An article on improvised protection

by Necross Sinister

Something that happened to a friend of mine forced me to write this article and submit it for this issue. Namely, he and his girlfriend were assaulted by a group of skinheads. Most attacks by gangs or groups involve hands, feet, clubs and knives. With modern materials you reduce the effects of these attacks allowing you to escape or fight back. Heavy leather clothing offers some protection which can be augmented or replaced a number of ways. First, any sort of protection can be increased by adding studs or spikes which make less pleasant for those punching anyone wearing them. Studs and spikes also increase the damage that is inflicted when added to sleeves, gloves and boots.

Extremely impact resistant armor can be made by wearing sports and/or dirt bike protective gear or screwing, riveting or epoxying the plates to jackets and or pants. (besides, it gives you that nifty, post-holocaust look. go ahead, make a fashion statement.) Pieces of sheet metal or plastic can also be shaped and attached to garments for protection, they can also be concealed by putting a second layer of material over them.

Another concept is wiring up studs or spikes as contacts for a stun gun. Plastic plates with openings can be more effective against stabbing attacks with heavy wire mesh attached. And finally, for protection against firearms bulletproof vests (bullet resistant - ed.) or material (kevlar -ed.) (ok, split hairs, but you're right in thinking there are those who don't realize the distinction-sin) is available through some gunshops and most military/paramilitary magazines such as Soldier of Fortune.

If protection from attacks is needed, using any or all of these suggestions can increase your chances of winning. In future issues I will present photos or illustrations of functional street armor. OCL/Magnitude may have kits available in the future through the mail-order catalog for those who do not wish (or are too inept) to make their own. Oh by the way, since the attack my friend has covered his jacket with studs and invested in spiked arm bands.

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