Solution #1: Go Berserk!

by John Williams

If you were to pinpoint the single biggest root cause of everything that is wrong in America today, you would be pointing to the fact that the vast majority of Americans are complacent, compliant, apathetic and stupefied when it comes to wrongdoings. Because of the lack of public outcry when even serious wrongdoings occur, wrongdoers increasingly get away with it, and the general level of wrongdoing in a society increases.

An excellent example of how wrongdoers now get away with even major crimes is the S&L crisis and bailouts. Big-shot crooks running the S&Ls have lined their pockets with Hundreds of Billions of Dollars that the taxpayers will be soaked for over the next 30+ years. Yet, the outcry over this astronomical scandal has been minimal. Now and then, someone gets prosecuted. And once in a while you'll read or see an editorial about it.

Gone are the 60s when militant young people eagerly protested just about every wrongdoing they perceived. Now, we are a nation anethesized by our entertainment electronics. We sit down in front of our electronics - fat, dumb and happy with the expectation of experiencing one or more new and exciting contrived sensations every day.

We have become a nation of mental paraplegics! We are now at or near the point that, if told to do so, the majority of Americans would compliantly strip down naked and march into the gas chambers.

We have become a nation of sheep, and the shepherds are one-by-one leading us into the barn to nail our hooves to the floor, and do whatever they want to us. Afterwards, we stagger back to the herd with a shit-eating grin on our faces, as if no thing happened, only to be singled out again when the next shepherd gets a hard-on.

Every day, I hear or read about just how incredibly wimpy we have become as a nation. The last story I heard was of the businessman and his wife who were persecuted by the IRS for an assessment of $70,000. Nine years later, the IRS, thru their outrageous system of interest and penalty rip-offs, jacked up their alleged $70,000 debt to $300,000. And the fight against the IRS had cost them $70,000 in legal fees, their home and all of their other property. The businessman became so desperate that he committed suicide to leave his wife $250,000 in insurance benefits to pay for the court battle.

Shortly thereafter, the judge ruled that they didn't owe the IRS a dime. The "legal system" prevents the widow from recovering a single dime from the IRS for the outrage they had committed against her family!

I'm talking about the AVERAGE American. Fortunately, there are still a few very courageous people who vigorously complain about and fight wrongdoing. Unfortunately, because they lack the mass of public support that their efforts are usually so deserving of, they are usually ignored, harassed and persecuted with impunity by the Government or by big business.

And unfortunately, because of the Byzantine, extremely expensive and corrupted legal system we are now saddled with, only a small percentage of wronged people can ever hope to obtain justice or redress their grievances thru the legal system. Our legal system is supposed to work on the principles that there are, "Justice for All", and that, "Justice is Blind". Both of these principles are absolutely critical to a fair and just legal system.

Unfortunately, both are largely and routinely ignored or subverted in virtually all jurisdictions. Just try to get an attorney to handle your case pro bono.

I can find no statement in the U.S. CONSTITUTION that states that if you cannot afford LEGAL justice, you must quietly suffer with any injustice dealt to you. The fact is that in many cases and for many people, the only reasonable way to obtain justice in this society is to obtain it thru EXTRA LEGAL or ILLEGAL means! Clearly, if society intended to relegate justic solely to the legal system, then it would require and provide a legal system in which all justice could be reasonably obtained from it by everybody. In many cases, by applying principles of creative vengeance, you can obtain a semblance of justice for wrongdoings committed against you. Our society now is so complex, controlled by information stored about you and everyone else databases, so inflexible and so out - of - control that you can, if you really put your mind to it, mess up a wrongdoer royally just by spreading the wrong information about him.

A classic example of how to do this is the ploy used by tax protestors and others to get back at those who they have perceived wronged them. They get their revenge by filing a Form 1099 with the IRS against the perceived wrongdoers. They use this form to report to the IRS that they have given their targets large sums of money (sometimes in the millions of dollars). The Form 1099 automatically flags the targets' tax filings with the IRS, usually resulting in one or more audits. Since the targets will be unaware of this money if false and unlikely to report it anyhow if true, they will not have likely reported this unusual income to the IRS in their filings.

Consequently, when they are audited, they'll have a lot of explaining to do. And since the IRS loves to compound things whenever they can, they'll closely scrutinize the targets' filings for ALL mistakes and wrongdoings, probably over several years.

The best way I know of to royally mess somebody up is to give him cash (particularly over a couple of years) which you can prove you gave him and which you are sure he won't report on his taxes, and then file Form 1099s on him. In fact, you are LEGALLY obligated to file the Form 1099s because the IRS requires an absolutely complete and accurate accounting of your income and expenses.

Paying a wrongdoer difficult-to-explain money can be done without him even knowing it. If you feel that he is forcing you to pay him bribes, and you can find a banking account number for one of his accounts, you can conveniently pay him the expected bribes by depositing them directly into his account. You then keep the deposit receipts. Since he won't have this INCOME on his regular books, by later (about 3 years later) filing a Form 1099 and turning over your receipts to the IRS, he's going to have a dickens of a time explaining why he was forcing you to bribe him and then not reporting the bribes to the IRS. Even if he is not criminally prosecuted, still it's unreported income he SHOULD HAVE known about, and will very likely have to pay taxes, interest and penalties on it.

Even if the wrongdoer does discover the mystery income, he is still going to have a dickens of a time explaining the source of this income on his tax forms (and if he takes that tact then you will have proof that he knew about the bribes all along and accepted them). This will likely get his filings flagged and audited. Not to mention the nightmares it will cause his accountant and tax preparers - all with their meters eagerly running.

Finding a bank account number is usually no sweat - particularly if he owns a business. You simply go to the business and buy something with a check. When the cancelled check is returned to you with your statement, you find his account number on its reverse. If he is a private person and you are a business, you can send him a "refund" check, which he will probably deposit.

If you are concerned about him knowing about you (and thus becoming suspicious), use a Postal Money Order (write on the back, "For Deposit Only"). Then later report it lost or stolen and ask the Post Office to provide you a copy of it.

Another method is to use outright sabotage against the wrongdoer. Krazy-Glue applied to locks, and toilet wreckers are typical methods here. Other methods are limited only by one's imagination. There are many good ideas found in the current collection of revenge books. Methods used to ruin a wrongdoer's reputation and to get him into big trouble with various important people like the police, banks, insurance companies, creditors, his neighbors, etc, again limited by one's imagination.

Some of the best forms of revenge require indepth personal knowledge about the person. Ideally, to start with, you should have a person's Social Security Number (SSN), his birthdate, and his first, middle and last names. From this information, you can go to any "information company" (a company that sells its access to various databases, they advertise in the Yellow Pages under "Computer", "Data Processing", "Security", "Credit" and "Investigative" Services headings) to find the wrongdoer' s current and previous home address(es), place(s) of work, position(s), criminal record, financial condition and spouse(s) and other family members. These services can run you anywhere from about $100 to $1,000.

On a practical basis, if you know the person's first and last name and middle initial, and either their birthdate or SSN, you can usually get the rest of the information for very little or no extra cost. The only time that this doesn't work is if the person has a common name, then the middle name is usually also required. Also, if you know the make and model of the vehicle the target drives and its license number, in most states, you can obtain a copy of the target's auto registration (which provides his full name, address and other information), for about $5 from DMV.

Using the information gained, you can raise royal hell with the wrongdoer, in most cases. You would be surprised to find what lurks in a person's closet by even doing a minimal investigative effort. And once you know a lot about the wrongdoer, you can "become" that person for the sake of obtaining justice for a serious wrongdoing.

However, there are many occasions in which a wrongdoing will be committed against you by someone whom you either don't know who the actual person wrongdoer(s) is (are) or by a known wrongdoer that is remotely located or so highly positioned and protected that you can't use most of the normal methods of obtaining justice. For example, if a top executive of XYZ MEGA CORP causes an action or policy that rips you off, who at the giant conglomerate do you get back at when you know nothing of that person?

Or what if the wrongdoing against you and your loved ones is so vile that any malicious mischief you cause against him does not provide a comparable measure of justice? For whatever the reason, you may find yourself in a situation so extraordinary that you must, as the BIBLE says, "gird up your loins" and take THE ULTIMATE STEP. Nothing new here. Basically, this is what you do when you are in a combat situation. The objective of your enemy is to destroy you, your loved ones and your way of life. You don't think twice about using a weapon to kill that enemy. Your Government even trains and rewards you for doing so. Or a criminal breaks into your home, again to destroy you, your loved ones and your way of life. You don't think twice about picking up a weapon to kill the source of the threat, and you are fully justified in doing so.

In some states, in fact (ex: Texas), you can gun down a murderer whose crime you witnessed, in the street in broad daylight in front of many witnesses - even if he is of no threat to you, your loved ones or your property - and go scott-free! Clearly, the legal principle is well-established that you can react very violently to wrongdoings that directly affect you and, in fact, to those that don't directly affect you!

And clearly, it is occasionally necessary to react to a situation in such an extremely violent manner that the lesson taught will have a very long-staying power. Other similar wrongdoers will then think twice about messing with others in your situation. It is my belief that the occasional act of someone going berserk has a much greater benefit to the general public than all of the usually wasted efforts of trying to use legal and political methods to resolve wrongdoings.

To destroy any wrongdoer who is trying to destroy you, your loved ones and your way of life is 100% justified. Just as for any important other decision you make, certain guidelines should be observed:

(1) The wrongdoing must be so serious that it justifies the ultimate step. And the wrongdoing against you and yours is not something that is justified, or is way out of proportion to what would be justified for any wrongdoing you may have caused the wrongdoer.

(2) You have done everything reasonably possible to convince the wrongdoer to leave you and yours alone and to compensate you for any outstanding wrongdoing.

(3) You have unsuccessfully tried every LEGAL method that is reasonably at your disposal to prevent the harmful effects of the wrongdoer and to obtain justice for those harmful effects that have already occurred.

(4) As in (3), you have tried every EXTRA LEGAL method to no avail. Note that I am not a big believer in peaceful resistance. It's nothing but a crock. Ten people going independently and randomly berserk will accomplish far more ultimate good than 10,000 peaceful demonstrators, 1,000 speeches and 100 demonstrations.

(5) Your back is completely against the wall. You feel desperate and like a trapped animal. You may be even contemplating suicide. You should never allow a situation to get so far out of hand that suicide appears to be a rational alternative to any other solution - including the solution of going berserk.

Mexican revolutionaries of the last century and early part of this one had two expressions that clearly state how I strongly feel. "It is far better to die on your feet than to live on your knees!". "Go not to a tyrant with your hat in your ha nd but with a rifle in your fist!" Just as there are guidelines for your reasons for going berserk, there are guidelines for the way in which you go berserk. Consider:

(1) Direct your wrath towards those most likely to be guilty of the wrongdoing against you and yours. Spare innocent people. In any major organization, the lower-level people are seldomly to blame for anything significant even though they are usually the people a chicken-shit upper management uses to carry out their oppressive policies and actions. And of course, people not associated with the wrongdoer in any kind of direct sense are innocent people. For example, don't take it out on the postman because some giant corporation is persecuting you. And of course never take it out on children or non-feral animals. Use the principle that responsibility for any action increases with one's rank in the organization.

(2) When it comes to lower-level implementers of an oppressive action or policy, although they may not be ultimately responsible for the action or policy, they are still responsible for the implementation of it. By knowingly implementing a patently oppressive action or policy it is then clear that whatever spills over onto them is a risk that they have assumed. Therefore, you should make it clear with the implementers that what they are doing is an oppressive wrongdoing against you and yours.

(3) Carefully plan your action, and tell no one - not even those closest to you. To be a most effective lesson, going berserk must be done on a random and unexpected fashion, done by an individual or a couple of individuals at most and involving no direct knowledge by anyone else. Whatever assistance anyone else provides you must be done so in an unwitting or unwilling fashion.

(4) Take no prisoners! The ultimate step requires the ultimate commitment and perhaps even the ultimate sacrifice. Just as the soldier in combat must be prepared to die in combat for his country, prepare yourself to die for your cause. Everyone eventually dies. And there are many situations in which it is far better to die accomplishing an important goal than it is to live and thereby ultimately accept a major wrongdoing. It is always far better to die for a cause (and in the process take some deserving bastards with you) than to live to a "ripe" old age and die soaked in your own urine in a nursing home.

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