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    Subject:      LIST: Alternate History Stories, 4 of 8
    From: (Robert B. Schmunk)
    Date:         1996/04/16
    Message-ID:   <4kv8m2$>
    Newsgroups:   rec.arts.sf.written,soc.history.what-if,alt.history.what-if,rec.answers,soc.answers,alt.answers,news.answers
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    Archive-name: sf/alt_history/part4
    Rec-arts-sf-written-archive-name: alt_history/part4
    Version: 26
    Posting-Frequency: Quarterly
    Meacham, Beth, "A Dream Can Make a Difference", in <BAOF>
      %W Marilyn Monroe survived her suicide attempt and went into politics,
         running against Reagan for governor of California.
      %S After Hinckley assassinates Pres. Monroe in 1981, a female news producer
         recalls the path Monroe followed to the White House.
    Meacham, Beth, "One by One", in <AW>
      %W Tecumseh turned the tide at the Battle of the Thames (Detroit) and the
         Northwest Territories only became a US state decades later.
      %S In the 20th century, conflict between whites and reds in "Indiana"
         constantly simmers with acts of terrorism and retaliation.
    Meacham, Beth, "A Spark in the Darkness", in <AO>
      %W Hellen Keller learned to pick locks.
      %S The narrative of a safe-cracker.
    Melo, Joco Batista, "A Moga Triste de Berlim" [The Sad Girl from Berlin], in AS
         BALEIAS DE SANGUENAY [The Whales of Sanguenay] (Rocco 1995)
      %S A terrorist act against the Brazilian dictatorship results in the
         destruction of the _Hindenburg_ over Rio de Janeiro.
    Menard, Pierre, 1938: LA DISTRUZIONE DI PARIGI (Frasinelli 1984)
      %W Petain led a successful French coup in 1934.
      %S ...
    Mendini, Douglas, "What If...", in _Entertainment Weekly_ 7 Aug 1992
      %W Marilyn Monroe's stomach was pumped in time to prevent her death from a
         drug overdose.
      %S A series of short news blurbs about Marilyn's career through 1989.
    Meredith, Richard C., AT THE NARROW PASSAGE (Putnam's 1973, 039911100X; Berkley
         1975, 0425027309; rev Playboy 1979)
      %S An agent from a Macedonian world visits timelines where Britain suppressed
         American revolutions and Albigensia survived orthodox crusaders.
    --------------------, NO BROTHER, NO FRIEND (Doubleday 1976, 03851111096; rev
         Playboy 1979, 0872165647)
      %S Further adventures in a world of fascist, isolationist America and another
         colonized by an England that escaped Norman conquest.
    --------------------, VESTIGES OF TIME (Doubleday 1978, 0385131747; rev Playboy
         1979, 0872165728)
      %S And closing in a world of Punic victory over Rome.
    Meredith, Richard C., RUN, COME SEE JERUSALEM! (Ballantine 1976, 0345250664)
      %W Chicago did not burn in Oct 1871.
      %S A time-hopper, fleeing an American religious dictatorship in a history in
         which Nazi Germany nuked Chicago, recuperates in 1871 Chicago.
    Merwin, Sam, THE HOUSE OF MANY WORLDS (Doubleday 1951; Galaxy SF Novel 12
         (1952); Modern Literary Editions 1967?); rev. of "The House of Many
         Worlds", in _Startling Stories_ Sep 1951
      %S Time guardians intervene in affairs in divergent worlds, including one
         where Aaron Burr conquered and reshaped the USA.
    -----------, "Three Faces of Time", in Ace Double #D-121 (Ace 1955); rev. of
         "Journey to Misenum", in _Startling Stories_ Aug 1953
      %S Cross and vertical time-travel adventure in a slightly different ancient
      %C Not to be confused with Frank Belknap Long's novel of the same name.
    Mielke, Thomas R.P., GRAND ORIENTALE 3301 (Heyne 1980)
      %W The Arabs continued during the Middle Ages to rise in power and
         technology, but became divided.
      %S People from our world encounter Arabic nations fighting for control of
         powerlines from hydroelectric plants in Europe.
    Miesel, Sandra, SHAMAN (Baen 1989, 0671698443); rev. of DREAMRIDER (Ace 1982,
      %S A woman from the 2009 of one world dreams of historical events happening
         differently (without much follow through) and becomes a shaman in another.
    Miles, Robin, "Throwing out Time at the Red Lion", serial in _Miniature
         Wargames_ #91 & #92 (Dec 1990 & Jan 1991)
      %C ...
    Milan, Victor J., WILD CARDS XII: TURN OF THE CARDS (Bantam 1993)
      %C In same series as Martin's WILD CARDS I, etc.
    Miller, John J.: see Leigh, Stephen, & John J. Miller
    Miller, John J.: see Martin, George R.R., & John J. Miller
    Miller, Mark R., "Split End", in _Analog_ Nov 1991
      %S A scientist discovers that time travelers cause the formation of
         impermanent alternate "virtual" timelines when they make changes in
    Minogue, Kenneth, "What If Karl Marx Had Drowned in a Cross-Channel Ferry
         Accident? (1847)", in <WIESSF>
      %W As the title says.
      %C Essay from that timeline that revolutionaries such as Lenin lacked a
         fundamental theory that this obscure thinker could have provided.
    Mitchell, Gary, "The Wars that Never Were", in _Miniature Wargames_ #81 (Feb
      %W The Confederacy abolished slavery in late 1863 and was immediately
         recognized by Britain and France.
      %C Wargaming British and French intervention in the US Civil War, with a
         timeline describing events up to the concluding Treaty of Berlin (1865).
    Mitchell, Kirk, NEVER THE TWAIN (Ace 1987, 0441569730)
      %S A Bret Harte descendant attempts to make his ancestor the literary giant
         of 1900 by arranging for Mark Twain's success in the gold fields.
    Mitchell, Kirk, PROCURATOR (Ace 1984, 0441680291)
    --------------, NEW BARBARIANS (Ace 1986, 0441571018)
    --------------, CRY REPUBLIC (Ace 1989, 0441123899)
      %W Rome defeated Arminius in the Teutoburg Wald and the legion responsible
         was posted to Judea, where 20 years later, Pilate spared Jesus of
      %S A 20th-century Roman general who believes in republican gov't becomes
    Mitchell, V.E., "Against the Night", serial in _Amazing Stories_ May & Jun 1992
      %S WW2 in which the secret British plan to create an aircraft carrier out of
         a piece of the Greenland ice shelf was enacted.
    Mitsuse Ryu, SEITO TOTOKUFU (Hayakawa Shobo 1975)
      %W Japan lost the Sino-Japanese War.
      %S ...
    Modesitt, L. E., Jr., OF TANGIBLE GHOSTS (Tor 1994, 0312857209; Tor 1995,
      %S ...
    Moffett, Judith, "Chickasaw Slave", in <IAsfm> Sept 1991; and <AP>
      %W Andrew Jackson's image was tarnished by a land-dealing scandal, leading to
         Davey Crockett becoming president in 1828.
      %S Just as the Confederacy wins its independence in 1853, a soldier recounts
         how the flight of a slave may have broken the Compromise of 1850.
    Montana, Ron, THE SIGN OF THE THUNDERBIRD (Manor 1977)
      %S Soldiers from post-nuclear war USA are thrown back to 1860, where they
         help create an AmerInd nation and a Free State of New Mexico.
    Montville, Leigh, "What If? Bubbles and the Babe", in _Sports Illustrated
         [Classic]_ Fall 1991 (v75, no18)
      %W Henry Frazee's mistress prevented him from trading Babe Ruth to the New
         York Yankees in 1919.
      %S Reminiscing about the many men who played for the Boston Red Sox, the
         greatest dynasty in baseball history.
    Mooney, Ted, TRAFFIC AND LAUGHTER (... 1990)
      %W WW2 was a draw and the atomic bomb wasn't developed until much later.
      %S ...
         (Allison & Busby 1978, 085031237X; Fontana 1978; Avon 1979; Warner/Popular
         Library 1986, 0445202718)
      %W Refugees from Troy founded a new empire in Britain.
      %S Political machinations in London, capital of Elizabethan-level Albion,
         which is ruled by a virgin queen.
    Moorcock, Michael, A NOMAD OF THE TIME STREAMS (Millenium 1993; White Wolf
         1995, 1565041798; vt THE NOMAD OF TIME, SFBC 1982)
    (---------------), THE WARLORD OF THE AIR (NEL 1971; Ace 1971, 0441876005; rev
         Quartet 1978; DAW 1978; Granada 1981)
      %T German tr. by Sylvia Pukallus as DER HERR DER LUFTE (Heyne 1982)
      %S Oswald Bastable travels from 1902 to 1973 in a world where longtime peace
         has maintained European imperialism.
    (---------------), THE LAND LEVIATHAN: A NEW SCIENTIFIC ROMANCE (Doubleday
         1974, 0385014732; Quartet 1974, 0704320185, 070433013X; DAW 1976; Panther
         1981, 0583131026)
      %T German tr. by Sylvia Pukallus as DER LANDLEVIATHAN (Heyne 1982)
      %S Continuing to 1904 on a world where premature technological development
         did the world no good.
    (---------------), THE STEEL TSAR (DAW 1982, 0879977736)
      %T German tr. by Sylvia Pukallus as DER STAHLZAR (Heyne 1984)
      %S Bastable ends up on a 1941 Kerenskian Russian airship fighting Japanese
         invaders and Cossacks led by a Georgian named Djugashvili.
    Moore, Alan, & Dave Gibbons, WATCHMEN (DC Comics 1987, 0930289234; Warner 1987,
         0446386898); collection of _Watchmen_ #1-12, comic book series (DC Comics
      %W Costumed vigilantes appeared in 1939 and a real superhero with superpowers
         was created in 1959 by an accident in a nuclear research lab.
      %S In 1986, Nixon is still president, someone is killing old costumed heroes
         and nuclear war looks imminent. Why are the latter two related?
    Moore, C.L.: see Padgett, Lewis, & C.L. Moore
    Moore, Ward, BRING THE JUBILEE (Farrar, Straus & Young 1953; Ballantine 1953;
         Avon 1955; Avon 1972, 038002440?; Avon 1976, 0380007568; Easton 1987; Bart
         1988, 1557850321); rev. of "Bring the Jubilee", in <f&sf> Nov 1952; and
         THE FANTASTIC CIVIL WAR (ed. Frank McSherry, Jr) (Baen 1991, 0671720635)
      %T German tr. by Walter Brumm as DER GROSSE SUDEN (Heyne 1980)
      %T Portuguese tr. by Ana Paula Gouveia as E TUDO O TEMPO LEVOU (Classica
      %W Confederates occupied the Round Tops during the first day of Gettysburg,
         leading to victory in the battle and Confederate independence.
      %S An historian from a fifth-rate 1952 US, overshadowed by the CSA and the
         Germanic Union, travels back to Gettysburg, 1 Jul 1863.
    Moore, Ward, "A Class with Dr. Chang", in <BT>
      %W The Sino-German alliance defeated Japan and won WW2.
      %S A Chinese-American history prof at UC-Monterey finds that his students are
         violently bigoted.
    Moore, William O., "Let Us Cross Over the River: A Flight of Fancy for
         Wargamers", in _The General_ ... 1989 (vol 25, no 5)
      %W Stonewall Jackson seemingly rose from the dead after Chancellorsville, and
         followed Lee to Gettysburg, occupying the Round Tops.
      %S Details of Jackson's resurrection and the Confederate victory at
         Gettysburg, plus the capture of Baltimore and the armistice in August.
    Morales, Alejandro, THE RAG DOLL PLAGUES: A NOVEL (Arte Publico 1992,
      %W A mysterious plague swept through Mexico City in 1788.
      %S Doctors fight the plague in 1788, 1970 and 2050.
    Moran, Daniel Keys, THE ARMAGEDDON BLUES (Bantam 1988, 0553271156); rev. of
         "All the Time in the World", in <IAsfm> ... 1982
      %S In 1968, a woman from 2731 meets an immortal born in 1712, and they set
         out to prevent the nuclear war of 2007.
    Moran, Tony, "Close Your Eyes and Stare at Your Memories", in _Amazing Stories_
         Jan 1973
      %S ...
    Morgan, Roger, "If I had been... Konrad Adenauer in 1952", in <IIHB>
      %W Adenauer did not ignore Stalin's proposal for German re-unification.
      %C His five reasons for exploring the idea, plus some commentary about the
         all-German election of 1954.
    Morin, Edgar, "Le Camarade-Dieu: un conte de Noel", in _France Observateur_ 28
         Dec 1961
      %W Surviving death in 1953, Stalin is proclaimed a living god in 1961.
      %S Reactions from elsewhere.
    Morris, Howard L., "Not by Sea", in _If_ Feb 1966
      %W Napoleon used balloons to invade England.
      %S Foiling the invasion.
    Morris, Janet: see Drake, David, & Janet Morris
    Morrissette, Gabriel: see Shainblum, Mark, & Gabriel Morrissette
    Morrow, James, "Abe Lincoln in McDonald's", in <WMHB2>; and THE 1990 ANNUAL
         WORLD'S BEST SF (eds. Donald A. Wollheim & Arthur W. Saha) (DAW 1990,
      %W Lincoln made peace with the Confederacy in 1863.
      %S Through time travel, Lincoln gets a look at slavery in 2009.
    Morrow, James, "Arms and the Woman", in _Amazing Stories_ Jul 1991; and <WMHB3>
      %W Upon finding out that the Trojan War was being fought over her, Helen
         decided she didn't need the guilt.
      %S Notified of Helen's desire to end the war, the leaders of both sides
         aren't having any of it.
    Morrow, James, "Bible Stories for Adults, No. 31: The Covenant", in <WMHB1>;
         and BIBLE STORIES FOR ADULTS (Harcourt Brace 1996)
      %W Moses couldn't get a replacement set for the tablets he smashed on the
         golden calf, and society had to be constructed without them.
      %S An attempt to computer-reconstruct the law of Moses from the tablet
         shards, which have been saved.
         1975; Adelphi 1987)
      %T English tr. by Hugh Shankland as PAST CONDITIONAL: A RETROSPECTIVE
         HYPOTHESIS (Chatto & Windus 1989, 0701129174)
      %W Austria-Hungary invaded Italy via a secret tunnel in May 1916, forcing it
         out of the war in five days.
      %S How lightning tactics achieved victory for the Central Powers in WW1 and
         led to the creation of a semi-socialist W European federation in 1917.
    Motta, Luigi, IL TUNNEL SOTTOMARINO (... 1927)
      %W A transatlantic tunnel was begun in the 1920s.
      %S ...
         Bezige Bij 1972)
      %W Hitler was assassinated in 1944, which event was followed by an SS
         countercoup and German victory in WW2.
      %S An author in a world in which Germany lost WW2 explains why he isn't
         writing about a world in which Germany won, in which world is an author...
    Mullally, Frederic, HITLER HAS WON: A NOVEL (Simon & Schuster 1975, 0671220748;
         Macmillan 1975, 0333184289)
      %W Hitler attacked the Soviet Union immediately instead of toying with Greece
         and Yugoslavia. Meanwhile, Japan attacked Vladivostok.
      %S A young officer and a maverick bishop get involved in a last-ditch attempt
         to topple Hitler.
    Murphy, Walter F., "What If Peter Had Been Pope During World War II?", in
      %W God re-ran history, giving Pope Pius XII St. Peter's moral character.
      %C The Oct 1943 roundup of Roman Jews leads the Pope to criticize the 3rd
         Reich and Great Britain, and the Nazis attack the Vatican.
    Murrin, John M., "No Awakening, No Revolution? More Counterfactual
         Speculations", in _Reviews in American History_ Jun 83
      %W Three men who powered the American Great Awakening did not do so.
      %C Scholarly argument that minus the evangelical movement, the revolution
         would still occur and independence probably gained, but no Civil War.
    Nabokov, Vladmir, ADA, OR ARDOR: A FAMILY CHRONICLE (McGraw-Hill 1969; Fawcett
         1970; McGraw-Hill 1986, 070457778; Vintage 1990, 0679725229)
      %S ...
    Nathanson, E.M., & Aaron Bank, KNIGHT'S CROSS (Carol/Birch Lane 1993,
      %W Hitler was captured by the Allies in early 1945.
      %S ...
    National Lampoon, editors of, "Grand Fifth Term Inaugural Issue: JFK's First
         6,000 Days", in _National Lampoon_ Feb 1977
      %W Jackie Kennedy died in Dallas instead of JFK.
      %S A whimsical look at Kennedy's first 16 years, including his marriage to
         Christina Onassis and military intervention in N Ireland.
    Nelson, Ray, TIMEQUEST (rev Tor 1985; vt BLAKE'S PROGRESS, Laser 1975,
      %S William Blake, his wife and others travel through time changing how things
         turn out. In one instance, the Romans never defeat the Egyptians.
    Nesbitt, Mark, IF THE SOUTH WON GETTYSBURG (Reliance 1980, 0937740012)
      %W Lee listened to Longstreet and flanked the Union on the South before the
         battle's third day.
      %S A day-by-day account of the battle, and JEB Stuart's raid on Washington.
         Final chapter provides outline of consequent American history to 1940.
    Newman, Kim, ANNO-DRACULA (Simon & Schuster UK 1992, 0671717804; Carroll & Graf
         1993, 0881849677; Pocket UK 1994, 0671715917; Avon 1994, 038072345X)
      %W Dracula actually existed, defeated Van Helsing, and married the widowed
         Queen Victoria.
      %S A human agent of the Diogenes Club and a vampire are among those hunting
         for Jack the Ripper, who is killing vampire whores.
    -----------, THE BLOODY RED BARON (Simon & Schuster UK 1995; Carroll & Graf
         1995, 0786702524)
      %S Thirty years later, Graf von Dracula now controls imperial Germany and has
         led Europe into bloody war.
    Newman, Kim, "Famous Monsters", in _Interzone_ #23 (Spring 1988); THE YEAR'S
         Martin's 1989, 0312030096, 0312030088); and FAMOUS MONSTERS (Pocket UK
         1995, 0671853007)
      %W H.G. Wells's book THE WAR OF THE WORLDS was not fiction.
      %S A Martian gets a job in Hollywood.
    Newman, Kim, "The Pierce Arrow Stalled, and...", in FAMOUS MONSTERS (Pocket UK
         1995, 0671853007)
      %W Fatty Arbuckle did not go to a particular Hollywood party.
      %S ...
    Newman, Kim, "Slow News Day", in _Interzone_ #90 (Dec 1994)
      %S The 50th anniversary of D-Day, the German invasion of England on June 5,
    Newman, Kim, & Eugene Byrne, "Ten Days That Shook the World", in _Interzone_
         #48 (Jun 1991); and _Aboriginal_ #27 (Jul/Aug 1991)
      %W Theodore Roosevelt won the 1912 election, but was assassinated while
         trying to break up a Chicago labor strike before the inauguration.
      %S How reaction to the anti-socialist backlash, early entry in WW1 and the
         corrupt presidency of plutocrat Charles Foster Kane led to a socialist
    ---------------------------, "Tom Joad", in _Interzone_ #65 (Nov 1992)
      %S Ideology agents Elliott Ness and Melvyn Purvis hunt for a legendary
         agitator and end up confronting Chairman Capone's enforcer Frank Nitti.
    ---------------------------, "In the Air", in _Interzone_ #43 (Jan 1991)
      %S Musician Charlie Holley recounts how Howie Hughes and Jack Kerouac crashed
         a party in honor of George Patton's Revolutionary Fraternity Squadron.
    Newman, Kim, "Ubermensch", in FAMOUS MONSTERS (Pocket UK 1995, 0671853007)
      %S ...
    Newman, Kim, & Eugene Byrne, "The Wandering Christian", in TALES OF THE
         WANDERING JEW (ed. Brian Stableford) (Daedalus 1991, 0946626715)
      %W Constantine was defeated by Maxentius at the Milvian Bridge after his army
         panicked, making Christianity a laughing-stock of a religion.
      %S In 4759 (999 AD), the Wandering Jew/Christian tells the story of his life,
         from 30 AD Jerusalem to Persian-besieged Jewish Rome.
    Nicholas, Herbert N., "Hail Our Britannic Bicentennial", in _Virginia Quarterly
         Review_ Summer 1976
      %W Britain prevented troops and siege supplies from reaching Washington at
         Yorktown, leading to a Cornwallis victory.
      %S The states remain within the British Empire, but are permitted to form a
         unified government after a constitutional convention in 1787.
    Nichols, Lyn, "Mahogany Dreams", in <AT>
      %S ...
    Nicolson, Harold, "If Byron had Become King of Greece", in <IIHHO> (all eds.)
      %W Lord Byron did not die of a fever in 1824.
      %S An overview of Byron's life from 1824 to 1854, including how he became
         king of Greece in 1831 and his wife's attempts to usurp power.
    Nimersheim, Jack, "A Fireside Chat", in <AP>
      %W Warren Harding died during the campaign of 1920, putting James Cox in the
         White House. But Cox died too and his Veep became president.
      %S In 1923, President Franklin Roosevelt meets with German Chancellor Adolf
         Hitler, who successfully pulled off the Beer Hall Putsch.
    Nimersheim, Jack, "#2, With a Bullet", in <AO>
      %S Meanderings about the fame of Jack Kennedy, the King of Krime.
    Nimersheim, Jack, "The Rising Sun at Dusk", in <AT>
      %S ...
    Nimersheim, Jack, "The Wages of Sin", in <BAOF>
      %W Bonnie and Clyde found a safer way of making money than bank robbery.
      %S B&C go into tent-revival sex therapy, but still have a fatal date with the
         FBI on a Louisiana highway.
    Nimmo, David G. "What If?...Evacuating the AfrikaKorps", in _Command_ #30
         (Sep-Oct 1994)
      %W Hitler consented to plans to evacuate the Afrikakorps in early 1943.
      %S Short scenario of how it would have worked.
    Niven, Larry, "All the Myriad Ways", in _Galaxy_ Oct 1968; <WoM>; ALL THE
         MYRIAD WAYS (Ballantine 1971); APPROACHES TO SCIENCE FICTION (ed. Donald L
         Lawler) (Houghton Mifflin 1978, 0395254965); GALAXY: THIRTY YEARS OF
         INNOVATIVE SCIENCE FICTION (eds. Frederick Pohl, Martin H. Greenberg &
         Joseph D Olander) (Playboy 1980, 0872235688; Worldview 1981, 0872236471);
         N-SPACE (Tor 1990, 0312850891; Tor 1992, 0812510011; Orbit 1992,
         1857230035); and <WIW>
      %T German tr. by ... as "Myriaden", in MYRIADEN (Bastei-Lubbe 1973)
      %W The Cuban Missile Crisis escalated to nuclear exchange.
      %S A detective investigates a series of suicides involving the Crosstime
      %C Retold in comic-book form by Niven & Chaykin.
    Niven, Larry, "Bird in the Hand", <f&sf> Oct 1970; WORLD'S BEST SCIENCE
         FICTION: 1971 (eds. Donald A. Wollheim & Terry Carr) (Ace 1971); and THE
         FLIGHT OF THE HORSE (Ballantine 1973, 0345234871)
      %S Time-traveling souvenir hunters destroy Henry Ford's first auto.
    Niven, Larry, "Death in a Cage", in THE FLIGHT OF THE HORSE (Ballantine 1973,
      %S Post-holocaust time-traveler creates our timeline by preventing a blow-up
         resulting from the Cuban missile crisis.
    Niven, Larry, "The Return of William Proxmire", in <WMHB1>; and N-SPACE (Tor
         1990, 0312850891; Tor 1992, 0812510011; Orbit 1992, 1857230035)
      %W SF author Robert Heinlein did not resign from the navy.
      %S Sen. Proxmire tries to destroy NASA by preventing Heinlein from becoming a
      %C Nominee: 1990 Hugo for best short story.
    Niven, Larry, "There's a Wolf in My Time Machine", in <f&sf> Jun 1971; <BAW>;
         Yolen) (Seabury 1973, 0816431035)
      %S A time traveler strays sideways to a timeline where the dominant
         inhabitants developed from wolves instead of hominids.
    Niven, Larry, & Howard Chaykin, "All the Myriad Ways", in _Unknown Worlds of
         Science Fiction_ #5 (... 1975, Marvel Comics)
      %C Comic book adaptation of the Niven short story.
    Nock, Albert Jay, "If Only--", in _Atlantic_ Aug 1937
      %S ...
    Noel-Noel, VOYAGEUR DES SIECLES (publ. unknown)
      %S ...
    Nolan, William F., "The Worlds of Monty Wilson", in _Amazing Stories_ Jul 1971;
         ALIEN HORIZONS (Pocket 1974, 0671779281); and 100 GREAT SCIENCE FICTION
         SHORT SHORT STORIE (eds. Isaac Asimov, Martin H. Greenberg & Joseph D.
         Olander) (Doubleday 1978, 0385130449; Avon 1978, 0380507730)
      %S In 1990, a NASA employee suddenly "shifts" to a timeline where Sirhan
         Sirhan missed Robert Kennedy and Apollo 11 met disaster.
    Norden, Eric, THE ULTIMATE SOLUTION (Warner 1973, 0446751545)
      %T Portuguese tr. Eduardo Sals as O ULTIMO JUDEU (Panorama 1973)
      %W FDR was assassinated in 1933.
      %S Police-work in Nazi-occupied New York.
    Norton, Andre, THE CROSSROADS OF TIME (Ace 1956; Gregg 1978, 0839824181)
      %S Caught in a fight between crosstimers, a man from our world is stranded on
         one where the Axis attacked US coasts after England's fall.
    -------------, QUEST CROSSTIME (Viking 1965; Ace 1965, 0441696821; vt CROSSTIME
         AGENT, Gollancz 1975)
      %S Further adventures in a world where Richard III won at Bosworth in 1485
         and Cortez's death prevented the Spanish conquest of the Aztecs.
    Norton, Andre, WRAITHS OF TIME (Atheneum 1976, 0689500572; Fawcett Crest 1976,
         0449235327; Tor 1992, 0812545727)
      %S Adventures and magic in an African empire of a world where Islam never got
    Norwood, Warren, [& Mel Odom], TIME POLICE: VANISHED (Lynx Omeiga 1988,
      %S ...
    -----------------------------, TIME POLICE: TRAPPED! (Lynx Omeiga 1989,
      %S Our hero visits a 1968 where Leslie King, Jr. is president and names Gov.
         Nixon of California his running mate.
    -----------------------------, TIME POLICE: STRANDED (Lynx Omeiga 1989)
      %S ...
    Nourse, Alan E., THE UNIVERSE BETWEEN (Paperback Library 1967)
      %S Attempts to transmit matter between planets opens a path to another
         universe, with so much damage the alternate has to destroy the
    Novotny, Frantisek, DLOUHY DEN VALHALY (pul. unknown 1994)
      %S ...
    Nurse, Patricia, "One Rejection Too Many", in <IAsfm> Jul/Aug 1978; ASIMOV'S
         CHOICE: EXTRATERRESTRIALS & ECLIPSES (ed. ...) (publ. unknown); INSIDE THE
         FUNHOUSE: 17 SF STORIES ABOUT SF (ed. Mike Resnick) (Avon 1992,
      %T Portuguese tr. by Cesar Tozzi as "Uma Recusa a Mais", in ASIMOV: O MELHOR
         DA FICCAO CIENTIFICA (ed. ...) (Expressao & Cultura 1980)
      %S A woman submitting SF stories written by a time-traveler to _IAsfm_ gets
         upset with their continual rejection and decides to make some changes.
    Nutman, Philip, WET WORK (publ. unknown)
      %W George Bush was re-elected.
      %S ...
    Nye, Jody Lynn, "The Father of His Country", in <AP>
      %W Ben Franklin was elected president in 1789 rather than Washington.
      %S Franklin manipulates the government by using pseudonymous newspaper
         writings to influence public opinion, un-nerving Veep John Adams.
    Oleinikov, Dmitry, & Sergei Kudryashov, "What If Hitler Had Defeated Russia?",
         in _History_Today_ May 1995
      %S Speculation on the future if Operation Barbarossa had been successful.
    Olsen, Per G., "Medaljens bakside", in DOED OG VED GODT MOT I NEW YORK
         (Gyldendal Norsk 1979, 8205116598)
      %W Norway fought a bitter War of Independence against Sweden, 1905-37.
      %S Journalist interviews war veteran.
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      %S TR discovers that the natures of war and the enemy have changed in 20
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      %C Non-AH prequel is BROTHERS IN GRAY.
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         conquest of Mexico.
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      %T Portuguese tr. by ... as PAVANA (Classica 1992)
      %W Elizabeth I was assassinated, the Armada triumphed, and Europe and the New
         World languished under 500 years of Church rule.
      %C 1968 Hart-Davis ed. does not include "The White Boat".
      %C See also the reference mat'l entry for Roberts' "The Peacock Dance".
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      %T German tr. by Tony Westermayr as "Weihnachtsabend", in DIE NEUEN GOETTER
         (Goldmann 1979)
      %W A junta overthrew George VI and Churchill in 1940, then made peace with
         the Axis.
      %S A girl disappears during the joint celebration of Christmas and the Hunt
         on a British estate.
    Roberts, Ralph, "How the South Preserved the Union", in <AP>
      %W In 1849, Zachary Taylor and Millard Fillmore were killed in an accident,
         elevating the Senate president pro tem to the US presidency.
      %S David Atchison's presence in the White House provokes the abolitionist
         North into secession, leading to a different Civil War.
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      %S A "man" sent to fight aliens returns to Earth 300 years later but it isn't
         the Earth he left. The new one thinks he's the menace.
    Robinson, Frank M., "Causes", in <AT>
      %S ...
    Robinson, Frank M., "Hail, Hail, Rock and Roll", in <AWC>
      %S ...
    Robinson, Frank M., "One Month in 1907", in <AO>
      %W Hugo Gernsback was screwed in a business deal by Charles Ponzi.
      %S The lives of the two men are swapped, with the former originating the
         infamous "Gernsback Scheme" and the latter sf magazines.
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      %T German tr. by Michael Nagula as "Der Flug de Lucky Strike", in <SVW>
      %T German tr. by Michael Windgassen as "Lucky Strike", in <HSL>
      %T Portuguese tr. by Paula Reis as "The Lucky Strike", in PLANETA SOBRE A
         MESA (Caminho 1988)
      %W The "Enola Gay" crashed on a practice flight.
      %S The "Lucky Strike" is selected to bomb Hiroshima, but its bombardier is
         horrified by the power of the atomic bomb.
      %C Nominee: 1984 Nebula for best novelette, 1985 Hugo for best novelette.
    ---------------------, "A Sensitive Dependence on Initial Conditions", in
         _Interzone_ #49 (Jul 1991); Author's Choice Monthly #20; REMAKING HISTORY
         (Tor 1991, 031285126X); and REMAKING HISTORY AND OTHER STORIES (Tor/Orb
         1994, 0312890125)
      %C An essay on quantum physics and AH, with various possible outcomes of the
         bombing of Hiroshima described.
    Robinson, Kim Stanley, "Remaking History", in <IAsfm> Mar 1989; <WMHB1>;
         REMAKING HISTORY (Tor 1991, 031285126X); and REMAKING HISTORY AND OTHER
         STORIES (Tor/Orb 1994, 0312890125)
      %W The 1980 rescue of the hostages in Iran succeeded.
      %S A lunar film company remakes the DeNiro classic ESCAPE FROM TEHERAN and
         discusses Great Men and Women.
    Rochelle, Warren G., "A Peaceful Heart", in _Aboriginal_ May/Jun 1989
      %W The Confederacy gained independence. 100 years later, civilization along
         the eastern seaboard has fallen apart due to biological warfare.
      %S In 1978, a man raising two orphan boys on a N Carolina island must cope
         with the eldest's desire to find out what's happening on the mainland.
    Rodgers, Alan, "Ruby", in FULL SPECTRUM 5 (eds. Jennifer Hershey, Tom Dupree &
         Janna Silverstein) (Bantam 1995, 0553374001)
      %W Wendell Wilkie was elected president in 1940 and delayed the US entry into
         WW2 until just months before the Nazi-Soviet-Japanese Axis completed the
         conquest of Eurasia.
      %S Lee Oswald rises to power in Soviet America but must always worry about
         ally-foe "Ruby Jack" Kennedy.
    Rolfe, Frederick William, & C.H. Pirie-Gordon, HUBERT'S ARTHUR: BEING CERTAIN
         1935; Arno 1978, 0405110057)
      %W Arthur Plantagenet escaped from King John.
      %S Arthur becomes King of Jerusalem and later returns to England to overthrow
         his uncle.
    Romano, Deane, FLIGHT FROM TIME ONE (Walker 1972, 0802755542; Fitzhenry &
         Whiteside 1972)
      %W The Qarmatian Muslims enjoyed further victories after Basra _or_ Great
         Britain capitulated to the Nazis.
      %S An astral disarmamament inspector discovers a crosstime Nazi plot to
         destroy his timeline, Time One.
    Rotsler, William, "Which Came First", in _Analog_ Dec 1995
      %S A time traveler accidentally breaks a dinosaur egg and returns to discover
         world has changed.
    Rowder, Louise, "CruiseCon", in <AWC>
      %S ...
    Rowder, Louise, "The Symmetry of Duty", in <AT>
      %S ...
    Roy, Archie, ALL EVIL SHED AWAY (John Long 1970; Apogee 1986)
      %W Churchill was assassinated in June 1940 and an armistice followed, then
         invasion and occupation.
      %S In our 1945, two officers find a manuscript written by a time traveler
         from occupied Britain 1970 who decided to set things right.
         VIRGINIA (Morrow 1990, 0688094139; Avon/AvoNova 1992, 0380755351)
      %S In 1836, an expedition including Edgar Allen Poe set out for the S Pole to
         locate the entrance to the Earth's hollow interior.
    Rucker, Rudy, & Paul Di Filippo, "Instability", in <WMHB2>
      %W Members of the Beat Generation decided to disrupt an H-bomb test.
      %S William S. Burroughs, Jack Kerouac and John von Neumann intersect at White
    Rusch, Kristine Kathryn, "ApocalypseCon", in <AWC>
      %S ...
    Rusch, Kristine Kathryn, "The Arrival of Truth", in <AW>
      %W Sojourner Truth marched through the South telling the slaves to take what
         is theirs.
      %S Slaves at a Virginia plantation await Truth's coming.
    Rusch, Kristine Kathryn, "The Best and the Brightest", in <AK>
      %W Robert Kennedy was elected president in 1964.
      %S A black reporter faces a personal crisis when he is given evidence that
         RFK ordered an assassination attempt on Martin Luther King, Jr.
    Rusch, Kristine Kathryn, "Common Sense", in <AO>
      %W Thomas Paine did not emigrate to America.
      %S A highborn Englishwoman witnesses Paine's trial for treason, while Ben
         Franklin worries about finding a voice for the American rebels.
    Rusch, Kristine Kathryn, "Faith", in <AT>
      %S ...
    Rusch, Kristine Kathryn, "Fighting Bob", in <AP>
      %W Progressive Party candidate Robert La Follette was elected US president in
         1924, but died in 1925 during a stalemate with Congress.
      %S Six years later, family, friends and enemies of La Follette meet to argue
         over the Wisconsin Senate race, breaking open old wounds.
    Rusch, Kristine Kathryn, "Sinner-Saints", in <f&sf> May 1993; and <BAOF>
      %W Lillian Hellman joined a third party movement and ran for the US Senate,
         losing lover Dashiell Hammett as a consequence.
      %S 15 years later, in the midst of the Communist witch hunts, Sen. Hellman
         must decide how much to admit regarding her relationship with Hammett.
    Russ, Joanna, THE FEMALE MAN (Bantam 1975, 0553111752; Gregg 1977, 0839823517;
         Beacon 1986, 0807063134; Easton 1994); included in RADICAL UTOPIAS
         (Book-of-the-Month Club 1990)
      %T German tr. by Werner Fuchs as PLANET DER FRAUEN (Dromer Knaur 1979)
      %S Interaction of a woman from a future where a plague killed all men, a
         1960s woman from a timeline where WW2 didn't happen, and the author.
    Rutman, Leo, CLASH OF EAGLES (Ballantine 1990)
      %W The Nazis enjoyed enough success in Europe that they could invade the US.
      %S ...
    Ryan, J.B., "The Mosaic", in _Astounding_ Jul 1940
      %S A time-traveler from Arabic America alters the outcome at Tours.
    Saberhagen, Fred, A CENTURY OF PROGRESS (Tor 1983, 0523485689, 0812553411,
      %S A man is recruited into helping a group fighting Hitler in all timelines.
    Saberhagen, Fred, THE MASK OF THE SUN (Ace 1979; Tor 1987, 0812553098,
         0812553101, 0812513576)
      %W The Inca rebellion against Spanish domination succeeded.
      %S A man from our world gets involved in a time war between Inca and Aztec
         timelines, seeing action in old Cuzco.
    Sagara, Michelle, "For Love of God", in <AW>
      %W Thomas a Becket did not return after fleeing England because of his
         dispute with Henry II.
      %S Armies representing the two sides meet on a French battlefield, and Becket
         remembers the history of his relationship with Henry.
    Sagara, Michelle, "The Sword in the Stone", in <AT>
      %S ...
    Salisbury, Robert H., "What If Marbury v. Madison and the Impeachment of John
         Marshall (1803)", in <WIESSF>
      %W Congress impeached and removed Chief Justice Marshall from office.
      %C Scholarly history describing the "crippling" of the US Supreme Court,
         ending in impeachment of three justices who supported abortion in 1973.
    Salomon, Warren, "Time on My Hands", in <IAsfm> Oct 1982
      %W Alexander the Great besieged Jerusalem.
      %S ...
    Sanders, William, JOURNEY TO FUSANG (Warner/Questar 198...)
      %W The Mongols sacked Europe from Moscow to Cordova, leaving the Moors and
         Chinese to discover the New World during the 16th century.
      %S In the late 1600s, an Irish rogue adrift in N America sets his sights on
         Chinese California but must first cope with a Cossack army loose in the
    Sanders, William, THE WILD BLUE AND THE GRAY (Warner/Questar 1991, 0446361429)
      %W With British help, the Confederacy won the Civil War.
      %S The sole member of the Cherokee air force is attached to a Confederate
         squadron fighting in France in 1916.
    Sarban, THE SOUND OF HIS HORN (Davies 1952; Ballantine 1960)
      %T Spanish tr. by Manuel Figueroa as EL CUERNO DE CAZA (Editorial Arte y
         Literature 1981)
      %S A man escapes a Nazi POW camp in 1943 and falls into the future of a world
         where Germany won WW2.
    Sargent, Pamela, "The Sleeping Serpent", in _Amazing Stories_ Jan 1992; and
      %W The Mongols conquered mainland Europe and crossed the Atlantic.
      %S Led by the son of the khan of France, the Iriquois federation moves to
         drive the English out of New England.
    Saunders, Jake, "Back to the Stone Age", in LONE STAR UNIVERSE: THE FIRST
         Steven Utley) (Heidelberg 1976, 0913206083); and BEST SCIENCE FICTION
         STORIES OF THE YEAR, SIXTH ANNUAL COLLECTION (ed. Gardner Dozois) (Dutton
         1977, 0525064958; Ace 1978, 044105482X)
      %W Disaster at Oak Ridge scrapped the Manhattan Project, and the US decided
         not to invade Japan.
      %S In 1954, random bombers fly over the bombed-out Japanese islands,
         eliminating any signs of human activity they happen to find.
    Scanlon, Michael L., "Kansas City Kitty", in L. RON HUBBARD PRESENTS WRITERS OF
         THE FUTURE: VOLUME VI (ed. Algis Budrys) (Bridge 1990)
      %W The US intervened in the Hungarian crisis of 1956.
      %S ...
    Schachner, Nat, "Ancestral Voices", in _Astounding_ Dec 1933
      %S ...
    Schimel, Lawrence, "A Stable Relationship", in <AT>
      %S ...
    Schimel, Lawrence, "Taking Action", in <AW>
      %W Precognition of what might be, including the Rodney King beating, pushed
         Martin Luther King, Jr. away from the path of non-violence.
      %S The civil right movement follows a more violent route, leading to a duel
         between MLK and George Wallace.
    Scholz, Carter, "The Ninth Symphony of Ludwig van Beethoven and Other Lost
         Songs", in UNIVERSE 7 (ed. Terry Carr) (Doubleday 1977, 0385114141)
      %S Mental time travelers examining Beethoven's creative process drive the
         composer mad before he can complete the Ode to Joy.
      %C Nominee: 1977 Nebula for best novelette, 1978 Hugo for best novella.
    Scholz, Carter: see also Lethem, Jonathan, & Carter Scholz
    Scortia, Thomas N., ARTERY OF FIRE (Doubleday 1972, 0385086598; Popular Library
         1972, 0445005351); rev. of "Artery of Fire", in _Original Science Fiction
         Stories_ Mar 1960
      %S An attempt to transmit "Black Field" power from Pluto to Earth has
         disastrous crosstime potential, heading directly for Hiroshima 1945.
    Scott, Melissa, A CHOICE OF DESTINIES (Baen 1986, 0671655639)
      %W After the conquest of Persia, Alexander of Macedon returned west to quell
         a rebellion of League cities.
      %S His return and dealings with early Rome.
    Scott, Melissa, & Lisa A. Barnett, ARMOR OF LIGHT (Baen 1988, 0671697838)
      %W Witchcraft works. Also, Sir Philip Sidney survived Zutphens.
      %S In 1593, Elizabeth I directs Sidney and Christopher Marlowe to protect
         James VI/I from magical attacks.
    Seabury, Paul, "The Histronaut", in <f&sf> Apr 1963
      %W Lenin did not return to Russia from Switzerland.
      %S A time traveler destroys Lenin's train, but returns to his home time to
         find Washington DC occupied by Germans.
    Seabury, Paul, "What If George Washington Had Been Captured by General Howe:
         Mrs. Murray's War (1776)", in <WIESSF>
      %W The owner of the farm where the battle of Murray Hill was fought persuaded
         Howe to forget refreshment and pursue Washington.
      %S Memoir of an historian who discovers Mrs. Murray's diary and who shows it
         to Howe's biographer while at the Royal New York Historical Society
    Seger, Maura, FORTUNE'S TIDE (Avon 1990, 0380753391)
      %W The US lost their bid for independence.
      %S Historical romance.
    Seger, Maura, PERCHANCE TO DREAM (Avon 1989, 0380753383)
      %W The Confederacy won at Antietam and drove on to Washington, where Lincoln
         was captured.
      %S Historical romance set in an 1876 in which Confederate President Lee
         advocated a return to union.
    Sell, William, "Other Tracks", in _Astounding_ Oct 1938; and SCIENCE FICTION
         ADVENTURES IN DIMENSIONS (ed. Groff Conklin) (Vanguard 1953)
      %S Two scientific assistants use a time machine to visit the past, and
         discover that they have changed the present.
      %C First known story to theorize that changing the past will alter the
         time-traveler's home time. However, little historical development.
    Shainblum, Mark, & Gabriel Morrissette, "The Infinite Man", in _Gene Day's
         Black Zeppelin_ ... (... , Renegade Comics)
      %W Britain and Russia fought a war in the 1880s.
      %S ...
    Shapiro, Stanley, A TIME TO REMEMBER (Random House 1986)
      %S To prevent his brother's death in Vietnam, a man travels back to 1963
         Dallas, but an altered history may also need correction.
      %C Basis for the 1990 movie RUNNING AGAINST TIME.
    Shaw, Bob, THE TWO-TIMERS (Ace 1968, 0020080794)
      %T Portuguese tr. by ... as CRIME NO TEMPO B (Tecnoprint 1972)
      %S A man goes back in time to save his wife from a killer, creating a world
         in which the wife didn't die and another version of himself exists.
    Sheckley, Robert, "The Deaths of Ben Baxter", in _Galaxy_ Jul 1957; and STORE
         OF INFINITY (Bantam 1960, 0553052292)
      %S Scientists manipulating history are faced with three equally undesirable
    Sheckley, Robert, "Disquisitions on the Dinosaur", in DINOSAUR FANTASTIC (eds.
         Mike Resnick & Martin H. Greenberg) (DAW 1993; SFBC 1994)
      %S Time travelers bring dinosaurs forward to ancient Rome, and various
         invading (in our timeline) armies decide not to invade.
    Sheckley, Robert, "Dukakis and the Aliens", in <AP>
      %S In 1989, on his first day as president, an alien invasion conspiracy is
         revealed to Michael Dukakis. His reaction requires reworking history.
    Sheckley, Robert, "Miranda", in <AO>
      %S ...
    Shelley, Rick, "The Worlds I Used to Know", in _Analog_ Jan 1988
      %S ...
    Shepard, Lucius, "A Spanish Lesson", in <f&sf> Dec 1985; in TERRY CARR'S BEST
         SCIENCE FICTION STORIES OF THE YEAR #15 (ed. Terry Carr) (Tor 1986)
      %S ...
    Sherman, Joel Henry, TRAITORS TO THE CROWN (Ballantine, not yet published)
      %S ...
    Sherman, Josepha, "Monsieur Verne and the Martian Invasion", in <AW>
      %S In a steampunk 19th century, the great inventor Jules Verne discovers and
         fights a creature from outer space.
    Shetterly, Will, "Hero Worship: Public Faces and Private Dreams", in _Captain
         Confederacy_ (vol 2) #2 (Jan 1992, Epic Comics)
      %W The South won the Civil War due to un-described events c. 1862.
      %S An autobiographical sketch of a reporter, born to Union parents but
         working in the CSA.
    ---------------, & Vince Stone, _Captain Confederacy_ (vol 1) #1-12, comic book
         series (Steeldragon 1986-87)
      %S The CSA develops a Captain America-type superhero in the 1980s but he is
         unhappy being ordered about in an apartheid-ridden country.
      %C Letters to editor often more interesting than the story. Issues #1-2
         revised and re-issued as _Captain Confederacy Special Edition_.
    ------------------------------, _Captain Confederacy_ (vol 2) #1-4, comic book
         series (Epic Comics 1991-92)
      %S Super-heroes from eight N America nations, Germany and Japan, meet in New
         Orleans, where the representative from Texas is murdered for his weaponry.
    Shi Jian, title unknown, in _'Strange Tales'_ May 1990
      %W Germany won WW2.
      %S ...
    Shiner, Lewis, "Oz", in FULL SPECTRUM (eds. Lou Aronica & Shawna McCarthy)
         (Bantam 1988, 0553274821)
      %W Lee Harvey Oswald was not murdered.
      %S Ozzie is acquitted and later becomes a rock star, with mention of the
         conspiracy trials and America's exit from Vietnam.
    Shiner, Lewis, "Twilight Time", in <IAsfm> Apr 1984
      %T German tr. by Michael Windgassen as "Zeit des Zwielichts", in <HSL>
      %W Aliens secretly invaded in the 1950s, using subliminal TV, drugged food,
         etc, in an attempt to establish a police state.
      %S A political prisoner is sent back into 1961 in a time travel project to
         remove alien influence.
    Shiner, Lewis, "Voodoo Child", in _Asimov's Science Fiction_ Jul 1993; and
         GLIMPSES (Morrow 1993; Avon 1995)
      %W Jimi Hendrix did not accidentally overdose on sleeping pills.
      %S A man from 1989 tries to keep Hendrix alive so that he may produce "Last
         Rays of the Rising Sun".
      %C Seemingly AH, when taken within the context of the whole novel GLIMPSES,
         it is not.
    Shiner, Lewis, "White City", in <IAsfm> Jun 1990; and THE YEAR'S BEST SCIENCE
         FICTION, EIGHTH ANNUAL COLLECTION (ed. Gardner Dozois) (St. Martin's 1991,
         0312060092, 0312060084)
      %T Portuguese tr. by Ronaldo Sirgio de Biasi as "Cidade Branca", in _Isaac
         Asimov Magazine de Ficcao Cientifica_ #9
      %S Tesla conducts an experiment with atmospheric electricity at the Chicago
         World's Fair with results unanticipated by his backers.
    Shiner, Lewis: see also Sterling, Bruce, & Lewis Shiner
    Shippey, Tom, "Enemy Transmissions", in <HV>
      %S Occult use of dreams in a 3rd Reich that succeeded, some of which are of
         our timeline.
    Shippey, Tom: see also Harrison, Harry, & Tom Shippey
    Shirer, William, "If Hitler Had Won World War II", in _Look_ 15 Dec 1961
      %S Mostly a speculative essay, but passages from the diary that Shirer might
         have kept are included.
    Shukman, Harold, "If I had been... Alexander Kerensky in 1917", in <IIHB>
      %W Kerensky did not stop Kornilov's occupation of Petrograd.
      %C Kerensky decides that Kornilov's aid is the only way to alleviate civil
         unrest and prevent a Bolshevik takeover.
    Shwartz, Susan, BYZANTIUM'S CROWN (publ. unknown)
    --------------, THE WOMAN OF FLOWERS (Warner/Popular Library 1987, 0445203587,
    --------------, QUEENSBLADE (... 1987)
      %W Mark Antony and Cleopatra won at Actium and moved the Roman capital to the
         east. Also, magic works.
      %S ...
    Shwartz, Susan, "Count of the Saxon Shore", in <Alt>
      %W Arthur of Britain survived the battle of Camlann.
      %S An old warrior reflects on the battle and its aftermath.
    Shwartz, Susan, "Loose Cannon", in <WMHB2>
      %W T.E. Lawrence (of Arabia) survived his 1935 motorcycle accident.
      %S In 1940, Churchill convinces Lawrence to go back to N Africa, where he
         meets Rommel.
      %C Nominee: 1990 Nebula for best novelette.
    Shwartz, Susan, "Suppose They Gave a Peace...", in <AP>; and <WIW>
      %W Due to the increasing count of body bags returning from Vietnam, George
         McGovern was elected US president in 1972.
      %S Not waiting for the promised US withdrawal, N Vietnamese continue marching
         on Saigon. An Ohio family worries about its soldier son.
      %C Nominee: 1992 Nebula for best novelette, 1993 Hugo for best novelette.
    Robert B. Schmunk,

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