine 1961);
         CONSIDER HER WAYS & OTHERS (M. Joseph 1961, 0718100662; Penguin 1965); THE
         VINTAGE ANTHOLOGY OF SCIENCE FANTASY (ed. Christopher Cerf) (Vintage
         1966); and AS TOMORROW BECOMES TODAY (ed. Charles W. Sullivan)
         (Prentice-Hall 1974, 0130500399, 0130500216)
      %W The League of Nations prevented WW2.
      %S A man searches for the analog of a woman with whom he fell in love in a
         parallel world.
      %C Basis for the movie QUEST FOR LOVE.
         RENAISSANCE (Pocket 1980, 0671832948)
      %W Lorenzo de Medici did not die in 1492, but lived to unite Italy in 1515.
      %S In 1533, a court poet to Damiano de Medici is involved in intrigues to
         hold Italy together but dreams of a world where he is a famous
      %C Nominee: 1981 World Fantasy Award for best novel.
    Yarbro, Chelsea Quinn, "An Exaltation of Spiders", in BEYOND THE GATE OF WORLDS
         (Tor 1991, 0812554442)
      %C In same timeline as Silverberg's THE GATE OF WORLDS.
      %S The True Inca, seeking a solution to possible invasion by the False Inca
         of Brazil, sends a mission to the Maori nation.
    Yarbro, Chelsea Quinn, ON SAINT HUBERT'S THING (Cheap Street 1982, no ISBN)
      %W Christianity in Europe was divided into northern and southern churches.
      %S A prince of Poland and a metropolitan of the Northern Church strive to
         reach Lodz to prevent the assassination of the northern Archpatriarch.
    Yulsman, Jerry, ELLEANDER MORNING: A NOVEL (St. Martin's/Marek 1984,
         0312243693; Tor 1985, 0812590732, 0812590740)
      %W Hitler died in 1913 while still a starving artist.
      %S A woman is mystified by a strange book entitled the TIME-LIFE HISTORY OF
         WW2 and by her grandmother's murder of an obscure Viennese artist.
    Zebrowski, George, "The Cliometricon", in _Amazing Stories_ May 1975; <BT>; and
         THE MONADIC UNIVERSE (Ace 1977, 044153540?)
      %S A machine lets historians study AHs, with looks at D-Day and Thermopylae.
    -----------------, "The Number of the Sand", in _Amazing Stories_ Aug 1991; and
      %S A cliometrician examines the possible lives of Hannibal and their effect
         on the 2nd Punic War.
    -----------------, "Let Time Shape", in _Amazing Stories_ Mar 1992; and <WMHB4>
      %S Examines the possibilities of Columbus finding the Americas populated by
         the techonologically sophisticated descendants of refugees from Carthage.
    Zebrowski, George, "The Eichmann Variations", in LIGHT YEARS AND DARK: SCIENCE
         FICTION AND FANTASY OF AND FOR OUR TIME (ed. Michael Bishop) (Berkley
         1984, 0425072142); and NEBULA AWARDS 20: SFWA'S CHOICE FOR THE BEST
         SCIENCE FICTION AND FANTASY OF THE YEAR 1984 (ed. George Zebrowski) (HBJ
         1985, 0151649278, 0156654776)
      %W WW2 ended with Japan surrendering after the Allies dropped nuclear weapons
         on Germany in 1946.
      %S Adolf Eichmann, captured by the Israelis in 1961, is executed 6e6 times.
      %C Nominee: 1984 Nebula for best short story.
    Zebrowski, George, "Lenin in Odessa", in _Amazing Stories_ Mar 1990; and
      %W Lenin was assassinated in 1918 by a Russian expatriate.
      %S Stalin describes the assassin and the occasion.
    Zebrowski, George, STRANGER SUNS (Bantam 1991, 0553291750); rev. of "Stranger
         Suns", serial in _Amazing Stories_ Jan & Mar 1991
      %S An alien ship found in Antarctica includes portals to alternate Earths,
         but those who explore them can never return to their home lines.
    Zelazny, Roger, "The Game of Blood and Dust", in _Galaxy_ Apr 1975; THE BEST
         FROM GALAXY VOLUME IV (ed. Jim Baen) (Award 1976); SCIENCE FICTION:
         CONTEMPORARY MYTHOLOGY (eds. Patricia Warrick, Martin H. Greenberg &
         Joseph D. Olander) (Harper & Row 1978); GALAXY: THE BEST OF MY YEARS (ed.
         Jim Baen) (Ace 1980); and THE LAST DEFENDER OF CAMELOT (Pocket 1980;
         Underwood/Miller 1981; Avon 1988)
      %S Two aliens play at changing events in our past to compete in achieving
         their individual goals (success or failure for humanity).
    Zelazny, Roger, ROADMARKS (Ballantine 1979, 0345285301; Ballantine 1994,
      %S On a strange road that reaches from past to future, a man fights assassins
         and attempts to prevent a Greek defeat at Marathon.
    Ziegler, Thomas, DIE STIMMEN DER NACHT (Ullstein 1984; Heyne 1993, 3453066286);
         rev. of "Die Stimmen der Nacht", in PHANTASTISCHE LITERATUR 83 (ed.
         Michael Goerden) (Bastei-Lubbe 1983)
      %W FDR didn't die in 1945, and it required use of the bomb on Berlin to force
         a German surrender.
      %S Refugees from the agrarian German state dominate S America and cause a
         nuclear war in 1984.
    Robert B. Schmunk,

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