Some Interesting RF Chips

We just received some information about these ICs and thought I might pass it along. All of these ICs are complete radio circuits and have some useful applications.

The first IC is a NE602 Frequency Converter made by Signetics. This chip contains a local oscillator and mixer. This chip is the basis of many projects including voice scramblers, radio repeaters, receivers, and RF converters (enabling you to receive frequencies that your equipment doesn't cover). You can get NE602 chips for $2.00 each + $2.50 s/h (per order) from Small Parts Center. 6818 Meese Drive, Lansing, MI 48911. For more info on this chip read the article in April 1990 Radio Electronics.

The other chips are the MC2833 Low Power FM Transmitter and MC3362 Dual Conversion FM Receiver. Both these chips are made by Motarola. They are usable up to 450 Mhz. and make RF design very easy; just add support components and you're off. The MC2833 puts out around 10 milliwatts of power depending on supply voltage and operating frequency. The M3362 has several outputs which can be useful for adding a signal strength meter, remote control devices, or for data communications. They a re available from any good electronic parts dealer who deals with Motarola. While you're at it, pick up a copy of Motarola publication DL136, Revision 2; "Telecommunications Devices" which the dealer should have as well.

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