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    Subject:      LIST: Alternate History Stories, 2 of 8
    From: (Robert B. Schmunk)
    Date:         1996/04/16
    Message-ID:   <4kv8d1$>
    Newsgroups:   rec.arts.sf.written,soc.history.what-if,alt.history.what-if,rec.answers,soc.answers,alt.answers,news.answers
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    Archive-name: sf/alt_history/part2
    Rec-arts-sf-written-archive-name: alt_history/part2
    Version: 26
    Posting-Frequency: Quarterly
    Chadbourne, Billie Niles: see Johnson, Robert B., & Billie Niles Chadbourne
    Chalker, Jack L., "Dance Band on the Titanic", in <IAsfm> Jul 1978; ASIMOV'S
         CHOICE: EXTRATERRESTRIALS & ECLIPSES (ed. George Scithers) (Davis/Dial
         1978; Dale 1978, 0895591073) ISAAC ASIMOV'S SCIENCE FICTION ANTOLOGY
         VOLUME 1 (ed. George Scithers) (Davis/Dial 1978; vt ISAAC ASIMOV'S MASTERS
         OF SCIENCE FICTION, Davis/Dial 1978, 0803736975); THE 1979 ANNUAL WORLD'S
         BEST SF (eds. Donald A. Wollheim & Arthur W. Saha) (DAW 1979); and DANCE
         BAND ON THE TITANIC (publ. unknown)
      %T Portuguese tr. by Cisar Tozzi as "A Orquestra de Dangas do Titanic", in
         ASIMOV: O MELHOR DA FICCAO CIENTIFICA (ed. George Scithers) (Expressco e
         Cultura 1978)
      %S Adventures of a ferry boat crew traveling between alternate versions of
         Maine and Nova Scotia.
    Chalker, Jack L., DOWNTIMING THE NIGHT SIDE (Tor 1985, 0812532880; Baen 1993,
      %W Karl Marx died in 1841, causing Russia to become a weak democracy in 1917
         and thus unable to fend off Germany in 1941.
      %S A security officer on a time travel project chases terrorists back to 1841
         and gets lost in a timewar between Earthers and Offworlders.
    Chalker, Jack L., "Now Falls the Cold, Cold Night", in <AP>
      %W James Buchanan suffered a stroke in Oct 1856 and Millard Fillmore,
         candidate of the American ("Know-Nothing") Party, was elected president.
      %S When Fillmore upholds the Fugitive Slave Laws in 1858, rioting and worse
         erupts in New England.
    Chamberlin, Joseph Edgar, "If Abraham Lincoln's Father Had Moved Southward, Not
         Northward", in <IoH>
      %W Thomas Lincoln was made of sterner stuff and emigrated from Kentucky to
         Mississippi rather than to Illinois.
      %C A possibility that Lincoln would have been Confederate president, facing
         off with either Douglas or Seward.
    Chamberlin, Joseph Edgar, "If Alexander Hamilton Had Not Written About the
         Hurricane", in <IoH>
      %W Hamilton did not write the newspaper article which convinced his parents
         he was a prodigy and should be sent to Boston to study.
      %S Without him, the balance would not have been struck in writing the
         Constitution and the states might have flown apart.
    Chamberlin, Joseph Edgar, "If Admiral Penn Had Persisted in Disowning His Son
         William", in <IoH>
      %W Dismayed at his son's conversion to Quakerism, the admiral neither took
         him back into his household nor made him an heir.
      %S Without the Penn fortune, Pennsylvania and Philadelphia would not have
         been founded and the land would have been split amongst the other colonies
    Chamberlin, Joseph Edgar, "If Champlain Had Tarried in Plymouth Bay", in <IoH>
      %W Champlain placed a settlement during his 1605 expedition, shifting the
         French emphasis in N America southward from the St. Lawrence.
      %S The Puritans would have been forced south to Virginia and Dutch New
         Holland would survive. Any Revolution would have had a different
    Chamberlin, Joseph Edgar, "If Charles II Had Accepted the Kingship of
         Virginia", in <IoH>
      %W After defeat by Cromwell at Worcester, Charles II accepted the invitation
         to place his throne in Virginia and took control of British N America.
      %S Charles would have been a more kingly figure on his return to London, and
         the neglect of the colonies which provoked the Revolution would not
    Chamberlin, Joseph Edgar, "If Columbus Had Kept His Straight Course Westward",
         in <IoH>
      %W Columbus did not listen to Pinzon on Oct 7, 1492, and kept sailing true
      %S Landfall would have have likely been made between Cape Canaveral and the
         Carolinas, and Spanish colonization would have focused on N America.
    Chamberlin, Joseph Edgar, "If Gilbert Livingston Had Not Voted New York Into
         the Union", in <IoH>
      %W Even though 10 states had already agreed, New York's convention refused to
         ratify the Constitution.
      %S Rhode Island and North Carolina would also have remained outside the
         Union, creating a Balkanized N America with civil and military conflict.
    Chamberlin, Joseph Edgar, "If James Macdonnel Had Not Closed the Gate of
         Hugomont Castle", in <IoH>
      %W Two British soldiers failed to prevent Napoleon from capturing Hugomont.
      %S Napoleon would have split the British army and won at Waterloo. Primarily
         a list of events that would have not occurred.
    Chamberlin, Joseph Edgar, "If King Ethelred of England Had Not Married the
         Norman Emma", in <IoH>
      %W William the Conqueror had no claim to the English throne.
      %S Not particularly AH discussion of the family connections.
    Chamberlin, Joseph Edgar, "If Lafayette Had Held the French Reign of Terror in
         Check", in <IoH>
      %W La Fayette accepted the people's call to be the French chief executive.
      %S With La Fayette in power, the Reign of Terror would not have happened,
         Napoleon would have been restrained and France would be a world power.
    Chamberlin, Joseph Edgar, "If Orsini's Bomb Had Not Failed to Destroy Napoleon
         III", in <IoH>
      %W Felice Orsini killed Napoleon III.
      %S Without Napoleon, there would have been no Franco-Prussian war and 500k
         men would have lived longer lives.
    Chamberlin, Joseph Edgar, "If President James Buchanan Had Enforced the Law in
         November, 1860", in <IoH>
      %W Buchanan fully enforced federal law upon S Carolina's succession, snuffing
         out the Civil War before it could start.
      %S Slavery would have been slowly dissolved, but black suffrage never
         extended nor white supremacy organizations created.
    Chamberlin, Joseph Edgar, "If Queen Elizabeth Had Left a Son or Daughter", in
      %W Elizabeth I found a man both wise and docile enough to marry.
      %S With a Tudor heir, English advances in the arts would have continued,
         Puritanism averted, but likely no American Revolution.
    Chamberlin, Joseph Edgar, "If Skipper Jennings Had Not Rescued Certain
         Shipwrecked Japanese", in <IoH>
      %W The Auckland did not rescue several Japanese fisherman and take them to
         San Francisco.
      %S US interest in Japan would have not perked, and the island nation would
         have eventually ended up a Russian or British puppet.
    Chamberlin, Joseph Edgar, "If the Boy George Washington Had Become a British
         Midshipman", in <IoH>
      %W Mary Washington did not change her mind, and son George entered the
         British navy.
      %S Without Washington's leadership, the revolutionary army would have fallen
         apart. Even supposing victory, there would have been no Constitution.
    Chamberlin, Joseph Edgar, "If the Confederates Had Marched on Washington After
         Bull Run", in <IoH>
      %W The Confederates were more organized and followed hard on the heels of the
         panicked Union army to Washington.
      %S With Washington occupied, the border states would also have seceded and a
         peace negotiated, with future Balkanization and conflicts.
    Chamberlin, Joseph Edgar, "If the Confederate States Had Purchased the East
         India Company's Fleet in 1861", in <IoH>
      %W The South took up the company's offer and purchased ten good steamships.
      %S The Confederate navy would have been capable of averting the blockade, and
         independence fully achieved by 1863.
    Chamberlin, Joseph Edgar, "If the Moors Had Won the Battle of Tours", in <IoH>
      %W Abd-ar-Rahman defeated Charles Martel at Tours.
      %S The Moors would have pushed on to conquer the rest of the Europe, and the
         arts, sciences and role of women in society would have been altered.
    Chamberlin, Joseph Edgar, "If the Philharmonia Had Not Given Concerts at
         Vicenza", in <IoH>
      %W Musicians did not join to form the Philharmonia in the mid 1500s.
      %S There would be no professional musician class today and music would not be
         divided between classical and popular.
    Chamberlin, Joseph Edgar, "If the Pirate Jean Lafitte Had Joined the British at
         New Orleans", in <IoH>
      %W Jean Lafitte accepted a British commission as captain in the Royal Navy.
      %S Without him, Andrew Jackson would have lost the Battle of New Orleans and
         not become president, thus allowing nullification to survive.
    Chamberlin, Joseph Edgar, "If the Spanish Armada Had Sailed at Its Appointed
         Time", in <IoH>
      %W The Armada sailed in January rather than July 1588.
      %C Elizabethan culture would have been stifled and Protestantism smashed,
         with Spanish spoken from Mexico to the St. Lawrence.
    Chamberlin, Joseph Edgar, "If Themistocles Had Not Beaten Aristides in an
         Athenian Election", in <IoH>
      %W The electoral competition between Themistocles and Aristides fell in
         Aristides's favor.
      %C Without the fleet that Themistocles advocated, Greece would have lost to
         Persia at Salamis and we'd all be worshipping Mithra today.
    Chandler, A. Bertram, KELLY COUNTRY (... 1983; DAW 1985, 0886770661); rev. of
         "Kelly Country", in _Void_ ... 1976
      %W Australian Ned Kelly escaped police capture in 1880 and led a successful
         Irish-Australian rebellion against British authority.
      %S A mental time traveler causes Kelly's escape and wakes up in world where
         Australia rather than the US is embroiled in Vietnam.
    Charmatz, A., "Sailing Through Program Management", in _Analog_ 5 Jan 1981
    ------------, "A Second Chance", in _Analog_ 9 Nov 1981
      %W Columbus returned from his first voyage to find that modern management
         techniques were being applied to Spain's exploration efforts.
      %S A series of memos showing increasingly poor relations with project
         managers, etc, as Columbus reports on voyage one and prepares for the
    Chaykin, Howard: see Niven, Larry, & Howard Chaykin
    Chesnoff, Richard Z., Edward Klein, & Robert Littell, IF ISRAEL LOST THE WAR
         (Coward-McCann 1969)
      %W While Israel hoped for a diplomatic settlement, Arab forces delivered a
         devastating surprise attack on 5 Jun 1967.
      %S A day-by-day account of the 6-day fall of Israel and its repercussions in
         the US, USSR and the new UAR.
    Chesterton, G.K., "If Don John of Austria had Married Mary Queen of Scots", in
         <IIHHO> (all eds.); and THE COMMON MAN (Sheed & Ward 1950)
      %W As the title says.
      %C Essay on England's place in Christendom and whether it would have accepted
         a Scottish Catholic queen and a Spanish prince-consort.
    Chiang, Ted, "Tower of Babylon", in _Omni_ Nov 1990; THE YEAR'S BEST SCIENCE
         FICTION, EIGHTH ANNUAL COLLECTION (ed. Gardner Dozois) (St. Martin's 1991,
         0312060092, 0312060084); and NEBULA AWARDS 26: SFWA'S CHOICE FOR THE BEST
         SCIENCE FICTION AND FANTASY OF THE YEAR (ed. James Morrow) (HBJ 1992,
         0151649340, 0156654725)
      %W An older idea of cosmology were correct.
      %S After centuries of work, the Tower of Babylon has reached the vault of
         heaven and stoneworkers now attempt to break through.
      %C Winner: 1990 Nebula for best novelette; Nominee: 1991 Hugo for best
    Chilson, Robert, "The Devil and the Deep Blue Sky", in <BT>
      %W Observing the continued success of Stanley brothers in auto racing, Henry
         Ford brought out the Model A steamer in 1911.
      %S Congress investigates internal combustion engines when a kerosene shortage
    Chilson, Robert, THE SHORES OF KANSAS (Popular Library 1976)
      %W Teddy Roosevelt was assassinated.
      %S ...
    Christopher, John, FIREBALL (Dutton 1981, 0525297383; Tempo 1984)
      %S Two boys are caught in a strange ball of fire, emerging in ancient Roman
         times where they help Christians overthrow the Roman Empire.
    -----------------, NEW FOUND LAND (Dutton 1983, 0525440496)
      %S The boys flee to N America and face more adventures with Viking settlers
         and Aztecs.
    -----------------, DRAGON DANCE (Dutton 1986, 0525442278)
      %S The boys travel on to California.
    Christensen, Ole C. and Niels Sondergaard, MAI MYSTERIET (Carlsen Comics 1991)
      %W Denmark had a communist revolution c. 1920.
      %S A Danish scientist discovers travel between different worlds and invites
         some of his "doubles" to an informal congress, at which one is murdered. 
    Christensen, Ole C. and Niels Sondergaard, DEN ANDEN PRASIDENT (Carlsen Comics
         1993, 8756260725)
      %W Several European states entered the USA c. 1910, making it the United
         States of the Free World (USFW).
      %S A coup d'etat is plotted against the president, traveling to his home
         state of Denmark to inaugurate the new, 125-meter statue of "The Great
         Mermaid" in Copenhagen.
    Churchill, Winston S., "If Lee had not Won the Battle of Gettysburg", in
         <IIHHO> (all eds.); and <WMHB3>
      %T German tr. by Walter Brumm as "Wenn Lee die Schlacht von Gettysburg nicht
         gewonnen Hatte", in _Heyne Science Fiction Magazin_ #9
      %W Jeb Stuart reached the battlefield in time to support Pickett's charge.
         Later, Lee unilaterally freed the slaves and Britain recognized the CSA.
      %S Some theorizing about how a Confederate defeat at Gettysburg might have
         prevented the formation of the English-speaking union.
    Clagett, John, A WORLD UNKNOWN (Popular Library 1975)
      %W Jesus never lived and Constantine dissolved the Roman empire.
      %S A man finds himself in another world after a nuclear airplane experiment
         goes awry.
    Clark, Ronald W., THE BOMB THAT FAILED (Morrow 1969; vt THE LAST DAY OF THE OLD
         WORLD, Cape 1969)
      %W The Trinity test was a failure, due in part to Klaus Fuchs.
      %S An agonizing invasion of Kyushu leads to US use of rice fungus bombs, and
         the Soviets exploit border incidents for a drive on the English Channel.
    Clarke, Comer, IF THE NAZIS HAD COME (World 1962)
      %S ...
    Clarke, Gerald, "Yorktown: If the British Had Won", in _Time_ 2 Nov 1981
      %S ...
    Coleman, Terry, EMPIRE (Sinclair-Stevenson 1994, 1856193128)
      %W Texas never joined the Union.
      %S ...
    Clee, Mona, BRANCH POINT (Ace 1996, 0441002919)
      %W The Cuban Missile Crisis escalated; Nixon, McCarthy and Humphrey were also
         assassinated in 1968; Yeltsin was killed in August 1991 coup; or Russians
         settled the American Pacific coast in 1806.
      %S Time-travelers from 2062 repeatedly strive to avert nuclear war, finally
         opting to make Russians and Americans coexist on the same continent before
         there were atmoic weapons.
    Collyn, George, "Unification Day", in _New Worlds_ May 1966; and THE TRAPS OF
         TIME (ed. Michael Moorcock) (Rapp & Whiting 1968)
      %W Napoleon won at Waterloo.
      %S England notes the 150th anniversary of its inclusion in the French empire.
    Comins, Neil F., "What If the Earth Had Less Mass? Petiel", in <WIMDE>
      %S ...
    Comins, Neil F., "What If the Earth Were Tilted Like Uranus? Urania", in
         <WIMDE>; rev. of article in _Astronomy_ Jul 1992
      %W Earth's orbit had an obliquity of (near) 90 deg.
      %S Life would have had to evolve in the tropics, and when species moved on to
         land, mass migrations over vast distances would be necessary to avoid
         death in the alternately baking/freezing mid-latitudes.
    Comins, Neil F., "What If the Moon Didn't Exist? Solon", in <WIMDE>; rev. of
         article in _Astronomy_ Feb 1991
      %W Earth was never struck by the huge planetismal that became the moon.
      %S Evolution would have progressed more slowly because of the greatly reduced
         tides and the faster winds.
    Comins, Neil F., "What If the Moon Were Closer to the Earth? Lunholm", in
      %W A combination of factors resulted in the modern lunar orbit having a
         radius of only 100000 km.
      %S Life would evolve more quickly, but face more difficulty making the
         transition to land.
    Comins, Neil F., "What If the Sun Were More Massive? Granstar", in <WIMDE>;
         rev. of article in _Astronomy_ May 1992
      %S ...
    Compton, K.T., "If the Atomic Bomb Had Not Been Used", in _Atlantic_ Dec 1946
      %S ...
    Conner, Mike, ARCHANGEL (Tor 1995, 0312857438)
      %W German use of biological warfare in WW1 got out of control, resulting in a
         devastating plague of hemorrhagic fever afflicting only non-black humans.
      %S In 1930, a newspaper photographer in "Milltown", MN, tracks down a
         vampire-like killer while a third wave of "Hun" afflicts the city. His
         attention is quickly drawn to a local plague research site.
    Conroy, Robert, 1901 (Lyford 1995, 0891415378)
      %W Germany attacked the United States at the beginning of the 20th century in
         order to shake loose a few colonial properties.
      %S ...
    Cook, Rick, "Hackers", in _Analog_ Apr 1989
      %W Space travel grew from the efforts of model rocket makers rather than
         nat'l programs.
      %S Participants in a 1989 space race encounter a man with a story about a
         world in which the gov't spent billions on space and achieved little.
    Cooper, Edmund, "Jupiter Laughs", in <BT>
      %W Jesus of Nazareth was slain by Herod's troops before his family could flee
         to Egypt.
      %S The murder of Jesus, his family and the magi, with an epilog about Rome's
         British satrap "Queen" Victoria's humiliating coronation.
      %S ...
         1983, 015114978X; Charter 1984)
      %W A lightning strike disrupted the Trinity test.
      %S Operations Olympic and Coronet, the invasion of Japan.
    Cores, Lucy, "Hail to the Chief", in <BT>
      %W The Watergate break-in went undiscovered and Richard Nixon was president
         until poor health caused his resignation in 1994.
      %S In 1996, a plumbers unit breaks into a Hyannisport house to retrieve a
         tape stolen from the San Clemente archives.
    Cornett, Robert: see Randle, Kevin, & Robert Cornett
    Corvo, Baron: see Rolfe, Frederick William
    Costa, A., L'APPEL DU 17 JUIN: ROMAN (Lattes 1980)
      %S ...
    Costello, Matthew J., TIME OF THE FOX (ROC 1990, 0451450418)
      %S A mental time traveler studying what made the Beatles so great is
         sidetracked into "change war" action involving Rommel's Afrika Korps.
    --------------------, HOUR OF THE SCORPION (ROC 1991, 0451451287)
      %S Our hero becomes a US infantry lieutenant as the time war shifts focus to
         the Tet offensive and the attack on the US embassy in Saigon.
    --------------------, DAY OF THE SNAKE (ROC 1992)
      %S More time-war action, involving Pearl Harbor.
    Costikyan, Greg, "The West is Red", in _Asimov's Science Fiction_ May 1994
      %W Marxism works and capitalism doesn't.
      %S An academician/computer expert from the USSR visits a Washington, DC, torn
         between failing capitalism and flowering Communism.
    Cotter, Donald R., "How World War II Really Ended", in _National Review_ 23 Aug
      %W The US had to invade Japan after a demonstration shot of the atomic bomb
         over Tokyo Bay failed to make an impression.,
      %S The invasion bogs down due to fanatical resistance, and the Soviets
         intervene in 1947.
    Coulson, Juanita, "Unscheduled Flight", in <BT>
      %S The Bermuda Triangle offers a one-way trip to an America colonized by
         Vikings and English pirates.
    Coulson, Robert, "Soy la Libertad!", in <BT>
      %W Magellan discovered the Americas. 350 years later abolitionists blocked US
         annexation of Texas.
      %S A US Customs inspector considers the disastrous possibilities on a
         Balkanized N America of the assassination of Texas president Lyndon
    Coulson, Robert: see also DeWeese, Gene, & Robert Coulson
    Counsil, Wendy, "Black Handkerchiefs", in <f&sf> Dec 1991
      %W After defeating the US in WW2, the Japanese set the AmerInds up as
         governors of the country.
      %S Decades after the war, white Americans meet secretly to enjoy relics of
         Euro-American culture, and argue with a man who advocates accommodation.
      %C May not be AH. Lack of detail leaves room for the possibility that the
         Japanese defeat the US in the future.
         (Heinemann 1958)
      %W Nazi Germany invaded and conquered England in the fall of 1940, with an
         Allied counter-invasion in 1945.
      %S How an occupied people relate to their conquerors, as demonstrated by the
         patrons of a pub, variously resisters and collaborators.
      %C A play first presented at the Theater Royale in Brighton in July 1947.
    Cox, Glen E., "The More Things Change...", in <AP>
      %W Dewey defeated Truman in the election of 1948.
      %S How playing hardball over Communism led to Dewey's win.
    Cox, Irving E., Jr. "In the Circle of Nowhere", in _Universe_ Jul 1954;
         _Fantastic_ Jan 1960; <AH>; and COSMIC CRITIQUES (eds. Isaac Asimov &
         Martin H. Greenberg) (Writer's Digest 1990, 0898793947)
      %T German tr. by Sylvia Brecht-Pukallus as "Im Kreis des Nirgendwo", in <SVW>
      %S Following a study of racial equality, an AmerInd from a world where red
         men enslaved Europe is transported to our Chicago.
    Cox, Richard (ed.), OPERATION SEA LION (Thornton Cox 1974, 090272617X; Presidio
         1977, 0891410155)
      %W Nazi Germany carried out Operation Seeloewe, invading England on 22 Sep
      %S A detailed account of Germany's miserable 5-day failure.
      %C Based on a war game played out in 1974 by British and West German
      %C Synopsis in Morton's "Introduction to Sealion".
    Cron, Thomas, "Tuning the Crosswhen Radio", in [Clayton Junior College] _The
         Clay Tablet_ 1980
      %S The purchase of a radio lets its proud new owner pick up broadcasts from
         other timelines.
    Cronin, Philip M., "If Britain Had Suppressed America's War for Independence",
         in _Harvard Magazine_ Jul/Aug 1976
      %W ...
      %S Three possible American histories.
    Crosby, Ernest, "If the South Had Been Allowed to Go", in _North American
         Review_ Dec 1903
      %W ...
      %S Slavery withers away and the states re-unite.
    Crowley, John, "Great Work of Time", in NOVELTY (Doubleday 1990, 0385261713,
         COLLECTION (ed. Gardner Dozois) (St. Martin's 1990, 0312044518,
      %W Cecil Rhodes died in 1893, and left his fortune to endow a secret society
         to preserve and extend the British Empire.
      %S Among other tasks, the Otherhood must ensure that Rhodes dies before he
         can rethink his will.
    Crumey, Andrew, MUSIC, IN A FOREIGN LANGUAGE (Daedalus 1994)
      %S An alternate Britain experiences the fall of Communism.
    Cunliffe, Marcus, "What If?", in _American Heritage_ Dec 1982
      %C Discussion of counterfactual arguments, with examples from the American
         presidency. (Follow-up letters to editor appear in Feb 83 issue.)
    Cupp, Scott, "Thirteen Days of Glory", in RAZORED SADDLES (eds. Joe R. Lansdale
         & Pat LoBrutto) (Dark Harvest 1989, 0913165492; Avon 1990, 0380711680)
      %W The defenders of the Alamo were homosexuals defending their lifestyle.
      %S Drag-queens fight an outraged Mexican army.
      %C Borderline secret history, but for reasons of personal safety, Cupp has
         stated it is AH.
    Dabney, Virginia, "If the South had Won the War", in _American Mercury_ Oct
      %W Pickett's Charge succeeded, and the defenders of Vicksburg were a bit more
      %S A look at the CSA during Huey Long's presidency.
    Daniel, Kate, "The _Defiant_ Disaster", in <BAOF>
      %W Amelia Earhart survived the crash at Howland Island.
      %S Years later, as head of the Nat'l Space Exploration Administration, she
         must cope with the space plane accident that killed Chuck Yeager.
    Daniels, Tony, "The Careful Man Goes West", in <IAsfm> Jul 1992
      %W AmerInds were absorbed peacefully into a multi-cultural society.
      %S People have the ability to choose from a variety of possible futures, and
         one of them picked one in which the AmerInds were instead wiped out.
    Daniels, Tony, "God's Foot", in _Asimov's Science Fiction_ May 1993
      %W What if the Eurasian and African tectonic plates collided with the N
         American during the late Cretaceous.
      %S A Korean-Japanese tourist climbs the great Appalachian peak Cheaha and
         becomes embroiled in a conflict between strange Western gods.
    Dann, Jack, THE MEMORY CATHEDRAL (Bantam 1995, 0553096370); expansion of "Da
         Vinci Rising", in _Asimov's_ May 1995
      %W Leonardo Da Vinci developed his flying machine with the help of Niccolo
      %S The machine is taken over by the Milanese government to use for aerial
         bombing to conquer the other city-states.
    Davidson, Avram, "O Brave New World!", in <BT>
      %W Offered the choice of going to hell or to America, George II's heir opted
         for the latter.
      %S The center of British power shifts to Philadelphia, leading to an English
         uprising in the early 1800s against American tyranny.
    Davidson, Avram: see also Goldstone, Cynthia, & Avram Davidson
    Davin, Eric L., "Avenging Angel", in FAR FRONTIERS II/SPRING 1985 (eds. Jerry
         Pournelle & Jim Baen) (Baen 1985, 0671559540); and THE FANTASTIC CIVIL WAR
         (ed. Frank McSherry, Jr.) (Baen 1991, 0671720635)
      %W The CSA developed a long-range rocket and fired it on Washington during
         Lincoln's second inauguration, 4 Mar 1865.
      %S An explanation of its development and how it provoked the sack of Richmond
         and a harsher Reconstruction.
    Davis, Grania, "Chroncorp", in <f&sf> Aug 1993
      %S A time cop looks for a group of missing tourists, with brief mention of
         visits to AH worlds.
    Davis, Guy, BAKER STREET: HONOUR AMONG PUNKS (Caliber 1990)
      %W World War II never happened.
      %S ...
    de Camp, L. Sprague, "Aristotle and the Gun", in _Astounding_ Feb 1958; GUN FOR
         DINOSAUR AND OTHER IMAGINATIVE TALES (Doubleday 1963); ALPHA 3 (ed. Robert
         Silverberg) (Ballantine 1972); ANALOG: WRITER'S CHOICE, VOL. 1 (ed.
         Stanley Schmidt) (Davis/Dial 1983, 0385279132); SPACE MAIL VOL. II (eds.
         Isaac Asimov, Martin H. Greenberg & Joseph Olander) (Fawcett 1982,
         0449244814); <BAW>; and THE LEGEND BOOK OF SCIENCE FICTION (ed. Gardner
         Dozois) (Legend 1991; vt MODERN CLASSICS OF SCIENCE FICTION, St. Martin's
         1992, 0312072384, St. Martin's 1993, 0312088477)
      %T German tr. by Werner Fuchs as "Ein Yankee bei Aristoteles", in EIN YANKEE
         BEI ARISTOTELES (Heyne 1980)
      %W Aristotle abandoned the study of natural science.
      %S Trying to teach Aristotle the scientific method, a time traveler instead
         overawes and sours him on scientific research.
    de Camp, L. Sprague, LEST DARKNESS FALL (Ballantine 1949; Pyramid 1963;
         Ballantine 1974; Ballantine 1983); rev. of "Lest Darkness Fall", in
         _Unknown_ Dec 1939
      %T Portuguese tr. by Eurico Fonseca as A LUZ E AS TREVAS (Livros do Brasil
      %S Transported to Rome in the time of Justinian, a man decides to start up a
         few modern industries and avert the Dark Ages.
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      %S C. 1560, Spanish and Chinese explorers meet in N America, and a dispute
         over a Spaniard's elopement with a AmerInd girl must be settled.
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      %S A DA from our New York finds himself residing in the body of a Celtic
         Christian bishop in "New Belfast".
      %C Sequel is Turtledove's "The Pugnacious Peacemaker".
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      %W Italy invented the first atomic bomb and won WW2.
      %S An Occupying Forces MP harasses the customers in an Amerian barbershop.
         Later, the barber discovers his straight razor has disappeared.
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      %S Trade talks between alternate worlds break down because of religious
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      %S ...
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      %S A Scotland Yard detective tries to raise his motherless son and
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      %S His business about to go belly-up, Bogey broods about how unrealistic
         Hollywood tec movies are, particularly those starring Ray Chandler.
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      %W Dewey ousted Roosevelt from the White House in 1944.
      %S Rather than bomb Hiroshima, Dewey orders that a demonstration shot of the
         atomic bomb be given, but the Japanese refuse to surrender.
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      %W Hitler was committed to an asylum before he gained power.
      %S A Jewish psychiatrist tries art therapy, but in the case of patient
         Schickelgruber it backfires powerfully.
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      %W Neville Chamberlain was made of sterner stuff.
      %S How Chamberlain made up his mind to stand up to Hitler at Munich,
         including a conversation with appeasement proponent Churchill.
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      %W In 1813, southern AmerInds joined with Tecumseh to oppose both the US and
         Britain in the War of 1812, earning themselves a seat at Ghent.
      %S Sharing N America leads to a more humane society, despite such troubles as
         the presidential succession crisis of 1876 and the buffalo war of 1880.
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      %W England was not subject to glaciers during the Ice Ages.
      %S ...
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      %W After his brother was killed by Unionists in 1861, Sam Clemens decided to
         remain in Missouri rather than move west to Nevada.
      %S Joining Quantrill's raiders just in time for the attack on Lawrence,
         Kansas, Clemens begins to wonder about the mess he's gotten into.
      %C Nominee: 1992 Nebula for best novella, 1993 Hugo for best novella.
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      %W Roosevelt choked on a chicken bone in 1933, and Patton rolled into Russia
         after the fall of Germany.
      %S NASA is destroyed by fans after a 1967 lunar disaster kills a rock star.
         In 1979, her daughter goes on tour.
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      %W As the title says.
      %C Without obvious witch-hunting, a better job of explaining the dangers of
         proStalinism and rooting it out would have occurred.
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      %W Concerned about Hitler, Otto Frank sent his daughters to America with his
         brothers-in-law, where they move to Hollywood.
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         WIZARD OF OZ to her divorce from Mickey Rooney in 1951.
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         to world harmony and how they averted WW2.
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      %W Philip K. Dick married Linda Ronstadt.
      %S ...
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      %W Harry Truman became a career soldier, Robert Heinlein went into politics,
         and atomic and rocket research moved at a much faster pace.
      %S In a 1948 Heinleinian America, an SF writer meets the president and is
         recruited for a mission to the Moon to hunt down Axis refugees.
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      %W Starting with Einstein in 1918, every nuclear physicist was murdered, and
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      %S A soldier in Kiel c 1970 for the big allied push against the Soviets meets
         an old reporter with a crazy tale about time travelling.
    Di Filippo, Paul: see also Rucker, Rudy, & Paul Di Filippo
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      %S ...
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      %S Susan B. Anthony participates in a gun purchase and a demonstration gone
         awry, and despite her desires finds herself becoming an outlaw.
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      %W "Eddie" Chaplin didn't achieve on the silver screen.
      %S The tale of a modern silent actor named Charlie Chaplin who's just made a
         movie about his grandfather who didn't quite make it in show biz
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      %S The future of our world tries to use this alternate world to relieve
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      %W Before his 1933 inauguration, FDR was assassinated in Miami, which
         eventually led to the Axis winning WW2.
      %S Relations between Americans and their rulers, with light from the Tao and
         an AH novel about a world in which the Axis lost the war.
      %C Winner: 1963 Hugo for best novel
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      %W Edward Duke of Clarence did not die in 1887 and became king of England in
         1910 rather than his brother George.
      %S Princess Louise (b. 1963) discovers some skeletons in the (royal) family
         closet and must solve some mysteries.
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      %S A Dr. Who crosstime adventure.
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      %C Essay on possible alternatives in history, but without much development.
      %C Discussed in Stableford's "A Note on Alternate History".
         0246132590; Salem House 1988, 0881623016; Fawcett 1989, 0449904423)
      %W The KT meteorite impacts never occurred and the Great Extinction of the
         dinosaurs never happened.
      %S Pictorial biology of the modern result of continued dinosaur evolution.
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      %S ...
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      %S ...
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      %S ...
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      %W George Bush fired two hardline advisors and refocused his presidency on
         domestic affairs.
      %S How Bush could have enjoyed a 97% approval rating by 1992 and easily
         embarked on a second term.
         0450039463; St. Martin's 1980, 0312548915)
      %W An Aug 1941 plane crash left Hitler lying in a coma and Goering in charge
         of the 3rd Reich for 6 months.
      %S Left to its own devices the Wehrmacht took Moscow in Oct 1941. Also,
         details on Pearl Harbor, Malta, Cairo, Midway, Panama and Jerusalem.
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      %S The Kaiser travels to Kiel and convinces the sailors to give up their
         revolt and sail into one last grand battle against the British.
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      %W JFK escaped assassination and in 1965 announced a Star Wars-like missile
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      %S In 1985, a former NSA agent is caught between Americans, Neo-Nazis, Jews
         and space aliens in a fight for control of an orbital defense platform.
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      %W The American Revolution ended peacefully, with the colonies still part of
         the British crown.
      %S ...
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      %W Louis XVI escaped arrest.
      %S In 1870, France is ruled by Louis XIX.
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      %S Far future of a Egyptian-Roman-Arab world.
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      %W Nazi Germany invaded England and won at Stalingrad, thereby conquering
         Europe before the US could enter the war.
      %S In the early 1970s, the first American rock band to tour Nazi Europe tries
         to avoid provoking an incident, but the authorities have other plans.
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      %S Agents from one timeline protect hated leaders (e.g., Hitler) in others
         from crosstime assassins.
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      %W Archimedes built machines to replace slaves, and the contributions of
         others led to an industrial revolution 1800 years early.
      %S A Roman agent is sent to Jerusalem to extract a Galilean rabbi who seems
         to be at the center of possible trouble for the empire.
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      %W Hitler was killed by a Russian attack while visiting the Eastern Front in
         Mar 1943 and his successors made peace with the US and Britain.
      %S In 1988, while hunting for a Red spy in the Berlin embassy, an American
         agent finds that Germany hasn't reformed as much as it pretends.
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      %W Napoleon invaded and conquered England.
      %S Lord Nelson is drawn into a plan for a dephlogisticated-air balloon
         assault on London to capture Napoleon.
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      %W Andrew Jackson outmaneuvered John Quincy Adams and was elected president
         in 1824, four years early.
      %S Jackson invested government money in biological research. 70 years later,
         George Washington Carver contemplates two job offers.
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         Was", in _Miniature Wargames_ #65 (Oct 1988)
      %C ...
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      %W Gladstone appointed a more progressive Cabinet at the beginning of his 2nd
         term as British Prime Minister.
      %C With his Cabinet's backing, Gladstone pushes through Parliament a Land
         Bill which would alleviate Irish unrest.
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      %S The US gov't, during Nixon's 4th term, sends a team back to alter the
         Council of Nicaea in 325 and the future course of East-West relations.
      %C Non-AH predecessor is THE SHIP THAT SAILED THE TIME STREAM.
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      %W Robert E. Lee fought for the Union and the Civil War was over before
         Lincoln could issue an Emancipation Proclamation.
      %S Thinking things would be better, a black physicist working in 1938
         Imperial Germany goes back in time to make Lee follow a different path.
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      %W Gypsy Rose Lee was a private detective.
      %S THE MALTESE FALCON retold in 14 pages with all gender roles reversed.
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      %W An internat'l peacekeeping force intervened in the American Civil War.
      %S ...
    Effinger, George Alec, "Prince Pat", in <AK>
      %W The "3rd Generation" of Kennedys included some extra children, including
         JFK's son Patrick.
      %S In 2000, Patrick Bouvier Kennedy runs for president with the aid of his
         numerous cousins, all intent on avoiding 1990s style marketing-politics.
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      %S One world in which Europe never colonized America or Africa, another in
         which Germany won WW1.
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      %S An Arab girl who dreams of potential futures becomes a quantum physicist.
         Later she meets Hugh Everett (of the many worlds theory).
      %C Winner: 1988 Nebula for best novelette, 1989 Hugo for best novelette
    Effinger, George Alec, "Shootout at Gower Gulch", in <AO>
      %W Frank James prevented Bob Ford from killing his brother Jesse.
      %S James eventually becomes a famous Hollywood actor, but Ford has a relative
         who also ended up in Hollywood.
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      %W In a fit of sanity, world leaders decided to postpone WW2.
      %S Excerpts from Effinger's book on how the WW2 of the 1970s was fought with
         automobiles instead of aircraft in order to conserve fuel.
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      %S A female student from our world is stuck in a chauvinist Midwest of a
         world where the Spanish Armada triumphed.
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      %S A man from a timeline where the US went fascist after FDR's murder sets
         out to change the past and becomes dictator of Red America.
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      %W Pope Innocent VIII was assassinated in 1486 and his successor suppressed
         knowledge of Columbus's voyage. Later, Bering "discovered" the Americas.
      %S 400 years later, tsarist agent Leon Trotsky investigates the ritualistic
         murder of a babe near Seattle.
    Eklund, Gordon, "Red Skins", in <f&sf> Jan 1981
      %W The Americas were discovered in 1219 by a Moslem, but not seriously
         colonized until Europeans showed up c. 1700.
      %S 100 years after AmerInds banded together to handle the immigration
         problem, Nazi Germany threatens war if scientist-refugees are not
    Eklund, Gordon, "The Rising of the Sun", in <BT>
      %T German tr. by Sylvia Brecht-Pukallus as "Die Sonne geht auf", in <SVW>
      %W Europe fell to the Moslems and was discovered by the Incas in 1600.
      %S In 1899, a renegade Arab inventor detonates an atomic weapon over Cuzco
         just as the city falls to the Aztecs.
    Eklund, Gordon, SERVING IN TIME (Laser 1975, 0373720068)
      %W George Washington was killed in New York in August 1776, and the US did
         not become independent until after a second rebellion in 1796.
      %S A boy from 2169 is forced into the Time Service and discovers that he must
         fix American history.
    Elgin, Suzette Haden, "Hush My Mouth", in <AH>
      %T German tr. by Sylvia Brecht-Pukallus as "Schweig stille, Mund!", in <SVW>
      %W The North refused to enlist black soldiers during the Civil War, and
         blacks ejected whites from the South after devastating epidemics.
      %S Blacks have found that their only common language is the oppressor's
         English. Some refuse to speak until a better tongue is found.
    Elliot, Jeffrey M.: see Reginald, Robert, & Jeffrey M. Elliot
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      %W Jack Golsen did not bail out the brokerage firm of Hayden, Stone in 1970,
         thus provoking the worst Wall Street crash in history.
      %S Description of the financial aftermath, plus Senate hearings revealing
         Wall Street's many excesses and consequent legislation.
    Erickson, Steve, TOURS OF THE BLACK CLOCK (Poseidon 1989, 0671649213; Avon
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      %W Germany did not invade the Soviet Union in 1941, but did invade England in
         1942, and Mexico sometime later.
      %S ...
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      %S ...
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      %W Quebec seceded from Canada in 1970.
      %S Interaction between the Duvalier dictatorship of Haiti and Quebecois
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         Gollancz 1994, 0575057122)
      %W The Aztecs were not defeated.
      %S The Aztecs rule 20th century Britain.
      %C Winner: 1994 BSFA Award for best novel
    Falconer, Stuart, "Fugue and Variations", in _Interzone_ #85 (Jul 1994)
      %W Franz Sussmayr was felled by rheumatic fever in 1791 rather than Wolfgang
      %S A modern man explores his grandfather's odd library, reading about
         Mozart's life until 1825, including his meeting with Mary and Percy Bysshe
         Shelley, and the origin of Wagner's opera _Frankenstein_.
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      %S A woman publishes fiction never written in our timeline and gains moral
         strength from talking to her counterpart in another.
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      %W The world was flat, and Bacon developed a radio from theological
      %S Columbus sails off the edge of Earth.
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         GATE OF TIME (Belmont 1970, 050502016?)
      %T Portuguese tr. by Eurico Fonseca as UNIVERSOS PARALELOS (Livros do Brasil
      %S American and German pilots from different WW2s meet on an Earth where the
         Americas are only an archipelago, but Europe is still at war.
      %C Synopsis in Lodi-Ribeiro's "Historias Naturais Alternativas".
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      %S Crosstime adventurer visits an Aztec-dominated modern Earth.
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      %W Stephen Douglas won the election of 1860, but the Republican-controlled
         Senate still provoked Southern secession.
      %S In 1863, with the Union facing imminent disaster, General Abe Lincoln and
         his Illinois militia must lead an attack at Carrolton, Indiana.
    Fawcett, Bill, "Zealot", in <AW>
      %W Moses led his people into guerrilla warfare.
      %S After three years of fighting, the Hebrews occupy pharaoh's Gizan palace,
         but find themselves beseiged by an overwhelming force.
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      %S ...
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         Roselle) (Fawcett 1974); <BAW>; and THE GREAT SF STORIES: 23 (eds. Isaac 
         Asimov & Martin H. Greenberg) (DAW 1991, 0886774780)
      %W Napoleon conquered Britain.
      %S A Britisher from our (?) timeline goes back in time to the Alamo, but its
         defenders behave like 20th-century liberals.
    Ferguson, Brad, THE WORLD NEXT DOOR (Tor 1990, 0812537955); rev. of "The World
         Next Door", in <IAsfm> Sep 1987; and THERE WILL BE WAR 8: ARMAGEDDON (eds.
         Jerry Pournelle & John F. Carr) (Tor 1989, 0812549651)
      %W Nuclear war broke out in the early 1960s.
      %S In up-state NY, 1990s survivors of the war have strange dreams of a world
         full of home computers, cable television, etc.
    Ferguson, Neil, "The Monroe Doctrine", in _Interzone_ #6; and INTERZONE: THE
         Colin Greenland & David Pringle) (J.M. Dent 1985, 0460022946; St Martin's
         1985, 031242535X)
      %W Marilyn Monroe was elected president.
      %S When the Soviets invade Czechoslovakia, Marilyn tries a little personal
         diplomacy on Leonid Brezhnev.
    Ferrell, Thomas H., "What If There Were a Unitary Rather Than a Federal
         Herbert M. Levine) (M.E. Sharpe 1992, 1563240092, 1563240106)
      %W The Constitution of 1787 was rejected, but after civil unrest, a more
         centrist Constitution was adopted in 1797.
      %C Description of US government and political parties under a system in which
         states are little more than geographic regions.
    Finch, Sheila, "If There Be Cause", in _Amazing Stories_ Feb 1992; and <WMHB4>
      %W Sir Francis Drake planted the seed of Protestantism among AmerInds of the
         Pacific Coast.
      %S 200 years later, religious war breaks out when the Spanish begin their
         colonization of California.
    Finch, Sheila, INFINITY'S WEB (Bantam 1985, 0553252518)
      %S Analogous versions of the same woman interact through particle physics,
         Tarotry, mysticism and a twist in spacetime.
    Finch, Sheila, "Old Man and C", in _Amazing Stories_ Nov 1989; and <WMHB2>
      %W A Swiss patent office employee quit his job to become a professional
      %S As the USA drops a new type of bomb in Korea, a 75-year-old Albert
         Einstein frets about whether he's wasted his life as a violin teacher.
    Finch, Sheila, "Reichs-Peace", in <HV>; and WOMEN OF WONDER: THE CONTEMPORARY
         Sargent) (Harcourt Brace/Harvest 1995, 0156000334)
      %W Rudolf Hess's flight was successful and a Pan-European federation began a
         1000-year peace.
      %S An attempt to use telepathy to rescue Hitler's adoptive son after an
         accident on the Moon.
    Finney, Jack, THE WOODROW WILSON DIME (Simon & Schuster 1968); rev. of "The
         Other Wife" (vt "The Coin Collector"), in _Saturday Evening Post_ Jan
         1960; THE 5TH ANNUAL OF THE WORLD'S BEST S-F (ed. Judith Merrill) (Simon &
         Schuster 1960); I LOVE GALESBURG IN THE SPRING (Simon & Schuster 1963)
         (Eyre & Spottiswoode 1975); ABOUT TIME: TWELVE STORIES (Simon & Schuster
         1986, 0671628879); and THREE BY FINNEY (Simon & Schuster 1987,
      %T French tr. by Nathalie Serval as LA PIECE D'A CTE (Denoel 1994,
      %S Adventures in various timelines with minor differences.
    Fisher, H.A.L., "If Napoleon had Escaped to America", in _Scribner's_ Jan 1931;
         <IIHHO> (all eds.); and PAGES FROM THE PAST (Clarendon 1939; Books for
         Libraries 1969, 0836912608)
      %T German tr. by Walter Brumm as "Wenn Napoleon nach Amerika entkommen ware",
         in _Heyne Science Fiction Magazin_ #12
      %W Napoleon did not surrender after Waterloo but fled to Boston.
      %S L'empereur looks for new lands to conquer and focuses on S America, but
         will it be enough?
         (Simon & Schuster 1957; Ace ...; Greenwood 1977, 0837194296; vt INVASION
         COUNTERMEASURES, Hart-Davis 1957; Pan 1975)
      %W Germany occupied England in 1940 _or_ made no invasion preparations at
      %C Mostly background mat'l but chapter 20 discusses events which could not
         have occurred if either supposition were true.
    Flynn, John L., "Paradox Lost", in ...
      %W The Library of Alexandria was not burned.
      %S ...
    Flynn, Michael F., "Forest of Time", in _Analog_ Jun 1987
      %W The US never united, resulting in a collection of independent States
         fighting constant border wars.
      %S A crosstime traveler is stranded in a Wyoming Valley where Pennsylvania is
         fighting for control vs Virginia and New York.
    Flynn, Michael F., "On the Wings of a Butterfly", in _Analog_  Mar 1989
      %W Pizarro's 2nd expedition met with greater success.
      %S A member of the Shining Path goes back to ensure that Pizarro encounters
         the Inca Empire before civil war broke out.
    Ford, John M., THE DRAGON WAITING: A MASQUE OF HISTORY (Simon & Schuster 1983,
         0671475525; Avon 1985)
      %W Byzantine emperor Julian mandated religious tolerance in the empire and
         Justinian had time to consolidate his gains. Also, magic works.
      %S A Welsh mage, Florentine doctor, German vampire and Greek mercenary become
         involved in England's Richard III's struggle for power.
      %C Winner: 1984 World Fantasy Award for best novel
    Ford, John M., "Fugue State", in Tor SF Double #25 (Tor 1990)
      %W A European superstate arose from WW1.
      %S ...
    Ford, John M., "Mandalay", in <IAsfm> October 1979; ISAAC ASIMOV'S SCIENCE
         FICTION ANTHOLOGY VOLUME 4 (ed. George Scithers) (Davis/Dial 1980; vt
         ISAAC ASIMOV'S WORLDS OF SCIENCE FICTION, Davis/Dial 1980, 0803741928)
      %S Crosstime travelers are stranded in a tunnel lined with hatches leading to
         all sorts of parallel worlds; they search for the "Homeline".
    -------------, "Out of Service", in <IAsfm> Jul 1980
      %S An Alternities guide is stranded after the "Fracture" and tries to
         convince the local gate operative that it will lead to the correct
    -------------, "Slowly By, Lorena", in <IAsfm> Nov 1980; and THE FANTASTIC
         CIVIL WAR (ed. Frank McSherry, Jr.) (Baen 1991, 0671720635)
      %S A doctor on a vacation offered by the Alternities Corporation is stranded
         in an 1867 where British intervention is prolonging the Civil War.
    -------------, "Intersections", in <IAsfm> 26 October 1981
      %S An Alternities guide crosses over into the real 1944 WW2.
    Forester, C.S., "If Hitler Had Invaded England", in _London Daily Mail_ ...;
         _Saturday Evening Post_ 16-30 Apr 1960; and GOLD FROM CRETE: TEN STORIES
         (Little Brown 1970; Joseph 1971, 0718108426; Pinnacle 1976)
      %W Nazi Germany invaded England on 30 Jun 40.
      %S ...
    Fortier, Ron, _The Boston Bombers_ #1-3, comic book series (Caliber Comics
      %W "Jesus" was female, leading to a matriarchal Catholic Church.
      %S 20th-century aventures of League of Nation operatives in a conflict
         against a Roman African airship.
    Foster, Alan Dean, "Polonaise", in <BT>; and WITH FRIENDS LIKE THESE...
         (Ballantine 1977, 0345257014)
      %W Poland became an important player on the world stage, capable of putting
         down Hitler in six months.
      %S A secret Polish space project to impose world peace in an age of nuclear
    Fowler, Karen Joy, "Game Night at the Fox and Goose", in _Interzone_ #29
         (May/Jun 1989); <WMHB1>; INTERZONE, THE FIFTH ANTHOLOGY (eds. John Clute
         et al) (publ. unknown); and WOMEN OF WONDER: THE CONTEMPORARY YEARS:
         SCIENCE FICTION BY WOMEN FROM THE 1970S TO THE 1990S (ed. Pamela Sargent)
         (Harcourt Brace/Harvest 1995, 0156000334)
      %W The war between the sexes took a violent turn in 1872 when American women
         began to fight back against degradation.
      %S A woman betrayed by her boyfriend meets a traveler who says she can take
         her to a more equable world.
    Frankowski, Leo, THE CROSS-TIME ENGINEER (Ballantine 1986, 0345327624)
    ---------------, THE HIGH-TECH KNIGHT (Ballantine 1989, 0345327632)
    ---------------, THE FLYING WARLORD (Ballantine 1989, 0345327659)
    ---------------, THE RADIANT WARRIOR (Ballantine 1989, 0345327640)
    ---------------, LORD CONRAD'S LADY (Ballantine 1990, 0345368495)
      %S An engineer accidentally transported back to medieval Poland decides to
         defeat the coming Mongol invasion.
    Foxxe, Ellen, SEASON OF SHADOWS (DAW 1995, 0886776201)
      %W European explorers found the Americas populated by non-humans.
      %S Albinic Royalists settle in the New World after flee the Puritan takeover
         at home.
    Franzel, Emil: see Boeheim, Carl von
    Freireich, Valerie J., "Measure for Measure", in _Aboriginal_ Dec 1991
      %W Wat Tyler was not killed at Smithfield but became an advisor to Richard
         II, prolonging that king's reign and leading to an English enlightenment.
      %S Two time travelers from our future and another meet outside Geoffrey
         Chaucer's home and fight to retain the histories they remember.
    Fried, Robert C., "What If Hitler Got the Bomb? (1944)", in <WIESSF>
      %W After Heisenberg produced a laboratory chain reaction, Germany went on to
         produce A-bombs in early 1944, dropping them on London and Leningrad in
      %C An essay arguing how unlikely such a course of events was, and how the
         Nazis would still have lost the war due to superior Allied air power.
    Friesner, Esther, CHILD OF THE EAGLE: A MYTH OF ROME (Baen 1996, 0671877259,
         not yet published)
      %W Venus appeared to Brutus on March 14 and convinces him not to kill Caesar
      %S S Caesar becomes more tyrannical, Brutus again plots to kill him, and
         Venus offers him a hundred years of youth to save Caesar
    Friesner, Esther M., DRUID'S BLOOD (NAL/Signet 1988, 0451154088)
      %W During the reign of Claudius in Rome, a druid magically isolated Britain
         from the rest of the world.
      %S Mage-queen Victoria employs a Holmesian detective to find a stolen
         grimoire on which rests her authority.
    Friesner, Esther M., "Jane's Fighting Ships", in <AW>
      %W Napoleon invaded and conquered England in 1798.
      %S In 1811, Jane Austen meets Davey Crockett and finds that they have much in
         common, including a distaste for l'empereur's ambitions.
    Friesner, Esther M., "Such a Deal", in <f&sf> Jan 1992; and <WMHB4>
      %W Rejected by Ferdinand and Isabella, Columbus's voyage of discovery was
         instead financed by a Jewish Granadan merchant.
      %S As Catholic Spain lays siege to Granada, Columbus's ships return from
         meeting the Aztecs, and they carry more than gold.
    Friesner, Esther M., "Told You So", in <AK>
      %W Magic works. Also, after saving a leprechaun, John Kennedy was granted the
         power of making anything true merely by saying so.
      %S JFK begins to change the world for the better, but a misstatement in
         Berlin has disastrous effects.
    Garnett, David, "Brute Skill", in _Interzone_ #93 (Mar 1995)
      %W The South won the Civil War.
      %S ...
    Garrett, Randall, "Gentlemen: Please Note", in _Astounding_ Oct 1955; TAKEOFF!
         (eds. Polly Freas & Kelly Freas) (Donning 1979, 1986, 0915442841)
      %W Frustrated by gov't contractors, Isaac Newton changed his field of study.
      %S A series of letters showing how Newton became disillusioned and came to
         write the PRINCIPIA THEOLOGICA.
    Garrett, Randall, LORD DARCY (SFBC 1983)
    (--------------), MURDER AND MAGIC (Ace 1979, 0441545416)
    ((------------)), "The Eyes Have It", in _Analog_ Jan 1964; RULERS OF MEN (ed.
         ... Santesson) (Pocket 1965); and THE BEST OF RANDALL GARRETT (Pocket
      %W Richard Couer de Lion survived Chaluz, ruling well and leaving the
         Anglo-French kingdom to nephew Arthur. Also, magic was codified c. 1300.
      %S A lecherous count is killed and the best clue is the last thing he saw.
    ((------------)), "A Case of Identity", in _Analog_ Sep 1964; and ANALOG 4 (ed.
         John W. Campbell) (Doubleday 1966)
      %S The Marquis of Cherbourg disappears and a man who looks like him is found
         dead near the harbor.
    ((------------)), "The Muddle of the Woad", in _Analog_ Jun 1965; and SPECIAL
         FICTION (ed. J. Francis McComas) (Random House 1970)
      %S The Duke of Kent's coffin is found occupied by the body of the chief
         investigator for the duchy.
    ((------------)), "A Stretch of the Imagination", in MEN AND MALICE: AN
         Dickinsheet) (Doubleday 1973, 0385027796)
      %S A publisher in Normandy apparently hangs himself one day.
    (--------------), TOO MANY MAGICIANS (Doubleday 1967; Gregg 1978, 0839824971;
         Ace ..., 0441816967); orig. serial in _Analog_ Aug-Nov 1966
      %T Portuguese tr. by Eurico Fonseca as TERRA DA MAGIA (Livros do Brasil 1980)
      %S Lord Darcy investigates espionage-related murders in Cherbourg and at a
         sorcerers' convention in London.
    (--------------), LORD DARCY INVESTIGATES (Ace 1981, 0441491413)
    ((------------)), "A Matter of Gravity", in _Analog_ Oct 1974; and ALFRED
         HITCHCOCK'S FATAL ATTRACTIONS (ed. Elana Lore) (Davis/Dial 1983,
      %S A materialist count is killed when he is flung from his laboratory window.
    ((------------)), "The Sixteen Keys", in _Fantastic Stories_ May 1976
      %S Lord Vauxhall dies after apparently aging 50 years in an hour, and the
         papers he was carrying have disappeared in his 16-room mansion.
    ((------------)), "The Ipswich Phial", in _Analog_ Dec 1976; and THE 13 CRIMES
         OF SCIENCE FICTION (eds. Isaac Asimov, Martin H. Greenberg & Charles G.
         Waugh) (Doubleday 1979, 0385152205)
      %S During the search for a stolen magical weapon, a royal secret agent is
         found dead on an undisturbed beach in Normandy.
    ((------------)), "The Napoli Express", in <IAsfm> Apr 1979; and ISAAC ASIMOV'S
         SCIENCE FICTION ANTHOLOGY VOLUME 2 (ed. George Scithers) (Davis/Dial
      %S A copy of a treaty between the Angevin Empire and Byzantium secretly
         travels to Athens via the Napoli Express for signing.
    ----------------, "The Bitter End", in <IAsfm> Sep-Oct 1978; ISAAC ASIMOV'S
         SCIENCE FICTION ANTHOLOGY VOLUME 4 (ed. George Scithers) (Davis/Dial 1980;
         vt ISAAC ASIMOV'S WORLDS OF SCIENCE FICTION, Davis/Dial 1980, 0803741928);
         and ALFRED HITCHCOCK'S FEAR (ed. Cathleen Jordan) (Davis/Dial 1982)
      %S Rat poison is used to murder a man in a bar, but magic is required to
         explain how the murderer disguised its bitter taste.
    ----------------, "The Spell of War", in THE FUTURE AT WAR I: THOR'S HAMMER
         (ed. Reginald Bretnor) (Ace 1979, 0441358691); and THE BEST OF RANDALL
         GARRETT (Pocket 1982)
      %S The first meeting of Lord Darcy and Master Sean, on a battlefield.
    Gaspar, Laszlo, "Mi, I. Adolf", in ...
      %S Nightmare post-WW2 world in which fascists exert power through terror.
    Gat, Dmitri, "U-Genie SX-1--Human Entrepeneur: Naturally Rapacious Yankee", in
      %S Time-traveling merchants ruin their present by arranging for the existence
         of Henry Ford.
    Gatch, Tom, Jr., KING JULIAN: A NOVEL (Vantage 1954)
      %W George Washington accepted the American crown and his descendants still
      %S ...
    Gentle, Mary, THE ARCHITECTURE OF DESIRE (Bantam UK 1991, 0593019520; ROC 1993,
         0451452348; ROC 1994, 0451453530)
      %S Story of a mage in a Britain divided between Queen Carola and
         Lord-Protector Olivia Cromwell, with hints of a different religious
      %C Non-AH predecessor is RATS & GARGOYLES.
    Geoffroy-Chateau, Louis-Napoleon, NAPOLEON ET LA CONQUETE DU MONDE, 1812-1823:
         HISTOIRE DE LA MONARCHIE UNIVERSELLE (Dellaye 1836; J. Bry 1851;
         Tallandier 1983, 2235015301; vt NAPOLEON APOCRYPHE, Paulin 1841; Librairie
         Illustree 1896)
      %W Napoleon sought out and destroyed the Russian army rather than freeze in
      %S Napoleon keeps on going.
      %C Apparently _the_ first AH written in novel length. Extensive synopsis in
         Alkon's "From Utopia to Uchronia".
    Gerrold, David, "The Firebringers", in <AW>
      %W Various Hollywood stars were in real life the types of men they played in
         the movies.
      %S Commanding a bomber carrying a nuclear device to Berlin, Col. Gregory Peck
         has second thoughts, and argues with Reagan, Bogart, et al.
    Gerrold, David, "The Impeachment of Adlai Stevenson", in <AP>
      %W Eisenhower made Joe McCarthy his running mate, leading to Stevenson
         winning the election of 1952.
      %S A writer assigned to draft Stevenson's resignation speech looks back on
         how six years of intelligent decisions provoked Congressional uproar.
    Gerrold, David, "The Kennedy Enterprise", in <AK>
      %W After divorcing Rose, Joe Kennedy moved to Hollywood, where he married
         Gloria Swanson and his sons went into the movie business.
      %S Second-rate actor Jack Kennedy enjoys his greatest successes in sci-fi
         features, and ends up the captain of Gene Roddenberry's Enterprise.
    Gerrold, David, THE MAN WHO FOLDED HIMSELF (Random House 1973, 039447922X;
         Faber 1973, 0571104770; Popular Library 974; Aeonian 1976, 0884111911; rev
         Bantam 1991, 0553290061)
      %S A man inherits a time-travel belt and explores the nature of paradox.
         Mentions some change-the-past incidents but without much follow through.
      %C Nominee: 1973 Nebula for best novel, 1974 Hugo for best novel.
    Gerrold, David, "What Goes Around", in <AO>
      %W Charles Manson and his "family" became rock musicians rather than
      %S The slaughter of the third-rate Manson family provokes commentary on
         modern society and culture.
    Gibbons, Dave: see Moore, Alan, & Dave Gibbons
    Gibson, William, "The Gernsback Continuum", in UNIVERSE 11 (ed. Terry Carr)
         (Doubleday 1981; Zebra 1981, 0821711431); BURNING CHROME (Arbor House
         1986, 0877957800; Ace 1987, 0441089348); MIRRORSHADES: THE CYBERPUNK
         ANTHOLOGY (Arbor House 1986, 0877958688; Ace 1988, 0441533825); and THE
         (eds. Ursula K. LeGuin & Brian Attebery) (Norton 1993, 0393034568)
      %T German tr. by Reinhard Heinz as "Das Gernsback Kontinuum oder: Der
         amerikanische Traum", in <HSL>
      %T Portuguese tr. by Eduardo Salo as "O Continuo de Gernsback", in REFLEXOS
         DO FUTURO (ed. Bruce Sterling) (Livros do Brasil 1989)
      %S A photographer glimpses/visits a timeline where architecture, transport,
         etc., are all out of 1930s pulp SF.
    Gibson, William, & Bruce Sterling, THE DIFFERENCE ENGINE (Bantam 1991,
         0553070282; Gollancz 199x, 057505297X)
      %W Byron led the Industrial Radicals to English power, and Babbage perfected
         his analytical engine so that the Information Age began a century early.
      %S A paleontologist accidentally acquires a set of punch cards from Ada
         Byron, dropping him right in the middle of a circle of mayhem and murder.
      %C Nominee: 1991 Nebula for best novel.
    Gilbert, Adrian, BRITAIN INVADED (Century 1990)
      %W British forces were wiped out at Dunkirk, and England was invaded by Nazi
         Germany. But...the war still ends in Axis defeat in late 1945.
      %S Time-Life style documentation of the occupation of Britain, 1940-1945.
    Gilliam, Richard, "Jeremiah Phipps: Vampire Hunter", in <AWC>
      %S ...
    Gillies, John, "A Sending Parable: What Might Have Been the Result Had St. Paul
         Traveled East to the Orient Instead of West", in _Christian Century_ 24
         Feb 1971
      %W As the title says.
      %S The difficulties faced by the Tokyo Christian Ministry in Arizona,
         particularly its competition with American Christian missions.
    Gilliland, Alexis A., "Demarche to Iran", in <AP>
      %W Gerald Ford gave Nixon a specific, rather than general, pardon, thus
         keeping his popularity high enough that he beat Carter in 1976.
      %S On his masseur's advice, Ford threatens to break relations with Iran after
         the embassy seizure, just like Austria did with Serbia in 1914.
    Gingrich, Newt, & William R. Forstchen, 1945 (Baen 1995, 0671876767; SFBC 1995)
      %W Hitler was lying in a coma in December 1941, and Germany did not declare
         war on the US after Pearl Harbor.
      %S In early 1946, Germany has won the war in Europe and the U.S. the war in
         the Pacific. The final showdown must happen soon, but Germany cannot
         precipitate the fight until it does something about the American lead in
         nuclear weapons research.
    --------------------------------------, FORTRESS EUROPA (Baen 1996, Simon &
         Schuster UK 1996, not yet published)
      %S ...
    Gjaerevold, Einar, "Isens veg", in EVIGSKOGEN (Bok og Magasinforlaget 1990)
      %W A new Ice Age came in the 19th century.
      %S An unorthodox woman's struggle to keep alive beside the ice-covered North
    Glyer, Mike, "The Men Who Corflued Mohammed", in <AWC>
      %S ...
    Robert B. Schmunk,

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