Nikola Tesla: Niagara Falls


Niagara falls and power plants, 1926: City of Niagara (upper center); Goat Island (middle center); Main Generating Plant, The Niagara Falls Power Company (upper left); Reserve Plant, The Niagara Falls Power Company (upper right)

``... with the inventions of Stanley in transformers and of Tesla in polyphase motors the entire art of electric generation and utilization was changed. It was at this critical juncture, before their work was thoroughly tested, that The Niagara Falls Power Company was formed. Our decision to adopt alternating current in the world's greatest power house settled all doubt as to the universal adaptability of alternating current and laid the foundation for the marvelous electrical development which followed: for Tesla's work received its first extensive application on the system of The Niagara Falls Power Company.''

Adopted from "Niagara Power," vol. 2, by Edward Dean Adams, pp. 369, 1927.

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