It's Not Who's Right But Who's Left

It's Not Who's Right But Who's Left

by John Williams, Consumertronics

We seasoned survivalists have a saying, "It's not who's right but who's left." Survival has ALWAYS depended upon one's ability and capability to survive. It has nothing to do with who is right or wrong. And one's ability to survive is becoming more crucial every day.

I feel very fortunate to have grown up in the 50s and 60s, and I feel very sorry for my many young readers who weren't around during those times. Because our freedoms and lifestyles are being eroded gradually on a dailybasis, the losses are sometimes hard to recognize over short periods of time.However, since the 50s and 60s, the cumulative losses are now enormous.

Consider how things were back then and how they are now:

(1) THEN, you were a much-freer person.

TODAY, every phase of your life is controlled. Perhaps this area alone makes me feel the greatest amount of sorrow for the young people of today. Only few of them will experience what it is really like to be FREE. I can think of the countless hours I spent as a teenager and young adult hunting just about any where I wanted to with any weapon I could afford, shooting off the most powerful fireworks and home-made rockets, drinking Coors down by the river, swimming nude in spots set-aside for young adults, and running wild and having just a good 'ol time.

TODAY, you can't fart without a permit. You can be arrested for possessing a sparkler. There is almost nothing you can do without either breaking a law, endangering your life because somebody will mess with you, or paying a huge user-fee, tax or insurance premium. Every second of your life is now surveilled by big Government and big business. If you don't believe me, get a hold of your credit report from your local Credit Bureau and learn just how much you are really being spied upon. (Don't pay for the report; instead, apply for an outrageous loan and then demand a free copy after being turned down).

I consider the loss of our freedoms to keep and bear arms to be the most offensive and dangerous of all of our losses of freedoms. The intent of the Second Amendment is crystal clear: Our Founding Fathers intended for every adult male (as females did not serve in the militia) to possess, train in the proper use of, and to use as required to defend freedom, not only guns but rockets, explosives and artillery (as these are all classified as "arms" that existed at that time). And for over 100 years, that's how the Second Amendment was largely interpreted to mean.

However, our judiciary is now so corrupted and controlled that I doubt if you will find a Federal judge anywhere that will admit to the truth when in comes to Second Amendment issues. Now, even single-shot hunting rifles are threatened. You won't even be able to hunt with lawn darts - because they're illegal too. Your right to keep and bear arms is that thin blue line that protects every other right defined by the CONSTITUTION.

And if you think that you have true First Amendment rights - think again. As publishers of very controversial works, I can tell you that the extent of your First Amendment rights largely depends upon whether or not you own a press. And even then, it only barely exists. For example, since first publishing AUTOMATIC TELLER MACHINES in 1978, my life was threatened by a banking/ATM newsletter publishing out of the Twin Towers in New York, efforts have been made to strong arm the AG of New Mexico to put us out of business, banks have refused us loans and have cancelled accounts on us based upon lame excuses, and at least one major banking and ATM organization, Security Pacific (worth$77 Billion), has been snooping into our Credit Bureau records. The only First Amendment rights you now have are those accorded to you by big-shots.

WHO TO BLAME: We have progressively been moving into a slave state. The people behind this movement are just about everyone in a position of power. By controlling you, they can better force you to do THEIR wills - and destroy those they don't feel are sucking-up enough. And once they've got your guns, the only thing you are going to be able to use your hands for is to try toc over up your genitals when the big-shots get around to herding you into the "showers."

At first blush, it seems ironic that while officials everywhere are publicly applauding the crumbling of the communist dictatorships of the Soviet Union and Eastern Europe and the fresh air of freedom now blowing thru those lands, while at the same time, doing everything within their power to erode and destroy freedom in the "Free World". But the truth is that the big-shot capitalists just can't wait to subject their youths to flipping burgers for aliving, paying thousands of rubles in car insurance for the privilege of driving, and getting ripped-off by the credit card companies.

(2) THEN, it was, "Ask not what your country could do for you but what you could do for your country."

TODAY, it's, "I've got mine, so up yours!" Now, there are no rules. Whatever you can get away with - by hook or by crook -is 100% OK. The end justifiesthe means. You are only wrong if you get caught, prosecuted and imprisoned without being able to buy, bullshit or muscle yourself out of the situation. WHO TO BLAME (or to credit): This has always been the attitude of the rich and powerful. They have always demanded that ordinary people keep on the straight and narrow, while at the same time they have robbed, cheated, gouged and lied to anyone and everyone they could to gain enormous wealth and power. Nothing makes a big-shot bolt-up in bed in the middle of the night soaked in a cold sweat faster than the fear that the people will find out that they are being ripped-off and will take the law into their own hands. But thanks to Ronald Reagan, the gospel of "Looking after Number 1" has trickled down to the middle and upper-middle classes. Thanks to Ronnie -t hat eternal Hollyweird liberal zealot - greed has become thoroughly democratized.

(3) THEN, altho the "justice system" has always favored the rich, there were many honest and decent police officers, prosecutors and judges, and your prospects of getting a fair trial or justice if you or a loved one were the victim of a vicious crime, were much higher.

TODAY, most prosecutors and judges are bought off. Even horrendous whitecollar crimes are treated with kid gloves - if not ignored altogether. Rob $Millions from an S&L, bank, Pentagon contractor or government agency, and the police, prosecutor, judge and you will grin and wink back and forth at each other until the charges are dropped or reduced to something ridiculous. And if you are convicted by some rare fluke, you will be fined a small percentageof the rip-off and required to do something really punitive like, "community service."

WHO TO BLAME: Enforcers of the legal system are bought and sold like condoms over the counter. Now, police commissioners, prosecutors and judges, and dope dealers live in the same neighborhoods, go to the same uptown parties, belong to the same clubs, move in the same social circles and send their kids to the same schools. They spend so much time sucking each other off, it's a wonder they can get anything done! If you are part of the clique, no crime is too great to get you punished. If not, no crime is too small to get you harassed. And if you are young-and-on-your-own, have long hair or a beard, are poor or lower middle class, and-or are non-Anglo, they don't even bother to unscrew the lid from the jar of Vaseline!

I can plainly see it here even in this small nook of the world -Alamogordo, NM. One of our mayors and real estate big-shots (Frank Carr, Jr) was finally arrested for child molestation. He confessed to molesting children in our community for over twenty years! When he wasn't draping one of his own kids over a log in the forest, he was trying to drape yours. Because of the influence of his big-shot friends at the Chamber, he got two years in the State's mental institution, and was released about a year later. His "therapy" consisted of viewing TV tapes and photos of children being molested. He now lives in Albuquerque.

In another case, a young Hispanic male from the barrio was arrested for carrying a couple of ounces of weed. He was sentenced to the New Mexico State Prison in Santa Fe. A year later, he was killed in the New Mexico Prison Riot-had his eyes burned out with a blow torch. Shortly after he was convicted, a big-shot doctor was arrested for growing weed in his backyard by the kilo. He got to spend a few Sunday's in jail.

(4) THEN, you could get out of high school or college, find a decent job, get married, buy a home, and experience the American dream.

TODAY, the probability is very high that you've got to set-up household with a minimum of one other full-time worker, you don't have a prayer of becoming self-sufficient trying to "earn" a living, and the only house you will live in is one owned either by your folks or the landlord. Over the last 8 years,while the cost of food, energy, insurance, medical care, etc has doubled, tripled and quadrupled, minimum wage has not increased a single cent! Altho most people don't earn minimum wage, most people get paid based upon a scale related to minimum wage. Because minimum wage has not increased, millions of young people have been robbed of their futures. During these same 8 years, the wealthiest 10% of our society have made off like bandits.

WHO TO BLAME: The blame here is clearly the huge political influence of big-shots in the business community. They outright own just about everyone who's job can be defined as political. If they need a blow job, they get on the phone and ring State Senator and five minutes later he is at their door salivating like mad. If they need a 25% auto insurance rate boost - it's as automatic and as evil.

(5) THEN, you could find a decent, full-time, permanent position with decent benefits.

TODAY, you're lucky if you can even find a job. And if you can, it's probably part-time and-or temporary with miserable pay and-or few or no benefits. And if you can, it's probably because you've got a relative or friend who got you in, or you spread your legs for somebody. Getting a good job these days has a lot more to do with who you blow than what you know. And even if you do find a "good job" with good benefits, your employer can now LEGALLY rob every dime of your retirement fund - leaving you homeless and destitute - thanks to a Federal law passed by Congress and signed by Reagan.

It's obvious even around here. For example, if you want a job with New Mexico State University, it sure seems to help if you are a fuck-bitch to some big-shot in Las Cruces. I asked one NMSU administrator, "What is the point of bullshitting NMSU students that if they study hard and work hard, they'll get a better job, when the truth is that the only skill they need to learn to geta good job at NMSU is how to give it up?" And if UNM (in Albuquerque) really wanted to teach their business students how to become outrageous financial successes, then the only thing they need to teach them is how to get the parking meter concession at UNM.

WHO TO BLAME: Again, the captains of our industries and institutions, and their kiss-asses in the Chamber of Commerce, who are not going to be happy until 90% of the population is literally enslaved.

(6) THEN, you could drive a car for a few dollars per week. Gas was cheap and you didn't have to buy insurance.

TODAY, gas cost you a fortune and the insurance companies have fixed it so you can't drive a mile per year without paying $1,000+ in premiums. Their system is very simple: They bribe state legislators requiring you to buy car insurance. The police power of the state then become Mafia - style enforcers to force the collection of the insurance. They then jack up the rates at least 2-3 times the inflation rate every year. For providing millions of people absolutely nothing except a box-full of receipts, they steal $Billions from them - totally legally without you having a single recourse under the law to stop them and still be able to drive.

The insurance industry is now so powerful that they can even deprive you of your say at the ballot box. California is an ample example of that, where the insurance industry has virtually defeated the referendum to reduce insurance costs. If the California referendum authors had been a little smarter, they would have written the referendum to read, "No State law can be passed or enforced that requires or compels a resident to purchase auto insurance without the State itself providing that insurance at no greater than 1% of theresident's annual net income or $1,000 per year, whichever is less.". Then, the insurance industry would not even have a legal leg to sue on.

WHO TO BLAME: The insurance companies. Oh, sure they blame the lawyers(another group of swindlers). And the lawyers are partially to blame. But it is the insurance big- shots who bribe politicians to pass laws requiring you to get insurance - not the tort lawyers. They also blame the car crash victims, so you known how much to believe them. The truth is that insurance companies are parasites, and they suck a greater percentage of your blood every year.

What I can never understand is that the same middle-class police officer, who is equally victimized by the insurance big-shots, initiates the process by ticketing drivers for not being insured. The insurance big-shots must surely be slapping their knees and horse-laughing at the country club over the fact that they can get some big, burly police officer, who will risk his life to bring down a drug dealer with an Uzi or rescue a child from a burning building, to do their dirty work for them like some whimpering dog who has been beaten into submission.

(7) THEN, you could swim in a river that was clean, breathe fresh air, and eat wholesome foods.

TODAY, most things have turned into garbage. Everything is purposely polluted or poisoned. Birth defects and illnesses are at epidemic levels and increasing daily. Where there used to be wide-open virgin forests and clean and pure bodies of water, you find fences, mining operations, erosions, chemical spills and trash.

WHO TO BLAME: Virtually all of us must share the blame here, but some of us much more heavily then others. These are the captains of our industries and institutions and the big-shots who protect their interests. It is up to us to protect our environment in our day-to-day activities, and to insist that big business and government also protect the environment.

(8) THEN, you could find an attractive person, have sex with her/him with the only fears of the girl getting pregnant - with a much less concern about venereal disease. And even if you got VD, it was virtually always curable.

TODAY, have sex with the wrong person, and two years later you might be down 50 pounds, with sores all over your body, and nothing to look forward to except death!

WHO TO BLAME: My view is that AIDS (and probably a couple of other newer VDs and versions) resulted from government biological warfare experimentation. The question is which government? I doubt if we will ever know. Probably several have done this to us.

(9) THEN, 90+% of all American businesses were owned by Americans.

TODAY, most of our big businesses (and many smaller ones) are owned and controlled by foreigners. For example, nearly one-third of all U.S. banking assets are now foreign-owned. That means, every time you make out a credit card payment, a substantial portion of it is sucked off by some billionaire foreigner sitting on his fat ass in London, Bonn, Tokyo, Montreal or elsewhere.

WHO TO BLAME: Our Government is to blame here. Political bribes have produced legislation and regulations that allow foreign big-shots to sodomize every American man, woman and child. The solution is simple

(A) Confiscate all foreign-owned properties.

(B) Disavow and cancel all U.S. debt owed to foreigners.

(C) Make it a capital crime for any person or corporation to make

(D) Cancel all passports owned by foreign businessmen and lobyists.

(E) Make it a capital crime to accept any donation, contribution or gratuity from a foreign source.

Our great nation is in an emergency situation. If we don't act very soon on this matter, we will end up like India, where you have millions of half- starved people turning out trinkets in their back yards.


I don't mean to imply that America is totally rotten. Or to imply that the solution is to destroy it or even to overthrow its Government. Most of our major corporations and institutions are rotten to the core and MUST be replaced or destroyed. However, by and large, the average American citizen is still a good, decent human being. Our CONSTITUTION is the best that has ever been written anywhere. And the framework of our Government is a solid basis to build upon. I've asked myself, "What would our Founding Fathers do if they suddenly returned?" Heros like George Washington, Sam Adams, Pat Henry, Tom Jefferson and Ben Franklin. First of all, they would be highly pissed. Second, they would kick a hell of a lot of ass. Do you think that if Sam Adams lived today, he would be saying, "Yo dude, don't bother me about that. I've got to get up at six to get those fries going."?

I like the ways that the great Mexican revolutionaries Porfirio Diaz and Emiliano Zapata expressed it, "It is far better to die on your feet than to live on your knees," and "Go not to a tyrant with your hat in your hand, but with a rifle in your fist." Call me old-fashioned if you will, but it is mybelief that the DECLARATION OF INDEPENDENCE fully legitimizes ANY action that the American people choose to take to change their Government or to correct the abuses of power.

As one person or as a small group, you are virtually powerless to do anything within the law to effect reasonable changes in our society. How about the vote? Sure. You get the choice between two or more crooks - if even the incumbent crook is challenged at the polls. That doesn't mean that you shouldn't vote. Always vote - even if you have to choose a lesser evil -or write in your vote. I am a big believer that evil must be challenged in every direction - even if your chances of success are small. The vote has occasionally worked. Better yet, organize political forces and candidates that represent YOUR views. Hopefully, those views will include the absolute critical need to preserve the Bill of Rights - including the implied right to privacy.

Get even. If somebody rips you off or someone you love, get even with them. I make a practice of carrying around certain items that I can use to get even with somebody who's done an injustice against me or against a family member or friend. You would be surprised how handy Crazy Glue, DMSO gel laced with certain substances, razor blades, ice picks, toothpicks, piano wire, etc can come in handy when you have to deal with a real shithead. Your bank ripped you off? That could be so disturbing to you that you might accidentally reach for a slice of processed cheese instead of your ATM card. One really neat method (I found in a newspaper called, FULL DISCLOSURE, Box903, Libertyville, IL 60048) consists of wetting a sponge, squeezing it dry,and while still moist, tightly binding it with a string. After it has thoroughly dried, you cut off the string. The result is a real tight spongeball. Be careful not to flush it down any toilets as it could expand and lock itself into position, resulting in a very messy situation and expensive repair. Altho not as permanent as the explosive method we describe in TOILET TRAINER, it's very simple and easy to do and impossible to prove.

Another really neat toilet method of dealing with a shithead (see our ULTIMATE JUSTICE manual) is to lift up the toilet seat, stretch a piece of Saran wrap across the toilet bowl and close the seat. This trick is so nasty, don't even think about doing it in your own house.

In carrying out your mission, if I may, I have some suggestions:

(1) Honor is important. While there are many who will rip-off or vandalize anyone, if you want to accomplish a noble goal, you must select only those most deserving of your attention and leave innocent people alone. For example, if a person robs a bank to get rich, to me he's just a common crook that should be locked up. But if he destroys a bank that's largely foreign-owned or that's stealing homes, businesses or farms, to me he's a hero.

(2) Never take credit for what you've done. Defending freedom is not a humorous matter or something that you brag about. If you want to brag, brag about your bowling score. In fact, when it comes to personal type actions, it is usually far better to act alone and to never tell anyone.

(3) Don't bicker over philosophy. If you have a common enemy, the first thing you must do is unite and destroy that enemy. Then after wards, sort out the particulars. That's basically what the freedom fighters did in Romania. They saved their country first, and now they are going thru the re-birthing process. That's why I repeatedly state that, "It's not who's right but who's left." You can go literally nuts -not to mention miss the entire point -trying to figure out what has the greatest claim to righteousness.

And always keep in mind that your enemy is very clever. He will plant among you spies and provocateurs. A classic example of how well they did this wasduring the Vietnam War. The truth is, that most of the blame for the VietnamWar belongs to the oil companies that had rigs off of the coast of Vietnam, pumping oil like mad during most of the war.

You didn't know? No mystery to that. It was kept out of the papers. And the oil companies continuously paid off the communists to leave their operations alone (it is also believed that they provided the communists with intelligence). The communists then used these bribes to buy Soviet and Chinese weapons to kill our heroes. This may come as a shock to you, but Valdez was not our first experience at being ripped-off at the sign of the double-cross.

But who was actually blamed for the war? Why it was the American fighting men and women who served in that war. Why were they blamed? Our fighting men and women were blamed primarily to take the pressure off of the politicians, oil companies and military brass. They were also blamed to cheat them of jobs and VA benefits upon their return home. The widespread belief was that they were doped-up, infected, baby-killers and thus undeserving of decent employment and VA benefits.

Who carried out the execution? That job largely fell into the hands of those"freedom-loving hippies" that protested the war. Altho many Vietnam War protesters were sincere in their beliefs, the movement itself was largely dominated by rich, spoiled, yellow, draft-dodging slimebags whose real agenda was to dishonor and destroy the decent men and women who served in that war. The only thing I can blame on our heroes was that they were entirely too naive and trusting in their Government. As was I then.

The Vietnam War should have taught everyone first of all not to trust your Government (for that matter, not to trust ANY Government). Second, it should have taught you to see thru the bullshit and read between the lines, and to never lose the sight of who the real enemy is.

(4) Support those who are loyal or helpful to the cause. I hate to sound like I'm tooting my own horn, but it is very important to support those entities important to the cause. Not just us, but others like this news letter, 2600: THE HACKER'S QUARTERLY, FULL DISCLOSURE, etc. There aren't that many of us around, and the risks and pressure we take are enormous.

To stay in business, and help others by spreading the word, and information CONSUMERTRONICS, CYBERTEK, and all the other similar publishers require two simple things:

(A) A steady flow of information contributions. Virtually all of our books and manuals reflect substantial information contributions. If you want to get the information out, please send it to us. There is only two areas that CONSUMERTRONICS doesn't publish: drugs and porno.

(B) A loyal customer base that will also provide us a lot of word-of-mouth advertising. When I say, "loyal," I don't mean that you buy from us, copy the material and distribute the pirated copies to your friends. If it is your belief that all information should be free, then by all means generate your information independently, write up your own manuals and distribute them to your heart's content. But for US to stay in business, we require sales, and if you steal those sales from us, you are robbing everyone of future information and access.

We have only YOU to depend upon. Again, we need YOUR continual support to help the spread of information & ideas, and to help make this country become well again.

I wish you all the best of successes in all that you do.

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