The Explosion that Changed History

It all started with the Tungusta explosion in 1907. This incredible explosion flattened trees for miles around.

The scientific survey ship Arzhan, checking on seeded colony #47 has encountered a solar flare which, through a series of unlikely events, eventually lead to a complete engine failure. The ships low orbit slowly decayed, it was all the captain could do to set it down in an relatively uninhabited spot.

Upon this forced landing it was soon deemed that the ship has sustained extreme damage. One the most important directives when dealing with seeded colonies was non-detection. It soon became apparent to the crew of scientists that the ship would have to be destroyed. They proceeded to salvage as much as they could from the now useless hulk. They loaded the scavenged pieces onto the few surviving "surface modules" and, after moving a safe distance away, activated the self destruct mechanism. The Arzhan disappeared in a blinding flash. The shock wave was minimal when compared to the total energy required for the complete disintegration.

Now the crew and scientific passenger of the lost ship were faced with the reality of having to find a new home, for the next survey ship was not due for the equivalent of 113 earth years.

They migrated south, choosing an area where the chances of discovery by natives would be minimal. They also needed an area that geographically "central" to the area of the world they were now stranded in. They chose the Tuva area of Russia. This mountainous area, although in the center of Asia, was still sparsely inhabited, isolated, and difficult to reach by conventional earth methods.

Here the set up a base, in an area specifically know as Todja. Since the original mission was to subtly guide this fledgling world, the Arzhanians decided to keep as close as possible to the great plan, and to adjust to the altered circumstance in which they found themselves.

They began by expanding the base. They manipulated global events to ensure that they would have easy access to the raw material they would need. The built up and expanded. They recruited earth natives to their cause, securing them in their youth, and raising them with specific purposes in mind.

Now they have a thriving community. Augmented by raised earth natives, and cross bred offspring, a nation has developed. Its sphere of influence spans the globe more than ever. This nations most fundamental requirement has always been to observe and guide, without being detected. Now as the time of rescue approaches, certain factions have expressed a desire to stay on earth.

To them it is less important to remain hidden. They wish to share their advance knowledge and technology in an overt manner with earth natives - for they themselves have are natives, or have begun to think themselves that way.

Here we have the present situation. The people of earth can soon expect great change as the next survey ship approaches. Whether or not the origin of this change is widely known is a question that remains to be answered. The answer lies in which thought faction prevails within this alien community.

Wait and Watch and BE AMAZED!!!

Environment Ministry Report