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Feb 1998: Evidence of ancient nuclear war? See 75 mil years ago, 13,000 BC. Modern pictures of 3 foot tall alien descendants, see dropas.

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400 mil yrs ago  Shoe print made in Pershing Co, Nevada which clearly shows fine stiching. See Sphinx Group
300 mil yrs ago Ed Conrad, an amateur archaeologist, finds humanoid fossil skulls in coal beds in Pennsylvania. He also finds leg bone fragments. 
225 mil - 65 mil  Dinosaurs dominated the earth.
75 mil  Xenu (bad guy from Mars) ordered nuking of earth. (Per Scientology.) Radioactive dust still in geologic strata. Geologists can't explain it. Was this in the areas of the USA southwest desert, African desert, and Gobi desert?
65 mil yrs ago Dinosaurs extinct. Remnants of a huge crater in the Yucatan peninsula in Mexico indicate an asteroid hit the earth. Maganetic anomolies in the shape of a crater confirm some body struck the earth at this location. A layer of iridium, found most commonly in asteroids, in 65 mil year old rock also confirms this.
60 mil yrs ago  In the Peru desert Ocucaje, Dr. Javier Cabrera discovers 40,000-50,000 rock engravings which show step-by-step a heart transplant and Caesarean section surgery. They also showed dinosaurs and men riding them. These men were shorter and had larger heads than modern man. These are called the Ica Stones of Peru. See Sphinx Group
Human footprints found in same layer as dinosaur prints in Glen Rose, Texas. These were called "giant man tracks" and would seem to coincide with the bible's mention of the fallen angles being large size and roaming the earth in the times of Noah. See Paluxy, Glen Rose, TX. Large men were also mentioned when Moses led the Israelites to Canaan. See 1400BC
More fossillized man tracks were discovered near Tuba City, Arizona. 
40 mil yrs ago  Human footprints made in Kenton, OK and north-central WI. See Sphinx Group
13 mil yrs ago  Dr. Javier Cabrera discovers about 40,000 stone tablets detailing advanced science in the Peruvian desert of Ocucaje. These were called the Ica Stones of Peru. The tablets detail such complex ideas as astronomy, surgery (heart and kidney transplants), C section, acupuncture, genetic disorders, and more. There were descriptions of vehicles which flew through spaces without consuming fuel, descriptions of the lines drawn at Nazca. They described the evacuation of large-headed small-statured race to a planet which would now be in the Pleaides star cluster. See http://www.m-m.org/jz/sphinxc. html. (Millenium Matters). These were found in the Peruvian state of Ica. The city of Ica is only 100 miles from the city of Nazca. 
2.5 mil yrs ago  Stone tools made in Gona region of Ethiopia.
2.33 mil yrs ago  Homo jaw made in Ethiopia. 
1.7 mil yrs ago  Stone tools made in Oldavi Gorge in Tanzania.
780,000 yrs ago Spanish scientists find a group of six skeletons with modern features and advanced tools in Spain's Atapuerca mountains. A boy had a face like modern man, but a brow and jaw like a neanderthal. Article published in US Science magazine. (May 29, 1997) Article at Steve Wingate's site.
600,000 yrs ago  Hungarian excavation yields a homo sapiens skull. See Sphinx Group
500,000 yrs ago  In 1961, rock hounds find a geode in a western US desert. Inside is a device that looked like a capacitor, or spark plug. The age was "unofficially" dated at 500,000 years ago. This was called the Coso artifact. See http://www.m-m.org/jz/sphinxt.html, also Coso artifact with picture
400,000 yrs ago Date of Peking man found using new testing technique (May 13, 1996).
140,000 yrs ago  Human skull put in Iran.
117,000 yrs ago  Per Collier, Earth was in a major war. Pleiadians involved.
115,000 yrs ago  Footprint of modern homo sapiens found in Langebaan Lagoon near the Atlantic in southwest South Africa by geologist David Roberts. See USA Today article dated Aug 26, 1997 at http: //www.usatoday.com/life/science/ancient/lsa027.htm.
100,000 yrs ago Commonly accepted date for the rise of Homo Sapiens Sapiens.
80,000 yrs ago Mexican oil company drills up some 80,000 year old domesticated corn pollen. Also in Russia, 80,000 year old fabric designs and spindle whorls found (it is thought the first fabric was in Egypt about 3000 BC). See Sphinx Group.
13,000 BC  Indian country of Rama existed. Remains of their large cities still exist in the deserts of India and Pakistan (Mohenjodaro). Indian texts from this period tell of anti-gravity space ships (called Vimanas, or Astras), and a war with the Atlanteans on the moon. Curiously, Soviet scientists have discovered what they call "age-old instruments used in navigating cosmic vehicles" in caves in Turkestan and the Gobi Desert. The "devices" are hemispherical objects of glass or porcelain, ending in a cone with a drop of mercury inside. Some ancient Indian texts describe a war with Atlantis (who flew Vailixi machines) using flying machines and atomic bombs about 10,000 to 12,000 years ago. 

When the Rishi City of Mohenjodaro, Pakistan was excavated by archeologists in the last century, they found skeletons just lying in the streets, some of them holding hands, as if some great doom had suddenly overtaken them. These skeletons are among the most radioactive ever found, on a par with those found at Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Ancient cities whose brick and stone walls have literaly been vitrified, that is-- fused together like glass, can be found in India, Ireland, Scotland, France, Turkey and other places. There is no logical explanation for the vitrification of stone forts and cities, except from an atomic blast. The Lop Nor Desert in western China is known to be the center of a great UFO mystery. From "Worlds Strange Phenomona" by Charles Berlitz. 

Scientists drilling down in an excavation near Babylon, in Iraq, found various strata containing evidence of different civilizations. They eventually stopped when they hit a solid wall of glass, like the sand had been fused together by a nuclear blast. (Date estimate not given.) 

12,500 BC  Poles had shifted. See www.poleshift.com. (No longer exists.)
12000 BC- 10500 BC Lemuria & Atlantis existed.
10000 BC  Small-bodied, yellow-faced Dropas aliens crash land on Tibet/China border. Remains discovered in 1938. Aligned graves contained skeletons of short, spindly people with large heads. A stone disk with tiny pictograms on it told the story of aliens crash landing in the mountains of Bayan Kara-Ula on the China Tibet border. They tried to make friends with the neighboring Ham tribe, but the Hams hunted them down and killed them. An English scientist later visited the area and learned their lore. Descendants of the Dropas still live in the area, and they don't look Mongolian or Chinese. The Dropas came from a star in the Sirius system. The small people of the Dropas were rediscovered in the same mountains in 1995. See http://www.cseti.org/crashes/, picture of Dropas at http://www.in-search-of.com/frames/stonedisk/stonedisk_fr. shtml#1937.
9000 BC  Plato's Atlantis existed. (3)
8000 BC  More evidence exists the Sphinx was built at this time, before the Egyptions. The Mullions, a race with a larger skull capacity (2000cc vs our modern 1400cc) existed near Algeria at this time, but for a short time. Skeletons found showed they were mostly women and children, who worked with tools never before seen and with unknown domesticated animals. See http://www.m-m.org/jz/sphinxi. html 
7700 BC  War on the moon between Orion group and Pleiadians.
6000 BC  Age of Gemini, the twins. 
5900-4000 BC Ubaid period predates Sumeria, supposedly the first civilization. At the Al Ubaid site in Iraq, a mask was found which looks like it has a high, long forehead. 
5792 BC  Biblical Creation date. (1)
5100 BC  Mini ice age. (3)
4300-3450 BC  Sumerian civilization begins.
4177 BC  Adam born (4)
4000 BC  Eden exists (3). City of Ur (Sumerian) established. Age of Taurus, the bull, begins. This earth sign signified by sensuality, peace, stability, stubbornness. (Newciv.) There were many cults worshipping the bull, for example, when Moses led the Israelites out of Egypt, they made a bull of gold. But God became angry because he didn't want them worshipping idols. 
3536 BC  Great Flood (1) and Methusalah (son of Enoch) dies.
3300 BC  Tower of Babel built by Nimrod (1). This is the first city after the flood. But what about "the city of eight" (Kazan) built buy Noah?
3200 BC  Egypt unified
3114 BC  Mayan year zero. (3) (The beginning of time for the Maya.)
3100 BC  Start of Stonehenge. (3)
3005 BC  Continents divide per Bible. (1)
3000 BC  First written Sumerian records. Some Sumerian statuettes are reptilian. Dr. Arthur Horn says the Sumerians interacted with the Annunaki, who were reptilian. Spiritweb
2800 BC  Time of Job (1). Gilgamesh, king of Uruk. (3)
2700 BC  Zoser Step Pyramid built
2529 BC  Great Flood (4)
2000 BC  Age of Aries, the Ram, begins. This is a fire sign signified by ferocity, forcefulness, courageousness, and impulsiveness.
1795-1750 BC  Reign of Hammurabi in Babylon.
1450 BC  Volcano named Thera (now the ring island of Santorini) blows up.
1400 BC  Moses and Exodus from Egypt. (2)
1400 BC  Moses sent some scouts to look at the land near Hebron. Here is a passage from Numbers Ch. 13, mentioning giants, which could be Annunaki: 
30 Then Caleb silenced the people before Moses and said, "We should go up and take possession of the land, for we can certainly do it." 
31 But the men who had gone up with him said, "We can't attack those people; they are stronger than we are." 
32 And they (the scouts) spread among the Israelites a bad report about the land they had explored. They said, "The land we explored devours those living in it. All the people we saw there are of great size. 
33 We saw the Nephilim there (the descendants of Anak, called Anakim [and Annunaki], come from the Nephilim). We seemed like grasshoppers in our own eyes, and we looked the same to them." 
The Annunaki were the descendants of the fallen angels and earth women. See Numbers 13
246 BC  Primitive battery created in Iraq. Later to be found in 1938 by Dr. Wilhelm Konig in the basement of a Bagdad museum. 
65 BC Remnants of a metal computer found which calculates the positions of the sun and stars. It was found in Antikythera, Greece in 1900. It received a story in Natural History, 1962. (Per Branton's Mojave series, part 1. See UFO Text Files at www.anomalous-images.com. )
Age of Pisces, the fish, begins. This is a water sign signified by mysticism, compassion, visionary, escapist.
17 AD  Area of Lydia suffers a great earthquake.
186 AD  Mt. Taupo, in New Zealand, erupts. Romans record 3 days of global darkness.
200 AD  Cosmas and Damian do leg transplants. See Sphinx Group.
300-800  Mayan civilization (Maya means "water sorceror") exists in central Mexico and Yucatan peninsula. They were a peaceful people. One large city they made was Chichen Itza, in the Yucatan peninsula. They prayed to the rain god Cha'ac for rain. They were very good at astronomy. The largest pyramid there was built for the warrior god Ku'kul'can. He was portrayed often as a snake. On the spring equinox each year, the sun casts a shadow on the blocks lining the steps of the pyramid. At the bottom of the steps is a snake head. The shadows are such that, as the sun moves, it looks like a snake is slithering down the steps. This signifies when Ku'Kul'can came down from the heavens to rule the Mayan people. Interestingly enough, their creation myth is signified by a carving of an eagle (the constellation Aquila means 'eagle'), in whose mouth is a snake (Ku'kul'can), in whose mouth is a Mayan. This means, the eagle spoke, and created the snake, who spoke, and created man. 
1100  Vimanas (silent flying machines) written of in Indian texts. 
1340-1360 Black Plague of Europe. 1/3 of European population killed
1621 Lakota indian tribe puts star map on buffalo hide. The Lakotas were a fierce tribe located in northern Missouri and in the Black Hills in the Dakotas. Per Robert Ghost Wolf on Art Bell. A documentary about Lewis and Clark on PBS talks about the Lakotas, and they were quite hostile to the white men, and all other tribes.
1776  The Americans end the war of the Revolution and declare themselves independent. They allied with the French, who have had ongoing wars with Britain.
1780s  French revolution
1880s  Nicoli Tesla invents the A/C current system.
1883  Tesla has a booth at the Chicago World's Fair.
c1896  Tesla tests a death ray in Colorado Springs, Colorado, USA and all electrical apparatus of a Colorado fuel company were rendered useless. 
1900  Tesla tests his wireless transmission of energy in Colorado Springs. Dynamos of a Colorado electricity company were disabled 6 miles away.
1906  Major earthquake in California. 
1907  Tesla cannot pay for his building of his lab in Long Island, NY, and workers cease construction. 
Jun 30, 1908  An explosion occurs over Tunguska (in Siberia), Russia, which is heard for 620 miles around. Some speculate this could have been a test of Tesla's energy weapon, in Tesla's last attempt to get some more funding for his planet-wide wireless power transmission system. Some say it was a meteor or UFO crashing, but there was no crater. It flattened 500,000 acres of trees for miles around. It was equivalent to 10-15 megatons of TNT. Whole nomad villages disappeared.
Jun 30, 1908  This week, 3 letters in the London Times reported that from about 12 midnight to 2am, the northern sky glowed a reddish color. It was so bright that people could read by it. Some scientists attributed it to disturbances in the sun's prominences, some to the Aurora Borealis. On Jun 30 (Tuesday) there was a marked disturbance in magnets. However, the glow was just as bright Wed night, but magnets were not disturbed. Perhaps this was due to the Tunguska, Siberia explosion on Jun 30, 1908. 
1918  WW I ends with German defeat. 116,000 Americans killed (military casualties). 8.3 million killed total (military casualties).
1918-1920 Massive influenza outbreaks in the USA and Spain kill many (21 million) people. 
1923  Tesla makes a press release in which he claims he is in frequent contact with ET's via radio. (Per Bielek, bielek90.htm.) 
mid 1920s  Townsend Brown begins anti-gravity experiments and makes a 15 inch metal plate which can lift itself. http://iufog. org/spotlight/grav.html
Spring 1924  Newspapers in different parts of the world carried stories about death rays being able to destroy things from a distance. Grindell-Matthews said that sometimes his assistants became victims of the ray, sometimes collapsing from shock or receiving burns. http://pages. prodigy.net/onichelson/tunguska.htm
May 25, 1924  Germany announces it possesses death rays able to stop tanks and cars.
Oct 29, 1929  Stock market in USA crashes. The Great Depression follows.
1931  Collier says Nazi scientists let in the Grays through a rip in time.
1938  A team of archeologists, led by Professor Chi Pu Tei of Beijing University, was conducting a very detailed routine survey of a series of caves of Balan Kara-Ula where they discovered very frail skeletons with large heads. They called themselves the Dropas. They are still around, the tallest is only 4 feet tall.
1939-1945  WW II. 17-21.4 mil. killed total (civilian and military).
Dec 2, 1941  Japanese bomb Pearl Harbor in Hawaii, USA. Bielek states the President negotiated with Japan for them to bomb Pearl Harbor in order to bring the US into the war. The US needed a reason to go into the war because Germany was winning. Bielek, on Art Bell show, states Japan didn't want the US involved. 
1942  Whitehouse buzzed by UFOs. Navy begins experiments in invisibility via Project Rainbow. 
Mar 1942  Tesla finds out that the high electromagnetic fields will cause biophysical damage to sailors. He sabotages a test on a 1500 ton ship and resigns his position in the Philadephia Project. Tesla wanted to go public with the info that the Navy was killing sailors with this experiment. Al Bielek thinks this is why he was killed in Jan 1943. 
1943  The US military Rainbow Project tests faster than light travel in Philadelphia harbor. Dr. Von Neumann then took over. A test on Jul 22, 1943, had the ship disappear for 20 seconds. After this the crew above deck were nauseous and disoriented. And the test on the USS Eldridge was done on Aug 12 1943. This is the test where Al and the ship were teleported to Montauk, Long Island to 1983. An older Von Neumann said Bielek and his brother must destroy the equipment to turn the field generators off. They did so, and the fields collapsed out of sync. When they returned 4 hours later, 4 crew were dead from being embedded in the hull, and one had his hand embedded in the hull, but survived. Another brother of Bielek was embedded in the hull. Only his head and shoulders were above the hull. He died eventually. In late Oct 1943, 10:00pm, they did another test, without crew. The ship appeared in Norfolk harbor, VA for 10-15 minutes. When it returned, they found a generator was missing, 2 transmitter cabinets, and the control room was a smoking ruins. Bielek says the earth's bio mag fields peak every 20 years, 1943, 1963, 1983, on August 12. This leaves Aug 12, 2003 for something to happen. 
Jan 7, 1943  Tesla dies when he is hit by a car in New York City. (Bielek states this was Jan 7, 1943, but I think it was 1944, after Project Rainbow.) Al Bielek states some agents held the rest of the people back, while letting Tesla cross the street. Tesla was then hit by a cab that sped up to hit him. 
1945  United Nations founded.
July, 1947  UFO crashes on a ranch near Roswell, NM.
1952 Whitehouse buzzed by UFOs.
1960  Collier says gov't started picking up ET signals from space.
1961  30 meter diameter craft crashes near Timmensdorfer, Germany, per thick NATO report on UFOs. See Omni article.
Feb 1961  50 metallic circular objects were detected by NATO's warroom coming out of the USSR, flying at a high speed, at 100,000 feet. US and Russians went to red alert and scrambled fighters. Luckily, WW III didn't start, and the objects were gone in 9 minutes. These objects were frequently seen coming out of East Germany, then flying out over the Norwegian sea, to be lost from radar. Per Robert Dean.
1969  American astronauts land on the moon. 
1972  "One who knows" says there was evidence of Russians developing a beam weapon. (See Fire in the Sky, part 1)
Dec 13,1973  Rael, a French journalist, says aliens ("Elohim") contacted him with a message. See Raelian homepage.
1974  Eric Laithwaite demonstrates his antigravity machine at the Royal Imperial Technical College. It weighed 20 lbs when not running, and decreased to 15 lbs when running. It also used a DePalma N machine (free energy) to generate the energy it required. Per Worlds Strange Phenomena by Charles Berlitz. 
1975  Group of top world scientists meet in England to discuss the other races on the moon that pose a threat. Supposedly the malevalent grays, and benevoloent Nordics. (From Branton's Mojave files, part 1.) 
Sep 17, 1977  "One who knows" says Russia started destroying US spy satellites by beam weapons.
Sep 27, 1977  "One who knows" says Russians destroyed US moon base. (Fire in the Sky, part 1)
1979  Dulce, New Mexico wars: aliens continue to reneg on their promise of reporting everyone they abduct, Delta force sent in to get scientists from Area 51. Most of Delta force killed at Area 51 in southern Nevada. Per Branton.
1980  "Close Encounters of the Third Kind" movie released by Steven Spielberg. 
1981  AIDS discovered in Africa. Mt. St. Helens erupts in northwest US.
1985  Dr. Kinchloe invited to test a free energy N machine in Santa Barbara, CA, called the "Sunburst". (From Dr. Bruce DePalma.)
Jan 1986  American space shuttle Challenger blows up. The reason given is a faulty O-ring in one of the booster rockets leaked, and the fuel caught fire and exploded.
April 1986  Unit 4 of the Chernobyl nuclear power plant exploded and leaked radiation into the air and surrounding area. "Chernobyl" in Ukraine means "wormwood". 
April, 1987  Bob Lazar says scientists at S4 were trying to cut into an alien reactor when it exploded. The official explanation was an 'unannounced nuclear test'.
1988  B-2 Stealth bomber unveiled by the US military. This may use anti-gravity technology to achieve its 'stealth mode'. http://iufog. org/spotlight/grav.html
Mar, 1989  Dracos (the reptilian bad guys) destroy American Mars colony.
May, 1989  South African airforce shoots down ufo. Was this the Kalahari object?
1990  A nasty disease called visceral leishmaniasis killed over 100,000 people from 1990 to 1992 in the area of Sudan, Africa. It is a parasite transmitted by a female sandfly, with a 100% mortality rate if left untreated. Per news source.
1991  Gulf War with Iraq. The US allies with the Britons, French, Saudi Arabia, to defend Kuwait and their massive oil fields against invastion from Iraq and Saddam Hussein. US sends, by far, the most troops, money and resources. Kuwait is defenseless with an insignificant army. Baghdad is bombed. Operation Desert Storm is a success as the US routs Iraqi troops. Iraqi troops usually surrendered as soon as they saw US troops coming. 
1994  Freezing rain in Florida significantly hurts orange and citrus crops. 
1994?  Fox airs new TV show "X Files". Scientists report beached whales in America. They appear confused. The best explanation is the magnetic field of the earth is messed up.
Mar 8, 1994  UFOs sighted about 11pm near Holland, MI. Hundreds of reports are called in.
1995  Movie "Stargate" released which tells of an ancient stargate found in Egypt. Scientists activate it and travel to another planet where there are pyramids and ancient Egyptian is spoken. Similar to a stargate found in Peru (in the real world). Potatoe and apple crop production drops a lot in the US. 
Mar, 1995  Mayans say the Solar Culture will flourish once again with ceremonies at Chichen Itza. This date begins an age of open information.(6)
Spring, 1995  Massive spring flooding along the Mississippi. 
Sep 16, 1995 UFO crashes in Lesotho, Africa. No news reports are seen. However, here is an article in Parascope magazine: http://www. parascope.com/articles/0297/lesotho.htm.
Sep, 1995  Pres. Clinton gives 18 mil acres of Yellowstone park to UN Global Biosphere program. (UN Environmental Programme.)
Nov 4, 1995  Israeli president Rabin assasinated by one of his body guards. 
Dec 7, 1995  Atlantean energy grid locks onto the earth once again.
1996  Prediction: Earthquake in Hartford, Conn. per Earth Changes Reports, Dec 1996. US gave China whole US Patent database, per Shaun David Morton. 
spring 1996  Massive spring record-breaking flooding along the Mississippi. 
Summer 1996  Movie "The Arrival" released. A story about alien contact via the SETI program. The aliens come to earth and invade. They can change their shape/appearance using a machine. Starring Charlie Sheen.
Jun 5, 1996  Pope JP 23's diary says friendly aliens land enmasse. (Never happened.) 
Jul 7, 1996 Movie "Independance Day" released. A story about 12 mile wide UFOs invading earth.
Fall 1996  Fox networks airs following new TV shows: OSIR (Office of Scientific Investigation and Research), Outerlimits, Dark Skies (last show in Jun 1997), more.
Sept, 1996  Prediction: The newly discovered shaft with a door at the end, in the Great Pyramid, is scheduled to be opened and aired live. (This never happened.) 
Oct 12, 1996  Prediction: Pope JPII dies? (per Nostradamus) In early Oct he went in for surgery. (He came out fine.)
Nov, 1996  Prediction: Spielberg's movie "Roswell" released. (This never happened.) Collier says gov't will admit ET presence at this time. (This never happened.) 
NASA sends another Mars proble, the Pathfinder. It plans to send two more pairs of probes over the next 6 years.
Feb 1997 A sheep named Dolly was cloned in a lab in Scotland.
Feb-Mar, 1997 Prediction: Collier says Hale-Bopp is an Orion protocol ship to maintain control on earth. It carries with it 2 moons, to orbit Mercury. At this time the gov't will announce the ET presence. (Never happened.) 
Earth Changes Reports says Hale-Bopp has one self-aware ship that is here to change DNA to alter consciousness. It uses the earth's energy grid (Atlantean energy grid?) to help it. Organic molecules were found on Hale-Bopp. 
Water thought to be on Europa or Io, Jupiter's moons.
end of Mar, 1997  39 members of the Gateway to Heaven (aka Heaven's Gate) cult kill themselves in California. They leave video testomonials saying they are aliens who are now shedding their 'containers' (bodies) to meet with a mothership in the tail of comet Hale-Bopp.
Mar 13, 1997  UFO hovered near Phoenix, AZ airport. Hundreds saw it, one TV station recorded and reported it. It appeared to be a V-shaped craft with about 5 lights on each side. It was several blocks wide and made no sound at all. Ed Dames (on Sep 17, 1997 Art Bell show) said it was hoax made with lasers. See http://www. qtm.net/~geibdan/newse/june/arizona.html for more info. 
Apr 14, 1997  Massive flooding in North Dakota, and near the Missippi from Montana through Iowa.
Apr 21, 1997  International [intelligence] analyst on GG Liddy show tells how mideastern powers could be setting aside their griefs to unite, possibly with China. (i.e. Iran and China possibly uniting.) 
Apr 22, 1997  MSNBC reports that a very rare and highly potent strain of an ancient organism, Pfiesteria, is eating the flesh of fish and killing billions of them. Scientists found this organism in 1991 in North Carolina and it is similar to the organisms in the deadly Red Tides. The organism is not a threat out of water because it becomes harmless after 2 hours out of water. Cases of this problem have been found in Atlantic ocean near Delaware, New Jersey, North Carolina, and Florida. Fishermen exposed to the water have had symptoms such as dizziness, severe memory loss, weakness, and other neurological problems. 
Apr 24, 1997  Prediction: Richard Boylan in his book "The Aviary", quotes the Yellow Book, which says ETs will arrive in SW USA on this date. (Never happened.)
Jun 1997  Movie "MIB" released about Men In Black fighting aliens invading earth. Mysterious electric cable and fine powder from digging found in Great Pyramid in Giza, Egypt. It appears someone is digging secretly. (See Hoagland's www.enterprisemission.com.) 
Jul 1997  Movie "Contact" released based on Carl Sagan's book. Massive flooding from rains from a depleted hurricane in North Carolina.
Jul 1, 1997  Hong Kong ownership goes from the Britons back to the Chinese. 
Jul 4, 1997  Mars Pathfinder due to land on Mars. It does and gets soil samples. It lands not near the Mars face, but near 19.5N by 326E, the original plan.
Aug 1, 1997  Montserrat, a British colony island in the Carribean, has volcano that erupts and covers the island with lava. 
Sep, 1997 Ed Dames (www.psitech.com) predicting El Nino to be huge, and this winter very severe with cannibalism in Europe. (El Nino was worst in 100 years, but I heard nothing about cannibalism in Europe. Also, it caused a very warm winter in the US. But the spring affects, like flooding, crop damage, and disease, are going to be bad. All snow was gone by Jan 2, 1998 here in Grand Rapids, MI.) 
Sep 12, 1997 Mars Global Surveyor reaches Mars. It will take 5 months to reach proper orbit before it begins taking pictures.
Sep 18, 1997 On Art Bell show, Ed Dames says the next use of a nuclear device will be by North Korea. Also, a news report says that many diseases have become resistant to antibiotics. 25% of bacterial diseases can only be treated by one, the strongest, antibiotic. 
Fall 1997 El Nino storms supposed to be the worst in recorded history. (Yes, it appears it is the worst in last 100 years.) Acapulco and Mexico City flooded, hundreds killed. The Mexican gov't will pay for airfare for tourists going to either city.
Nov, 1997  Me, my wife, and son, all were sick with a bad cold/flu which just hung on for 4 weeks. Very bad fatigue.
Dec 1, 1997 Japan's largest bank files for bankruptcy. The Japanese are scrambling for remedies to prevent other banks from collapsing. Also, scientists now know why frogs in Wisconsin have such horrible mutations (multiple or missing legs, etc). It is due to ultra violet radiation. Could this be from the thinning of the ozone layer?
Dec 13, 1997 A hunter in Allegan, Michigan, kills an 8 point ... doe!
Dec 14, 1997 The Vatican will invest 5 mil British pounds to help fund a telescope to find "the fingerprints of God", i.e. planets where life is possible. From The London Sunday Times and http://www.sightings. com/ufo/popescope.htm. Also on the Anomalous Images website, is a letter from a man saying he worked at the Vatican and stumbled on a letter in a top secret computer terminal talking about Wormwood, a possible meteor which could hit the earth. No further details were given, except another letter saying an attempt on his life was made while he was in hiding. 
Dec 29, 1997 Russian scientists claim to have found Atlantis 100 miles off Land's End, near England. They plan to investigate the area in spring 1998. Little Sole Bank, which rises within 50 meters of the surface of the water, was supposedly the capital of Atlantis. This is based on a Cornish myth of a land called Lyoness, whose capital city was Lions, which had 140 temples before they sank into the ocean. King Arthur is said to have fought Mordred, who was from Lyoness. From http://www. sightings.com/health/russianatlantis.htm

Art Bell Dec 29, 1997. Predictions for 1998. A man predicts: Pope dies in Feb (he looked sickly in his end of Jan 98 visit to Cuba), Yeltsin will die in Feb, Hillary has China relations, 9 quake in CA on May 22. Another man predicts 8-9 quake in CA. One woman predicts the deepening gap between men and women. A man predicts a goodyear blimp will crash on a baseball field. 

1998  Prediction: Edgar Cayce predicted the Hall of Records beneath the Sphinx would be found and opened. It is supposed to contain the true history of the human race. Cayce says the Sphinx built around 10,500 BC by survivors of Atlantis. A psychic on Montel Williams show (Oct 21, 1997) said we are very close to curing diabetes, and in 1998, we will be able to test for all kinds of cancer. Robert GW says 98 will be a bad year. Ed Dames also says 98 will be a bad year, where the sun will send a precursor magnetic pulse which will kill some, and cause lots of havoc, before the final pulse comes in '99 which will kill 3/4 of the people on earth. 
Jan 1998  A guy on the Oprah show talks about how cows in the US are fed ground up entrails of other cows and can get a brain disease like Jakob-Crutsfeld. JC is a fatal brain disease, and a disease with similar symptoms has now been found in a couple people. Oprah notes she will never eat a hamburger again, and a ranching organization in Texas sues her for libel and damages. Oprah wins. 
New moon orbiter arrives at the moon to continue mapping it.
Jan 2, 1998 No snow here in southwestern MI with a high temperature of about 50 F. VERY UNUSUAL. "Bird flu" kills 5 in Hong Kong. This is a mysterious new flu, and scientists don't know how it is transmitted from birds to humans, but it is believed it originates with birds. By Jan 5, China is killing 1 million+ chickens in Hong Kong. 
Jan 9, 1998 A massive ice storm hits New York and eastern Canada. In Canada alone, 3 million without electricity. It takes 4+ weeks to restore power to everyone because more ice storms keep happening.
Jan 15, 1998 Scientists transplant a monkey's head onto another monkey's body. It only survived a few hours.
Jan 19, 1998 Hospitals in the Bay area in California are filled to capacity with victims of some virulent new flu. (Called the Sydney flu.) Hospitals are turning away non-emergency patients, 9/10 of emergency rooms are closed. Same in Pennsylvania. 
Jan 24, 1998 About 6% of mule deer in Estes Park, Colorado appear to have a disease like mad-cow disease. Hunters must turn in the heads of deer to be tested by the DNR. If the deer have the disease (also called 'wasting disease') then the meat must be thrown away. 
Jan-Feb, 1998 Prediction: A remote viewer, Maj Ed Dames, says the companion to Hale-Bopp is an artificial cylindar carrying plant pathogens. The pathogens will hit earth about Jan 1998, and may destroy up to 80% of the human population, most in undeveloped countries. Many religions will believe this to be Wormwood. (Per www.artbell.com.) See Rev 8 for the bible passage about Wormwood. "And the seventh seal was opened... and a great star fell from the sky and turned 1/3 of the waters bitter. 1/3 of the animals died..." http://207.206.98. 252/ourlady/apocalypse.htm mentions that "Chernobyl" (the nuclear reactor that had a meltdown in Russia) in Ukraine means "wormwood". Others think this may reference the Cassini probe, which carries 72 lbs of deadly plutonium. 1 microgram inhaled in a person's lungs is enough to cause malignant cancer. 
Feb 10, 1998 Bovine Spongiform Encephalitis, a 100% fatal brain disease for cattle, is shown to be an entirely new pathogen. It is not a virus, not a bacteria, but a new class of pathogen called a prion. A prion is not a cell, so it has no DNA, so the body can't attack it. It is just a protein which has the same makeup of other proteins in the body, it just has a different shape. When it contacts other of the body's proteins, it converts them to the 'bad' protein, i.e. a prion. These prions destroy brain tissue leaving gaping holes in the victim's brain. Thus the name 'spongiform', meaning "like a sponge." There is no cure for BSE, or the human-related disease, Crutsfeld-Jakob disease, or CFD, which affects people in a very similar way. It cannot be harmed by cooking, freezing, or acids. See www.pbs.org, it was a Nova special called "The Brain Eater". 
Feb 13, 1998 Hong Kong reports over 2 million people starved to death in North Korea, that is 10% of the population. Reports are that grain from relief organizations failed to reach the people and instead stayed in the hands of politicians and the military. 
Feb 13, 1998 A fatal parasitic disease transmitted by a female sandfly has affected more than 2500 people in Ethiopia, Eritrea, and Sudan, between Oct 1997 and December 1997. This is a rise of 439% over the same time period from the previous year. The disease is called visceral leishmaniasis. (From Quickening News.) 
Mar 1998  Prediction: "Mass Dreams of the Future" by Chet B. Snow, PhD predicts chunks of S. California drop into the ocean, Mt. Fujiyama erupts. (Did not happen.) 

Ed Dames predicts the spread of disease, such as Bovine Aids, will kill many babies (children's immune systems aren't fully developed until age 4), and cause a worldwide economic collapse. Ed also predicts a massive solar event kills 3/4 of life on the planet. Dames also says a hollow cylindar, from Hale-Bopp, will fall in equatorial Africa releasing a plant pathogen. It will not affect Chlorella, an algae which could be used as food. Dames says 80-85% of people will die. This event should be over in less than 10 years. Very cold and wet weather (predicted by Dames and Adachi via Nostradamus) could contribute to a lot of bronchitis and pneumonia, which could very well kill many small children. (Did not happen.) 

TLD Ministries says a giant flaming ball will come from God to cleanse the earth. They don't say when. 

Mar 19, 1998  Associated Press, 03/18/98 21:16 LONDON (AP) - A tuberculosis epidemic is out of control in many countries and unless action is taken nearly 1 billion more people will become infected and 70 million will die in the next two decades, the World Health Organization says. 
Mar 24, 1998  11 and 13 year old boys open fire on a school yard full of kids, killing 5 kids and a teacher. Linda Howe on the Art Bell show describes another fish kill disease in Florida. It is thought to be caused by a close cousin of Pfeisteria, another dinoflagellate. Sudan in Africa heading for another major famine. OPEC is considering lowering oil production, which will raise gas prices. 
Apr 13, 1998  Art Bell received several faxes about a press release from the Vatican about ETs. Father Valducci of the Vatican reports: ET existance cannot be doubted; one true statement is "this phenomena does exist." 
April 1998  Cydonia region imaged by Mars mapper. A picture of the face was taken with light at the opposite side of the area, and it does not look artificial. 
May 1998  Prediction: Several volcanoes erupt, sending tons of black ash into the air, causing darkness, black rain, crop damage. See Nostrodamus. Interestingly, this agrees with the progression hypnosis done by Dr. Chet Snow in "Mass Dreams of the Future." This blackout could cause a great decrease in temperature, thereby killing many crops in the US and around the world. Ed Dames also mentions big problems with a food shortage in the US. (Did not happen.) 
May 22, 1998  Prediction: A guy on Art Bell predicts a 9 quake in California. 
May 31, 1998  Grand Rapids, MI. 80-90 mph winds knock out power for 80,000 people in the GR area. Up to 600,000 people in Michigan without power. In Walker, MI, NW of Grand Rapids, stores are collapsed, windows are blown out, from 120 mph winds, but no tornado was spotted. This was just from straight line winds. In Muskegon, MI, 50% of mobile homes in a park were destroyed or flipped over. A weatherman said because of the way the storm front formed, it forced the jet stream down to ground level, creating the high winds.. Ed Dames predicted this earlier in 1997. 
July 1998 DS1 Deep Space 1 mission to launch. It will fly by an asteroid, a comet, and Mars. http://nmp.jpl.nasa. gov/Flights/. Ed Dames on Jan 30, 1997, said a global economic collapse will begin in mid 1998. 
Aug 1998  Sean David Morton (SDM) says Dow Jones Ind. Avg breaks 10,000. In 3rd week, China-Clinton crisis comes to a head. 
Sep 27, 1998  SDM says end of 200 year + 7 year grace period for US as a country. He doesn't mention any effects. 
Oct 16, 1998  SDM says start of downward trend for stock market. But this is not THE crash. 
Nov 1998  BBC says earth will get hit by more meteorites which could knock out some satellites. Is this the Taurid shower SDM mentions? 
Jan 1999  Deep Space 2 launch date. DS2 will penetrate Mars' surface. http://nmp.jpl.nasa. gov/Flights/
Feb 21, 1999  Prediction: SDM says kingdom of heavan comes to earth. This just means a shift of consciousness, will to be free, spiritual awakening. 
Mar 1999 Mars Surveyor to begin detailed mapping of Mars. It was delayed 1 year from Mar 1998. 
April 1999 Ed Dames on Art Bell (Nov 27, 1997) says the big flash of radiation from the sun will hit earth, killing 80% of humans on earth. This could also be the year 2012 event, because he couldn't remote view in those years. 
Jul 1999  Prediction: Nostradamus (http://www. dreamscape.com/morgana/nosproph.htm) predicts war then a new tyrant coming from the east ("He will bring back to life the great king of the Mongols (Ghengis Khan).") SDM says related to war or incident between India and Pakistan. 
Jul 4, 1999  Prediction: says WW III will start on this day with Russia and Iran sending nukes to western Europe. (This is probably one of the Russan splinter groups that had stolen portable nukes around 1996.)
Sept, 1999  Prediction: Stefan Paulus interprets Nostradamus as saying we will discover a comet behind or near the sun during a total solar eclipse on Aug 11, 1999. This comet will pass close by on earth, and a fragment from the tail, 1/4 mile wide, will hit the earth in Sept 1999 causing 300 ft tidal waves on average. 
Sep 20, 1999  Prediction: Mystery Babylon says this will be the Day of Judgement.
Dec 31, 1999  Prediction: Collier says something 'really weird' will happen when world leaders meet at the Giza Pyramid. 
2000  Prediction: Collier says New York will cease to exist. Age of Aquarious begins. An air sign signified by revolution, inventions, humanitarianism, abstract. 11 year solar cycle expected to peak between 2000 and 2001. Solar flares are more probable in the equinox months (Mar and Sept). See Astrology cheat sheet.
May 5-10, 2000  Prediction: Nostradamus (http://www.dreamscape.com/ morgana/nosproph.htm) predicts a great earthquake. http://members.aa.net/ ~gwoiler/endtime/warnings.htm predicts planetary alignment will have the most gravitational pull on earth on this day, causing all sorts of havoc, earthquakes, weather changes, volcanos. From the book "Jupiter Effect". SDM predicts huge stock market crash. 
Jun, 2000  Prediction: Ed Dames on Jun 14, 1996 Art Bell show, says extremely high winds will hurt crops growing and blow buildings down. It will start between now and 2002. 
Dec 25, 2000  Pope John Paul 23's diary says Jesus will come again. 
2002  Prediction: Collier says Southern California will exist only as eight islands.
Aug 12, 2003  Andromodans say all ETs must be out of earth, the moon, and Mars by this date. Per Collier. This is also the date Bielek says the earth's bio mag field peaks. Strange things can happen on this date. 
Jun - Oct 2003  Andromedans say one day we may wake up and the moon will no longer be there.
Jul 2003  Andromedans say possiblity of magnetic pole shift. This will cause animals to be lost (like pigeons, whales, etc). Since about 1991 many whales have been beaching themselves at beaches around the world. Jan 1998: over 100 dolphins beach themselves and die on the beaches of Venezuela. Experts say this is the largest beaching yet.
2007-2009  Andromedans say we will have a 17 degree pole shift with Saudi Arabia becoming the new north pole.
2010-2015  www.poleshift.com (no longer in service) says the earth's crust will slip again, moving North America up 35-45 degrees. This theory first proposed by Einstein. Geological strata (like near the Atlantic ridge) clearly show the earths magnetic poles have shifted several times in the past. Catholic prophecies from 6-7th centuries also mention this as does Swami Yoganandi. 
2010  SDM says earthquake divides CA into an island. 
2012-2013  Steven Gibbs in Strange Mag talks about time travel and how during the Montauk project, scientists couldn't travel to 2012 or 2013. But when they travelled to days after 2013, they found all life on the planet was gone and cities were in ruins. He did not say if there was any evidence of wars, nuclear destruction, etc. 
Dec 23, 2012  End of Maya calendar. Supposedly the end of the world.(6) Or a major transformation?
2013  Collier says by this time everyone will be fully telepathic. Sitchin says the 12th planet Nibiru will be close to earth and Mars. Berger Funds (www.bergerfunds.com) had a graph of the DJIA in it's annual report on Dec 10, 1997. It showed that the Dow would continue upwards through the year 2013 because of baby boomer spending habits, then drop about 30% over the course of the year 2013. 
2013-2018  SDM says US fights war with China 
Dec 3, 2013  Collier says 3rd density will cease to exist.
2025  The year the greys will initialize "the transition" which means full contact. Per a grandson of a military man who retrieved an alien who survived a Roswell UFO crash. Letter from Art Bell Show. 
4000  Age of Capricorn begins. See Astrology cheat sheet


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Places, ancient astronauts

  1. China: Chinese legend talks of an alien base in the Kun Lun mountains used by "immortals who flew from their secret sanctuary to the stars." http: //sloopy.ud.ohio-state.edu /~sebring/ufo_aa.html
  2. China: legends also tell of the Dropas, small, yellow-bodied beings.
  3. Peru: The Ica stones of Peru show illustrations of advanced surgery (like heart and brain transplant, Caesarean section) and men riding dinosaurs.
  4. Tibet: The gate to the underground world of Agharti, or Arghati, is supposed to be here. Also it is possible the Indian texts describing how to build a Vimana are hidden here.