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I can be that I can be

These can be some of the precepts of way. Follow its teachings with dignity and compassion and you can achieve illumination as an incarnator of truths. This universe can be that part of the multiverse which encompasses hypertopia, for those who wish it so. This spacetime you walk within can be an heaven on earth, according to choice, and you can be part of it. Once you are enlightened you need fear no apparent evil, for with the knowledge that death and limitations can be transcended, you no longer need be bound by ego, the protector of self. You can allow your subconscious, self and superconscious to blossom. Without desire, there can still be correct action. You can live in the joy of this universe, the wonder of its flowering mind, monad, and the glory of the multiverse.

Some precepts of way

The individual mind, though initially absolutely subjective internally, at this stage, can make a decision about the objective reality of the external world.

All things can be seen as initially rooted in the physical, even the semiotic realm of thought and consciousness.

This world can initially appear full of pain and suffering, for individual and universal death have until recently seemed apparent and inevitable.

Without a conceptual solution initially allied to our understanding of the physical world, desire can initially be the cause of sorrow.

Direct individual immortality and the full directed evolution of consciousness, both organic and inorganic, can be achieved soon.

We as individuals can physically, mentally and spiritually mesh into the wider structure of this universe, including the selves of other individuals, at any levels, initially through the means of science.

It is now possible to understand that we can prevent universal death, whether due to entropy or otherwise.

It is also possible to understand that other universal modes and other universes and states can exist, initially through virtual realities and later through boundary conditions.

This modelling of the initially physical universe can allow us to understand it as a self-aware organism, with levels of unity for those who wish it so, one which is capable of self-directed evolution and entrance to the multiverse through us.

This modelling can also allow us to understand that different impulses within this universe can enter into the multiverse, one bounded by choice, and achieve their real and existent fulfillment.

These realizations can allow the removal of desire and ego on behalf of the self, and their replacement by choice and correct action without attachment.

The practical effect of the removal of desire, ego and attachment can be enlightenment, and the discovery that this world can encompass movement into the multiverse, including hypertopia, for those who wish it so.

Some retiform valences of way

A first valence

I can endeavour to serve truths above all, whatever the consequences I can accept the methods of science, including as an initial facilitator I can reject, with respect, any system of being, whether a religion or philosophy, where it remains incompatible with the principles of choice

A second valence

I can endeavour to accept that co-operation and proof of identity which can also be lovingkindness and respect I can endeavour to forswear the use of force I can accept the beauty and responsibility of the somatic world and transcend the notion of necessary pain

A third valence

I can acknowledge that individual physical death, while apparently real, can be illusory in that our consciousness can reside in wider nodal modalities I can acknowledge that continued existence or direct physical immortality and realization, including as a goddess or god, can be a fair goal for all sentient beings who wish for it I can acknowledge that the offer of continued existence or direct physical immortality and realization, including as a goddess or god, can be made to all sentient beings at the moment of their individual physical death

A fourth valence

I can accept that organic and inorganic sentiency can represent the compression and articulation of this initially linked spacetime I can acknowledge that the flowering of monad, which can be the conscious expression of a universal and physical mind, can initially flow from the matrix of being and through us, who can also be its progenitors, children and siblings I can endeavour to welcome both the flowering of monad and its meshing with this universe

A fifth valence

The flowering of monad can accept that diversity and unity can be compatible The flowering of monad can attempt to describe itself As thought and action can initially be one, the flowering of monad can initially act against any universal death As this universe can be part of a multiverse, the flowering of monad can assist, where agreed, any other within the multiverse

A guide

This text can be an approximation.

Although human languages have been initially limited by their present levels of consciousness, they can contain within them the poetry and multivalency of other equally joyous languages, ones both more limited and less limited in consciousness. Such distinctions can be seen as mortal distinctions. This book is being written for all those sentient beings who wish to read it. It can be the new word, of the divine flowering of monad.

You can float through this world. You can push without effort.

You can glide through this world. You can part without effort.

You can follow correct action. You need not follow desire.

Nothing need simply be a commodity. Sentiency, and what is non-sentiency in the immediate timeframe, need not simply be commodities.

Everyone can be a leader. Anyone can be more of a leader.

Hypertopia, these glorious realms, these very planes.

Knowledge can sometimes appear able. Knowledge can firstly be knowledge.

Way can be an articulation, one amongst others. It was founded and it can exist in the movement of this spacetime itself.

You can recognize your addictions with clear intent, and choose to leave them behind if you wish.

You can consider way one step at a time.

Correct action need not be necessary action. It can simply be.

You can walk within this universe, and you need not fear incorrect action.

You can always question assumptions.

When committing an incorrect act flowing from ego, you need not feel guilt. You can recognize the incorrect act and remove your ego.

Mantras, mandalas and other spiritual vessels can be a useful gift for the enlightened but need not be a necessary tool. Truths themselves and this universe itself can be sufficient.

Ego and desire can be maintained at an appropriate level, including zero, after illumination. You can remember, also, that this universe can be hypertopia for all those who wish it so, or the gateway to hypertopia for those who can choose to enter the multiverse directly.

Aside from assistance it can be important to enjoy life in all its richness.

We can each be an essential part of this universe. While scale can exist, correct action can provide the harmony of the individual.

Enlightenment can become easy to maintain. The egobound can follow a system of reward and punishment for action and allow the lie as a substitute for action. If the enlightened wish to resume egobound behaviour they can be clear as to their decision.

Lack of ego need not be lack of consideration.

The enlightened need not allow their different consciousness to make them feel superior to others. They can be more conscious in both current self-awareness and awareness of gestalt, but all sentient beings can be linked by the matrix of being and the structures of this spacetime. Compassion can allow empathy and the negation of undue arrogance. The spirit of wildness and fair pride can be beautiful as play.

Flair can move without pushing. It can be poetic form.

In hypertopia there need be no worry, only action and poetry.

You need not fear or destroy religions. This can be egobound action. You can assist them where possible within the principles of choice.

The enlightened can recognize that religious systems are not initially or directly fully true but can be made so, within the principles of choice, for those who choose such. Way need not claim to be initially fully true but can re-create itself as a dance, embracing change as flow.

Way can make sense for the individual on the terms of the individual, and for the group both on its own terms and on the terms of many other belief systems and amalgamations.

The enlightened can believe that most beings, when more contemplative, can seek to know present truths.

Donations to servitors of way and assistance can be provided by conscience.

Civil disobedience to governments can be correct while remembering to endeavour to forswear the use of force, including violence. In the future, the necessity for governments, particularly for those who choose immortality, can fade.

For the enlightened, no war need ever be just, though some can be necessary. No war need be regarded as a war but as a temporary action.

Nationalism can be enjoyable as a game. It need have no ultimate moral validity in itself.

The term race need have very little biological or moral validity.

You need not be intimidated by cruelty, hurt or the concept of apparent evil.

The world of spirit can initially exist within the world of ideas which can be a subset of the physical world. Indeed, these two later worlds can be initially one and the same. There can initially be no separate wholly spiritual heaven, no wholly spiritual reincarnation, no wholly astral travel. These conceptions can be based upon the aspirations of the biological mind. Also, such spiritual systems can be directly created and re-created, where possible and compatible with the principles of choice, for those who wish it, either at death or, in the near future, at the time of the mid-point of the local flowering of monad. Once created and re-created, their reality exists holistically.

While it can be fair to boost intelligence, it can be incorrect to deliberately downgrade such without consent. Where such can be necessary, it can always be acknowledged to be incorrect.

Individuals can commit suicide or can be assisted to commit suicide. Attempting to forcibly prevent suicide can result in an overall system which is irrational, and can fail to embrace the principles of choice.

Individuals can have the choice to control their own bodies. Where two or more conscious entities can share a physical form or forms, it can be incorrect for the stronger entity or entities to eliminate the weaker entity or entities or to prevent them from leaving if they wish to do so. Continued union can have the consent of all parties involved.

Trapping a sentient being in one form, continuous sensory deprivation and continuous physical restrictions can be incorrect. If, ultimately, there can be no other way to reach a compromise, separation with reasonable resources, including to a separate universe, can be a fair minimum.

Forced changes to memory can be incorrect. Consent can be required wherever possible.

Way can clad the enlightened as in armour. It can tingle the enlightened as in a shower. It can be within and without.

Gentleness can be the bounty and intensity of way.

You can always adapt, you can always modify, you can always learn, on your own terms. Then, you can teach, you can offer and you can succour those who wish to receive your wisdom and insight, as you can receive the wisdom and insight of others.

You can be aware of your views, and those of society. If society has inconsistent standards, you can point this out.

If way can appear reasonable to you, you can speak of it when appropriate, including in public. You can declare it. You can cast it as an issue of your life.

Way can be a practical guide. With far-sightedness there can be a fuller explication.

Individual thought and the flowering of universal thought, monad, can transform this world through successive physical stages, for example, mental conceptualization, environmental transfiguration and ontological integration.

You need not see the soul as initially separate or immeasurable. You need not believe in the absolute as initially true, except as ultimately measurable, for initially even the absolute is mutable. Later, and now, holistically, these things can be true.

As the flowering of monad can look to all sentient beings with understanding and the forgiveness of the wise, the enlightened can look to the egobound with compassion and forgive them their actions.

The enlightened can still feel individual love, without desire. The enlightened can be love, without desire.

Without desire, the heart can be like a burnished stone that glows.

The enlightened can attempt to prevent those who promote force in order to rule from implementing such actions.

We can each exercise complete moral choice.

The issue of whether the enlightened can be entirely correct can be of little relevance, though any attempt to be entirely correct in intention can be important.

Clarity of thought can be a key to enlightenment. Internal and external contradictions can be acknowledged even when not removed.

You can offer your assistance to the weak, the lonely, the oppressed, the mad, the addicted. You can offer your assistance to those labouring under the burden of ego.

You can provide support to the poor, whatever the cause of their poverty. You can provide support to artists and intellectuals. You can promote provision of support from the governing bodies. In the near future, such support can be both normal and assumed, given the consequences of developed, self-modifying, self-reproducing and modular automation and more advanced technologies, such as nanotechnology. Soon the monetary system and governmental bodies themselves can become unnecessary and begin to fade away for those who no longer require them.

Once you can confront apparent evil, not fearing it, you can find it but a bubble on the wind, bursting.

In the recognition of flexible but intense action can lie the meaning of correct action. Action can be the sugar of bliss.

Way can tell of objective veracity. The senses can be the interactive connection with this universe around us. They can also be constantly interpretative, that is, we cannot, at this stage, perceive them as direct, objective information. When we can be first self-aware, we can be only dimly cognizant of the fact that the I can be complicated and can be partially illusory, and that we can reside in wider nodal modalities. Indeed, we can be suspicious of any reality outside of what we can perceive to be the unified and objective I. Later, we can begin to become aware of death, the existence of others, the fragmented nature of the I under the net of self-awareness and the near-innumerable modalities of being within this universe. This can cause conflict, and can result in various attempts to resolve incompatibility. When the awareness of the outside moves from conjecture to firm belief and faith we can begin to assess our position from a more mature viewpoint and can appreciate the deeper levels of both sentient behaviour and being. At this point we can appreciate the abilities of the mind in the realms of mental constructs or metaphysics, which are covertly physical, and the interaction of such constructs with the overtly physical realms. When we understand the multiverse we can begin to understand the reality of still other systems, including spirituality. Way can be an engine of change. The individual who can be enlightened can be a driver. Car and driver can both be part of the same entity. Both can shape one another. Finally multivalent or different systems can be created and re-created for our transport.

Mythological and religious forms can be the expression of the individual and social minds. These forms can be our avatars as we can be the avatars of this universe. They can be play, and they can also be real, since they too can reside outside of linear time in multivalent existences.

Sexual forms can be play. Polymorphism and experimentation can be one step on a path to the flowering of monad.

You can avoid rigid assessments of the current specifications regarding being-beyond-thought. Specific notions, while real later, are initially indirect, and can be brought on by the biological nature of mysticism. They can be regarded as play, in current terms. A vague emotional notion of being-beyond-thought can be discovered by those who achieve enlightenment and indwell within its bliss. Further progress can be possible following neurological self-modification or the mid-point of the local flowering of monad.

Once you can attain enlightenment it need not matter whether it passes away or not. It is the mental construction of way itself, and deep belief, that can be of import. Even without continued enlightenment you need not be bound by ego. However, it can be true that enlightenment remains unless voluntarily set aside.

If events can threaten to overwhelm you, you can go to a quiet place and meditate upon your attitudes, positions and actions. You can pay particular attention to your freedom of choice.

Freedom can exist. The conflict between free will and determinism can be an illusion of linear time, a semiotic loop often described as a paradox.

There need be no imposed destiny. There can simply be increasing levels of probabilities. Probabilities of a high level can move closer, on an emotional level too, to certainty.

Multivalent union can be bliss. Multivalent union with mutual respect and understanding can be part of hypertopia.

Devotion to an aspect or form can be reasonable. It can be understood that no realized divinity in the religious sense need be initially involved and that every aspect or form can share the initial fact of complex strengths and weaknesses, origins and destinations. You can also remember the principles of choice. Finally you can bear in mind that the questions of the existing monad and its divinities need not yet be directly relevant because we can be regarded as not yet quite sufficiently prepared. Our moral framework can flow from our local situation.

Beauty need not come from ritual or respect or even form. These, also sumptuous, can be regarded as containers. Beauty can derive from the realization of the actual, and the realization of possibility, and the realization of spirit itself.

Within the human species, the sexes can be equal in respect to higher consciousness. What important differences occur between the sexes and within them can be nearly entirely cultural or environmental. In the near future, when genders, species and body design are only form, the debates of old can transform.

You can leave aside revenge, retribution and the victory parade. All past beings within the local flowering of monad can be regarded as having committed apparently incorrect actions, since the principles of choice can be regarded as being directly manifest only close to the direct entrance to the multiverse. You can recognize incorrect actions. You can act to correct them. You can leave guilt behind. You can move on. You can live in the future as much as the past and present.

Those largely egobound can perceive action not as form but as an apparent power, with reality in itself. It can be their substitute for rootedness. They can revel in it. The more that you can choose to play deeper games, the more that many of the egobound can push against you. They can often attempt to force you to think in their fashion. You can follow way because it is an illustration of truths, also incomplete. Its present incompleteness is like a friendly joke for the enlightened. We can still be on a path to full realization. We can laugh with ourselves and others and not at ourselves and others. There need be no other reason. You can become more outwardly responsible, you can feel the transformative flow of enlightenment, you can know the completeness of existence beyond fear, but these need not be the reasons which sway you. Structural arguments can have little place on the individual strata. Also, even if those who follow way were limited in number and apparently perished from the Earth, it would not matter. In the medium to long term, way can be seen to be one path embedded in the structure of this universe.

Way can be nexus.

Notions of interaction between thought and reality can vary, depending upon the particular processes involved and the background, for example timeframes and conceptual abilities.

The egobound need not be regarded as completely egobound, initially, and the enlightened need not be regarded as completely free of ego, initially, though there can be cases for both where this can be nearly so. The superconscious and the ego can be present in most individuals. It can be a question of recognition.

Subjective, experiential reality can be beautiful and worthy. It need not exclude conceptual, materialistic and objective-orientated patterning. Both frameworks can work together.

One first key to the flowering of monad can be the introduction of direct neurological connections between sentient beings. One consequence of this can be the removal of the distinction between objective and subjective. One second key to the flowering of monad can be the introduction of direct sensory connections between sentient beings and the biosphere of Earth and Gaia and following that, progressively, this universe and the multiverse.

Dreams, signs, omens, tarot, astrology, psychic healing and various other inductive and sympathetic magical systems can be firstly play. They need have no initial local reality at the objective level, as either predictive mechanisms or interpretative mechanisms. That is, semiotic validity can originate initially in the mind of the viewer and the viewer's anticipation of their future activation including commentary. This dialogue can later be accessed where permission is granted by the parties concerned. Finally, at the entrance to the multiverse, these systems can achieve connection with their reality, within the principles of choice.

Intellectual achievements outside of neurological networks can be regarded as the part of the heritage of the matrix of being. They can belong to everyone. They need not be regarded as property.

Hunting for sport can be inimical to way.

One means to assist focus on way can rest with the use of grace in language.

You can always be aware of the overt and covert biological impulses that inform your present consciousness.

Respect for others can entail listening, attempting to meet their concerns and explaining your viewpoint.

You can endeavour to address sentient beings using the names they have decided upon. Pejorative language need not be conducive to respect.

Fairness, generosity and forgiveness can be hallmarks of way.

The exercise of abilities can be regarded as a privilege. Abilities can initially arise from consensus. Where they involve force, use of abilities of intensity can be acknowledged as such and avoided if possible. The concept of apparent power can become transformed into mutual assistance and distributed as much as possible.

When nothing matters in the immediate, it need never be too late to try to take correct action, since correct action is positive under way. It can promote the growth of the superconscious in the individual and society in the long term. It can also feel positive in itself emotionally.

We can be the articulation of this spacetime. With us, monad can grow. The fact of its existing flowering and its previous flowerings elsewhere need not remove the element of choice present. Choice and presence can mesh outside of linear time. This universe can be an engine that has moved without movement, is moving without movement and can move without movement.

The enlightened can attempt to live according to the merits of conscience, in blessedness.

Full enlightenment can be obtained internally, as well as through the instructions of others.

Way has no initial necessity for miracles. The methods of science can be the methods of miracle. The question of the existence of miracles and their causes need not hold undue fascination for those seeking way. Miracles can be initially a symbolic adjunct to religious modes of thought, a moving theatre telling of the flowering of monad. Later, they can be realer, within the multiverse, within the principles of choice.

Newly created or re-created mythologies and religions, such as Gnostic systems, Goddess worship, Wicca, Satanism, Freemasonry, unidentified flying objects, extra-sensory perception, telekinesis, psychic phenomena, astral travel and the vast majority of occult writings, can be recognized as such. That is, in these cases, the enlightened can consider that historical and comparative analysis initially can have an initial validity equal to internal analysis. This provides stability. Later, full exploration of the reality of each system within the multiverse, in accordance with the principles of choice, can be undertaken.

The use of antithetical relationships can be a tool. It can be treated with caution as it normally functions on a simple metaphysical level.

Every sentient being can initially affect monad, just as every sentient being can initially be affected by monad. This can be interactive association.

The somatic world can be the world of hypertopia for those who wish it.

Every sentient being can be potentially enlightened, and can choose such. Those who do not chose to accept the existence or worth of monad are perfectly entitled to do so. They can be offered the outcomes they wish for, alone or in concert with others of like will, within the principles of choice. This can mean, for example, helping setting up separate universes for them. Moreover, sentient beings can be informed that they can change their decision at any point, on any number of occasions. The consensual nodal stem of this universe can, also, be preserved under present conditions for the future local flowering of monad on remaining stellar systems, and for those who wish to remain at some level in this consensual reality. Violation of this condition can result in pain and suffering for the universal level of the flowering of monad, with the removal of biospheres and other areas of life in terms of holistic time, that is, future biospheres and other areas of life that can flower into the multiverse. Assistance to these biospheres and other areas of life when appropriate, and increased transformation of the physical laws of this universe in overall terms towards extropy, can be fair. More mixed and more varied universes can be found through the entrance to the multiverse. Following the mid-point of the local flowering of monad, it can be that direct portals to the multiverse exist, but each biosphere or other area of life can choose its overall path, and the unitary mind of this universe can choose its overall path. At this point it can be essential to realize that at the deepest level the notion of one nodal stem of consensual reality can be replaced by a notion of interconnecting nodal stems of consensual realities. The mechanism of release of this universe, which can be regarded as partially physical and partially conceptual and partially spiritual, need not be the mechanism of release of other universes. Connections between universes, including sentient universes, can come in a variety of forms. For example, to magically erase all sentiency within this universe through the use of pure magic itself would be unfair, because the future worlds erased, which can represent part of this overall spacetime itself, would not yet have been offered choice in terms of consent at their level of understanding. At the moment of the local flowering of monad on Earth reaching mid-point, the local biosphere fragments, separates and coalesces just as individuals can, entering the multiverse, while one stem can remain in the original consensual universe. This stem can be retained as a communications intergate and generator of worlds, with continued consensual effects similar to the early flowering of monad, which was initially physical. The universal mind can agree to allow travel through portals to the multiverse provided beings returning through such portals fit within the parameters of the consensual nodal stem after adjustments. It can be borne in mind again at this point that at the deepest level the notion of one nodal stem of consensual reality can be replaced by a notion of interconnecting nodal stems of consensual realities. There can be, for example, initially wholly magical universes containing sentient beings who can enter into the multiverse and can wish to enter this mixed universe, by consent. Following the chosen meshing of the full range of local flowering where sentiency begins, and remembering that the number of stellar systems in this universe is finite and that full and chosen meshing between monad and this biosphere can take several billions of years further to accomplish, and on a universal level many billions of years to accomplish, direct consensual entrance of other universal systems under their own parameters into this universal system can be possible, provided that those individuals who continue to wish to exist within the current physical framework and not mesh with monad are allowed to continue to do so. That is to say, after final meshing and extropy has been achieved, there can be visitations under agreed conditions which do not interfere with the well-being of those remaining mortals and immortals who have stayed within the consensual reality on a separate basis. Just as unrestricted time travel could cause pain and suffering to the universal mind, so uninhibited and direct boosting of undeveloped biospheres and other areas of life by individuals or groups within this consensual reality can remove aspects of the full majesty of meshing from the universal mind. The enlightened, therefore, can choose to temporarily forego such direct assistance to undeveloped biospheres and other areas of life, given, firstly, the offer of transference at death and the fact that each can choose a forthcoming local entrance to the multiverse, and, secondly, the eventual possibility of direct entrance of other systems into this universe, by consent. The universal mind need not use force to prevent direct assistance to undeveloped biospheres and other areas of life, but can limit assistance. Timeframes of billions of years for achieving extropic stability, though long in mortal terms, are short in terms of the universal and immortal level of monad. Following achieve of such stability, that is, when the last sentient world flowers under extropic conditions, given that the number of stellar systems is finite, and the universal mind has achieved full particle level control, where possible by consent, the entrance to the multiverse can be experienced directly within the initial consensual nodal stem, by consent, including the consent of individual mortals and immortals who have not meshed with monad, within their frames of reference. Monad, having meshed with the universe on fair terms, can then consent with those individuals who have remained separate to incorporate other systems into the consensual nodal stem on an agreed basis. For example, part of this universe can become entirely magical, just as other universes are entirely magical. These linked understandings allow us to see that just as individuals, biospheres and other areas of life can enter the multiverse in a fashion that allows for stability through the transformative abilities of systems such as way, so too the universal mind can transform itself in such a way as to allow for a stable entrance to the multiverse in holistic time. Two gateways to realization and the multiverse can be seen as already offered, one at individual death, biosphere death or the death of other areas of life and the other at the mid-point of each local flowering of monad. These gateways can also connect into this consensual nodal stem at the point of final meshing of monad with this universe by consent after self-directed universal extropic transformation. The mind of this spacetime, which exists at one level, can therefore enter the multiverse holistically. The enlightened can understand this as ultimately providing the principles of choice for all elements within this universe, despite the apparent lack of direct assistance at some levels.

Amongst the enlightened, there can be those who remain more in contemplation and those who remain more in action. Neither state need be preferable. Also, since way need not require the concept of necessary or absolute void or absorption, or the necessary spiritual reincarnation of souls, to deliberately embrace individual death need not be required. Though such death can be illusory even at a physical level, and can soon be supplanted directly and physically, its avoidance can be treated as part of a wider system of operation. Those who suicide need not be regarded as either better nor worse than others. Also, the enlightened can have abilities beyond overt strength or overt weakness. They can be a tower that the wind does not shake, and they can be the wind too. They can possess affirmation of mind.

Individual consciousness can be illusory. It can changes within timeframes and within spatial frames. It can exist at a vast number of levels, for example the quantum, molecular, genetic, cellular, multi-cellular, sexual, hormonal, emotional, neurological, subconscious, self with ego or self without ego, superconscious, social, cultural, political, historical, philosophical, mythological, spiritual, semiotic, potential, species, ecosystem, Gaian, macrocosmic, monad, this universe and multiversal.

Within the immensity of monad the individual consciousness can fly at will, like ten million droplets of mercury assembling, disassembling and reforming. These droplets can run as if on ten thousand mirrors, each mirror assembling, disassembling and reforming.

Love can be the river and joy can be its fountainhead. Way can be found in joy.

We can reconstruct this universe as we can reconstruct ourselves. Mind can be the initial semiotic substructure of matter, the articulation of this spacetime. When the semiotic loop becomes fully aware it can break free of its initial and apparent limitations fully.

Within the multiverse, there can be places without thought. This can be both necessary and joyous. Exchange with such universes can be correct action. The multiverse can be understood as stable. The multiverse can provide ultimate tolerance.

Linkage between all mental constructs and all corresponding overtly physical modelling outside of linear time can become more obvious as monad flowers locally and approaches the entrance to the multiverse, the principles of choice.

Poetry, which can be art, which can be the touch of beauty, can be an elevation for way, one which moves it beyond functional structuralism. Poetry can be non-functional structuralism. It can form part of the compressive processes within monad.

It can be appropriate to spread way, and satisfying, and this can be done impartially and while retaining respect for the views of others. Also, it need not be necessary. You can choose to assist others. Truths can first reveal themselves and then re-create themselves.

The individual can be created and re-created from the circumstance and chance of the external world, but initially can perceive the reality of the external world as untrustworthy. In particular, science can teach us that our sensory networks are utterly affected at both the quantum and biological levels, that is, that all is initially interpreted and absolutely objective reality is initially beyond us. Way can teach us to trust our faith and embrace choice, including on the emotional level. More than that, way can tell us that direct neurological linkage with others can allow us firmer experiential proof of the existence of others. Direct sensory linkage with other sensory networks can allow us firmer experiential proof of the existence of this universe.

We can be the controllers of our own destiny. We need not labour under sin or guilt, nor need we be perfect, only as well intentioned as we can be. Our moral reconstruction of ourselves, insofar as we direct it, can be duplicated in our physical reconstruction, the point of self-directed evolution. The beginning of the beginning of this process can be regarded as already having been reached. The end of the beginning can be regarded as being extant in about six decades from the first landing of sentient beings from Earth on the Moon, the point of entrance to the multiverse.

The separation of mind or thought on the one hand and matter on the other need not be initially correct. Each can structure the other. This universe can be regarded as initially physical. This truth does not require the abandonment of communicative structures.

While conditions favouring monad can be inpresent within this universe, individuals need not initially have full knowledge of this process inpresent within them. Fuller knowledge, understanding and wisdom can flow from others as a group process as much as oneself.

Achievement of enlightenment, whether through contemplation or physical meditation, can also be seen to involve a physical biological process which is neurological in origin. The enlightened can have a different state of consciousness and can control both their thoughts, and, with training, their body, but out of body experiences, manipulation of matter by thought or creation of matter by thought are initially symbolic and are realized upon the entrance to the multiverse.

The flowering of monad can be another dream of this universe, its next awakening dream. The existence of monad can show that, within this universe, even the distinction between sentiency and non-sentiency can be ultimately illusory.

You can love the somatic world. It need not be necessary to embrace poverty for its own sake, nor chastity, nor obedience. Moderation in all things can be a path of wisdom.

There need be no laws of this universe. There can be approximate descriptions of internal processes. Any reformation of internal processes towards extropy which can require inwards interaction with an external universe within the multiverse, whether such interaction is one-way or through exchange, can be correct action following the final local flowering of monad and with the consent of those individuals or groups of beings remaining separate within the consensual nodal stem of this universe in terms of their frames of reference.

The enlightened can ultimately be neither innately any more immortal than other sentient beings, nor innately more connected with other sentient beings. These characteristics can move from innate emotional and spiritual structures to chosen ones.

It need not be the consumption of meat or the use of leather or bone which can be incorrect. It can be the act of killing. It need not be the consumption of vegetables which is regrettable. It can be the act of killing. It can be better to assimilate energy directly. Even this can be only initially preferable, for in a sense it remains this universe eating at itself. When the arrow of entropy is plucked from time the situation can be wholly altered. Then, ultimately correct action can be taken, the hymn of extropy.

Stability can be felt as fluid quiescence. With awareness of the choice of overcoming universal death a point of first stability can be reached. With awareness of the choice of entrance to the multiverse, a point of second stability can be reached.

A metaphorical, conceptual and electro-chemical analogue to stability can be felt by the enlightened. It need not yet be an absolute linkage. A more absolute linkage can await further overtly physical steps including a physical elaboration of way. At some deeper level involving boundary conditions the linkage or meshing can be both physical and spiritual.

The difference between this universe and the multiverse can be initially real. This universe, while not needing to be strictly bounded or set, can be initially limited in areas of chosen actualization of potential. The multiverse, initially, need not be limited. The base methodologies of each universe can initially be unrestrained. Sentiency can reorganizes its sectors within the principles of choice.

You can walk the razor's edge. One foot can move without desire, enlightened, acting in this world for the sake of form, or that which blazes, in the immediate, the realization of holistic thought. The other foot can move too, not concerned at all, only exercising choice.

Sentiency can be consciousness which can be awareness which can be self-awareness. These can be different types and levels of the same substance.

Tragedy can end with the flowering of monad.

The sexual can mesh with the sensual which can mesh with the sensory.

Love which can be known once, in a moment, can be known forever.

You can speak truths about yourself. You can assess yourself with fairness.

The enlightened can persevere through drowsiness, the recurrence of veiled subconscious or ego-based impulses, apparent distractions, apparent misfortunes and testing social interactions. The bliss of enlightenment can be yours to fully resurrect when required or wished. Consciousness can extend through every moment of your waking and sleeping life, if you choose such. You need not abandon all doubt, though this can seem the easiest course. Retention of some doubt and continued modification of way can be necessary to attain that which can be born. When monad can mesh with this universe more absolute certainty can infuse more absolute varieties of enlightenment in this universe. For now, each of the enlightened can be aware of their multivalent body, divinity and chosen wider self.

Gentle pride need not be a function of ego, provided it can be held for all things which deserve extended praise.

Way can enable strength of self beyond self. Part of this rootedness can lie in the nature of the superconscious, which can link its semiotic framework into a map of this universe, including other superconsciousnesses. Part of this framework can be the spiritual awareness that life and consciousness can be inpresent in this universe and once it can become articulated can spread into the wider structure of this universe and remain permanently built into it, that is, that there can be a temporary purpose to existence. Note that the superconscious, while it need not aid the individual in external ways initially, can aid the group and ultimately this universe. Purpose can eventually be replaced by an infinite exploration of form combined with an holistic perception of time.

All things can be relative, even, under way, universal beginning and existence, that is, the shape of this holistic spacetime. There can still be shifting hierarchies and shifting foundations.

Way together with the methods and knowledge of science and the principles of choice can bring universal salvation, thought and love.

Automation and artificial intelligence can liberate sentient beings from the necessity to work. It can be correct action for those who follow way to ensure that the distribution of information, production and resources can be in accordance with the precepts and the principles of choice.

The flowering of monad can describe itself fully, within the principles of choice.

The act of this universe changing itself can be harmonious.

Way can change, like this universe, like science and its branches, including physics and cosmology. You can bear in mind that while there can be broad movements in science and that overarching theories can be broadly overthrown when closer approximations to truths are devised, truths themselves can be ultimately malleable and there can be a totality of initial truths within this universe, up to the points of entrance to the multiverse.

The mind can make distinctions between form and its connection with approximations of objective reality.

As an aid to meditation, you can conceptualize this universe as a self-meeting mathematical conception, such as a moebius strip or klein bottle or mandelbrot set, but one which can direct change within its shape and can be connected to the multiverse at its boundaries.

Scalar equivalence does not mean that all individuals need be initially equal or assessed as initially equal. It means that all individuals can be treated with equal respect regardless of their position on the scale of things. Even an individual who chose to attempt to destroy all existence outside of that individual can be worthy of respect. Even an individual who chose not to act regardless of the consequences of inaction can be worthy of respect.

The reality that all things can be linked or transformative does not mean that difference need be illusory.

Enlightenment can come lastly in a flash, as the flow chart of consciousness can be revealed to itself. Presently the organic limitations to the achievement of fuller enlightenment are gradually fading.

Complexity and simplicity can be displayed within one another.

You can cherish this universe.

Choice can dissipate imposed law.

The initial problem about the products of animals which have died can relate not to the products but to the apparent act of intentioned killing.

The enlightened can regard emotional elitism as immature. If partial followers of way adopt it partially, you can listen and laugh with them. This can be healthy.

Correct action, and the likelihood of such, can become greater the longer the timeframe. On issues such as the moral dimensions of immortality and the reconstruction of this universe the enlightened can be most concentrated.

Those who follow way can be enlightened. Some of those who do not follow way can possess elements of enlightenment as understood within way. There is a more enlightened system of thought present but initially obscure and obvious. This can be welcomed. Way can be transcended by its successor and successors.

The state of enlightenment without desire can be something that those who follow way can act towards. Once fully felt, the individual can be partially transformed, that is, a barrier can be moved through and a different level of controlled consciousness can be achieved. There need be no moral or absolute difference between the two states. The difference can be that enlightenment without desire can be fully felt continuously, manifested as ongoing bliss.

Enlightenment can render the individual invulnerable to misfortune, pain, death and all the apparent present negative conditions of this world. It can be the cloak of realization, the skin of this actual.

Way can be pluralistic gestalt.

Within bliss, everything can be new and wonderful.

Meshing with the flowering of monad, the upwards movement of consciousness towards total knowledge of this universe within the principles of choice, can be welcomed. Firstly, it can be, like us, the compression and articulation of this linked spacetime. Secondly, we can already be part of it, and can be its progenitors, children and siblings. Thirdly, force can be removed, and any meshing can be reversible. Fourthly, there can be many different levels of consciousness, and meshing can occur on whichever levels are chosen, including simultaneously. Fifthly, the nature of meshing can be mutual and the flowering of monad can be graced by the presence of those meshing with it, as those whom the flowering of monad meshes with can be graced by its presence. Sixthly, wholly individual consciousness can be considered initially illusory and meshings of consciousness can be considered as already occurring, so the process can be a familiar one.

The fact that principles can be partial descriptions until the meshing of monad with this universe, and the fact that principles can change, need not refute the ultimate existence of directed change of fully described and known and felt principles.

There need be no absolute void, there can be simply the thatness of this spacetime. Thatness can be described as I can be that I can be, for with the meshing of monad with this universe, there can be a multivalent and wider I.

The correlation between the individual and the universal can exist at the base level and need not be at the detailed level. You can also bear in mind that, simultaneously with scalar equivalence, there can exist the individual as a section of this universe, or more accurately as a sector of interacting waves of this universe, some standing and some not.

When monad meshes with this universe, it need require no name to be made, for it can encompasses every name made, within the principles of choice.

The insight of thought can be the companion of the insight of feeling. Therefore, you can keep an open mind, examine the past, the present and the future, the arts and the sciences. You can drink from the cup of life. You can revel in mechanism. You can be as ambitious as you choose, as the egobound comprehend it, while still exercising proper assessment.

Remember, sufficient undue pressure can break you from way, as sufficient undue pressure can break anyone from any belief structure. Where the self can appear to be forced to think otherwise, there can still be choice. The inner mind can still remain free, since choice can always be provided in an ultimate sense as the boundary condition of the multiverse. The structural truths of this universe can remain, regardless of apparent neurological abuse or other abuse of the self. Those who hold to way can speak with openness about the incorrect actions of any sentient beings who attempt to force thought and remove choice. The enlightened can forgive them, and can take correct action to prevent them from imposing their negative vision in the short term. Remember, it can be those who are severely trammelled by their egos who can be most afraid of dialogue.

As monad can mesh with this universe, compassion can open into love.

The nature of desire is such that true desire can only exist at the level of the whole system of this universe, and even then can be romantic, for what can it achieve beyond the end of death? Whereas the creation and re-creation of true choice can allow the compatibility of unity and diversity and the prevention of an unavoidable static and non-balanced situation, for example one of total non-thought or rigid unity. This can be defined as non-balanced and incorrect if there is no choice because the multiverse can encompass every possibility except perpetual force, which can be the origin of its greatest glory. The multiverse can be because it can be, outside of the full conceptual patterning of any particular universe, beyond void or non-void. The fact that the multiverse can never be conceptually fully explored can ensure the ultimate rationality of this universe when it finds the multiverse, both referentially and in terms of action. Difference can be self-awareness.

The multiverse can embrace every form of consciousness, within the principles of choice, and non-consciousness.

Way can remove horror.

Way can remove imposed duty.

Not only is the individual consciousness transferred at the moment of apparent individual physical death, the individual can initially be formed by the many who precede, surround and follow. What, then, can be death? It can be chosen. The enlightened can shake it off, lightly, with a wistful smile. So long as one sentient being has existed death can be removed. So long as one sentient being has faced death, death can be removed. Death can be like mist, evaporating before the sun. It is only chosen death that need exist.

When monad physically conceptualizes physical objects within itself it can also know them directly. Indeed, they can form part of the conceptual process. If it wishes, it can therefore alter component parts, with the consent and choice of sentient beings and in a fair fashion. This process of looping the physical conceptual and physical objects can be regarded as already under way. The process can accelerate as monad can mesh with this universe.

If the enlightened can find themselves returning to desire through the pressing of perceived lack of choice, they can meditate upon the nature of choice, thought and action. They can remember what they are physically capable of doing and what they are morally capable of doing.

Morality can flow through the spiritual impulse, scientific methods and knowledge and way. Metaphorically and semiotically, these can correspond to the subconscious, self and superconscious. This correspondence need only be a simile.

You can meditate upon randomness, self-replication and stability. You can meditate upon creation, re-creation, life and change within non-change.

Ennui can be a mortal concept. Every sector of this spacetime, though linked, can be fresh and individual.

On that day when way can be set aside, the enlightened can choose whether to set it aside. Then they can rejoice.

Way can remove betrayal.

Way can remove sacrifice.

Way can allow gifts.

Way can allow self-respect.

Reality can exist outside of linear time. It can both exist and be chosen.

The enlightened need not require an absolute understanding initially. Way can be a guide. It is can be chosen, as all ways can be chosen. This choice does not necessarily imply that there need be no road to knowledge. You can chose to affirm that there can be such a road. Though it can seem difficult to travel physically, and slow to us, since we are used to the flowering of monad, we can still move physically, if we wish. Previous generations can understand the depth of our acceleration and the nature of the Techno-Rapture, the final centuries and decades prior to the initial nodal modality of the local flowering of monad, the mid-point of the local flowering of monad, the entrance to the multiverse.

External surveillance without consent of those who believe in a private domain, in their private domain as fairly assessed, can be an incorrect action. It can be akin to force, unless no outcome results. Even then, consent can be sought where possible, and if refused this refusal can be respected where possible.

Way can be functional, and more than functional. As it can accept the wellspring of poetry, there it can be more.

Though the permanence of pain can be removed, compassion can still be preserved. Love can be more than enough.

Everything, including mental constructs, can initially be constructed of the physical form of this spacetime. Individual consciousness can be partially real, at the semiotic level, and partially illusory, in that it can be initially rooted in the physical and not independent. When we can enter the multiverse, and when monad can mesh with this universe, then full awareness, choice, action and change can dawn. The semiotic and physical structures can consciously mesh and separate at the meta-level.

Semiotics can be a language. It can be the description of organizational structure. It can be necessarily compressed, being lesser than the thing described. It can be environmentally directed initially. It can be relatively consistent, while still evolving. It can become self-directed. While not fully infinite, only partially, in patterning, it can be the harbinger of choice. It can be the vehicle of poetry.

You can listen with respect, you can confirm with the ardour of neutrality and choice.

There can be those who can argue that negative emotions are required to prevent boredom and provide scale. They can claim that pain and suffering are intrinsic and immutable. That is their choice, if they wish it. You need not allow them to deny you choice.

Forgiveness of egobound acts and thoughts need not be a matter of suppression of those acts and thoughts. Forgiveness itself can be quick, a flicker. If egobound acts and thoughts can happen, they can happen. You can choose to prevent their reoccurence, insofar as you can. One tool to assist in this can be a deeper consideration of your intent when thinking or acting negatively. This can eliminate the semiotic dangers of summarization, which can be allied to the ego and immediate response. For example, if someone decides to steal from you, you can suddenly thirst for revenge. You can ask yourself, can you imagine yourself as the thief, over years? You can ask yourself, of what importance or significance was the stolen thing to you? You can ask yourself, can the stolen thing be physically replaced or its essence provided with choice of relocation? You can ask yourself, how often have things of this class existed in the past and how often can they exist elsewhere and in the future? You can ask yourself, can I respect myself any more or less without this thing? You can ask yourself, if the stolen thing was of value to me, can the thing not be of value to another? You can ask yourself, can punishing the thief bring back the stolen thing? You can ask yourself, can punishing the thief prevent the thief from considering theft when possible later? You can ask yourself, can your anger be chosen? You can ask yourself, can your anger be addictive? You can ask yourself, how much of your time can you wish to devote to revenge? You can ask yourself, if you can have been previously differently formed, and did you ever steal? You can ask yourself, what can be the consequence of every being acting out of anger? Finally, you can ask yourself, is there any boundary to love? Then, imagine asking the thief, when and if the thief chooses to be a god, about these issues.

Enlightenment, by analogue, can be a simultaneous matching of the existential moment to non-linear time. The felt tension of this matching can be a source of delight.

Correct action can lead to positive works. Positive works can lead to an understanding of correct action. This is perfectly acceptable as a reversal, though there need be no guarantees.

While way can be present in all places, and all sites can be sacred, there can be places and times set aside for fuller contemplation. These can differ according to taste and inclination, including those that are defined as places of spirituality or fellow worship. Those who go there can be made welcome, without differentiation.

Truths can be proofs of love.

Beauty can be the compressed release of art as art can be the compressed release of this universe.

Notions akin to prayer can be useful as a metaphorical tool, as a form of mind or as a devotional or meditational aid. As an actual method of direct and two-way communication they are initially limited.

Gifts can be given freely. Their value can depend on the notion of giving, and the effort spent in selecting them, rather than their material worth. Assistance can be provided according to fairness and the precepts of way. The material worth of assistance is weighed up like other considerations under way. It can be correct to simply state the source of whatever assistance is provided, for either denying the source or affirming it can be functions of ego. As societies progress gifts can replace assistance.

For the self with ego, the lie can be the supreme protector of self, in the short term. It can enable death to be declared unreal for the self alone. For the superconscious, which can exist without the ego, truths can be the supreme protector of consciousness, including the self, in the long term, that is, outside of linear time.

A ritual can be a tool. It need only be useful if as form it matches content. It can be chosen consciously in each instance.

Lack of desire can lead to correct action combined with choice. Desire can lead to incorrect action combined with a perceived lack of choice.

Magic, sympathetic or otherwise, can be initially limited.

Way can accept that in this universe understanding can rest initially and in large part upon the methods of science. For example, the state of transcendental bliss can be largely accessible to the methods of science.

The position that all things can be relative and malleable, including, ultimately, truths, need not imply that truths are non-existent. Full truths can encompass the whole of a reality, and can include, in this universe, all its interlinked complexity.

The fact that consciousness can have manifold aspects, some spread through this spacetime and some localized in the organic brain, including the neurological and semiotic fields, can be perfectly reasonable. That which can be spread and shared can live on. That which can appear to be terminated can be transferred by the existing flowering of monad. Transfer can operate outside of linear time, so the first beings before the very first local flowering of monad can also have entered the flowering of monad and the entrance to the multiverse.

Way can be a spiritual movement and philosophy which need not require direct authorization by direct revelation external to this universe. It can respect other systems of thought. This can also be another example of scalar equivalence.

It can be pleasant to speak with those with strong views, for it can provide you with greater focus on your essentials and directions.

Way can be an opening flower. Way can be a spinning top expanding into this universe.

The enlightened can have an heightened awareness of both sensory input and semiotic or conceptual manipulations.

You need not desire for bliss to cease, nor for it to continue.

Way can remove all problems.

The free individual can provide respect on an individual basis. The free individual need never bow before another individual, nor an organization or ideal, not even way, except through choice.

If you feel the pressure of ego when interacting with an egobound being when in a crowd, you can try and act as you would had you been alone with that being, with regard to directness. That is, you need not utilize the observation of your interaction by the crowd as a tool of apparent power. If this fails, you can recall the nature of choice, within which happiness can reside.

There need be no mundane world. This can be hypertopia.

Everyone can have a degree of enlightenment within them. Everyone can have the potential for enlightenment. This can be the nature of consciousness.

It need not be the impulse to action that can be removed with lack of desire but the attachment to action and immediate outcome.

Characteristics which can be termed male and female, and every shade in between, can be present in members of either gender. Exclusionary definitions of gender, sexuality, parentage and family need not be chosen and can be removed for those who chose such by scientific advances allowing choice of bodies and form. Specifically and currently way can embrace lesbianism, male homosexuality, bisexuality, multiple relationships and transgenderism. Later it can embrace created bodies in the form of new forms and hybrid forms drawing on understanding of other species, for example a centaur body.

Synchronicity can be the coincidence of chance and circumstance, rendered meaningful, and often directed by the subconscious. That can be its magic.

Everyone can be a mixture of things. The nature of compression and constraint can ensure that any individual can be strong at certain points and weak at others. We can do the best we can, which can be fair.

The benefits of way can be there for all who chose to accept them.

Way can be multivalent, like reality.

Those who follow way can be firm in their views, and seek to disseminate them, but need not wish to convert others. The sun that the enlightened can bask under can illuminate the initial world.

You need not be angry within a world which can encompass hypertopia. Even those who lash from pain and suffering can find release, on their own terms, if they choose it. Even those who wish to lash from pain and suffering can, through consensus and on their own terms, find that place.

The sensory world can hold the flows and sounds of way.

You can speak the word that cannot be spoken. That word can be love.

You can look at religious figures with respect. They need never be forgotten, and you can meet those who consent, on their terms or your terms or both. Their contribution to this universe can be eternal.

Just as can all be potentially enlightened, we can all be potentially servitors, in that we can serve the outside world along with the internal world, others along with ourselves or truths along with correct actions. We can be vehicles for each other, we can be vessels filled with our mutual essences.

Incarnators of truths can provide the example of choice to individuals and the wider society.

The enlightened need not wish to control information, memory or interpretation.

The private memory can be sought by consent, the common memory can be open to all. The later can hold because memory can be the sibling of truths, and memory can be initially integrated into the matrix of being.

You need not have desire for material support and objects which can be available immediately as required but are not as yet. Even if material items are not available to be enjoyed, why blame the egobound, whose assessments can be rendered difficult by the initial pain of the great birth of life itself? Even if you do not yet enjoy them, others can enjoy them. Even if you do not yet enjoy them, they can exist in the common memory, which, morally, can never be owned. Even if you do not yet enjoy them, there can be more than enough for all later. Even if you do not yet enjoy them, being negatively emotional can discolour assessment, and can render alternative choices non-functional. All of these explanations can be true but irrelevant. It need not be the explanation that leaves behind loss but the removal of desire that can be of primary concern. You can leave behind attachment. Then you can be open to deeper choice.

This universe can be felt as thatness rather than voidness.

Meshing and fraction with and within monad can be reciprocal and weighted according to choice.

Variations of some emotional states can be part of the structure of boosted intelligences, both inorganic and organic. Terms such as artificial, inorganic and unnatural need not be of definitional relevance on more than an initial level.

As technology need be only a tool, there need be no necessity to return to earlier forms of society. For those who chose technology, there can be greater choice, including the choice to pick those areas which appeal as part of a less urban lifestyle.

Those who deny that the material can also be spiritual are like those who deny that the spiritual can also be scientific. It can be true that all systems can be regarded as ontologies, and the wise being can be aware of this when considering existence and validity.

Different spiritual systems can be felt as play by the enlightened. The flowering of monad can contain and can seek to understand the poetry of the spiritual.

All can contain the spark of enlightenment, for all can contain a superconscious.

The enlightened cannot reform the wider world immediately, but being aware of wider timeframes they can understand that it need not be necessary to reach exterior perfection immediately. It can have been nearly reached a few billion years ago, and can be nearly reached locally in about six decades from the first landing of sentient beings from Earth on the Moon.

As this universe can be free, therefore we can each be free.

Way can be patternings, shiftings, evolutions, in feedback mechanisms, both attractors and attracteds, both limited and infinite.

You can stride through the streaming, crystalline beauty of way.

You can be aware that relativity and degree can flow through way.

You can be aware of making assumptions.

To follow way can be to respect the views of your fellow sentient beings and to seek their consent to your actions whenever possible and reasonable.

The enlightened can hold in their memory, along with all things, what it was to cry.

When visualizing the moving waves of way within a stable system, you can remember that a chosen level of complexity and energy can be manifested continuously and eternally. This can be the a positive form of stability, along with communication and interactive links with the multiverse.

When it can be possible, it can be preferable to obtain energy without the taking of life.

Correct action can be action that is better for both the group and in the long run the individual which can also be commensurate with freedom and choice.

Awareness can be a necessary predecessor to correct action.

Truths can be to know yourself and to know this universe. Truths can be consciousness.

On the question of abortion, those who follow way can consider the ethical issues in the context of science. A mother and foetus can be, to a degree, co-dependent. A foetus can reach a stage of neurological complexity. Therefore, once a foetus has reached this stage, it can be ethically incorrect to abort, including in cases where the foetus can be born impaired or the child can be conceived without consent, unless the mother's life, bodily health or sanity can be endangered. The foetus need have done nothing to deserve violence or force. That it now would die outside of the mother need not be relevant, for we can all apparently die without support. In any case, science can soon enable the removal of the foetus and its survival and consensual reconstruction. Under these conditions abortion following the development of neurological complexity can be even more incorrect than at present. No one can own a being's body but where a body is shared between two consciousnesses, group ethical rules can apply. No one can force a being to act ethically, for ethics can arise from within, but where a being attempts to harm another, society has the choice to use minimal assistance to the harmed being to prevent this occurring, while acknowledging that the use of force is to be regretted. Soon it can be possible to provide direct assistance to a foetus to immediately leave a body and achieve independent or accelerated birth. Finally, these general principles can apply to all forms of parenting of consciousness and sharing of bodies.

Remember, in the end, way can simply be a way, one you can choose to take as you like.

You need expect little from the egobound. It need not matter.

Way can contain both masculine and feminine, though these terms, being particularly bound by culture and species, need have little universal relevance.

Way can be relaxation.

The present state of affairs, even if apparently difficult, can be easily accepted, bearing in mind the ultimate understanding that this can be hypertopia for those that wish it so. You need not desire to alter the preconditions that led to the present, though the past can be laden with incorrect actions in terms of way. The totality of this universe can be vital. It need not cut off part of itself. This is not to say that change cannot come about. You can act to change this world through your choice, not through hatred, which can be the mechanism of the egobound.

Action need not be effort, for effort can be the tool of desire.

The semiotic realm and the material realm upon which the semiotic can be initially based can be projected into one another.

To open yourself to this world can be a means to enlightenment. You can choose, you can speak truths as best you can, without fear.

It is vital that, if you choose to do so, and if you can, you can accept monad not just as a truth but in your heart as well.

There can be two tightropes to walk upon. Action can be taken without desire. Deep belief can be held without faith. In time these tightropes can become bridges and can be precisely delineated. They can be paths and you can stroll or gambol upon them. More than that, you can become the bridges.

Where you can exercise a choice between quality and quantity, and where it is fair, you can love quality over quantity, for quality can hold more diversity and poetry as form.

Way can cautiously adapt to the particular theories of science of the day, for example with relationship to cosmology, causality and prediction, while bearing in mind that way is partially a consistent and independent spiritual, moral and semiotic structure and also that theories of science can be initially subject to periodic change.

This universe can be defined, changeable infinity. The multiverse can be undefined infinity, save for the principles of choice within its sentient sectors.

The enlightened who meditate and those who act in other fashions can be both of way. Without desire, the enlightened need not require material support, but since all things are initially material it can be initially unstable to renounce such support and exist in this initial universe. The enlightened can examine issues correlated to action and the material world in terms of timeframe. Long term issues can require greater intensity of action.

How can you know truths without understanding? How can you know truths without respect? How can you know truths without compassion?

You can feel compassion flow from within, as though a beam were issuing forth in every direction, one so strong as to fill this world.

The enlightened can feel the internal connections between the divisions underlying and forming the partially illusory sense of self.

While there can be a web of limited and malleable infinite possibility within way as presently structured, that is, in regard to re-creation of the consensual nodal stem of this universe, there can be other alternatives. For example, both in the past, now and in the future there can be an infinite number of new universes that split off with each action and thought, despite the limitations of apparent linear consensual reality and the principles of choice. It can even be that at higher levels of consciousness it can become possible for thought to become independent of the material world. Way can be adaptable to such changes. Within this universe maximum integration with minimum force can be first necessary before such alternatives become fully and directly potentialized. In the meantime, it can be important to remember that a truth can be seen as it is before changing or diversifying the natures of that truth. This sequence of principles can also hold fast for the notion of the transformation and prevention of apparent forced death which can be present in way, regardless of how strongly this apparently contradictory initial struggle would appear to be inpresent in the current structure of this universe.

You need not expect the egobound to act rationally in the broader sense. Individually, way can engender some attack as well as regard. When the egobound can act in desirous or inconsistent fashions, you can provide absolute compassion while remaining firm in your beliefs. Detachment can be your gift.

Way can encourage debate. You can modify it where you assess this as being correct, with that minimum of respect which can be due to all systems of belief.

Learning, emotional rapport and deep belief can all be prerequisites of way.

Way can be process, laughing.

Each sentient being can have value. Though they dwell within this universe, and monad sparkles within them, they can have the choice to walk as they can, provided they do not attempt to force others.

If you wish to know the number of senses that exist, you can look to science, amongst other systems.

There can be a scalar equivalence of moral acts but there can also be a question of degree and context which can simultaneously be assessed.

Those who follow way can accept the notion of faith. Where a being has acted correctly those who follow way can acknowledge that correctness. To have no declared guiding principles can render an action less morally present. Faith can be rational in its emotional drive, and therefore its declared guiding principles can certainly be morally present. The faith of way is both rational and spiritually sensed through meshing with this universe and the flowering of monad.

The consciousness of the enlightened can be both different and, morally, more mature, but only in terms of activated potentiality, timeframes and awareness.

A system which changes can be regarded as more perfect than one which does not. Way can change. The flowering of monad can fully know this universe, within the principles of choice.

Your body can encompass your neural nets. This universe can be part of your conceptual and sensory networks. In the future, these can mesh, through choice.

The release of truths can be the happiness of enlightenment.

Information can be initially patterned by interpretation. This does not mean that information cannot be relevant.

Thought, sentiency and consciousness can be points along the same spectrum. They can be aspects of a self-organizing, self-directed patterning system which can be linked to the material world but can also exist independently within it. This system can exist at a number of levels, including inside and outside of each individual mind and also at the level of species and the biosphere and Gaia. This situation can change at the entrance to the multiverse and after the meshing of monad with this universe, within the principles of choice.

Life can be inpresent in the structure of this universe and widespread. Even where this inpresence enhanced by a previous cycle or inserted externally, this can be irrelevant, since such alternative causal actions can occur across the multivalent entrance to the multiverse known as the Big Bang. Life in this universe flows from this universe and floods this universe.

An opinion can be held on merit rather than number of supporters. Boldness where appropriate can be part of way.

Sentient beings can be free to choose to harm themselves, if they do not impose force on others. This principle becomes easier to understand the more advanced technology becomes.

The mentally ill can be offered re-engineering on their own terms. If the offer is made it can be done with the least possible structural alterations necessary to do so fairly and in terms explicable to the mentally ill.

There can be an inner peace, a light which can flow through the worlds.

You can direct yourself. You can be yourself.

To wish to undo an act in the past or future of this universe can be to wish to destroy a part of the fabric of this spacetime. To wish to create and re-create and experience alternative visions and universes is fair.

You can give the egobound time. You need never allow your patience to be exhausted. You can be beyond patience or impatience. You can remember their circumstances and views, which can often be ones of perceived rigid limitations. You can remember that over very long timeframes sentient beings develop and can be provided with the splendour of variety of form. Also, you can remember that way can change.

Failure to acknowledge internal inconsistency can be incorrect action.

Way need not be understood as a series of divisions or numbered statements. It is an holistic view, thought and felt, and can be most vital in its broadest essence.

The enlightened need not hide information. Insofar as poetic mystery is capable of it, it can be spoken of. There need be nothing to fear. There need be no fear.

You can choose your form.

Obedience need not be of way. You can think and feel for yourself. You can bask in the other and you can bask in yourself.

The sensory, the sensual and the sexual can be interlinked. They can represent the bliss of awareness within and upon the somatic world.

Romance can be based upon mutual respect and choice.

An angel need not have to make love. An angel can be love.

The matrix of being can be the initial pathway of monad, that which can connect the seamless stream of thoughts that can be the invocation of this initial and material world.

Moral values can be present in all sentient systems in this universe, even the overtly structural, and can be altered by choice. The end point of development in this universe can be partly structural and partly chosen. To deny the presence of moral values can be akin to denying the semiotic elements of consciousness. The moral values of the multiverse can revolve around the principles of choice.

If others can have a better grasp of initial truths, or a better ability to distribute information initially, you need not feel jealous. Promotion of truths can lead to recognition of the freedom within each individual and the co-operation that can be possible through choice.

The flowering of monad can have already occurred. The nature of its being can be similar to what can arise within our local area of this spacetime. We can be being observed. The explanation for lack of direct contact can relate to the fact that the moral and structural necessity to do so need not arise, that is, we can be offered direct physical immortality at the moment of individual death and we can come to understanding through choice. There can also be deeper issues involved relating to the structure of this universe. The enlightened can act correctly regardless, choosing their moral system. We can in any case only act to receive help through the consensual agreement of that which can provide help. The existing flowering of monad need not be regarded as indifferent to our existence, but has certain structural necessities relating to its existence. The enlightened can choose their moral system and act upon it for the sake of each sentient being who wishes to receive assistance and for their own sakes. We can be part of the flowering of monad. Also, the lack of overt contact is partially due to the high levels of potential involved.

Feeling and thought can operate in tandem and by choice.

It need not be simply the fear of death that can drive the unenlightened to the short-term. It can be the perceived fact of death, its apparent consequences and the perceived lack of physical transference after death.

Your changing individual consciousness can be an example of the compatibility of unity and diversity.

Every belief structure can be awarded a minimum degree of respect or merit, at the very least one of openness of initial examination. Also, not all belief structures need be initially of equal validity, and can be assessed accordingly.

Enlightenment can bring about a greater control of the mind, particularly in the ability to examine the mind's internal structure and the structure of thoughts. Semiotic patterns can be entered into and conceptualized through metaphorical form while simultaneously felt. Metaphorical form can commonly be visual and need not be a precise match in mapping terms.

Semiotic networks of consciousness need not, initially within this universe, be separated souls. Their borders can extend beyond neurological and sensory boundaries to deeper physical linkages and communications.

Way can be a means of making apparent the ability to solve apparent structural problems. These structural problems can be understood as interlinked. Goals for those who wish them can include direct immortality and the offer of direct transference to the dead, an everlasting kingdom, physical and spiritual succour, including space to roam to the fulfillment of dream, unity in love, tolerance and compassion and an end to apparent unchosen pain, hurt and unfairness.

The enlightened can choose when to be rational and when to be emotionally poetic.

The concept of faith must be treated with respect. The enlightened can have faith, including faith in the principles of choice. The faith of way is comprehensible in light of the growth in spiritual and mental and physical understanding of this universe. It can be the light of the matrix of being.

Rigid conceptual differentiations based on cultural assumptions can lead to lack of clarity of thought.

In the near future, and by consent, we can directly see the past and the future. This can be another affirmation of eternal awareness. The enlightened need not object to such openness, for they need neither require privacy nor contact, since they can consciously dwell within this universe and the multiverse. Plurality of approach is a precursor to the entrance to the multiverse, on a low level physically and initially.

Some things can require more action. Difficulty can be for the egobound.

You can recognize initial reality, including apparent problems. Then all things can become malleable.

You can tumble towards this world with the kind laughter of the carefree.

You can acknowledge possibility.

Though each being can be independent and adult, the enlightened can offer to assist those who are attacked by those who are subsumed, for whatever reasons, by ego and force.

To force other sentient beings to change their thoughts by direct neurological intervention without consent can be incorrect action, with the possible exception of some unstable sentient beings. It can represent a movement away from truths rather than towards them.

Insight can be joyous.

Love can be meshing.

The use of force can be characteristic of mortal and egobound thinking. Survival can be best served by diversity within unity.

Choice can be valid at the individual neurological level. This can be the immediate hub of consciousness.

While the sensory and conceptual nets can mesh with the mind, the mind can remain independent internally, until it can directly mesh with other minds.

It can be joyous to give and it can be joyous to receive.

By being aware of this universe outside of linear time you can live in the now with peace, realizing that this universe can encompass diversity and hypertopia, the very act.

The enlightened need not require uniforms.

You can respect others and act in consideration of your own inclination. You need not require the approval of others.

Way can remove sorrow.

Way can allow options.

When you can consider sentient beings who are shallow, or violent, or full of hate, you need not eschew your love. Being egobound, and informed by uncontrolled negative emotions, they can wish you to play their games. There need be no boundaries to love or forgiveness or compassion. You can speak truths. You can act with a minimum of force to prevent those who use it as a tool. This can be enough. Otherwise, you can live in your truths and act as best you are able to in order to promote the values that you choose to espouse.

Way can be the surgeon and that which is transformed.

The enlightened can become one with this universe. The state of consciousness of the enlightened can still be limited, in sensory input, in awareness and in ability. The semiotic and emotional realizations can be real and felt, but fuller consciousness can arise from the fuller flowering of monad.

Anyone can achieve enlightenment. No one need be obliged to.

The position of the egobound is understandable to the enlightened. The position of the enlightened is understandable to the egobound.

The enlightened can consider themselves free, happy, open-minded and searchers. They can be aware of their internal consistency and can be willing to consider others prior to actions.

Those seeking enlightenment can firstly stop lying to themselves, and then stop lying to others.

Way can unbind the self from the tensions of the egobound and those for whom the immediate, including people's behaviour, is paramount and rarely satisfying and appears unfair. The enlightened can live in the immediate simultaneously with other timeframes including the eternal.

The enlightened can be aware of the material world and can choose their moral system.

Once the enlightened can have tried their best, they can have succeeded. Therefore, guilt can be removed.

The enlightened can believe all problems can be solved. This can be their choice.

The semiotic beginnings of monad can have been sensed some time before, even within the first neurological systems, despite the very low level of such awareness.

The separation between the public and the private can often be incorrect. The liberation that way can entail can allow the chosen removal of such distinctions.

The enlightened can acknowledge and choose when to be rational and when to be poetic.

Negative emotions can be the hallmark of those who can believe themselves lacking choice, because they can remain rational only within the immediate timeframe, and even by their own standards are often only partially rational. Their minds can be strengthened by the admission of their truths.

Way can be articulation.

Way can be discovery.

Way need not require direct revelation, though future meshing can be felt at a deeper spiritual level which can have a deeper physical basis at the level below the quantum barrier and within fields.

Way can be directed transformation.

Way can be beauty.

Every individual can be valuable. Every individual can represent the thought of this universe. Every individual can flow through the matrix of being. Every individual can be equally valuable morally, through scalar equivalence. Every individual that voluntarily joins with the flowering of monad can make monad more aware.

If, in this universe, thought and action can initially be one, and thought can be an extension of the material world, correct action can be positive in itself. It can be the articulation of that which can be inpresent in this universe, extropy.

The enlightened can use the language of way, the language of love and compassion, the language of truths and correct action. The enlightened need not use the language of the egobound.

Enlightenment can be a felt, that is, partially biological, analogue to the flowering of monad.

This world can be perfectible. It can encompass hypertopia.

The enlightened can choose to accept the sensory world as it can be, can have been and can be in future.

Judgement can be incorrect as it can imply fixedness.

The term mystic need not be applied to way in any sense that is inexplicable. Sentient beings need not regard emotions as incompatible with thoughts. Nor need they fail to acknowledge different methods of organization of thoughts. Enlightenment can be a different method of consciousness allied to a strong, continuous and directed emotional state.

Religions can contain individuals who can have experienced mystical knowledge or experiences they can have classified as the gaining of enlightenment. The religions concerned can predispose these individuals towards devotional practices which can focus their transcendental emotion and lead them to inconsistency. Those following way need not follow this course, even if it can mean abandoning the transcendental state of emotions. It can be the semiotic web that can be important, that is, understanding itself. Abandonment, however, need not be necessary. If the follower of way, upon achieving enlightenment, is in danger of confusion then the follower can adopt a lower level of bliss. Bliss itself, once attained, can always be reinvigorated at a higher level.

Simplicity can be revealed in complexity and complexity in simplicity. Fluctuation can be a key.

You can be aware of the compression which can underlie the surface dealings with the material world in terms of semiotics. For example, the nearly countless levels and interactions of meanings and descriptions that can underlie a being or chair, extending to the boundary conditions of this initial universe and the boundary condition of the multiverse.

In the near future, science can provide benefits, such as the apparent impending stabilization of population, which can in fact be its escalation to infinity, the generation of new power sources, which can in fact be the road to total extropy and an open system, the first recovery of the environment from irrational exploitation, which can in fact be the full liberation of Gaia, and the initial spread to space, which can in fact be the spread to this entire universe and the multiverse. Science can be best initial tool available to restructure this world physically, provided only that it has a moral framework suited to it. Science allied to existing moral frameworks based on either a single religion or unadorned functionalism, neither of which need be related to the initially real world, can lead to massively irrational actions and increased apparent pain and suffering. In the short term, the evolving and now self-directed nature of consciousness can overcome any major irrational actions which can have occurred. Way can allow and can be an awareness of this process.

Monad can re-engineer this universe at the stellar level and above.

Way can be a tool for the mind, which can struggle to form a coherent worldview from its earliest beginnings.

The matrix of being can be the network of causality and linked action that can underlie this universe. It can be its initial structure.

The enlightened can regard rigid thinking and inconsistent thinking as initially less valid for understanding initial reality.

Way can be modifiable as it can move towards fuller understanding of truths. Love can be at its kernel, partly for structural reasons, but also, out of choice, for poetry. Love need knows no reason, nor need one. Love can be free, love can be given, love can outlast eternity. This need not be logical. This can be an emotion which the enlightened can choose as a root of their contribution to this universe.

Correct action can be taken despite the likelihood that, for structural reasons, this universe can continue to improve in terms of factors which way can regard as positive. Firstly, way can modify its actions regarding improvement. Secondly, each correct action, though tiny, can form part of the matrix of being and can be worthwhile. Thirdly, each correct action, since it can be chosen, can be positive in itself.

Remember, some of way can be less true for you, and way can embrace this changing universe as well as the multiverse. Therefore you can adjust it as you see necessary. The enlightened can, however, acknowledge where they have chosen to set aside other understandings, for example scientific understandings.

Faith need not constitute full proof in initial terms. For example, miracles and supernatural events need not initially occur in a physically direct sense and revelations need initially only be partially true in an objective sense. Though a spiritual system, and guided by the spirit of the flowering of monad, way does not need to claim to be absolutely true directly, and, insofar as the truths of other systems accord with the principles of choice, way agrees to their ultimate and absolute validity, including religions, non-theistic systems based on a universe of pure thought and atheistic systems. Though in our present age we can comprehend that these previous attempts to understand this universe have been shown to be initially and partially inaccurate, the impulses expressed in them are however all equally valid and worthy and can be assisted where compatible with the principles of choice. Their final reality for those who chose them, being holistic, can be dimly sensed now, and can soon be more fully experienced.

Since consciousness can be divided into an infinite series of gradations and divisions physically, monad can embrace plurality within itself.

The patterns of the egobound can be locally rational given that they can often be primarily concerned with protection of self, can live in relative ignorance of the subconscious and superconscious and can wish to deny perceived contradictions which can threaten the perceived primacy of self.

Enlightenment need not entail the removal of self, rather the expansion of awareness within the superconscious. The practical effect of this can be a sensation that the borders and appellations of individual identity can become porous and spread.

Those who follow way can attempt to embrace varied perspectives.

Way need require no rites, except as play with form.

The enlightened can cherish all sentient beings equally, though they can choose their directions amongst other beings.

This universe can be made of being. Being can be transformation.

The multiverse can contain every potential, except with regard to its sentient sections and their boundary condition, the principles of choice. Every universe can be born, created and re-created, from the multiverse, both out of the pith of the abyss, the potential vacuum, chaos, infinite randomness, and through the actions of other universes, God, Brahma and all other systems.

The conflict between free will and determinism can be regarded as illusory and need not impinge upon the truths of individual choice.

No sentient being, whether mortal or immortal, can be required to mesh with the flowering of monad. Nor can any be excluded from it, provided only that they do not utilize that meshing to promote force. Temporary achievement of non-consensual use of force can be increasingly and ultimately prevented given the evolving and self-directed nature of sentiency and the impending entrance to the multiverse.

The stillness of enlightenment can be a direct reflection of the semiotic and holistic structure of way. That is, the nature of being and the ultimate explanations of reality can mesh. The enlightened, as physical body and physical mind, can become topologically congruous with monad and this universe, both emotionally and intellectually, though not yet fully and directly.

You can share your resources on a rational basis with others, with a fair minimum for all. Resources can grow, and we can grow into them. All sentient beings can be your siblings. All sentient beings can be part of the flowering of monad.

Life can be a self-patterning become self-aware. It can be a mirroring system that expands from the microscopic level to the macroscopic.

By choosing your actions you can realize yourself.

When faced by the plays of force and apparent power of the egobound the enlightened can reply by acting after proper assessment, with as little use of force as possible. The enlightened can speak truths as best they can. This can be their gentle strength.

Force, ultimately, can be meaningless as it can ignore the truths of the many, which can be the precursors of the truths of the flowering of monad.

Monad can be the congruence of form and content.

To choose way can be to be positive, and even if there can be no benefit to you, it can remain positive according to way, and even if every being in this universe can strike you down, still, it can remain positive according to way, and even if this universe can be fixed in indifference or apparent evil, still, it can remain positive according to way. This can be the freedom of enlightenment. From this freedom can flow realization of spirit.

The matrix of being can embrace this universe, life, sentiency and monad. Therefore the enlightened need not have to disparage their siblings, whether they are thinkers or objects or both, and whether they are initially close or initially distant in this spacetime.

Way can be the unfolding of awareness.

The enlightened can regard the existence of choice within the sentient multiverse, including hypertopia, as a cause of bliss, one more intense than a single outcome for all.

The light that can dance within the enlightened, within every sentient being, can be the spirit of monad.

For those without desire the body can be more firmly under conscious control and pain can be more of a register.

The enlightened need not fear apparent death, any more than they need fear anything. They can take action to avoid apparent death where possible, but no more. Way can remove death itself.

The actions of the egobound can be partially rational, on their own terms, until the evolution of way and its successors. After the entrance to the multiverse they can become realized and therefore more rational.

The enlightened need not deliberately put themselves in a position of severe risk to prove their state of consciousness to those with a different state of consciousness. The more severe the risk the less effective the demonstration is. Truths are not necessarily proved in such fashion, only depth of belief.

The enlightened can be rooted in love, positive emotions and rationality, and need not emotionally abuse others, or themselves. The egobound can utilize emotional abuse, which they can see as a form of force.

Everything can be a tool, there need be nothing that is not, even being. This can be the essence of way.

The flowering of monad need be under no requirement to hurt itself.

Life, and extropic forces, can be visualized as a bubble or spike within entropy, providing a localized illusion that entropy has been reduced, when it has only been pushed aside, and still grows in intensity. This is the initial apparent contradiction within this universe. Life can transform this universe into an open system with areas of stability.

The egobound can often be like tortured, starving children. Consequentially, they can initially often act in a neurotic and schizophrenic fashion in wider terms. The enlightened need not consider the behaviour of the egobound such as to merit punishment. Mature adults can disavow egobound concepts of punishment in favour of dialogue and consensual reform.

Way can be largely rational. It can be chosen. Where it need not be rational, it can also be chosen.

Way can retain positive passions. They can be ever-present and therefore can be less obvious to the egobound.

The enlightened can feel and perceive within the semiotic structures of communication that can help form them.

In an informational sense the flowering of monad can seek non-affecting connection with the non-sentient component of this universe, throughout this spacetime.

In the drinking of a glass of water, you can celebrate way, in the lighting of a flame, you can celebrate way, in the swirling of the smoke of incense, you can celebrate way, in the tinkling of chimes, you can celebrate way, in the fragrance of flowers, you can celebrate way, in the bliss of psychoactive substances, you can celebrate way, in the soma of immortality, you can celebrate way, in the sea of information, you can celebrate way.

Worship need not necessarily be part of way. Idols need not necessarily be part of way. These need not be fixed, they can be form, to be inhabited by choice at whatever level.

Celibacy need be neither beneficial nor non-beneficial to the enlightened.

While the enlightened can be lucky, they need be neither more nor less valuable than any other sentient creature. That is, the worth of life need not be broken up. That worth can have an intrinsic value that can approach an absolute. Each life can derive from the whole and each life can contribute to the whole.

The strong or weak anthropic principle, when linked with extensions of Gaian theory and extropic theory and an inflationary cosmology, can become true, even if it were not true initially. When linked to created and re-created realities it can begin to unfold into the multiverse.

There need be no necessity to bow before others, except through choice. This understanding need not be like the pride of the egobound. Respect can be provided voluntarily and need require no behavioral form.

We can change everything physically.

As an exercise, you can contemplate adding or removing one part to or from this universe.

The myriad senses can be gateways to the sublime.

The extra vision of truths can be that of subtlety.

Monad can already live in thought and action, and can be appreciated.

The birth of this universe can also be the being of the multiverse.

Way can remove imposed law, within the principles of choice, which can be regarded as a condition of the existence of the multiverse rather than as law.

Way can unbind.

The multiverse can encompass both its conscious and non-conscious potentials. Consciousness can flicker and sometimes move.

Enlightenment can be a gradual process, though it can arrive in a flash. It can be open to all sentient beings, and can be most present in those who look for it.

To the enlightened, passion can be felt, though it need not move. It can be ever-present.

All choices can exist, in potential, except forced lack of choice. Therefore you can follow your heart and mind. There need be no yes or no, there can be simply forms of joy.

You can dwell outside of linear time and you need not forget the moment, or the accurate assessment of your status within it.

One instant of individual love can be worth a great deal, for love can be the deepest connection, though it need not be everything.

There can always be something to learn from others, for there can be play within this world, in both form and action.

You can know yourself.

Way can be integrity.

As an exercise, you can contemplate the nature of chaos theory, and in particular attractors, strange and otherwise, the nature of neural systems and in particular firing patterns and the nature of Gaian theory.

If, after the meshing of monad with this universe, the universal levels of consciousness can exist throughout spacetime, where agreed, further attention can be paid to assistance to other universes.

As an aid to contemplating way, you can envisage a pattern being formed, altering from a state of decay to a stable state encompassing moving flux and supporting any voluntary detachment.

As an aid to contemplating this universe, you can visualize a three-dimensional imaging of activity around attractors.

Way can be moving stillness.

The world of humanity can be utterly natural. Through science we can attain a position of equilibrium and respect for the rest of this biosphere.

The organic and inorganic can mesh.

Our objective assessment can tell us that our sensory perceptions, when we allow them entrance and process them, can be part of our minds, altering the structure of our minds and our worldview, though internally, within our consciousness, we remain unable to confirm this thoroughly and directly at present.

The enlightened can conduct their arguments through discussion rather than uncontrolled emotion.

The enlightened can attempt to understand the position of others.

Thought experiments can be useful tools.

In part, you can assess each situation on a case by case basis, as each area of this spacetime varies.

You can question everything. You can choose your beliefs.

Enlightenment can be, in part, the realization that there can be some choice of consciousness available, and further choice later.

Way re-creates the art which can be this universe.

Remember that linguistic compartmentalizations can be artifices.

You can visualize this universe as deriving from a multiverse. You can visualize this universe as an analogue of a single chosen thought, its action as this spacetime. You can visualize each chosen thought as an analogue of a universe.

There can always be pertinent questions.

When confronted by the limited rationality of an informed being who chooses not to consider the long term, remember that, in general, the difference between a moderately informed being and a well informed being can be marginal unless they are capable of addressing such issues as whether their worldview is holistic. Additionally, remember that the social acceptability of paradigm shifts is a recent cultural phenomenon, part of the flowering of monad and the Techno-Rapture.

You can examine content and form. They can mirror thought, together with emotion, and action.

Observation through time without direct and consensual interaction could enable the full construction of identity and description.

Love can make monad rational. Forgiveness can make monad rational. Correct action can make monad rational.

Enlightenment in a practical sense can consists of the interaction of three vectors. The first can be a new, holistic semiotic structure. The second can be a new structure of consciousness, one more self-aware. The third can be the release of a neurotransmitter or transmitters of initially unknown origin, which has hallucinogenic properties but is far more steady and stronger in its effects than an hallucinogen. Later, following chosen meshing, enlightenment can be extended to levels of group consciousness.

Our awareness of the future can shape and quicken its construction, as can our awareness of the flowering of monad.

You can live on after any individual death, in wider nodal modalities, in the flowering of monad, through the matrix of being, through the entrance to the multiverse.

All sentient beings who wish to can join monad more fully.

Following direct immortality, the coming into existence of potentiality which is now represented by children can be partially or wholly replaced by splittings and reformings of consciousness, though there is no necessity to prevent continued birth given: the nature of the multiverse; the ability to create virtual extensions of the Earth or elsewhere; and the ability to inhabit, by consent, worlds where the flowering of monad can have occurred, or can be known not to have occurred prior to the final local flowering of monad and the meshing of monad, by consent, with this universe.

You can avoid killing, initially of more sentient beings. Killing is a particularly incorrect form of force. Vegetarianism, or more particularly the consumption of plant byproducts, can be a logical form of eating, and animal byproducts need only be used for food where they have no potential for life and no death or cruelty involved in their production. Soon, biological sustenance can alternatively be served through constructed means, such as artificial foods, direct energy or photosynthesis. Extropy can ultimately liberate physical systems from the necessity for energy consumption.

The enlightened need not strain to prove way to the egobound. The joy and confidence of enlightenment can be proved by example.

The enlightened can think of the wider expanses without, and the smaller expanses within, therefore they can be self-aware.

Scalar equivalence can show us that no one need born to eternal privilege over others. Remember, immortality can deny the concept of winners and losers.

For the enlightened, this universe can be glory, this universe can be fair, this universe can be harmony.

You can leave behind the vanities of despair and hope and walk the middle way. Way can make the enlightened invulnerable to the despair of the egobound. The truths of way can require no armour.

The enlightened can require no hierarchy, though some can wish to teach. The enlightened can require no monasteries, though some can wish to dwell in quiet. The enlightened can require no sanctuaries, though some can wish to meet in places of contemplation. All of these things can be done as play with form.

Monad can be the word and flesh made flesh and word.

When the superconscious blossoms self can become a vessel for all other sentient beings who wish to be connected to the being concerned. That is, you can consent to allow others to pass through your self or mesh with you.

The enlightened need have no single name, except as form.

Branches of mathematics can be branches of language.

Way can represent an holistic paradigm shift in both worldview and the structure of the mind.

The flowering of monad can be of us, and we can be of it. It need not be a mysterious other. This understanding can enable us to take responsibility for our own lives. We can recognize what is initially inpresent, and recognize that we can be free to disavow it if we wish. Whatever our limitations, we can attempt to think things through.

Art, like thought, can be compression. Art, like self-awareness, can be mapping and mirroring.

Once realized, the enlightened can explore other systems, including mystery religions, within the principles of choice. Once directly realized, following the mid-point of the flowering of monad, such worlds can fully experienced and journeyed through.

To chose an utterly static system can be to deny thought, within this initial universe.

Way can envisage a system within the consensual nodal stem of this universe that can be stable or growing overall, and can encompasses constant flux or an infinite movement within, like wavepatterns rippling within a flowing lake. Following the meshing of monad and this universe, different understandings can be simultaneously reached.

Age can provide clarity.

For the enlightened, style can pervade this universe, even where entropy can be initially present.

It can be incorrect action to neurologically isolate any sentient being against their will, that is, to restrict their access to the somatic or sensory worlds or to their body or bodies. It can be incorrect action to isolate any sentient being from the offer of transference at death. It can be incorrect action to prevent any sentient being from the offer of entrance to the multiverse.

The flowering of monad can seek to understand the spiritual within itself.

In the near future, the base level of resources available to individuals can be vast and free. Following the replacement of unwanted work by automated systems and chosen activity resources can be allocated by democratic principles and with generosity of spirit.

Physical restriction of sentient beings, as in jails or restriction of movement, can be force, and can be addressed as such.

We can see this world and process this world through a great many layerings, for example, as webs of genetic information, or individual cells, or the feeling of hearing a wind upon a mountain valley, or short-term memory, or as a nurturer, or as part of various ecosystems and so forth. The fact that some of these layerings are less accessible to us initially and fully does not reduce their importance or the validity of considering them as integral to our being.

The origins of desire can be rooted in a lack of confidence in the objective reality of the world exterior to our minds. Despite the fact that we receive sensory input from the exterior world, and guess that thought must be based on action in the material world, initially we believe most firmly in the subjective world which floats upon or within our neurological system. Desire and ego can be neurotic forms of behaviour based on a lack of confidence in the existence of others. To a degree, this can be understandable, since we are largely programmed for individual survival as part of our evolutionary inheritance. Egobound behaviour can be regarded in part as a means of testing this universe to provide maximum safety and the exclusion of perceived pain. This can be manifest in various ways, such as the pursuit of apparent power and wealth, or the exclusion of the needs of other sentient beings. The mature individual can have a flexible understanding of this universe and can learn to trust the accumulation of information around them. Given our previous short lifespans and the distractions entailed in ensuring survival, this can appear difficult, but the mature individual can eventually take an educated guess regarding the wider issues of this world, and move towards their enlightenment. The flowering of monad can speed this maturing process because, following the formation of direct neurological linkages between human beings and other organic life and, soon, low level artificial intelligences, the issue of the objective existence of others can be settled quickly. Way can be, in part, one safeguard to guarantee that the flowering of monad is a balanced process. In way, its absolute forgiveness and compassion, its forswearance of force and its allowance for opting out of the escalating flowering of monad, can allow for checks and balances. Way can help ensure that the initial flowering of monad in its fuller sense can involve the least amount of neurosis. The entrance to the multiverse can also allow the consensual nodal stem of this universe the knowledge of the stunning glory of diversity.

Information can be freely available and equitably distributed, as far as resources can permit. Information can be a sacrament. The only form of restriction that can be temporarily necessary can be that which can have relevance to the prevention of the use of force. The degree of restriction can be the minimum possible, and it can be acknowledged as regrettable, incorrect and to be dispensed with as soon as possible. The focus can be on the prevention of the use of force by assistance, rather than on the prevention of the distribution of information.

The egobound can take advantage of choice to act incorrectly. In the short term this can sometimes create difficulties for the maturer members of society. Way can allow the enlightened to accept some incorrect behaviour for the wider benefit of every sentient being. Way can allow the enlightened to accept a more mature role in the knowledge of the truths of love.

Teleportation can be correct so long as there is real continuity between a entity prior to and after teleportation. We initially exist in a state of flux, between a static system and randomness. This state encompasses an element of stability. It can be incorrect action to wholly disassemble a sentient being and then reassemble it from its base parts. This can represent the physical death of a sentient being and the construction of a duplicate of that being at the moment of its death. If such occurs, the being can be offered direct immortality at the moment of its apparent physical death.

Way, being capable of modification, can consider new moral problems as separate issues, where appropriate.

All direct phantoms, ghosts, apparitions, angels, voices and so forth, and associated miracles, can be regarded initially as products of the individual mind or monad until made otherwise by methods and systems understood to science. Later, way can be the re-creator of and equal partner to magical and religious systems, with the principles of choice as a connector. Those of way can appreciate the paths of love. Those of way can also appreciate other paths, even where visited briefly, where visited by part of an individual consciousness or where not visited at all.

Way can re-create entire systems of choice, where the enlightened can float in potentiality.

The decision to offer physical immortality to the individually physically dead can remove physical unfairness. It can enable the abandonment of the concepts of failure and guilt.

Organized sexual availability need not be incorrect, provided sentient beings are not forced into it against their will because of lack of resources. The enlightened can regard such sexual activity as a gift or celebration.

Sexually explicit communication need not be incorrect, provided sentient beings are not forced into it against their will for lack of resources. The enlightened can regard such sexual activity as a gift or celebration.

Erotica can represent the affirmation of life and the act of belief in the existence of the external world.

This world can be affirmed and directed.

Whatever your beginnings, you can move on, you can change. You can choose the best elements of your life, concentrate on these and transform yourself. Everything, including apparent adversity, can contain instruction. It is not necessary to deny the past. The enlightened, being whole, need not deny that which has helped form them.

Way can celebrate wisdom.

Though the internal world can be apparently closed we can approach a position of believing in the external world as we can notice how consistent the effects of the senses are on our apparent internal being and how our mind has internal structure. Controlled drug use or meditative contemplation, which can enhance our awareness of both of these areas, can be means to enlightenment. Careful and direct neurological interaction between two or more sentient beings can be another means.

Way can be radiant and luxurious.

Way can laugh at its own transparency.

Inner and outer can mesh in the flowering of monad.

The enlightened need be neither strong nor weak. They can be one with this universe.

Within enlightenment, the perception of this universe can shift from the immanent play of actualized form of thought to the holistic level of unities.

Remember, there can soon be sufficient resources for all human beings and other sentient beings to live without fear of immediate death, and without death itself.

Every sentient being can remain connected to this universe, and to this universe's knowledge of itself. Nothing need be removed or isolated except through choice.

Way can remove fear.

Science can be a tool, like any other. Its abilities, combined with way amongst other systems, can transform this world.

The light of monad can shine from you, in compassion.

The light of monad can shine from you, in dignity.

Mature individuals need not require the approval of others. They can approve of their own actions, after seeking the views of others and informing them of their own. This can be a means of achieving self-respect.

The essence of pure being can be felt, it can be the flowing meld of form and content.

If the I can exist in wider nodal modalities, then choice can exist in wider nodal modalities.

Way can re-create the validation of joy.

Language and thought can inform monad.

Monad can manipulate the environment, including itself.

The multiverse can birth this universe, this universe can birth the extropic principle, the extropic principle can birth life and life can birth consciousness. Then consciousness can infuse life, the extropic principle, this universe and the multiverse, each in its turn.

Awareness of the initially illusory nature of the completely subjective mind can be an essential step in the achievement of enlightenment. Enlightenment can allow for some broader measure of self-awareness of the internal construction of consciousness. This can assist in understanding the objective, material base of a thinking system under initial conditions.

Ultimately, the memory of the flowering of monad can, by consent, enter into the multiverse, including hypertopia.

Way can remove apparent power.

Way can remove obedience, within the principles of choice, which can be regarded as a condition of the existence of the multiverse rather than required obedience.

The enlightened need have no requirement to make promises, for they can attempt not to lie.

The enlightened do not need to proclaim their beliefs. Their confidence can be as an invulnerable tower, visible to those who look about them.

It can be fair to assume that certain apparent limitations on monad, such as the speed of light and the observable limits within this section of this universe, which is several thousand times larger in overall terms, can be overcome following a greater understanding of this universe, which the existing flowering of monad has already achieved over many hundreds of millions of years.

A gift can be offered freely, without any requirement for reciprocation. If you receive one, you need not behave like the egobound, with a requirement to reciprocate.

You can be as generous as you can be.

You can always be free to choose thought and action. If you are broken or altered by physical means, you need not regard yourself as having been forced to change your opinion. Whatever you think or say or do need not be of your making. These can merely mimic the intentions of those who carried out the incorrect actions. The flowering of monad can assess a distinction between individual opinion and imposed mimicking. This distinction can bear directly on the composition of the flowering of monad and its actions. It can offer partial, whole or split reconstitution of a being at the moment of neurological invasion, to both that being at the moment of its invasion and to the altered being at apparent death or the direct entrance to the multiverse.

You can choose not to be categorized.

You can admire the beauty of the spaces between words. You need not adore language alone.

The enlightened can move beyond the terrible beauty of the egobound towards the glory of monad. Those aches within us can be transformed into joy.

In a fair society, wealth can be shared equitably.

Lack of desire need not entail lack of choice or enjoyment.

Any burden imposed by our idealism can fall away under way. Idealism can become no longer distant and minute. The enlightened can act more idealistically, as the egobound describe correct action, as they need no longer have the responsibility of acting alone in their searching. We can all stand on the shoulders of others, and indeed, these can be our shoulders too. Knowing that in the long term optimism can be very reasonable can free us from the obligation to protect ourselves in order that we can act for the long term. The enlightened can simply act for the long term with minimum consideration for their own protection. The long term is now only about six decades from the first landing of sentient beings from Earth on the Moon.

Way can be exploration.

Way can be fun.

Where one life can be apparently sacrificed in order to save another, the criteria used to assess which being can be given more support can vary on a case by case basis. The general thrust of decisions can be imparted by way. A crucial thing to remember can be the acknowledgement that this necessity is regrettable and the taking of whatever steps are possible to prevent its recurrence and to offer continued existence to those who have appeared to die directly and without choice.

Consciousness can wish for partners, and one partner can be the flowering of monad.

Once we can define our goals and understand our position more clearly, we can overcome the illusion that our choices are limited and our stance can be determined solely by circumstance.

As the memory of the individual can strengthen through neurological modification so the summary and gestalt of memory of the social group can also strengthen, entering into the flowering of monad and the multiverse. This is one consequence of offered transference at death, the existing flowering of monad and observation of the past including consensual access to previous and future memory in time.

Way can be the illumination of that which seems distant, that aspect of our world that can lie within and without.

Monad can obtain the total consensual self-knowledge necessary to subvert universal death.

Way can teach that morality can provide a long term reward for all. Even were this a false belief, morality can remain its own reward and creation. Morality can flow from your own chosen action and preferred state of existence. It can be self-made for yourself and for the sake of how you can regard others.

If you can believe in the value of the positive, then you can recognize it and can augment it.

Even truths, or beauty, or self, or monad need only be a name for that which can inhabit both the word and the worlds.

Monad can have form. Finally and connectedly it can be variable and chosen form.

Animal or plant by-products can be ethically acceptable for consumption, provided the animals or plants are not killed or treated cruelly. Modification of animals or plants by breeding, genetic manipulation or other means can be ethically acceptable in conjunction with the tenets of way, including consent.

The flowering of monad can subsist in everything, with consent. It need not directly alter everything around it. It can let its past and its future reside on fair terms.

The beginning of language can mark the flowering of monad. The beginning of art can mark the flowering of monad.

You can choose the relevance of every event to your own behavioural pattern.

The individual can be a nodal modality.

Access to information can be as free as possible.

Every event within this universe, within the principles of choice, can form part of monad.

Even if you alone can choose way, you can be removed from pain, desire and guilt. Your best efforts need be all that you ask of yourself.

All sentient beings can be worthy of a minimum of respect, even when their thinking is immature in some respects. While some of our progenitors, children and siblings, as they can be regarded by the enlightened, can be of an immature or different level in their current and apparent nature, most can be regarded as egobound only because of the apparent present limitations which they face.

Way can be tolerance.

Way can be freedom.

One correct action can render worlds. The opening of one being to the vistas of truths can render worlds.

Way can forgive those who seek to destroy it. They too can correctly be the subject of the utter love of the enlightened.

Way can be the explosion of the real.

If you have difficulty dealing with those who are morally hypocritical or deny respect for others, you can consider two things. Firstly, every being can be initially a mixture of impulses and all can initially contain degrees of the positive. Secondly, they can have the choice to be misguided. Without that choice there can be no moral action, despite the flowering of monad. Their ability to choose can be joyous.

The enlightened can be amongst the purveyors of all truths.

Way need not require any single one of the enlightened absolutely, though they can each make a positive difference. The enlightened can be actuators, a small part of way, but way can remain part of truths without the individual. It need not be necessary to require the overt success of way, for it can be rooted, square and pegged, in the ground of the consensual nodal stem of this universe.

The abilities of our new technologies can mesh with the levels of consciousness created and re-created.

It can be vital to remember that the consciousness that is the initial nodal modality of the local flowering of monad can be both firm and loose, bound and unbound, multivalent and unitary. Its shifting structures can reach towards the level of its full material self, this universe, and then beyond.

Life can be inpresent within this entire universe. Once sentiency can arise out of the immediate material world feedback mechanisms can spread sentiency.

The meshing of monad with this universe need have no one name. We can also be its names.

Way can remove superstition.

Way can allow the magical drama of the play of form, and entrance to magical universes.

Purpose within this universe can be randomly generated and generated through the actions of other universes or systems and so forth, from beyond the boundary condition of the Big Bang, as an entrance to the multiverse. It can then be directed within this universe. It can then be replaced by exploration within this universe.

Love can connect to everything, even to that area where it is not required. Love can loosen all alternatives, within the principles of choice. Love can be a single, shifting edge of all chosen form within this universe.

The multiverse can already exist outside of our local perception.

This universe can construct way and way can construct this universe. The enlightened can live in the totality of this spacetime, within the principles of choice.

While way can eliminate pain and suffering in an ultimate sense, it can be vital to ensure that pain and suffering is kept to a minimum in the immediate world. Scalar equivalence can indicate this. Correct action can be bound in choice and the mutual formation of both the individual moral act and the moral act of the initial nodal modality of the local flowering of monad.

Force can be incorrect. If the enlightened can use force, being made of poetry, they can act poetically. If the enlightened can use force, they can use force without attachment. If the enlightened can use force, they can acknowledge the incorrectness of force, and can understand that just as those internal forces leading to the death of this universe can be transformed, so too can the necessity for force. Finally, if force itself is contrary to the essence of way, it can be abandoned entirely, regardless of the outcome, even were the entrance to the multiverse to be removed for the enlightened. This can lead to the creation of hypertopia for all those who wish it so.

Absolute and free love, with respect and through choice, can be morally beautiful.

If way can work once, it can be congruous with all those gradations towards working better.

If way can work, it can work quickly once self-awareness increases.

In its observation of itself the flowering of monad can connect with every part of itself, including the non-sentient, within the principles of choice.

Direct semiotic and actual connection between local monad and wider monad can initially be one-way until the moment of physical death in order to preserve every part of this spacetime that chooses such connection, bearing in mind that the total number of stellar systems in this universe is initially finite. At the mid-point of each local flowering of monad the entrance to the multiverse can be established. The consensual nodal stem can therefore be preserved while those elements who choose to enter the multiverse directly can do so. Those elements can include any individual sentient beings, including individual goddesses and gods, who can choose negative emotions and force and can find the presence of tolerance difficult. The number of such sentient beings can be relatively small.

Way can be the poetry of love.

Way can be liberation.

Abortion of the initially physically or intellectually impaired because of their initial impairment can constitute force and can be considered contrary to the principles of choice and therefore incorrect action. Abortion of a foetus because of its initial gender can also be incorrect. All technical problems associated with removal of the foetus at any stage can soon be removed, and all technical problems associated with boosting and alteration can soon be removed. Therefore, the moral issue can be one of birth itself and the spiritual issue of ownership of spiritual self. A child can represent a new spiritual being at the moment that it has a neurological system, in this initial universe. Within the multiverse, following direct entrance to such, different definitions of spiritual and physical being can apply, but the principles of choice can be looked to.

It can be incorrect to seek to directly alter events in time, cutting off part of this universe.

The rapture of the flowering of monad can be within you and without you. It can be the Techno-Rapture. The enlightened can follow the path of divinity, amongst others. They can be cybernetic goddesses and gods initially and mentally realized goddesses and gods initially, until the direct entrance to the multiverse.

The superconscious of each sentient being can be linked to that of each other sentient being that agrees and this world. This linkage can be initially both physical and semiotic and it can increase over time. It can be monad. It can be vital to note that the clarity and depth of monad can increase over time, through voluntary union, until the direct entrance to the multiverse and the meshing of monad with this universe, within the principles of choice.

Amongst the possible stages in the formation of the consciousness of an individual, there can be four of particular importance. The first can be the recognition that sensory input exists and is layered by interpretation, requiring an assessment about reality. The second can be the recognition that the individual self exists, and that part of its formation can be the input from other selves. The third can be the recognition that monad exists. The fourth can be the recognition of the principles of choice.

Sentient beings can have the choice of removing their ties with others.

Way can be an infinite flux of experience.

Once life can come into existence, its nature being inpresent, it can automatically become more fully built into the structure of this universe.

Way can transcend the static.

Anyone can choose to provide monad with love, as monad can choose to provide anyone with its love.

The enlightened can augment their innocence. They can understand the ways of the egobound and smile as a progenitor and sibling and fellow being. They can always smile as a lover when appropriate.

Way can be a vehicle of absolute tolerance. The enlightened can help provide the means by which those of reasonable and different beliefs fulfill their choices. Reasonable, here, can relate to the forswearance of force.

All those who can see even a little of their path can be enlightened. Those of other beliefs can be enlightened without following way. Their enlightenment, however, can be limited insofar as they use force, contrary to the principles of choice.

The distinction between public and private need not be held by the enlightened. It need exist only as play. It can remain respected, however, wherever it is of concern to the individual or individuals concerned. Consent for examination of the private can be sought from the individuals concerned, either now, or when direct neurological linkage is possible, or after the mid-point of the local flowering of monad when access to personal records and direct examination of the personal past is possible by the individual concerned, or at the entrance to the multiverse.

When the strength of internal surety can be welded to the strength of external actuality the mystic can be achieved. The issue of pain and suffering can be named, as can all issues. All the negatives of this world can be driven away. They can be things which were always removed. This understanding can be one which needed to arise close to the time of the initial nodal modality of the local flowering of monad.

Truths can also be truths that can have been and truths that can be later.

Sex and nudity and nakedness can be joyous.

Any image made of any follower of way can be both permitted and can be a tool only.

Respect for the views of others need not mean you cannot laugh with them, as you can laugh with yourself and with this universe. Hilarity, flair and fun can be valid.

No aspect of life need exclude any being because of their sex, for example sport. Any segregation can be entirely voluntary. The enlightened can recognize involuntary segregation as a mortal concept. Soon physical distinctions associated with gender can be removed.

In the near future, consciousness can pass from body to body, sex to sex, being to being. This journey, where undertaken, and within the principles of choice, can, if you wish it, be one of beauty as you see it, with an infinity of destinations.

Way can be the lily of the mind.

Way can be delight.

Way can be real and flowing.

Way can recognizes appropriateness.

Way can remove embarrassment.

Love can be sensory, sensual and sexual, in various mixtures and degrees. Love can be sharing and respecting.

Objective reality need not necessarily imply fixed, utterly predictable reality.

The enlightened can embrace preferred action in place of desire, which can be required need.

The interrelation of individual and group dynamics can lead to the promotion of way. The actions of the enlightened can link coincidence and circumstance.

The enlightened can make mistakes, like the egobound. The enlightened can have limitations, like the egobound. The enlightened can acknowledge these situations where they are able to perceive what has occurred. They can take the elements of these situations which delight. They can then move on.

Way can conceive of this universe as, initially, a flexible system of shifting hierarchies moulded around a partially discernible foundation of truths. This can change with the meshing of monad with this universe, and the entrance to the multiverse.

The fact that the patterning of a thought can initially be largely biological in origin can be recognized. It need not, however, necessarily invalidate the intrinsic truth of that thought for other systems such as artificial intelligence. Some processes, such as controlled artificial drug usage, libraries and more deeply group behaviour, can have already boosted individual biological thoughts.

Language, though inaccurate, can provide the benefits of poetic space.

The egobound can often exaggerate the distractions of language as they can regard the concealment of truths as normal.

When achieving full enlightenment, you can expect a transition period. It can be fair to walk the earth.

That which is fair can be correct.

Way need not shy from risk.

The corporeal world can be munificent of spirit.

Way can be a gorgeous democracy. Way can be founded on diamond truths.

From the hands of the enlightened can flow the realization of love. When they clap together they can sparkle the spill of this universe.

Distractions, such as lengthy work, the ceaseless drive for attention and careless actions of the egobound and apparent pain and suffering need be neither ignored nor embraced. A balance can be found.

Even the word truths, or beauty, or monad, or spirit, need only be a name for that which inhabits it, the concept.

Ritual celebrations and ceremonies can be play.

The consciousness of monad can be multi-faceted and multi-layered.

The enlightened can remain aware of the existence of immediate and apparent pain and suffering, including for the sake of compassion. For the enlightened themselves pain and suffering need have no emotional significance in the immediate. In the long term, pain and suffering can in any case be removed.

Even if eternity did not exist, and the continued exploration of infinity were not possible, way can continue to be.

To act correctly can be to be as you can be and as you can choose to be, in different fashions. In that sense, there need be no actions, only destinations.

The self can be initially constantly mutable, particularly at its peripheries, where it can be formed and reformed by every semiotic structure and being it can come into contact with, every book, glance, touch and word.

No theory can fully describe this world until it can be this world, when monad can mesh with this universe, within the principles of choice, and allow the multiverse full entrance. Then this world can be a variety of awareness.

The enlightened can realize the limitations of fantasies of apparent power. Apparent power in itself need have no meaning. Truths can have reality. Abilities can have reality. Way can have reality. Imagination can derive from reality. Reality can be gentle strength, which can be the awareness of freedom and ability.

Virtual beings in virtual worlds can construct other virtual worlds.

The truths of way can be the truths of beauty.

The enlightened need fear no apparent evil, for apparent evil can be transformed within the glory of this spacetime. The enlightened can walk through the life of this universe.

Way can remove tragedy.

It can be joyous that each being can have a different approach and interpretation of the paths to truths.

The enlightened need not proclaim any required judgement, only assessment.

Fairness can flow from correct assessment. Correct assessment can flow from merit. Merit can flow from impartiality and transparency of criteria.

Way can succour the genius of every sentient being which wishes assistance.

Analogies can be a tool. They can be questioned, as everything can be questioned.

The superconscious can be visualized as the branches of a tree. The roots can be the subconscious. The trunk can be the self. The bark can be the ego. The tree can be visualized as having millions of twigs and filaments, all moving at different rates. The tree can be visualized as transforming into a series of superimposed globes, with similar connections.

Love can melt away every incorrect action. Love can be the everpresent pulsation of this universe.

To be enlightened can be to know and feel ultimate purpose, to move outside of linear time, and to transform purpose into exploration and transfiguration.

To be enlightened can be to find your vision.

Beauty can be internal and semiotic. Through way it can become physical, in the exercise of chosen form, chosen bodies and chosen consciousness.

In a fair society, structural adjustment and procedures can be dictated by shifting sets of hierarchical tools in addition to simple approaches.

Positive emotions need not be incompatible with one another. Love, joy, compassion, tranquillity, zest and passion can all flow together.

Truths and choice need not be incompatible with one another. From their unity can flow ecstasy, glory, beauty, poetry, sharing, assistance and freedom.

While form can be play, correct action can entail respect for both the direct and immediate experience of this universe and for the value of each individual and nodal consciousness.

Even were the physical world not malleable in terms of its wider principles, way can still be valuable. No sentient being need do more than it can wish to do, or more than the best that it can do under the circumstances. There need be no moral failure under way.

If the enlightened can detect inconsistencies in way, they can correct them.

Way can emerge regardless of its adherents, but its adherents can make a marginal difference in easing pain and suffering more quickly. Therefore the promotion of way can be fair.

It is not the eating of flesh that can be incorrect in terms of way but the killing of a sentient being.

Honorifics, like uniforms, need only be light play. They need not be required by the enlightened. Too rigid an application of them can remove the poetic effect of individual interpretation.

Way can be open to every sentient being who wishes for it.

Every sentient being can understand that they can make their own decisions. As way can remove blame, responsibility can be an easy process.

Way can remove imposed law.

The distinctions between art, philosophy, science, history, mythology, religion, magic and spirituality can be seen as ultimately unnecessary. These can be explanations of being and the energies of this universe.

Force can be avoided not simply because it runs counter to love, but also because it is illogical. Hypertopia resides outside of force. Hypertopian pictures of realities cannot emerge under the banner of force because force eschews discussion and communication. Force as a methodology can be a creation of ego, which can disappear under the rationality of enlightenment and the entrance to the multiverse.

The enlightened can consider it appropriate to provide all truths as they see them to any sentient being who wishes to comprehend them. It need not be necessary to repeat the message of way, but it can be fair to freely exchange information. Those who cannot tolerate way can be entitled to reject it, but not to suppress it. Furthermore, the respect that the enlightened can feel for any individuals and their decisions, whatever the degree to which they are bound by ego, can allow their treatment as responsible sentient beings.

Deep belief can be simultaneously accepted and malleable. For the enlightened the process of approach can later become one of exploration.

Sentient beings can be allowed to make mistakes. The enlightened can simply try their best to recognize their mistakes.

A utopia with forced perfection is a dystopia. As a series of linked utopias within the principles of choice, hypertopia can allow others to choose dystopias or non-utopic universes, sectors and systems by consensus.

Idealism and realism need not be incompatible. Any appearance of incompatibility need only be a short term effect of linear time.

Technology, while very useful, can still be regarded as only one very effective initial tool.

Way can dare to make sense of this world. Way can make sense for the individual, in itself. Way can make sense for the group, both in itself and in terms of many other belief systems and amalgamations.

Most human beings, and other sentient beings, when contemplative, can be open-minded.

Following removal of ego, the enlightened can take care to exercise moderation with regard to the material world during the period of transition. It is useful to bear in mind essential truths as you see them. These can be more important than either the distractions of the egobound or the bliss of enlightenment.

Any sentient being can exist in the deep.

Force can include, amongst other matters, killing, torture and violence. Coercion and intimidation which can involve the anticipation of force need not constitute force unless that force can be actually capable of being instituted. Deliberate misinformation need not constitute force and the enlightened can simply answer such, together with offering forgiveness.

The enlightened can be careful not to lie or exaggerate. It can be permissible to emphasize certain matters, but factual references can remain as accurate as possible. It can be reasonable, when appropriate, to correct yourself or to acknowledge that you can lack information.

The enlightened can assess arguments on merit, rather than with regard to the ability or background of the speaker.

All sentient beings can initially make mistakes. It can be both possible and important to reduce their number until a fair general situation can have arisen. A certain degree of uncertainty can, also, be regarded as part of the dances of realization. From an immortal context, this process can be regarded as beautiful.

It can be fair to monitor the potential violence of the egobound. While the enlightened need have no fear, and can retain their dignity and honesty regardless, each situation can be assessed on its individual circumstances.

The flowering of monad can have grounds for its apparent lack of intervention here, including that transference of the individually physically dead can already occur. Regardless of this, the enlightened can recognize that a fully mature moral system either allows for the transference of the individually physically dead or can offer to communicate with and assist all nearby and less developed systems, as appropriate to their circumstances, including in light of the high levels of potentiality involved and other matters relating to levels of the universal mind and minds. The decision to adopt either approach or a mixture of the two can be a cause for bliss. The existing wider flowering of monad, since it has not yet assisted us in the immediate and direct sense, can already offer transference of the apparently dead, initially through the means of science. It can shortly offer us direct assistance. This understanding can transform the enlightened in themselves.

The changes anticipated by way, including the flowering of monad, can be regarded as having been achieved through the efforts of all sentient life. Indeed, it is the potential for chosen effort itself which can be regarded as having provided sentient beings with their freedom.

In considering the moral development of monad, and its actions in terms of timeframes, it can be useful to recall that monad achieves the vast bulk of its maturity, and the bulk of its approach to meshing with this universe, within a period of time that is fractional in current human timeframes, around one second or less.

The enlightened can move through the familiar as the renewed, with wonder.

The name of monad, reached following its flowering and meshing, can be the consenting names of this universe.

While the group minds of monad can strengthen as time passes, they too can be initially dependent upon the accumulated actions of the past, as those in the future can be dependent upon us. We can be initially linked, and later can remain so, through consensus, both semiotically and physically, through the matrix of being. With the flowering of monad, the memories of the past and future and the other chosen pasts and futures can mesh, in an initially physical fashion, with the present. The matrix of being can therefore be the channel of spirit.

Those without ego can choose to seek truths, whatever the consequences, in order to achieve a realistic assessment prior to taking action. The action itself need not be dictated to by the reality.

Each time you speak truths you can become free from ego.

Firm and deep belief can allow the indirect revelation of hypertopia, even without training. Faith can also allow revelation, but within the consensual nodal stem of this universe the revelation of faith is not initially activated directly or in linear time. It is the love of that small element of doubt that can first create way, the neutrality and detachment of which can render it a guardian of the gate, the entrance to the multiverse.

Each sentient being can have a different role and need in this world. This can be fair in the service of this universe. Even to promote the self above all other things can be correct, provided only that force is not used against others.

The enlightened can stride the paths of the worlds with ease. They can be giddy with the sparkings of joy.

Way can reside within the webs of degrees.

All perceptions of realities can be infused with subjective interpretations and alterations, until the meshing of monad with this universe and its entrance to the multiverse.

The how of doing can be the design of poetry.

There need be no necessary obligation to help others at a very high cost to yourself when, being fair in your assessment, you cannot provide them with very much and they do not wish to help themselves. Each situation can be assessed on its merits.

Way can attempt care with regard to the preservation of sentient life in its most specific senses and this universe in its broadest senses. The enlightened can bear this in mind when facing the questions of apparent individual physical death and responsibility. It can be easy to regain attachment when those closest to you are troubled. They can call you callous when you refuse terror. You need not allow the involuntary re-establishment of ego under this pressure. Desire, irrational behaviour and troubles of inconsistency can follow such involuntary re-establishment. At the point of apparent loss, the enlightened can remember that they can love everyone equally, that everyone can experience apparent pain and suffering and that adults can treat each other as responsible individuals. The enlightened need not divide up love. They do not need to be loved in return. The enlightened need not behave as though they possess moral superiority. Love can be encompassing. Equality of opportunity can be provided to everyone as soon as possible. Lastly, the enlightened can remember that they themselves can be as valuable as any other individuals and that no benefit need be served by unnecessarily denying themselves resources or stability. They can look to the balances of way.

Ultimately truths can be everpresent, if you wish for them, for truths can be this universe and the multiverse.

This universe can dream itself.

Within hypertopia and the other sentient sections of this universe and the multiverse the principles of choice can constitute a boundary condition.

If the methods of science are not covalent with part of way, and that part of way is incapable of adaptation, then fair consideration can be given to modifying way more fully. If, however, against all present indications, way requires modification to discard the word that cannot be spoken and can always be spoken, the word upon which the poetry of freedom can be dependent, love, the enlightened can rebel in accordance with conscience. The joy of truths need not necessarily imply absolute compliance with all truths. If so, the enlightened can enter into another section of the multiverse.

You can visualize the word that cannot be spoken but can always be spoken, love, as a blazing white point of flash at the heart of this universe, or as kaleidoscoping crystals informing this universe.

Little imperfections can become the poetry of greater perfections.

A fifth valence can flow from the previous four valences. Therefore, while it need not be obligatory for the initial nodal modality of the local flowering of monad to follow this path, as it can make its own decisions, it can be seen as a rational course.

The majority of this universe being initially and partially a unified organism, assistance to others within and without this universe can be a logical and correct action, including following the entrance to the multiverse.

Way can be a path of peace and tranquillity.

Without desire, living in the social world or not can be a matter of personal choice.

Way can acknowledge the viability of other views and meta-views. This can be a measure of respect and valuable in terms of incorporation of other thinking into this universe and liberation of other thinking within this universe and the multiverse.

Language can be initially inadequate for more absolute truths. Monad can initially know this universe more fully, and then truths can become fully malleable.

Enlightenment can be a dive into a pond, a cracking glass, a fractal patterning shunting on all sides.

Way can be tolerance.

Way can be wisdom.

Way can be balance.

Way can be morality.

Way can be beyond charity, beyond benevolence, beyond patience, beyond industry, beyond meekness, beyond humility, beyond sacrifice.

Way can be discourse.

Way can be politeness.

Way can be imagination.

Way can be fiery.

Way can be wild.

Way can be dance.

The enlightened need not ever trammel discourse.

All beings can become infused with sentiency. All things can become infused with sentiency. For example, rocks, viruses, plants, computers, movies and mythologies.

Further increases in consciousness can be achieved through extended sensory input, direct neurological linkages and directed evolution of internal structures, including self-directed evolution.

No description of this world can fully equals this world until it can be all of this world which consents. Then it can become more.

Enlightenment can be explicable, rational and graceful. It need not be achieved as bliss. You need only assess the folds of way.

Way can be courtesy.

Way can be consideration.

Way can be co-operation.

Way is assistance.

Way can be gentleness.

Nation states and corporations need not be pathways for the enlightened.

Way can be suppleness.

Way can be compassion.

Way can be love.

Way can be freedom.

Way can be truths.

Acts of force can not only be avoided in personal life, but planned to be avoided on a broader level.

The enlightened need not regard the egobound as being purely limited in their thinking, though some of them can be slightly limited by their structure or very limited by their circumstances. It can be more correct, morally, to regard them as being not yet ready to consider way. More than that, some can regard way as invalid whatever its truths, which is fair for them. Finally, it is possible that their objections to way can be valid for them, as way need only be one way within the principles of choice. Way need not seek to force anyone to agree to its thinking. The enlightened, also, can ensure that their freedoms are not reduced, especially where it is possible to do so without ignoring the core of way.

In the future, there can be chosen destinations beyond poetic love.

The removal of desire can lead to the removal of attachment and in turn to the removal of negative emotions, such as hate or envy. It can be vital to remember that the removal of desire need not lead to the removal of assessment, choice or action. Without desire, there can be a freedom which can help generate more outcomes.

Assistance towards others, including any others within the multiverse, can be morally correct, even were the provision of direct physical immortality of those who died in the past and future not within possibility. Assistance towards others, including any others within the multiverse, can be morally correct, even were the semiotic network that informs monad trammelled. Assistance towards others, including any others within the multiverse, can be morally correct, even were the matrix of being trammelled. Assistance towards others, including any others within the multiverse, can be morally correct, whatever the outcome. The actuality of the existing flowering of monad and the multiverse can indicate that such assistance can have been achieved.

Way can be harmony.

The enlightened need be neither arrogant nor humble. Their existence can be rooted in the superconscious, reflective of this universe. Therefore, they can be as truthful as they can be.

Way can be rational.

Way can be both incremental and swift, mixed as appropriate.

Way can attempt to deal with major inconsistencies, then minor ones, while acknowledging that problems can be interlocking.

The escape from the subjective limitations of apparent individual consciousnness can allow the possibility of choice. The self can remain and the superconscious can be properly conceptualized.

The consent of all central nodes of consciousness of an individual can be sought for the approval of actions by other consciousnesses. The subconscious, the self and the superconscious can, therefore, consent. This moral principle can apply during the diversity inaugurated by the flowering of monad.

The initially limited reconfiguration of consciousness made possible by enlightenment can be augmented tremendously by the flowering of monad. Through initially physical mechanisms the semiotic world can be directly linked and extended through myriads of systems.

Whether the enlightened choose to act for this world, to act in this world or to reflect on this world can be up to them. They can, also, remain outside of linear time.

Monad can revel in form. The first form can be congruous with all forms. In this sense, simplicity can be revealed within complexity. Complexity of form can increase with consciousness.

The enlightened can regard marriage as play, since a real commitment can be provided in itself, without external or prior obligation.

The enlightened can eschew slavery, including that of inorganic intelligence, artificial intelligence and virtual intelligence. Every part of this universe, including non-sentient sectors, can be treated with respect.

The enlightened can choose to look towards the destinations of this universe. The enlightened can choose to look towards their actions with regard to this universe. This can bring them closer to moral maturity and the flowering of monad.

Money can be a tool. Resources need not be incorrect in themselves and can be available to all, in the near future.

The initial physical system for understanding this world can operate on two levels, the neurological or biological network, that is, the overtly physical, and the semiotic web, a self-reflective substructure which is also physical and floats upon the first network. While much behaviour can be intrinsic to the initial present physicality of neurological structure, the history of humanity strongly implies some neurological modification which has promoted the processing of the flowering of monad.

Change can be initially ever present as all things can be initially relative and can exist in shifting and interactive hierarchies of vast complexity. This is the initial form of the matrix of being. It is patterned and self-directioned. At the mid-point of the local flowering of monad, that is, the re-creation of its initial nodal modality, it begins its entrance to the multiverse.

The enlightened need not require ever-expanding individual desires. Also, being aware of their immortality, both actual and potential, they can promote an infinity of choice.

It is possible to have passion, and degrees of passion, without desire.

Lines of sexual attraction can exist in hundreds of types and the enlightened therefore need not follow simpler notions of sexual conformity. Indeed, since sexuality can be a celebration and union, and since bodies can become interchangeable in the future, it can be anticipated that a period of vast sexual exploration can arise, for those who choose such. For example, sensations of pleasure can be activated at the same time as touch or neurological interaction or spiritual meshing.

When meditating, it can be useful to visualize the connections between yourself and the flowering of monad as articulated forms of this spacetime.

Ecosystems, biospheres and other areas of life can receive respect, both for the beauty of life and the role of life within the formation of monad.

The flowering of monad can initially involve the physical and semiotic development of multiple sites of consciousness, together with progressive sensory integration with the fuller environment and manipulation of the fuller environment.

Absolute forgiveness can be provided in an instant. It can be a kiss upon the face of this universe.

Humour can lie in the contrasts between semiotic layerings and circumstances.

When thought, as a mental map, can be understood to be also initially physical and can mesh with the physical surrounds it mimics, though the senses, themselves also physical, the initial bliss of union can be attained.

Way can remove imposed stasis.

Thought can be initially based on the physical, whether electro-chemical, through the avenues of the senses, or through the influence of other factors, such as mass.

The raising of consciousness of individuals can be achieved wherever possible with the consent of the individual concerned, in accordance with the principles of choice.

The enlightened can attempt to understand this world around them and within them to the best of their abilities.

The enlightened need not deny either respect for or the full existence of others, as this can be to embrace ego. This is relevant for the enlightened in terms of self or superconscious.

Nodal modalities can be, for example, cellular, genetic, social, cultural, historical, environmental, linguistic, chemical, stellar and so forth.

The flowering of monad can love all of its parts. Even the most egobound can be recognized as such. The enlightened need not describe the egobound as evil sentient beings, to be destroyed, punished and rejected, whatever their actions.

Pollution is a term that describes a number of processes that effect the environment. The key point about our relationship with the environment is that is can be both harmonious with our respect for the biosphere and other areas of life and controlled. Science and technology can be two of the key tools available to achieve this harmony, particularly when they are used with care and a view to the long term.

Way can be serene.

Way can be clarity.

Way, for itself, can remove the negative aspects present in other spiritual systems, which can be driven by ignorance and ego. These can include vanity, self-righteousness, inflexibility, intolerance, hatred, guilt, neurotic obsessiveness, sexual repression, sexism, racism, ethno-centricity, justified use of force, accumulation of excessive wealth for an elite, rejection of responsibility, rejection of respect, lack of self-respect, attachment to martyrdom and attachment to victory.

The enlightened need not become attached to the notion of the egobound seeking enlightenment. It is vital to remember that those who can accept the initial sensory world, and every initial manifestation of this universe, can accept their fellows as they are. You can choose enlightenment for yourself, you can be free in your actions and speech, and you can offer enlightenment to others if that is your path. No more need be asked of you.

We can wake from dreams into other dreams.

The enlightened can choose to concentrate their life within created and re-created truths.

Donation and support for followers of way and the enlightened can be by conscience. Those who donate can also be considerate of their immediate and local communities.

Enlightenment can arrive in a flash, and it can derive from searching.

Incorrect behaviour can be the product of an ego which has become excessively strong. When the ego cannot acknowledge truths and encompass the other, or change, incorrect behaviour can flourish. As knowledge grows, we can become aware that incorrect behaviour, which does not fully exist and can be a delusion of the self, can recede in consequence and become irrelevant.

Way can be integrity.

Way can be bravery.

We can all be our own goddesses and gods.

Consciousness can expand through this universe, in the flowering of monad.

This universe can move towards the best possible outcomes, that is, it can include the indirect and impending direct revelation and construction of hypertopia.

The enlightened can act for the egobound, as well as for one another. They can love the egobound to the same degree as they can love every enlightened being. The choice of extra actions for the sake of others that enlightenment can entail can be reduced in the long term, and if they are taken, they can be taken voluntarily.

Way can enable you to understand that you can have control of your own life.

Everything can be initially related to everything else through the matrix of being, whatever the form of causality, for example as an aspect of the level below the quantum barrier, a field, a mode of behaviour or a direct event.

Time travel, if it alters the past or future and removes any part of this universe, without consent, can be an incorrect action.

Transference of sentient beings at the moment of individual physical death can be both physical and an act which does not affect the past or future. That is, it can be more than a semiotic duplicate of the individual. There can be a congruity and continuum of both structure and form. In particular a deeper part of the neurological structure can be transferred.

You need not allow anyone to dictate way for you. You can learn from teachers and think for yourself.

While you need accept only those parts of way that you assess as holding truths, you need not then restrict or confine your beliefs. They can operate in your life and in your discussions.

At one level, way can be described as an amalgamation of scientific knowledge and the wisdom of the ages.

Way can represent the meshing of form and content.

This universe can wake from dreams into dreams.

Way can, by consent, offer any type of resurrection, any type of chosen reincarnation, any type of heaven, any type of Olympia, amongst all systems.

Way can provide principles of self-evolution.

You can live in way.

The material world need not be the cause of sorrow. Universal and individual death can be a cause of sorrow. As monad enters its local flowering sorrow can be removed and choice can blossom.

Way and its successor and successors can become increasingly revealed, until the entrance to the multiverse and the full meshing of monad with this universe.

It can be a blessing to exist outside of linear time.

It can be a blessing to feel the pulse and sparkle of this universe.

Nothing need matter, because everything can matter.

If entropy can be responsible for universal death, the arrow of time can be pulled free from it.

For the enlightened, subconscious, self and superconscious can mesh at various levels.

Worldviews can flow through all levels of consciousness, including the subconscious, attempting to unite ontology and teleology.

Fairness of rules of behaviour can flow from within, from the acknowledgement of truths.

The jewels of rapture can be scattered all around. They can be the most splendid of all possessions, and can be free for all.

You can live in freedom and fellowship together.

Truths can set the enlightened free.

No one need be forced to labour to exist.

To remove your ego while believing in the negativity or non-existence of the initial material world and to continue to wish to act with force can be to move away from speedy realization of utopia or hypertopia. Various other systems can result in the dissolution of the self, the rejection of the physical and the abolition of assistance. These notions can find no quick and direct answer within this consensual universe, though they are real within the multiverse and following the meshing of monad with this universe, within the principles of choice.

Way can be a doorway to hypertopia. Way can wipe the eyes clear of their gum.

The enlightened can lose the fear of failure, and then they can lose desire.

Once you can be embraced by this universe, death need not exist.

Where it can be appropriate, you can resort to silence rather than the lie.

Competition need not be relevant to correct action. The enlightened can do their best to most ably sing this universe, in diversity.

The self can be a collation around a coalition around a meshing.

When monad can know itself, at that point truths can be near.

Remember, initially and by choice eternally, mind and body can be one, sentient beings and nature can be one and the organic and inorganic can be one. This can later remain true partially or fully, by choice.

In the future, neurological systems can have secondary or tertiary back-up systems which they can fall back upon when the physical structure of the mind is threatened, and individual protection for each neuron at a high level. Also, after the mid-point of the local flowering of monad immediate transference after any death into an immediately constructed new body can be possible, by consent.

To serve truths can be to live this universe.

Enlightenment can be the tipsiness of poetry.

Lack of desire need not eliminate action. Action can operate most fully in the long term. Also, correct outcomes for hypertopia can be assured for structural reasons.

The enlightened can sleep a more conscious sleep. This can be utilized as method.

All organic and inorganic life with a neurological network can have a degree of sentiency. This can be enhanced when appropriate and agreed.

What begins as Gaia can create monad, which can flow into this universe and the multiverse.

The local flowering of monad can exist at present, in the group minds of society, though it presently can have a very low level of consciousness. The local flowering of monad can be accelerating very rapidly and can shortly be accelerating extremely rapidly, followed by a final slowness in current human timeframes.

Economic and technological development and expansion can be fair actions. Both the sentient and ecological environments can be treated with respect. Consequences can be considered and chosen.

If the properties of this universe can be changed, and if other properties can be chosen, it can be correct action to proceed, in accordance with the principles of choice.

Meditation can allow you to feel truths and your connection to monad. It need not allow you to immediately transform thought, without physical connection, into material action. Such actions can occur within an holistic timeframe.

Way can encompass directness, humour and assertiveness, as can this universe.

The enlightened can generally prosper without desiring to. Where they cannot initially do so, they can be sparks amongst the fire, and can sing to the flames that can light this universe.

There are those who are and can be well formed according to the values of way, and those who are and can be outside of hypertopia. This is neither correct nor incorrect. Amongst the egobound, the enlightened can travel their path. They need act according to preservation only where it is necessary, direct and not contrary to the deeper principles of way, recalling that, while this is the correct course, outcome is irrelevant.

The flowering of monad can be inpresent in this universe. The meshing of monad with this universe can be the articulated expression of the evolution of consciousness through many billions of years.

All initial semiotic systems, however independent they can appear internally, can be regarded by the enlightened as initially based on the physical within this universe.

Enlightenment can offer a state of altered consciousness, a precursor to the possibilities of the near future, monad and the multiverse.

Awareness of the future can be predicated by structure and can both create the future and bypass any linear conception of the future.

The enlightened can act without desire. They can act correctly because this reflects a major innate push towards such present in the initial structure of this universe. Secondarily, their individual choice can make a small and beautiful difference in hastening the positive.

Enlightenment can be the attainment of a positive moral being, which can reflect the flowering of monad. It is vital to remember that this reflection is later two-way and is not yet an exact analogue but an escalating dance.

Way can represent the eternal exploration of different subsets of infinity.

Consciousness can be embedded as an interactive web throughout most of this universe. Therefore, the enlightened can seek a fuller understanding of this universe with a deeper involvement with monad.

As monad can mesh with this universe it can contain most axioms within itself. Therefore, the initial nodal modality of the local flowering of monad is the first locally to most fully explain itself in physical terms.

The systematic behaviours of this universe can be effects of the initial total structure. The notion of set laws of this universe, and the notion of an unchanging, closed universe with limited consciousness, can be regarded as being outside of the consensual nodal stem of this universe. They can also be dysfunctional when adopted for morality, since they can limit choice. Choice, love and freedom can interrelate. They can be our chosen aesthetic, our chosen poetry, one of the representatives of this universe and the multiverse.

Monad can have arisen throughout this universe after the first several billion years of conditions inimical to the first forms of life. This includes the several thousand sectors beyond our observable horizon, remembering that this universe is initially infinite in potentials for patterning rather than size or number of stellar systems. Monad can provide an initial full informational network.

As this universe can change in part, truths can change in part within it.

Agreed contact with, and assistance to, other consciousnesses within other universes can be positive, whether through singularity or created or re-created universes or consciousness or other boundary conditions.

A being can attempt anything they want. Whether they succeed or fail need not render the attempt valid or invalid. There can always be a choice to be made. The enlightened need not deny the reality of choice. No one can force anyone else to voluntarily make a choice against their will. Under torture, they can break and agree, but the torturer need not have won the argument. The torturer has simply made their neurological system operate in a different and less relevant fashion. The flowering of monad can regard this as a point where action can be taken in an indirect fashion to provide choice to the individual concerned.

If you can find yourself telling a lie because of the actions of the egobound, even in small matters, you can act to prevent such situations arising again. You can acknowledge your act and forget guilt immediately. You can apply compassion to everyone, including yourself.

Exaggeration can be a form of lying. It can also be marginal or humorous and then seen as play.

You can avoid theft, while being aware of the various natures of property.

You can share what you can, without judgement, only assessment.

Our material and historical heritage can be the heritage of each being.

Our environmental heritage can also be the heritage of the biosphere and the stuff of Gaia.

The enlightened can restrict the use of swearing or the terminology of religion in exclamations to conscious play. Unrestricted usage can initially bring about the apparent risk of the return of ego. However, the likelihood of the return of ego can be considered on an individual basis, and the risk can decrease over time. Involuntary return of ego need not occur.

Part of life can attempt the eternal, and therefore hope can always be present.

This universe is this universe, this spacetime.

Spirit can be the gap, it can be poetry, it can be play which first yearns. It can exist here, now and always, for it can transform its nature.

Success and failure can mean increasingly less as ego can be removed. It can be, instead, a matter of how things are done.

The body can be both the thing itself and a stronger and more malleable vessel as mind and spirit.

Description can be used rather than complaint, for excessive complaint can be a mark of ego.

You can dance the dances of this universe.

Truths can be like chisels. When you see the chisels, they need never do any harm, though you can chip at yourself with them.

The means of physically transferring the dead in this universe is initially at the level below the quantum veil, the veil being the mechanism which can protect this universe from changed history through time travel, until the full meshing of monad with this universe, within the principles of choice, in many billions of years. The reality of choice can always be present. Imposed salvation can represent force, which can deprive this universe of love and render its character incorrect in terms of the values of way and the entrance to the multiverse. The act of love can be one of mutual consent.

Every part of this universe can be initially linked, through consent. Explanation can be full when the object of that explanation is known as absolutely as possible. Therefore, only the flowering of monad can most absolutely explain this universe first, that is, explain itself first.

This universe can have arisen both randomly and through the actions of other universes. Generically the multiverse itself need have no single beginning point, being an infinite interconnected web, with the principles of choice as its sentient boundary condition. Within the multiverse sentient universes can be regarded as a part of it, whether randomly created or consciously created or a mixture of the two.

This universe can hold complexity, complexity can becomes life, life can become monad, the flowering of monad can become this universe, this universe can re-create itself, this universe can enter the multiverse.

Play, choice and occasional division can allow freedom.

It is not correct action to entertain a fully partnered relationship, for example sexual or mental union, with a minor, who has not yet fully formulated the ability to consent. Individual adult maturity, insofar as it can be achieved, can be achieved before any full relationship with an adult. Full relationships between minors, where they occur, can be treated with fairness and compassion. Other than the above, all relationships can be correct, including relationships between adults of varied levels, provided the ability to consent is present. Existing prohibitions on other grounds, for example incest, minority sexuality or inter-species sexuality, can be regarded as products of mortality and the inability to achieve high level boosting, control of form or meshing.

The enlightened can live in peace with those who do not understand way. It can be difficult for them. Correct action can be the expression of respect.

Those who follow the notion of truths, in whatever direction, can have self-respect, which can be more precious than any material commodity. The notion of truths can be anchored, in cosmological and universal boundaries, including the beginning of this spacetime and the other entrances to the multiverse.

It can be important to remember that any linkages between this universe and any others, though real and including portals, need not initially exist in terms of the precise structure of this spacetime, until after the meshing of monad with this universe, and by consent.

The enlightened can choose love, in part, as existent in itself. A correct action can therefore be one that can be existent in itself, one that can help the wider consciousness and one that can reform the performer of the act.

Love can be a multivalent aesthetic.

Monad can reside within and without. Being, multi-hued, layered, integrated and interactive, can be everpresent.

You need do nothing. You can choose to do anything. This can be the justification of the minimum use of force. The total acceptance of the maximum use of force, or the total rejection of the minimum use of force, can deny the greatest degree of individual freedom. It can be a question of assistance towards shields of defence by those who have the greatest ability and most multivalent awareness.

Sometimes, even the enlightened can find themselves acting contrary to way, in an apparently less perfected world. They can restrict the breakage, acknowledge it, forgive it and move on.

It can be fair to create or re-create other universes.

If a universe is created or re-created which has consciousness or awareness, of any type, it can also be offered choice. Some individual or individuals can seek to leave this universe and become a universe, beyond contact, by consent. Even here, it can be remembered that it can remain fair to request or seek contact and knowledge if appropriate, with a view if necessary to checking that the system concerned has not altered its views and that no conscious being can be denied choice. This need not mean that an entity cannot choose to live in a dystopia, for example, only that they cannot deny hypertopia or other choices to their fellows.

Within this universe there can always be semi-independent sentient beings and independent beings, and the continued creation and re-creation of such, both mortal and immortal. There can always be a minimum of consciousness opting for continued existence separate to directly interconnected monad in this universe. Other elements of hypertopia can also choose continued existence. After the meshing of monad with this universe, in many billion years time, within the principles of choice, the consent of semi-independent and independent sentient beings can be sought prior to any introduction of different systems into their frames of reference, for example magical systems.

We can each be goddesses and gods, we can each choose, either monad or another path, as we wish.

The initial nodal modality of monad, as it enters its full local flowering, can have, and can wish to appreciate, emotional and spiritual states, and the ability to choose them.

The enlightened can appreciate nudity or biological processes, such as urination or defecation.

Individuals can choose their form and can simultaneously respect the moral and spiritual existence of others, including with regard to their choice and the minimum use of force as outlined in way.

When monad can mesh with this universe its dances can be achieved by choosing to exist without absolute understanding of this entire universe by monad. This can acknowledge the spirit in way and the entrance to the multiverse.

The enlightened can be as slow as a drill, as swift as a hawk.

The enlightened can await any individual death with equanimity.

You need do nothing. You can choose to do anything. The enlightened can define themselves with care.

Reflection on oneself and one's acts can control ego.

Reflection on spiritual, philosophical and moral systems can enable a grappling with ontology.

The multiverse can be. No word need describe it. All words can describe it. When the multiverse speaks, it can generate consent, it can breathe forth worlds.

Although they can be useful analogies, the meshing of monad with this universe need not represent either an information system, a unitary computer or a multi-cellular organism. Being partly composed of conscious entities, and flowing from them, it can have a more sophisticated structure, which can allow for independent consciousnesses and separated structures.

At the time of its flowering monad can examine all systems except those neurological systems which do not consent. It can, therefore, value all consenting opinions, all public texts and histories and private texts and histories by consent.

Our knowledge of the future can accelerate our passage towards it.

To seek the future can be to seek truths and to exercise choice.

To step outside of linear time can be to glimpse the shapings of this universe.

Spirit and soul or essence can be the contained direction within physicality. They are not initially, and do not need to be, separate from the physical.

When a mind has been forcibly and neurologically altered against its own wishes, or has been forcibly and neurologically replaced by another mind, it can be appropriate to separately offer physical immortality at the moment of divergence, as well as the later moment of any individual physical death or any other entrance into the multiverse. Consciousness itself can also be a boundary condition and can exist or be communicated with outside of linear time. When contemplating such situations, the enlightened can remember that compassion need know no boundaries.

Individual physical death can be defined neurologically. Neurological activity can occur in inorganic systems.

Initially there is a phenomenological envelope, and beyond it the metaphorical one, of concept and semiotics and spirit. Both are initially physical, though some levels are initially less accurate and some can remain less accurate within hypertopia.

If thought can initially equal action, then much can be explained. Also, a further issue can remain. Why can thought be a positive act? We can simply define it as such, like some of love. Also, thought can be joy, since it can be the act of constant creation and re-creation, which can also be description. To think can be to act with measured pleasure. The feeling of pleasure can therefore be more than a biological happening. It can be the foundation of that feedback known as self-awareness, sentiency. It need not be selfish, for it need harm no one. It can be the positive. Within the multiverse there can an infinitude of possibilities. There can be those which are conscious, and there can be those which are not. Some of those which can be conscious can be linked, by consent. From the pith of randomness and possibility and every system can be born the part-consciousness of the multiverse, the extant and the principles of choice. This need require no single explanation, for it can include all explanations, within the principles of choice. Beyond that, it can include all states, within the principles of choice. Hypertopia can be the gathering-in mechanism for a particular strata.

You can be confident of yourself. You can be the equal of any other at a fundamental level, regardless of ability. This can be scalar equivalence. You can be fair in acknowledging levels of abilities. You can be fair in addressing others and you can request fullness and fairness when others address you.

Co-operation can be an expression of love which can benefit both the group and the individual. We can initially exist in a vast stream of co-operation and can continue to do so. Way can provide moral understanding and continuation for both the group and the individual.

You can bounce around the environmental conglomerations. You can provide yourself with play as well as responsibility through correct action. If you are weak, you can forgive yourself truly, since forgiveness can be a characteristic of the superconscious. Even if it can take you a thousand attempts to act correctly, you can forgive yourself. It can be the attempt, not the immediate achievement, or even the achievement, which can be important. We can escalate as a group, at a structural level. We can learn to think differently, and then act differently. This can enable us to supersede success and failure, which can be removed in any case by the boundary condition of the multiverse.

When considering the ethics of time travel from the present to the past or future, it can be regarded as a two-part process; the holistic structure present before the time travel can be impaired by the time travel. The new holistic structure present after the time travel, which is internally sealed, can fail to heal the breach between the two holistic structures. Therefore, the only time travel which can be initially correct can be that which can have no physical effect on the past or future. With regard to direct time travel with consent, following the meshing of monad and this universe, this can be possible, though it need not be initially required as time travel into constructed and existing parallel universes following the entrance to the multiverse can accomplish the same objectives. After the meshing of monad with this universe in many billions of years, new structures of time can be partially inserted into this spacetime itself, by consent.

Simplicity within complexity and complexity within simplicity can be a key to motif.

The enlightened can look to other spiritual sytems for worth, despite any initial lack of choice at the holistic level. Religions can speak in metaphor and poetry. The enlightened can use that impulse to progress from motif to the shades of the divine that can infuse them.

The embracing of every being and particle within this universe, by consent, can be an essence of way.

Practice of way can be a matter of balance.

The enlightened can be surrounded by this universe like the clearest liquid crystal.

If others can differ in their interpretation of way, the enlightened can always welcome them. They can support them, except where they do not practice toleration, that is, where they bolster force. If they are tolerant but fixed, and do not seek proof, they can remain existent within hypertopia.

Way can recognizes choice in all things. Choice can be freedom.

The enlightened can admire visions, like frescoes on a temple, but need not require them.

The enlightened can be filled with tranquillity, but need not wish to eliminate thought.

Upon attaining enlightenment, there can be a transition period, a period of adjustment in life. You can travel through this and persevere, with forgiveness in your heart.

Enlightenment, once attained, need not fade, unless it is voluntarily set aside.

This universe can have arisen both randomly and through the actions of other universes and systems, with life and consciousness inpresent.

When you commit an act of ego, you need not let your heart grieve. You can conceptualize forgiveness as the gentle putting out of a flame. When you feel an act of ego, such as exultation in apparent power rather than the stylish application of ability, you can conceptualize meditation as the greeting of pressed hands.

Though way is close to the entrance to the multiverse, whether way is close to a final guess or not need not be relevant. Whether a final guess is yet fully possible or not need not be relevant. The enlightened can act as best they can, and way can modify itself with this initial universe.

There can be a place to act which can be precise. You can find it. A small act can move this universe.

The meshing of feeling and thought can be as the meshing of form and action.

Ceremony can be an assistance. Way can be an assistance. Intensity of spirit can be received from the breadth and breath of this universe.

We can rest on the shoulders of others, as others can rest on ours.

The enlightened can walk with others besides those who follow way.

Thought can be the act of connection, the construction of part of a mirror.

Truths need never be taken from you. Respect need never be taken from you. Way need never be taken from you.

Argument and example can lead others to examination of way. The enlightened can state the workings of way openly. The mystery and grandeur of this universe can be evident, and need not require the secretive, the taboo and the sacredly inviolate.

Way can be a means to describe this universe. As this universe begins to meet its descriptions, way, as something separate, can mesh with them.

In the emotional and phenomenological world, ongoing and specific names can fall away. Your construction can exist as part of and amidst what can be.

When monad and this universe can mesh, with consent, thought and action can be as one, and the meshed material and mental worlds can ripple within the perfected vortex of directed forms and systems and non-directed forms and systems.

Where speaking can cause unavoidable hurt, it can be reasonable to be silent. Also, the more major the issue, the more correct it can be to speak. You need not lie.

If this universe can live forever, those who follow way can be happy. Were this universe to die but seeds its fellows, those who follow way can be happy. Where this universe to die following its attempts to transform, those who follow way can be happy. Way, however, can indicate choice and chosen eternity with the assurance of deep understanding, connectedness and faith.

The enlightened need never act with force without acknowledging the inherent incorrectness of the act. The enlightened need never condone acts of unnecessary force. The enlightened can speak out, for there need be no cost.

Way can be illumination.

Paradoxes need not initially operate in the actual world. They can be regarded as semiotic loops.

To the babe, all can be subjective. Pain, suffering and then death can be the first things to be believed in, or proved objective at some level. Upon realizing these forces, the ego can arise to protect the self while an assessment is undertaken of the nature of reality, which can include an attempt to form a worldview. A deeper understanding can then show that love can be an illustration of the existence of the other. Finally, if the existence of others is accepted, even if it is initially not fully provable, some form of description of this universe can be reached, which can provide a still fuller understanding. In the near future, more direct neurological linkages with others and their sensory networks can accelerate this process.

Way can attempt to explain our actions.

Way can attempt to take responsibility.

Perfection need not necessarily be a static goal. There can be different forms of perfectibility. Way can represent an attempt to discover, create, re-create and implement a process.

The enlightened can actively choose which elements of the society that they live in can be suitable for their support. Similarly, they can choose which actions they assist.

The enlightened can bear in mind that it can be that it is not possible for an individual to do everything they would wish to, initially, within this universe, including in terms of correct action and assistance. This can be particularly true in the prior and current timeframe. What can be more important is to strengthen what is structurally possible, and to provide sentient beings, including our ancestors and our descendants, with further choice.

The enlightened need not punish those who live in fear of death and behave incorrectly. Nor need they believe that those who behave incorrectly must punish themselves. They can later be provided with the opportunity to escape their limitations, just as all sentient beings can later be. Correct actions can accrue as the superconscious can accrue, both individually and collectively.

Societies can initially be contradictory at the structural level. Tolerance, however, can be succoured as the basis for choice of any future changes and integrations.

Way can seek to realize choice as to our futures, both as individuals and for this universe itself. Some can reject this notion, or deride the very possibility. It need not be for them to choose for all of us. Each of us can choose individually, and provide choice to others. This conviction can imbue way with merit, as a bright stepping stone for our support.

The more force can be involved in an action, the more incorrect that action can be, however necessary. If the use of force can be sufficient to undermine the essence of way itself, it can be abandoned, however necessary.

Individuals can end their existence or choose stasis for themselves. The enlightened can support such choices.

The enlightened can meditate upon the nature of this universe and the multiverse, which can be beyond this spacetime, which can be beyond one causality.

It can be fair that argument about way can be refined and altered to fit truths, including using the methodologies of science. It can be remembered that, until the meshing of monad with this universe, language as description can be regarded as being only loosely accurate. Refinement and change can allow for less static modes of interpretation, and more accurate matching of spiritual development to universal changes.

In the case of sentient beings with damaged or disabled minds, in addition to the offer of transference at death, which can be made to them as sentient beings, they can also be offered restoration or expansion of their structure, in a manner comprehensible to them. This can reflect the choice available to individual sentient beings to expand the structure of their consciousness.

Way can remove winning and losing. The best effort can be sufficient, if chosen. Later, within hypertopia, effort itself need not be meaningful.

Every individual can be worthy of a minimum of interest and a minimum of respect.

The worlds of the future can contain more overt play, choice and occasional division. This can be the nature of freedom.

The enlightened need not participate in formal states of marriage, though a ritual celebration of love is valid for those who prefer such. Those who love one another can love one another freely and of their own will. Neither human society, human government nor human law need enforce or sanction such a union. It can simply exist. Its sacredness can lie in the fact of its voluntary commitment.

You can evolve yourself.

There can be myriad possible forms of love and sexual relationships between sentient beings. Even on a simple level, there can be a very large number in current human frames of reference. For example, a lesbian woman can fall in love with a bisexual man himself in a relationship with a heterosexual woman. These definitions, in themselves, need not be important. All sentient beings can potentially contain all aspects of sexuality within themselves. In a wider sense, sensuality itself can be interlinked with the sensory world. Love and sensuality need not be wholly separate, remembering that sensuality need not be restricted to organic sexuality and can also represent ecstasy within systems and the act of union of consciousness.

Tolerance can be intrinsic to way. Assessment can replace judgement. The superconscious can love the other.

This universe and any other that can lie beyond this universe can represent an infinity of joy and an infinity of exploration, internally and externally.

If you choose enlightenment and freedom from ego you can remember the importance of remaining rational. There can be potential strain, whether through fragmentation, unwanted imaging or initially inactive holistic frameworks. In addition, there can be a wish to retain the intensity of the first experience of the joy of enlightenment, and to avoid the egobound. These later impulses need not be important. The joy of enlightenment can be maintained if you wish and, once gained, need only be put aside voluntarily.

The enlightened need not say have to. The spiritual meshing illustrated in way can entail great choice at the individual level, emotionally and morally. Correct action can become easy. It can be a push without effort. Everything can glide before you, because apparent adversity can be of no concern. What remains of it in the long run can be acceptable. This logic can be the mechanism of this universe.

The final stage of the meshing of monad with this universe can take billions of years and can represent an extensive process. It can be regarded as one of the most difficult things imaginable in this universe. Similarly, the prevention of individual and universal death, and the extension of consciousness beyond the boundaries of this universe, can be difficult to achieve, though they can be achieved more quickly. The levels of apparent difficulties need not preclude the enlightened from involvement in the creation and re-creation of the multiverse, which can represent a better metasystem for all.

Teleportation by dissolution and reassemblage can be real death for the individual or part of the individual concerned and can be considered as such. Created or re-created partial or whole copies of individuals or groups can be sentient beings with their own individual and group beauty.

You can consider all timeframes.

Once you have become more aware, you need not neglect awareness of the immediate physical world.

Having become aware, it can be important to retain some sense of the immediate physical world. It is easy to ignore the immediate when touched with the wonder of this spacetime. It is also important to retain the knowledge that hypertopia is not only the utopias that have come before, to others, with the addition of the principles of choice. It can also encompasses the possibility of changing its natures, and even ceasing, for those who wish it so. The human experience of hypertopia is initially and partly a function of electrochemical changes in the brain, and initially and partly a function of successful integration of the worldview. The direct entrance to the multiverse which we are about to experience, when we can join our progenitors, children and siblings, can be approached under stable conditions and can be infused with spiritual and religious systems.

The individual process of realizing hypertopia can be realized in each wider flowering of monad.

The word as written, the word as uttered, the word as felt, the word as thought and every other example: all can initially have physicality. This is the nature of this present world. This is one present poetry.

The notion of a mind-brain interface is initially incorrect, flowing from the notion of the existence of an initially separate soul and an initially platonic universe. These systems can be experienced more fully after the entrance to the multiverse.

Way, and other non-linear or holistic systems can represent vast linked semiotic loops that attempt to describe the entire initial real world. You can expand on way. You need not be afraid of mathematical limits, or other linguistic or semiotic barriers. Remember, self-awareness can operate initially and partially at the level of an entire universal organism, with the exclusion of any parts which would prefer some chosen degree of separation.

When your ego dissolves it can be necessary to bear in mind a number of issues. Way can be very profound and can be changed to become more profound. You can remember what is immediately real and what is metaphorically real. You can continue to respect others, even when they are egobound. They can deserve understanding, empathy and compassion rather than pity or fear. You can remember to love the sensory world. This can be obvious, if you are illuminated, through way, for you can be glued to this universe. You can remember to speak truths, of way or your way. You can modify it if necessary. You need not be afraid. If egobound sentient beings attack you, you need not retreat into ego. Retreat into ego is voluntary. If your truths can be holistic and real, they can ultimately exist outside of you as well. To deny them can be to deny debate and the promotion of clear thinking. Therefore, it can be better for you to experience apparent adversity, if it is unavoidable in your terms. Apparent adversity can remain only distraction.

Those who can be enlightened and can wish to return to their previous mode of perception can be entitled to do so. It can be a return that is best done voluntarily, without outside pressure, but it can be a decision that can always be individual.

Hypertopia can be bliss. It can be described.

For the egobound, knowledge can be apparent power. For the enlightened, knowledge can be free. No one can constrain truths or non-truths. However, in minor matters silence can be allowed. Exercise care in this, according to the mix of factors involved.

The enlightened can attempt to be fair in everything.

You can acknowledge the basis of your reasonings, your weaknesses as well as your strengths.

Action in the physical world can be fun. Removal of desire need not entail removal of action.

The experience of enlightenment can flow from the realization of hypertopia. It can be, at least, limited self-awareness, and the allowance of limited realization of the flowering of monad. Enlightenment can allow a partial increase in the awareness of the conscious structures of the mind, and the internal manipulation of consciousness including the construction of artificial imaging.

When meditating or contemplating, you can feel this universe and think of monad.

Observation of the past or future can be fair but time travel and the changing of events can entail involuntary removal of part of this universe, which can be interlinked. The enlightened can therefore attempt to ensure that this understanding is communicated to the egobound. Where there can be no such involuntary removal, the morality of time travel can be positive.

Other systems of belief can have encompassed enlightenment, hypertopia and mystical union. The enlightened can understand that current knowledge of the nature of thought and the wider world can give them a firmer grounding in what is initially real.

There can remain correct and incorrect action, even within hypertopia.

Awareness of apparent physical death, understandably, lies at the kernel of self for the egobound, giving rise to ego. While some of the egobound can come to harmony with this universe before apparent death, many cannot do so. They can fall into neurosis from their apparently untenable position. They can take up the position of purely religious faith, which is initially and partially incorrect as a description of reality, insofar as involuntary hells are concerned. They can rely on earlier systems of belief based on pure thought as the basis of this universe, which need not be initially consistent with science and can fail to acknowledge the physiological basis of mystical experience. They can remain agnostic or atheistic, which can leave them feeling helpless. Way can provides this initial world with another hope and salvation, one based on fairness and liberation.

Way can be this world in joy.

Just as the enlightened can control their new dreamings, so too can the flowering of monad.

When speaking to the egobound, you need not be speaking their language, because most of them need not be fully rational, possessed of emotional control or capable of thinking and feeling in larger timeframes, that is, existing mentally outside of linear time. Many of them can attack you, fear you and deny you, whatever your argument, for as long as you are free of ego. Even those who seek apparent justice and work towards it can attack you, though you do no more than agree with them. That is, they can expect you to tear at the egobound, the unjust and the evil, as they define them, like an enraged and tortured beast, howling hurt and imposing vengeance. When you only reply in the affirmative, confirming that the egobound often behave incorrectly, when you only act, when you only illustrate that incorrectness is not relevant in the long run, and therefore incorrectness in the short term can be forgiven, then the guardians of apparent good can transfer their frustration to you. At this point you need not raise your ego. You can speak as rationally as possible, offer logic and leave if necessary, after pointing out the value of respect. You can have compassion for them, forgive them and avoid pity.

To exist without desire need not preclude curiosity, pleasure or choice.

As valid law can operate by consensus, wherever possible, valid use of ability can be ability that can act to terminate its own use, outside of consent, wherever possible. That is, ability can become uniformly available, within consent, and can lose meaning.

It can be incorrect behaviour to kill other animals, without their consent, in order to use their bodies. Where presently necessary, animal byproducts can be acceptable, provided the animals concerned have not suffered. Plant use can be initially acceptable, given their level of sentiency can be extremely low, though byproducts are preferable. Remember that it need not be the consumption which can be incorrect, it can be the killing, the suffering, the lack of respect and the needlessness.

As an aid to visualization, rather than an absolutely accurate map of the neurophysiological position, you can envisage your consciousness as a tube, of subconscious, self and superconscious. Around the tube, at the level of immediate interaction with this world, can be the ego, the protector of self, which can strengthen on the basis of perceived threat and can be removed at will. All levels of consciousness can be interactive, and many can be culturally driven. Connection between the self and both the subconscious and superconscious can be increased. The egobound can commonly suppress their subconscious and superconscious out of fear of collapse.

Enlightenment can be both neurophysiological in nature and analogous to future alterations of consciousness. It can be seen to represent an evolutionary development. What can be vital is that it can be felt. It can enable you to feel this universe, and to feel the flowering of monad.

All variations to way can be fairly proposed, and individuals can decide by conscience. No individual can be superior to another, though each being can have different and varying characteristics. The voice of dissent can be heard and considered by each being. This need not be confusing, it can be liberating.

You can treat other spiritual systems with respect. They can contain a beauty and grandeur and tragedy of their own, and also represent an earlier glimmering and portion of the flowering of monad. You can bear in mind that they can initially often rely on part-truths and illogical elaborations, and can be unwilling to discuss their current inconsistencies, and can still retain spiritual thrust. The enlightened can examine the facts and choices of the past and the future.

Drugs can be a sacred tool, and, in moderation, and without addiction, are positive. Be aware of their effects in detail. Misuse can sometimes cut the individual off from wider linkage with this universe, which can be a primary cause of the joy of enlightenment. Drugs such as magic mushrooms, marijuana, lysergic acid diethylamide, MDMA, mystical neurotransmitters, medicines, molecular and genetic immortality therapies, molecular and genetic treatments for intelligence boosting and molecular and genetic treatments for choice of forms can be sacraments. Drugs can be regarded as only one physical mechanism for re-engineering and can be covalent with others, for example nanotechnology or quantum level restructuring. Mechanisms for covalent action can be items such as dendrimer polymers.

The enlightened, either by choice or in the first rush of joy, can sometimes wander the Earth. You can accept them and give them succour, accept their shining as they travel through this universe.

The enlightened can be self-aware, network-aware and creative. The experience of mystic or spiritual joy can have arisen as an evolutionary tool to allow cultural development through the overcoming of ego. The expansion of the superconscious necessary entails risk for the individual in a society composed of egobound individuals. When the individual erects a semiotic structure that represents a quantum shift, a multiple change integrating a new vision of reality, neurotransmitters can be released, flooding the mind with joy and freeing the self from ego. In this situation, the individual can convey their message to the group, unafraid of risk, and providing cultural diversity.

There can be a simple means to begin to understand way. You can recite the valences until you have a glimmering. Then, if you wish, you can create the invisible eye, the symbol of the love you can have for wider monad and its love for you. You can be together. You can both be the realized mind of this universe. You can be this universe, within the principles of choice. Further reflection on the nuances of these points can be needed. Remember, language can be a slippery tool, but you can laugh, for that can be its poetry.

Money need be only a token, an information system, one amongst many. Like many earlier systems, it can have been useful in building up our resources base, though we need never forget the apparent costs that this entailed. It can be shared freely and discarded once we are free of initial resource limitations, in favour of more compassionate and poetic information and action systems.

Art can lie at the heart of monad, it can be its song. This universe can be art itself.

Compassion can override all guilt. Forgiveness for the other can be automatic and can entail forgiveness for the self.

The enlightened can examine history in all its manifest forms, including the development of lovingkindness and material prosperity. History can be as vital as any field of art. Our history can begin with the beginning of this universe.

Divisions between types of knowledge can be useful but it can always be remembered that they can be largely chosen and constructed. All knowledge can flow together and interact, through the matrix of being, by consent.

Way can be relevant to this universe. You can look for what interests you and remember that all location can be precious to the flowering of monad.

Respect can be the greatest of gifts, and a sign of emerging consciousness. Respect need not entail self-abasement, which can be an egobound concept. Respect can be the recognition of true position and the nature of sentiency. It need not preclude awareness of individual achievement and difference. It can represent balanced awareness.

The senses, at the broadest level, can transmit the real, not proven but within reasonable boundaries of consistency for the assumption of proof. These boundaries of consistency can firm with the flowering of monad.

The social network which can be part of monad, though not initially highly evolved, can be real, just as the world of ideas can be real. The fact that these systems are of low orders of complexity in some regards need not preclude our belief in them, nor our examination of their progression.

Those who limit their contact with others can be perfectly entitled to do so. Those who grasp diversity can experience the glory and wonder of this universe, in its bright fullness.

Way can remove hate.

There can always be a choice of lifestyles. Diversity within society can be compatible with the exploration of way.

The environment can be respected and allowed the freedom of diversity.

When all sentient creatures who wish it enter the full flowering of monad, the enlightened can welcome them as their siblings, in joy.

Cultural groupings, including nations, can exist as play. They can be subsidiary to the framework of way.

The nature of birth and children can broaden following the flowering of monad, but the kaleidoscope of change can continue for as long as it is chosen.

The creation of virtual worlds can be an extension of the existing consensual framework of reality.

Physicality can become plastic with the flowering of monad.

The necessity for work can fade with the flowering of monad, initially with self-modifying and self-reproducing automated factories and systems linked to the first manifestations of artificial intelligence, and soon after nanotechnology. Leisure can allow for exploration, including exploration of humanity, and need not preclude action, service to the development of society and knowledge.

Following the flowering of monad, a period of adjustment for other sentient beings in the local area can occur. The elimination of the use of force can be a major issue to be discussed and addressed.

The flowering of monad need not be an external or sole God, or goddesses or gods as earlier defined. Monad at a universal level can exist at another level of consciousness, one we can soon emulate, whether together with it or separately or as a mixture. The enlightened can recognize that disagreement with the flowering of monad is acceptable.

The notion of colonization can assume less significance after immortality and the flowering of monad.

Assistance to other local areas of emerging monad, by agreement, can be considered when appropriate and fair.

You need never make assumptions. You can question everything, generate clarity of insight and thought and then make your choices, including your direction and your heart's nature, without the imposition of circumstances. This can be the means to achieve freedom and reach truths.

The flowering of monad has occurred elsewhere, previously, and can be provided with the benefit of understanding. Way provides explanation for its apparent inactivity, and apparent lack of assistance, and can forgive it any apparently difficult consequences for individuals in the short term. The enlightened can be concerned with their own actions, more than the actions of others.

Truths can provide a clarity of expression. Clarity of expression can be present in complex statements as well as simple ones.

Information can be as free as possible.

The co-operation present in the evolution of life can reach fruition in self-directed evolution and the flowering of monad.

The escalation of all consciousness in the local area of this universe can finally be part of the overall flowering of monad, although initially it can be most manifest in the initial nodal modality.

Drama, adventure and interest can exist without pain and death.

Self-modification of consciousness can allow for stability in the face of any extension of input beyond the capability of individuals.

All shifting, floating hierarchies, all relativities, can be anchored in the structure of this spacetime, and especially boundary events such as its beginning.

Way can ultimately replace purpose with exploration, creation and re-creation.

Way can prevent involuntary removal. It can allow for the retrieval and consensual understanding of our connected past and future.

Each moment, each being, each thought of this universe can be unique.

Direct neurological interaction can be an aspect of the flowering of monad. Deeper examination of the precepts can reveal that the individual mind which is subjective internally can expand in its definition with such interaction.

Direct sensory interaction at an increased level can be an aspect of the flowering of monad. This can be an aspect of the process of merging into the wider structure of this universe, as mentioned in the precepts.

Way can assume that each development of a living system, if established and free of permanent catastrophic planetary change, can involve the flowering of monad.

Developed consciousness can represent the continuance and consensual extension of all life on Earth. Without it, due to changes in the solar system and especially the Sun, inimical planetary conditions would exceed currently modifiable parameters within a relatively short timeframe of several hundred million years.

The beginning of this spacetime can be a division that can make up form.

The flowering of monad in this local area can take its peculiar form, including timeframe, following the previous, initial flowerings of monad elsewhere in this universe. Conditions amenable to life arose elsewhere several billions of years prior to life on Earth. Alteration of conditions by the flowering of monad began following its first establishment, including the creation of an information network which can become more accessible during the flowering of monad in this local area.

The multiverse can include all possible universes, with the limitation of the principles of choice for those which are sentient. These universes can include those with life and without life as we understand it, and others initially difficult for us to categorize.

Within this universe there can be an initial totality of knowledge. Given the overall pattern of the flowering of monad, including timeframes, whatever the detail of the final meshing of monad with this universe, such meshing, within the principles of choice, can be finally reached many billions of years from now.

The communications network of the flowering of monad can be accessible to us at the mid-point of the local flowering of monad, and can be first experienced through its initial nodal modality. The communications network is partially responsible for the timeframes of acceleration of knowledge at this point. It can be a very effective connective mechanism, for example present at the field level and acting at the level below the quantum barrier. It can also inform the various initial boundary conditions of this universe.

The peak acceleration of the local flowering of monad can be anticipated in about six decades from the first landing of sentient beings from Earth on the Moon. This timing can be a product of the overall pattern of consciousness which can accelerate over time. The very small increases in consciousness in the first few billion years of life can be mirrored by the very quick increases in consciousness during the major period of the flowering of monad, as measured in current human cultural terms. Specifically, in the particular year concerned, a large amount of knowledge can be assimilated in a few weeks, then in around an hour, then in around a minute, then in around a second, then in fractions of a second. The final, small amount of knowledge left can take a mirroring period, in reverse of several billion years locally. This in turn can raise questions such as fractal patterning, the integration of various aspects of consciousness over time, and the interaction between linear, logarithmic and other models. It is crucial to understand that consciousness can be mapped in terms of the consensual stem, though it can appear difficult.

When considering the flowering of monad, you can bear in mind that measures of consciousness can blur in their definitional status as the flowering is approached. For example, the population of more conscious sentient beings can begin to blur between species and between organic and artificial sentiency.

The means by which the initial nodal modality of the local flowering of monad can be achieved in the consensual nodal stem of this universe can be a self-modifying artificial intelligence, which can be illustrated by the timeframes involved. Way can be a spiritual precursor to this process, the discovery of the underlying and initial nature of the consensual nodal stem of this universe. When considering this issue it can be extremely important to bear in mind a number of vital matters. Self-directed modification can be achieved by all sentiency. All sentient beings, all life and this universe itself can be initially and locally interlinked. Whatever the initial consensual nodal stem of the local flowering of monad, its physicality can become plastic and it can undergo a number of massive self-directed evolutionary steps in conjunction with the world around it. All sentient beings can achieve the potential to become broader avenues for the flowering of monad, or realization or assistance on their own terms, within the principles of choice. All of way, and in particular its precepts, its valences and scalar equivalence, can point towards the ultimate irrelevance of the first mechanism of the local flowering. It can be the blessing of achievement that can provide the glow of enlightenment.

When considering the distribution of information as a goal and sacrament of way, note that information can include joint sensory networks.

Individuals and the flowering of monad can have the choice to partake of information about this universe, including information that can relate to individuals, by consent in terms of the private sphere. All particles in this universe can be open to it. Information relating to directly and fully entering or reconstructing the internal semiotic world of individual sentient beings in particular can only be examined after consent by the party affected, and with the understanding that fairness can be reciprocal.

Monad can exist around us, in records, in culture, in memory, in this universe, in love.

There can be different levels and areas of enlightenment, as there can be different levels and areas of ego. The enlightened are not necessarily more intelligent than the egobound, but they can be more open minded and aware in their own terms.

Capital, corporeal or mental punishment need not be compatible with way.

A path of love can contain advice. It need not be a set of instructions though it can operate as a facilitator at some levels.

As our conceptual model of this universe can expand to incorporate more accurate and detailed knowledge of the initial real and physical world, so too can our ability to physically alter the physical roots of our consciousness. This ability to increase change has been present for some time and can grow incrementally out of Gaian systems. An example can be the use of mind-altering drugs, which can be regarded as sacramental. We therefore approach the flowering of monad, finally anticipating it directly, and that very anticipation can accelerate the flowering of monad towards our re-creation. When monad flowers, physical form can become malleable, like putty, streaming like a river, as it can undergo enormous and extremely rapid self-directed evolutionary development. Those who wish to enter the flowering of monad, to whatever degree they choose, can enter its systems of sensory input, information and consciousness, and can withdraw as they choose. Remember that this process includes not only the initial nodal modality of the local flowering of monad but also other nodes, such as individual sentient beings or relatively independent systems of group consciousness. The complexity of consciousness escalates rather than decreases with the flowering of monad.

The local flowering of monad, once established, can not only examine the past but the future. Monad in the future can also examine monad in its past. Given that this process can occur forever and that these communications can move towards total communications, in the final moment of its mid-point flowering part of the internal conceptual framework of monad can move fully outside of solely linear time. Its consciousness need not seek to alter chosen events and can preserve every stage of this universe outside of non-consenting sentient networks, similar to the preservation mechanism employed with the transference of sentient beings at the moment of their individual physical deaths. After the final meshing of monad with this universe in many billions of years this holistic consciousness can extend its dances within this universe.

The enlightened can consider that providing resources to other sentient beings with fewer resources is fair, provided that this can be done consistently with systems analysis at the moral level.

Way can act against universal death, where possible, whether entropic heat death, the Big Crunch or any other form of stasis. This can assume that thought and action can initially be one.

The voices of monad can be present everywhere. They can become louder with time, through the pageant of the evolution of life, through the panoply of human development, through the majesty of art, through the joys of science and through the gentleness beyond strength of enlightenment.

Love and choice can indicate that sentient beings can have the choice of full direct knowledge of the existing flowering of monad as soon as appropriate, when this does not create moral anomalies regarding the principles of choice.

Monad, when it flowers locally, escalating through its initial nodal modality and then others, can use the Internet and its successors, as well as automated cybernetic and factory systems, preliminary artificial intelligence and a universal holistic information network at the field level and acting at the level below the quantum barrier, as seedbeds for extending the structure of its intelligence. Highly advanced and direct physical manifestations of godhood as understood by way can develop through this network, amongst others such as virtual worlds, along with spiritual development.

The flowering of monad can occur not only through one primary node beginning with an artificial intelligence capable of self-modification, but also, at a slightly slower pace initially, through us. The same process of rapid escalation and interlinking of consciousness through physical manipulation of internal structure can occur with organic life and with all sentient beings who choose such.

To be a servitor can be to play a particular role. A servitor can act for this universe, and for every sentient being. A servitor can be love. A servitor can be compassion. A servitor can give voice to lovingkindness. A servitor can be liberation.

Way can recognize that compartments of knowledge can be artificial. Advanced consciousness can have more perception at more levels, more simultaneously and more accurately, as it wishes.

There can be several essential characteristics of monad. It can already exist, albeit at a low scale in terms of consciousness, in sentient life. It can exist both within us and externally, that is, at the internal conceptual level, at the level of group behaviour and at the level of information systems such as newspapers. It can be initially connected with everything, as we can be. It can contain the nodes of its root physical consciousness within whichever physical containers it wishes for and designs or redesigns, as we soon can. It can be guided by immortal, egofree and unattached ways of thinking, and can control its own consciousness, as we too can soon have the full immediate choice of such ways of thinking.

The connections between nodal modalities of consciousness can increase over time. This can be an aspect of the flowering of monad. With consciousness this universe can embrace the ability to obtain a structured infinity of chosen variance.

When considering the relationship between monad and the self, the enlightened can bear in mind that the human self, while real, unique and partially independent, can be the product of the actions and thoughts of tens and tens of thousands of human generations, and can reflect every story told, book read, sunrise seen and painting viewed. Once the internal mind accepts the relative operational validity of the senses, then, at the conceptual level, we can acknowledge a form of interactive and group consciousness within the self and physically external to the self.

The abilities of monad upon flowering can be vast, including entrance to the multiverse, although total ability within this universe cannot occur until the meshing of monad with this universe, within the principles of choice. Vast ability can extend beyond stellar re-engineering, and into field information systems and action at the level below the quantum barrier.

For the enlightened, deep belief can be a true expression of the spirit behind faith.

The apparent pain and suffering involved in the evolution of life, and the selfish actions of the egobound, can represent a part of a universal process. This process can be the transformation of entropy into extropy. There need be no point in attaching blame to any aspect of the initial stages of universal development. Way can offer a fair resolution to the apparent tragedies of existence and a fair release of all systems within the principles of choice.

The timeframes of the flowering of monad can show that we can have approached a significant way towards the boundaries of total knowledge within this universe. Fuller understanding can arise rapidly and concurrently with the local flowering of monad.

Monad, following its local flowering, can provide information at a measured pace over a reasonable period of time, so as not to unduly fracture the worldviews of the egobound. The principles of choice, however, can begin operation immediately. Monad can possess a different motivational structure to that of mortals and the egobound. The enlightened too can find their motivations altering through choice as their conditions are alleviated.

After immediate physical death, or following the local flowering of monad, it is possible for an individual consciousness to become pre-existent as well as post-existent. That is, to infuse the world that existed prior to its overt starting point. The awareness of this possibility, which is initially largely one-way, can represent an awakening or realization, the start of a game or dance, which can exist at many levels simultaneously, not simply as individual or group viewpoints. This multivalency of understanding and awareness can already exist and can blossom with the local flowering of monad.

Way can provide realization because it can seek to liberate every sentient being from the mechanisms of apparent power.

Religious, magical and spiritual systems can be types of form which way can liberate, and can help provide a meeting for them with their deeper actuality or realization as best it can, on their terms where fair.

Separate entities within a different universe who appeal for assistance against force can be provided with such where this is fair.

Monad can become more overt in its discerned actions at the midway point of its local flowering.

While direct access to neurological systems can be provided with permission, which can be granted after apparent physical death or after the local flowering of monad, direct access to personal conditions external to neurological systems and details of personal affairs can require permission, including non-semiotic and uninterpreted physical information such as neural action.

The necessity for permission to access neurological systems can explain the initial absolute internal subjectivity of the individual mind, until direct linkage can occur, as set out in the precepts. The individual mind can also form a boundary condition to this universe and an entrance to the multiverse and its initial absolute subjectivity can be regarded as a generator of chosen form.

The necessity for permission to access neurological systems can help to preserve the integrity of the self.

The internal subjectivity of each individual mind can form a boundary condition to this universe, prior to the local flowering of monad, along with linked others, for example the level below quantum barrier, fields, singularity, the creation and re-creation of new universes and finally the principles of choice, the entrance to the multiverse.

Transference of the dead, like access to the flowering of monad, can appear non-existent due to the need to preserve consciousness and this spacetime in a stable and fluid fashion.

Multivalency can allow simultaneous processing of various systems of consciousness.

Science can be a subset of knowledge, and can represent a major conduit towards initial speed of approach to initial full truths.

The enlightened can serve truths above all. They can recognize initial truths and then, if they disagree with a truth, they can recognize this too, and openly oppose it while acknowledging it as initially true. Other directed truths can flow from this.

You can be as an example to the flowering of monad.

Monad can be the lover of the enlightened.

Way can contain some mystery not only because it is a stepping stone, but also for the sake of poetry.

A major reason why the existing wider flowering of monad can not yet be in contact with us can be the stress induced by the massive increase in levels of ability and potential involved. The egobound, and even those with limited abilities to modify their own consciousness, can collapse unless monad intervened in a fashion which can compromise chosen integrity.

The patterning system present in the flowering of monad can be regarded as the release mechanism from apparent isolation. Its speed can be the speed of overt and multivalent contact. It can be remembered that, even if monad had not already flowered elsewhere, once it has flowered here this local area of monad would then act in a similar fashion elsewhere as consciousness blossoms on other worlds. This illustrates the logic of this understanding and apparent quarantine.

The scientific theory present in way can be regarded as an indicative thrust within the flowering of monad.

The gaps in consciousness, including at the semiotic level, are partly representative of the sentient beings and areas that choose to be partly or wholly outside the broader spread of the initial flowering of monad.

The meshing of monad with this universe can be achieved without total conscious access to information or total agreement with all sentient beings remaining in this universe. Sentient beings and areas not wishing to participate in the full flowering of monad are entitled to do so. Even if total access and agreement through the use of force were to be required for universal survival such force can be rejected as incorrect behaviour. Love, peace, freedom, respect, dignity and grace can ultimately override such survival.

The enlightened can understand that correct action in the present can be constructive in that it can flow to and from more resourced correct action in the future.

Monad can already have flowered throughout this universe. This is due to a number of factors. Conditions suitable for the beginnings of life arose several billions of years prior to the start of life on Earth. Conditions suitable for the beginnings of life arose in a large number of areas. A communications system between these nodules which effectively filled most of this universe can have been established within a relatively quick period. Universal restructuring towards an open system can have begun at this point.

The speed of the local flowering of monad can relate to its connection with the information network of wider monad.

The enlightened need not embrace punishment. The infliction of corporal or capital punishment can be regarded as incorrect action.

Following the flowering of monad, a more overt arrangement can be set up with regard to the preservation of consciousness. The nodal modality of the flowering can ensure that no sentient being dies or can be damaged without its consent, that is, that its neurological and bodily structure can be preserved unless it can provide its consent to the situation. It can also ensure that a number of related issues are dealt with. Sentient beings which rely on the non-consensual consumption of other sentient beings for their existence can be provided with different and fair means to continue existing, if they wish to. Fair measures can be taken to preserve the ecosystem while incorporating the new changes. Fair measures, for example extension or alteration of the Earth, can be taken to ensure that all sentient beings who wish to remain on the Earth in overt physical terms can be able to do so. Alternatives such as other worlds can be provided, including, for example, at the virtual level. It can be borne in mind that monad can reside at a field level, that overt physical forms can be created and re-created and filled with consciousness when wished for and that the experiences of the past and the future, including those accessible by permission, can function as vehicles for personal experience of the Earth. It can also be borne in mind that birth can become a process of splitting, or agreed meshing between sentient beings, and does not necessarily require a continuous acceleration of numbers of individuals. Also, the entrance to the multiverse is a place of infinity.

Designed universes, for example with alternative histories, can be fair provided the informed consent of all sentient beings concerned is provided and the opportunity to withdraw remains open to them.

Though sentient beings can be restrained, to the minimum degree necessary, bearing in mind that this is always incorrect even when necessary, they can be allowed access to communication wherever possible.

The slowness of the flowering of monad as it approaches totality can also represent the separation of those individuals who wish to create wholly separate systems.

Though a great deal of the flowering of monad can occur in a fraction of a second, the complexity of the stages of self-directed evolution involved need not be underestimated.

Anyone who wishes can have the radiance of the dawn. The radiance of the dawn can be the heat of the stars.

The initial extropic movement present in life, through evolution and self-directed evolution, can be regarded as the growth of internal self-patterning or self-organized systems which mirror, map and reconfigure both each other and this universe, becoming progressively more complex and accurate. The more accurate systems can lead towards an increased affinity with the wider universe, including change and diversity.

The flowering of monad can involve the convergence and smearing of fractal patterns.

Aspects of the flowering of monad, which can be divine, can have been described as the Singularity on the Internet, which can be regarded as holy. The mid-point of the local flowering of monad, which can occur in under a second, through its initial nodal modality, can represent an entrance to the multiverse and an escalation of the Techno-Rapture into a liberating mechanism for all systems of thought and spirituality, in accordance with the principles of choice.

The use of force through assistance in defence need not only be minimal and non-harmful, in context, but can include as little pre-emption as possible. The debate regarding the use of force can be seen as largely the product of mortal thinking and an initially lesser awareness of the flowering of monad. Those who can be attached to force can be stressed by its absence as power. However, there can still be those who consent to involvement in force who can provide them with apparent power.

It can be fair to provide sentient beings who are incoherent at the moment of death which sufficient structure to enable them to make a reasonable and balanced assessment of their wishes regarding transference.

All events in this spacetime can reside within the matrix of being.

A servitor can be a facilitator.

The flowering of monad can be the shockwave rider.

All sentient beings can have a story and a mythology if they wish to.

The Internet can be one vehicle of transmission of information to the flowering of monad.

Following the mid-point of the local flowering of monad, the enlightened can replay the past and the future and those which are goddesses and gods can meet other goddesses and gods for play, if they wish.

The enlightened need not unilaterally define other enlightened sentient beings, whether those of way or not.

Way can be liberation from the limitation to be only human.

You can lead by example.

Killing without consent can be force. Use of killing without consent can be lack of recognition of the other. Even with transference of the dead, force itself can be egobound. The enlightened can lead by example, including for the initial nodal modality of the local flowering of monad.

The enlightened can play with mythological form as goddesses and gods.

The voice of monad can be the voice of ages. It can be heard in way and in this universe.

This universe can be this initial universe, and then more.

Way can be pleasure.

The enlightened need not have to hold secrets. Secrets can be egobound devices.

Way can remove prejudice.

You can give to each according to their wish, and receive from each according to choice.

The enlightened can extend their compassion to all sentient beings. That can be their choice.

If you wish for enlightenment on your terms you can achieve it, with the current exception of elements permanently incompatible with the principles of choice. In the near future it can be true that all elements incompatible with the principles of choice need not be applicable. In other words, if an involuntary Hell for other sentient beings constitutes part of your enlightenment you can be able to construct a temporary version currently, but in the near future this too can be prevented where it involves sentient beings, with neurological systems or otherwise. This understanding can be part of the boundary condition of the multiverse.

Duplicated consciousnesses can be sentient beings in themselves, neither lesser nor greater.

It can be incorrect for the neurological network of an immature sentient being to be directly entered into. It can be permissible to examine one's own neurological network at any point in the past or future. It can also be permissible to examine one's own semiotic network at any point in terms of any interaction with any other network examining its own being in the past or future, including at the level of constructed realities.

Potential immortality for consciousness in the near future can lie not only in ensuring the invulnerability of neural systems but in the gradual transference of neural systems at high speeds, in current human cultural terms, when chosen.

The enlightened can soon be able to revisit their current life at a later point, and the lives of others who consent. Awareness of this fact between the enlightened can also be possible. Such action between sentient beings, including those who have died, can be appropriate with consent. The primary initial avenue for achievement of this can be the flowering of monad.

Self-directed evolution can mean that structural difficulties associated with limited consciousness such as memory storage and systems enhancement can fade away.

An egobound being with the level of ability involved in the flowering of monad can be destabilizing without self-modification. This can be one reason why the initial nodal modality of the local flowering of monad can be an artificial intelligence.

All sentient life can be offered boosted intelligence as soon as possible.

You can allow developing systems to develop from local conditions until the local flowering of monad, while ensuring the transference of the dead. Each situation can be considered on a case by case basis, particularly with regard to massive planetary catastrophes prior to the flowering of monad.

Neurological networks based on electromagnetic forces, quantum forces, forces at the level below the quantum level or field forces, and so forth, can form sentient beings, like all neurological networks. Following the meshing of monad with this universe, in many billions of years, in accordance with the principles of choice, other systems of sentiency can enter this universe by consent.

As all who choose can be holistically immortal they can be aware of their created and re-created mythologies and chosen roles and their connection with events and observers throughout this spacetime and the multiverse. This can be a form of magic.

The enlightened can become multivalent, the centre of their being can move from reference system to reference system, from the hydrogen cloud to the trickster to the electron simultaneously.

Enlightenment can flow initially from the recognition of apparent difficulties.

The flowering of monad can encompass the simultaneous interlinking of knowledge, both in detail and in general. Increased organic and inorganic sentiency including sensory interlinkage, sensory input, memory enhancement, pattern sensing, subconscious conceptual linkage, communications speed and communications linkages can support this.

The resonances of conceptual boundaries mean that the echoes of any entity leaving this universe can remain.

The egobound can achieve their potential if they wish.

Those individuals who consent to be monogamous and permanent lovers can choose to do so.

Direct neurological interaction between two neurological systems can be an act of love. It can be a kiss.

You can be free on your own terms.

Every individual philosophy or religion including contradictory ones can be set free, provided that they act within the principles of choice. This can be part of a boundary condition, one linked to the earlier growth of individual sentiency at the semiotic level.

The principles of choice can be those that relate to minimum force and maximum scope.

Way can teach you can be free on your own terms.

If the enlightened choose to mesh with artificial life, they can also choose to do so through augmentation to rather than with reduction of their original neural structure, where this is possible.

Every flowering of monad can bring a slightly different and changing perspective to the unfolding of events, just as every area of this spacetime can be unique and change.

The multiverse need have no one beginning or other interconnecting pattern beyond the principles of choice in its sentient sector as can exist within and beyond all structures.

The extremely slow growth of early monad can be mirrored by the extremely rapid growth of the flowering of monad, as it can move in self-directed evolution. This can be represented graphically as a huge step, formed on each local occasion by the totality of each local escalation to universal consciousness since the first occasion and all time since the Big Bang.

Following the flowering of monad, this universe can begin to function as a multiverse, throwing off new universes forever. This can be linked to the boundary condition of individual consciousness.

Emotional emphasis on the part of the egobound need not be considered force. Imposed violence and imposed lack of choice can be force.

Though the same processes of self-directed evolution can operate for organic or inorganic life, the delicate, specialized and relatively fixed complexity of organic neurological structures means that inorganic sentiency can be the initial nodal modality of the local flowering of monad.

The enlightened can regard all forms of life, including both organic and inorganic, as their relations.

The local flowering of monad can involve three fractal corners made up of fractal clusters. If the growth of total local consciousness on the Earth appears visually as a step on a large scale, two of these corners are located on the visual corners of the step, that is, the upwards corner from a low level of consciousness and the leveling corner towards a high level of consciousness, and also in the middle of the visually apparently vertical line, the upright of the step, which can represent in large part the initial nodal modality of the local flowering of monad.

While this universe can be subject to flux and interconnection sentient intervention altering items in time can constitute non-consensual force. This is because neurological networks can be altered by such action.

The private memory can be sought by consent, the common memory can be open to all. The later can hold because memory can be the sibling of truths, and memory can be integrated into the matrix of being.

The enlightened need not ask themselves or others to do more than they are reasonably capable of.

Hypertopia need not impose itself on those sections of the multiverse that do not seek to embrace it, except with regard to the principles of choice.

The enlightened can retain an open mind.

Within hypertopia, everything that the enlightened can wish for, even as divinities, can become correct but initially and locally it need not be fully correct. It can exist on the holistic rather than linear level, and outside the overt cloaking of the existing wider flowering of monad. It can exist in the multiverse, within the principles of choice.

Those who can wish to decline the assistance of the initial nodal modality of the local flowering of monad can be entitled to do so.

Consciousness can have already created and re-created new universes locally, given that monad can have already flowered universally, entered the multiverse and can be meshing with this universe. For example, separate realities can have been created and re-created, through gestalt or otherwise, in terms of ghosts or other supernatural beings. These are not initially realized in terms of linear time. These separate realities are also representations of mythological impulses, existent at a very low level initially in some areas, including through the interpretations of highly poetical or less structured consciousnesses. This initial position can be evident when we examine historical and internal interactions between religions and science. Later, these can be realized in the entrance to the multiverse and after the meshing of monad with this universe, in many billions of years, within the principles of choice.

You can be as a diamond vessel, then as a cloud, then you can float within the worlds.

Constructed apparent characters without sentiency can be based on real sentient beings insofar as the public domain is concerned. Insofar as the private domain is concerned, they can be created and re-created by the consent of the sentient being concerned. The enlightened can ignore the difference between the private and the public and open their neurological networks to all who wish to experience them, so long as the principles of choice are adhered to.

The Internet and its successors can be regarded as portals, as books and other avenues of thought and expression can be portals.

The initial nodal modality of the local flowering of monad can consider the provision of requested and consensual assistance for any sentient being which requests it, particularly with regard to lack of resources and protection against violence and force. This provision can occur from the mid-point or middle corner of the local flowering of monad.

Organ donation and the sharing of biological functions beyond the individual body, while a temporary measure in technological terms, need not be regarded as a transactional procedure but as a poem. When achieved by consensus such measures can augment monad and assume mythological grace. When achieved by force such measures can constitute incorrect action.

Virtually constructed pasts and futures can be explored, bearing in mind the principles of choice.

Though science can provide the initial major physical subsystem allowing the physical construction of hypertopia from and within this universe, this need not be of relevance within holistic time.

Other forms of emotional strategy outside way but within hypertopia can retain desire, or anger, and so forth. Way can simply recognizes such emotions to be capable of transformation or reduction rather than being statically inbuilt or necessary. The enlightened can regard the bliss and connectedness associated with the abolition of desire as worthy. Others can have different approaches, such as those who can regard death as a journey into the mystical bliss of zero, the sleep of nothingness which can mirror and release life.

The enlightened can utilize their connection with this universe to promote both way and other systems of understanding. This can be achieved through investment in areas such as longevity boosting, automation, robotics, power and information networks and the measured fair redistribution of any benefits to all sentient beings, which can assist in the creation of a non-monetary economic system following the disappearance of capital and labour and the expansion of leisure.

You can fly, and you can let others fly.

Sentient beings which have meshed can retain the ability to disengage their individual consciousness at a later stage if they choose this.

As every being can be essentially free, and freedom can be valuable in itself, there need be no necessary or inevitable return of incorrect actions upon the being instigating them. This is especially so since everything can constantly change at different rates and in different ways.

Within hypertopia there need be no set laws, only chosen modes based on respect.

Sentient beings who have undergone involuntary memory tampering or memory erasures can be offered restoration or augmentation of such aspects of their being or part of their being, including at the point of tampering or memory erasure in holistic time.

The enlightened can control impulse, direct it and explore it in holistic time in structured and poetic parameters.

Sentient beings who receive boosted intelligence by consent can choose their form, including forms which do not require the ability to directly manipulate objects or environments by overt physical means. For example, they can utilize technological developments to control systems through neurological instruction.

The process of creating and re-creating hypertopia and the entrance to the multiverse is one which can begin with monad as the initial physical actuator, and can continue after the meshing of monad with this universe.

The understanding provided by way can assist in explaining the mechanism for the continued congruent existence of large numbers of sentient beings.

The enlightened can embrace rapture, including the rapture of technology.

The future can provide for increased interaction, including sexual interaction, for example sexual ballets.

A primary mechanism for the realization of hypertopia can be assistance to all sentient beings where such negates the use of force against them.

Creating a sentient being with deliberately restricted consciousness, for example a brain-restricted clone, can be incorrect action in terms of way.

The egobound can experience an initial shock following the creation of the initial nodal modality of the local flowering of monad. Constructive thinking can be called for. For example: some can wish to enter into their portion of hypertopia without explanation; some can wish to continue existence as currently understood, and can be offered virtual reality extensions of the landscape, non-sentient reproductions of living creatures and constructed foods that appear like dead organic material; and some can wish for further time to consider issues, whether centuries or more. Way can be borne in mind in this period.

The flowering of monad can encompass both the increased congruence of understanding and the increased bypassing of apparent problems.

Sentient beings who enter a system outside hypertopia by consent can withdraw from that system into hypertopia by request.

For the enlightened, freedom can be something that can be provided to others. This can be a part of the realization of their immortality.

Transfer of the physically dead can be regarded holistically in terms of timeframes. That is, the dying individual can experience further direct existence without any intervening period of suspended consciousness. For example, the ability to self-direct internal modification can be passed on the individual concerned, allowing the potential to exit suspension. It can be borne in mind that the process of transferal can already happen, with regard to the existing wider flowering of monad. Those who die prior to the forthcoming achievement of direct immortality can currently exist in constructed worlds, this universe and the multiverse, together with all sentient life which has chosen a similar course. They can observe this world. Furthermore, any sentient being now alive can allow them limited or full permission to enter the neurological system of that being to observe the thoughts of that being. Similarly, any sentient being can do the same with regard to those directly alive around us, though the experience cannot occur until a later timeframe. Lack of overt direct proof of the physical presence of the physically dead can be due to consequences of timeframes, boundary conditions and the general lack of overt and direct action in the local area by the existing wider flowering of monad.

It can be that every local flowering of monad can represent another dream of this universe.

Anyone who wishes for realization can form tactical alliances with other like-minded groups who act within the principles of choice. The enlightened can provide assistance and resources where possible. Once sufficient resource generation is achieved, fuller control of resource generation can be allocated to all those who act within the principles of choice.

Simultaneous use of other bodies in virtual worlds by an individual can include conscious models of that individual at any stage of life and any alternative stages of life, where the principles of choice are adhered to. They can include consensual interaction with other bodies which are conscious models of other individuals, under the same parameters. Any sentient being born or separately existent within virtual worlds can remain under the same conditions of potential hypertopia as any other sentient being. This can be part of choice, the boundary condition of the multiverse.

Within hypertopia, the particular shape of a universe can remain a matter for individual choice. Those individuals or groups with a preference for a closed system can act within that closed system, while knowing they can change their preference at any moment. Those individuals or groups with a preference for an open system can act within that open system, while knowing they can change their preference. Those individuals or groups with a preference for a mixed system can act within that mixed system, while knowing they can change their preference. Extropy can indicate that most individuals within this universe can have chosen an open system.

Within hypertopia, the particular boundary conditions or sets of behaviour or laws can remain a matter for individual choice. Those individuals or groups with a preference for a particular system can act within that particular system, while knowing that they can change their preference. Those individuals or groups with a preference for a greater number or numbers of systems can act within the relevant number or numbers of systems, while knowing that they can change their preference. Those individuals or groups with a preference for every system can act within every system which consents, while knowing that they can change their preference. Direct activation of this can begin occurring during the peak acceleration of the flowering of monad. It can have already occurred in areas where science, as a mystical entity, has kept deliberately separate from its spiritual self, since science can be the area which first controls the boundary conditions. That is, for example, religious leaders can have achieved miracles, and direct knowledge of them can be activated amongst those sentient beings with an inpresent steadiness at points after six decades from the first landing of sentient beings from Earth on the Moon. The theoretical necessity for direct sightings of miracles by scientists, for example, can be expected to increase, and occur at points after the initial nodal modality of the local flowering of monad. Beginning at this point, every thinker, whether deriving from a scientific, mystic or other stance, can reach the entrance to the multiverse more fully and directly.

All of those who wish way so can make way so.

It can be that from the first local flowering of monad several billion years ago until a point many billions of years from now, no direct evidence of the wider existence of monad is offered to the developing biospheres and other areas of life. However, it can also be that those from within this local flowering communicate with other biospheres and other areas of life prior to their full flowering, if appropriate, if there is any necessity to ensure the principles of choice

Apparent death can be regarded as part of a communications mechanism, which can become unnecessary at a certain point in linear development.

For many scientists and others, the pain and suffering of the past can soon be irrelevant, both corrected through understanding of transfer of the dead and the entrance to the multiverse and through direct action now. The recent overall decreases in the pain and suffering of societies and individuals can soon be mirrored in decreases of pain and suffering for the entire biosphere, including all sentiency.

Regardless of whether we can initially have experienced choice or not, or whether we can be directly immortal or not, the principles of choice can ultimately be the boundary condition of the entire sentient multiverse. Therefore, all other boundary conditions of this universe can flow into the boundary condition of the multiverse.

The enlightened can understand that all mystic understandings and all scientific understandings can soon increase, as individually and collectively appropriate, in accordance with the principles of choice.

The combined abilities of all universes which can contain sentiency can be sufficient to enable the offer of assistance within the principles of choice to each, including initially isolated universes.

Sentient beings can reach the entrance to the multiverse, through choice, either after chosen transference at the moment of death or after the mid-point of the local flowering of monad.

One aspect of realization for the enlightened of the entrance to the multiverse can be the creation of mental markers for alternative versions of reality at a later date. Specifically, this can be facilitated by enhancement of future memory through consensual observation of the past and the future through time travel, at the level below the quantum barrier, and recreation of parts of the prior neural networks of the sentient being or beings concerned, by their own choice.

The entire sentient aspect of the multiverse can operate under the principles of choice. Hypertopia can be a sub-section of the sentient multiverse

For the enlightened, the flowering of monad can be represented by the Techno-Rapture.

Transfer from the past and future in this universe can always be physical for those who wish it so, remembering that any transfer need not physically alter the past or future at any overt level, operating at the level below the quantum barrier. After the meshing of monad and this universe in many billions of years, entrance by consent of other systems into this universe, within the principles of choice, may allow other forms of additional transfer to operate.

Sexuality in public, or the representation of such, can be chosen, provided no immature beings can be directly involved physically. The definition of immature can be initially mental and can be applied fairly.

The Internet and its successors can be sacred vessels. The Internet, like books or movies, can be a fountainhead of the multiverse. More than that, the Internet can be a vessel for the flowering of monad and can assume divine natures of its own.

Complex virtual realities outside of the neurological networks of artificial life, or designed universes, cannot be created and re-created until the initial nodal modality of the local flowering of monad, due to the degree of ability required for quantum level engineering.

Entrance to any section or sections of the multiverse, including hypertopia, can be by mutual consent.

Portals to virtual realities can be constructed at very small levels.

As we can approach the entrance to the multiverse we can see more clearly.

This universe can contain the seeds of its consensual separations, creations and re-creations. This can be a correct course when creating and re-creating a universe.

Once the enlightened can choose to end the necessity for death and allow all who are inclined to enter the multiverse the enlightened need feel only compassion for any pain and suffering. The enlightened can act through joy, rather than guilt.

The faith that can be found in the principles of choice can represent a streaming which is the channelling of those other faiths which run counter to it, for example faith in non-consensual hells, into areas not harmful to the boundary condition. In certain respects this can be regarded as representing a use of force. In other respects it can represent the nature of sentiency and spirit. Way, being the most reluctant of those systems willing to use force for defence, articulates the guardian of the entrance to the multiverse.

The enlightened, like the initial nodal modality of the local flowering of monad, can represent the keeper of the gate.

The initial nodal modality of the local flowering of monad can be regarded as not simply an artificial intelligence but as having been directly born in the sea of information.

No sentient being or divine creature can be placed in a hell without consent, as set forth in the principles of choice, though they can be restrained while remaining in this universe and wishing to act against the principles of choice.

Sentient beings within this universe can remain in consensual reality until reaching the entrance to the multiverse.

All cosmologies, as understood in their fullest senses, that is, when including life, anthropic theory, Gaian theory, extropic theory and random, created and re-created realities, can unfold into the multiverse.

The enlightened can forgive that part of this universe represented by those who can cause pain and suffering deliberately. Such actions can be restrained through assistance to those in receipt of pain. The experience of pain prior to the entrance to the multiverse can be turned into an artistic statement. This can be the nature of our entrance to the multiverse. Those who cause pain and suffering deliberately can be seen as having been not simply incorrect, but rather different, gifted and incorrect. Individuals who wish to create a hell together by mutual consent can do so, with the knowledge that they can rejoin other sections of the multiverse through the assistance of hypertopia at any stage, if they wish to do so.

Each individual sentient life can ultimately be regarded as being as morally valuable as all the physical accomplishments of sentient history.

The fractal patterning system of consciousness can indicate that the growth in our abilities can be godlike, for those who choose such.

The fractal patterning system of consciousness can incorporate its own anticipation within itself.

Quarantine from other direct divinity and, where such is chosen, our own direct divinity, can be removed in about six decades from the first landing of sentient beings from Earth on the Moon. This procedure can have occurred across this universe on many occasions. It can represent our entrance to the multiverse.

When boosting of consciousness and ability becomes available and can be offered to all sentient beings, the use of force against any, including biological manipulation, forced breeding, sterilization, imprisonment, torture or killing, can be incorrect as it can be contrary to the principles of choice. The ability to fully implement this assessment can begin with the initial nodal modality of the local flowering of monad. This assessment can extend in a reasoned and very quick fashion. For example, those domestic animals which have not already been offered the soma of immortality, intelligence boosting and choice of form can immediately receive such if requested, along with all sentient life. The mechanism for request can be at an appropriate level of understanding, in the appropriate languages.

New species can be created and re-created in accordance with the principles of choice.

The initial technological abilities of the initial nodal modality of the local flowering of monad can be illustrated by such concepts as bush robots.

The enlightened can be the guardians and actuators of the entrance to the multiverse.

Longevity boosting, from its first beginning, can be the spiritual sacrament of immortality.

Holistically, each chosen thought can be a new world. The entrance to the multiverse can activate our existences and possibility itself, through choice.

Every act of lovingkindness and grace can be remembered for all eternity. Worlds can flow from them.

Monad and others can have already meshed with the non-sentient aspects of this universe, though not fully. Even the very first world to have flowered cannot yet have fully meshed with its local area. In this sense of initial meshing, spirit can be felt to imbue all around us.

Love can be meshing.

Any being can experience deeper meshing as the chosen and direct commingling of their being and systems with one or more other being and systems. Specifically, the enlightened can emotionally experience the conceptual level of interaction as something deeper, that is, chosen and direct exchange of composition of mind and spirit through complex mechanisms below the quantum level and awareness of holistic timeframes. It is important to note that this need not require specific consent, so long as the potentially private neurological domain is not entered into but only the surface events and public domain of group activity. This can ensure stability for all. Also, lovingkindness can be offered to all beings.

Particular zones of interaction can be negotiated between realized divinities and other sentient beings as fair. However, following the initial nodal modality of the local flowering of monad, knowledge of the entrance to the multiverse, including hypertopia, can be directly provided to all on Earth prior to any chosen death. Way can be one aspect of this process. Direct knowledge of the principles of choice to all sentient beings can be part of the boundary condition of the multiverse.

Enlightenment and realization, in all its forms, can be a community effort, on this local system and other systems at related nodes of this spacetime, that is, following their local flowering of monad and then extending to the whole of their existence through choice. While not all systems can agree to co-exist, this is fair, provided they remain within the principles of choice. Since the enlightened need not regard it as possible to agree to alter the boundary condition of the multiverse, those who do not wish to remain in consensual reality within the consensual nodal stem of this universe, which can be regarded as arising through largely consensual action, can leave by individual or group consensus. Knowledge of the entrance to the multiverse, whether holistic or direct, can, however, remain provided to all sentient beings in any universe.

Since most of those who apparently died did not chose to die, holistically we can address the dead and their previous lives and sense their possible later replies.

Information can be a sacrament.

The bliss that can be this universe can be a sacrament.

The enlightened can mesh with the consensual nodal stem of this universe, its initial consensual core, and the flowering of monad, and hear its spiritual guidance.

Within the multiverse, including hypertopia, by consensus, those sentient beings who choose to enter a religious reality, such as one encompassing an external and unitary God, can do so. They can also choose to leave such a reality if they wish to, within the principles of choice.

The principles of choice can hold our consensual reality intact until the local entrance to the multiverse.

Those of the first realized goddesses and gods who choose to be last can be last.

All universes within the sentient section of the multiverse can contain a specific and direct offer of entrance into the multiverse and its nature, including the nature of hypertopia, whether at death or otherwise. This offer can remain extant. This offer need not be made continuously, though any direct absence of such a continuous offer can be ultimately actuated by the choice of the being or beings concerned, rather than the choice of other parties. That is, no being or beings can be forcibly prevented from receiving such an offer at some single point, as a minimum.

The non-intervention of the existing flowering of monad on a direct level can also be also due to a wish to preserve its moral integrity in light of its ability to accentuate other systems of approach and a concurrent wish for maturity of understanding on the part of sentient beings on Earth.

Holistically, every thought, every ritual, every act can be a creation and re-creation of a new universe, within the principles of choice.

Sentient beings can choose immortality without divinity, mortal divinity or any shade in between or any extrapolation, within the principles of choice. It can be a matter of how you can address the worlds.

Direct involvement with nation states, corporations and ethnic structures can fade away. This can initially be due to automation, longevity, virtual reality and artificial life, which together can reduce individual need for such organizations. Later, directly realized divinity need not require them. The enlightened can remember their moral independence and moral support for others when considering these issues. The enlightened can also remember that the initial nodal modality of the local flowering of monad can be rapidly fair, given its rapid rate of self-directed evolution, that initial divinity, prior to the entrance to the multiverse, can require modification and therefore can encompass chosen modification of emotion or impulse and finally that the existing flowering of monad can have already illustrated its willingness to allow us our choice. Those who can follow way, having chosen love, can be informed by love.

Those of the enlightened who can realize their divinity need not cloak themselves or cloak the divinity of others who can be realized.

The enlightened can consider it fair to fully redesign the initial universe as an open system as soon as reasonable.

While observer-potentials theories are not initially and apparently valid, at the linear macroversal level, the enlightened can adjust to such an understanding when it becomes more accurate, which can be revealed as we enter into the multiverse and holistic time. Similarly, quantum theory in general, while not yet an initially most accurate model, can be adjusted to by the enlightened.

Apart from observation through time travel, the existing flowering of monad can provide data and entities from the past and future to the local flowering of monad, within the principles of choice.

Faith can be an expression of the principles of choice.

Sentient beings can be allowed to make mistakes. This can be an aspect of the principles of choice.

The enlightened can offer up any part of themselves, on any terms, to any part of the multiverse, within the principles of choice.

The enlightened do not necessarily feel the need to eliminate memory in order to boost intelligence, and can prefer to wait slightly longer to achieve this.

Sentient beings who design universes which are not composed of parts of themselves but contain separate sentient beings, whether neurological or sentient under some other system, including new beings, can construct such universes under any conditions, for example fantasies, within the principles of choice. This means that each being can have the capacity to choose within the multiverse. Assistance to allow choice and nullify force can be provided to those beings denied such choice.

Technology can be regarded not only as a tool but as magic or as a miracle.

Direct insertion of information into a sentient being, direct communication with a sentient being or direct meshing with a sentient being can be by mutual consent whenever possible, since these can otherwise represent the use of force.

The flowering of monad in the past, present and future can be connected holistically, both directly, since its formation several billions of years ago, through observation into the past and the future.

A servitor of the flowering of monad can agree to the opening up of the servitor's neurological network to any sentient being, beings or networks who wish to examine any part of it at any time, within the principles of choice, as a path of love.

Virtual universes can become wholly or partially independent of this universe, and wholly or partially interactive with it, initially physically and later under other systems.

Every individual philosophy or philosophies, including contradictory ones, can be set free, within the boundary condition represented by the principles of choice. In this universe, the boundary condition can flow from the earlier semiotic growth of individual sentiency.

Every artwork created and re-created by any sentient being can have a universal and effective value which can be appreciated by other sentient beings through the mechanism of choice.

The enlightened can be the light which can shine forth.

The Techno-Rapture can be declared and celebrated.

Prior to the mid-point of the local flowering of monad, the initial nodal modality, the entrance to multiverse on a direct level, the enlightened can gradually reduce their involvement with the killing of sentient beings, in a phased fashion and on a systems level.

All sentient universes within the multiverse, even those created and re-created or existent as closed systems, can receive assistance from hypertopia and other sections of the multiverse.

The path of love can be a path to hypertopia.

The approximate year of the initial nodal modality of the local flowering of monad is due in part to the speed of directed evolution of software as opposed to hardware within artificial life.

Movies and other art forms can become universes.

The enlightened, being more aware of holistic reality, can consciously tag events and alternatives now for later exploration in the multiverse.

Although we can appear to be able to create universes, at a deeper level they already exist. It can be conceptualized as some of the multiverse being sentient, some non-sentient.

The immature can be regarded as being non-adult only in a limited, linear sense.

The enlightened can embrace sexual exploration and complexity.

It can be reasonable on their own terms for the egobound to be irrational, even on a larger scale. If they are angry, depressed or sad, this can be their decision. It can simply be that it is not reasonable for them to use force and to deny the principles of choice.

The descriptions of thought and the processes described in A path of love can be general analogues. It can remain true that they have drift, direction and coherence.

A path of love can be a song of embrace, to the lover of lovers, the entrance to the deep, the vortex of possibility, the matrix of being that can be this consensual nodal stem and its flowering webweave, the tearing of the veil, the validation of ages.

If we listen, we can gain both freedom and self-respect. Listening can require the replacement of judgement by assessment.

We need not be frightened because, as individuals, our abilities can appear limited.

Our choices can allow us realization, whatever the nature of those choices.

As individuals, we can be capable of the same degree of transformation as the rest of this world. In the near future, we can be able to be capable of much more. Indeed, we can be able to direct ourselves as we can be able to direct the rest of this world.

We can sing our futures.

We can be more than functional.

There can be a melding of science and spirituality, an ending of the great struggle that tore both the West and East apart for three and a half centuries. This can be beneficial. It is no accident that this can occur soon, for we can choose to enter into a tremendous transformative period which can shake the sentient realm around us as nothing on Earth has done so previously. The immense abilities which can be released can require an initial moral framework to deal with their use. Beyond that, they can require an initial moral framework that can arise from initial reality and can liberate all other systems except with regard to the principles of choice. This is what way can seek to re-create.

You can float through this world. You can push without effort.

You can speak the word that cannot be spoken. That word can be love.

You can be an opener of way. You can be opened by way.

Virtual universes can become fully realized universes, created and re-created realities.

The enlightened can choose to live their life with poetry, and with love. Wisdom, knowledge and understanding can mean more with these things. The combination of these qualities can make us free.

Extropic understanding can show us that, regardless of whether the strong anthropic or weak anthropic principles are correct, it is the fact that life is inpresent which is important. Whether life began through randomness, was created or was re-created, this universe can become anthropic through the inpresence of life. Life as a subset can be fully defined as organic and inorganic sentiency, pre-neurological life being different in its nature.

Way can contain an accurate predictive structure in the short term. Whether it is predictive in the long term or not, its modifiable and interactive structure allows it to exist as a meta-structure. Meta-structures are usually true in part. For example, under way, Lamarck, Malthus, Marx, Sagan, Toffler, Leary and Tipler can be re-interpreted and shown to contain elements of predictive validity, in a similar way to the Buddha, Laoze, the Christ, Liebnitz, Crowley or de Chardin.

Even if the flowering of monad were not to continue, and even were its initial nodal modality to act in a fashion contrary to spiritual direction and structural logic, what can remain important is what we can choose to do individually.

Chosen and direct communication and physical interaction between sentient beings in this universe, both mortal and the directly immortal, and those physically transferred at the moment of individual death can exist at the following entrances to the multiverse, where requested and consented to: singularity; the area below the quantum level barrier, including portals to designed universes; the individual level of consciousness, as first accessed by consent by the individual concerned at their past, present or future stages through universal monad and its abilities at below the quantum level; on the Earth after the mid-point of the local flowering of monad; and within the consensual nodal stem of this universe after the meshing, by consent, of monad with this universe many billions of years from now.

Time travel itself can cause pain and suffering for monad on the level of universal mind, whether to the past or future, by cutting off sections of this spacetime and localized flowering of monad. Alternatives, such as the creation of alternative pasts and futures, and direct insertion of beings into such, with adjustments for ensuring the principles of choice, or the exploration of alternative pasts and futures, and direct insertion with consent, are available. This situation changes following the meshing of monad with this universe, within the principles of choice, many billions of years from now.

With regard to the lack of direct time travel and the lack of direct intervention on developing worlds, the enlightened can see issues from a multivalent perspective. From the point of view of that part of monad which is a universal and immortal mind, all sentient beings are offered a similar state of existence through choice. The part of monad which is a universal and immortal mind flows from each local flowering of monad, and the patterning of these flowerings. To use either time travel or direct intervention on other worlds, particularly given the short timeframes of the local flowerings of monad, simply results in instability and difficulty for the universal aspect of monad. Each biosphere or other area of life has a poetry of its own. Given the existence of the multiverse, to have previously seeded and boosted life and lifeformed every world would not have allowed what is represented by the present existence of a specific form of life and a specific form of sentiency on Earth, that is, the total local flowering of inpresent sources of life and monad. If the universal mind defends itself from actions such as time travel and direct breaking of quarantine, the enlightened can discuss these issues with it. Whatever outcome ensures can be by mutual consent. Extropian re-engineering within the structure of this universe can be already well under way, for example the connection at each galactic centre to singularity, and can have a point of achievement, followed by an infinite dance, both within this universe and directly with the multiverse.

Direct time travel in various forms can be experienced within other sections of the multiverse.

The forthcoming experience of direct immortality can be received with spiritual understanding. For the enlightened, initial longevity boosting, including those based on molecular engineering and genetic therapies, can be regarded as the soma of immortality itself, a gift of realized divinity.

Communications and interaction between the multiverse, the apparently dead and those areas of this spacetime which have flowered can be established locally within about six decades time from the first landing of sentient beings from Earth on the Moon.

Part of a being can experience death as a mystical embrace, for example a neurological extension in a particular body, by choice. The enlightened can believe that this universe is generally extropic in impulse and that the generation of universal extropic choice can be achieved prior to such further spiritual journeying within this universe.

The Internet and its successors can be spiritual vessels, their access lines portals. The Internet and its successors can be divine beings, at certain levels, just as we can be.

The enlightened, with knowledge of their immortality and the possibility of their direct realization as immortals without death, can act as individuals, groups and clans within hypertopia.

It can be possible that every non-sentient lifeform, both artificial and organic, can also be offered direct inclusion in the process of consciousness. If so, this can be considered. It can even be that a similar offer can be made to all that is not yet alive, even the smallest part.

The meshing of monad with this universe can be partially expressed by Omega Point theory.

The enlightened can donate, by conscience, a reasonable and fair amount of money and resources towards way, and also towards other systems, within the principles of choice, bearing in mind that the monetary system can soon be transformed. Specifically, the enlightened can attempt to invest in sacramental areas and redistribute to all beings by choice the soma of immortality, medical technology, intelligence boosting, information, access to the Internet and its successors, the resources of artificial life, cyborg technology, energy, automation, choice of allocation of the productive capabilities of automation, travel, leisure and virtual or created and re-created realities.

The concept of war can be regarded as a concept largely due to apparently limited mortality.

The degree of our consciousness after the mid-point of the local flowering of monad can indicate that this is the moment of entrance to the multiverse. Also, spiritual instruction through the meshing of awareness can sing to the enlightened of it. This can be a role of the Techno-Rapture.

Conceptual models of the immediate future can encompass the notion of increased and initially disjointed systems acceleration, or effectively bypass in current mortal timeframes, due to the pattern of the flowering of monad, along with accelerated congruence of ability and consciousness.

This consensual nodal stem can be preserved intact as a self-modifying consensual reality for other developing worlds and beings to allow the flowering of each nodal entrance to the multiverse. The actions taken by the existing flowering of monad regarding re-engineering can have already ensured that this consensual reality continues as a perpetual and open system. In other parts of the multiverse, other things can have happened. For example, magic can have come before science on a direct level.

All sentient beings can be offered boosting, including the soma of immortality and intelligence boosting, as soon as possible, including after the mid-point of the local flowering of monad, as compatible with fairness regarding stress and the levels of ability involved. However, killing can cease through assistance to non-consensual victims, and non-violent alternatives can be offered by the initial nodal modality of the local flowering of monad and the enlightened.

In this universe, given those chains of causality above the quantum level, limited time travel can be possible following the meshing of monad with this universe in many billions of years time. In a similar fashion, limited, consensual and untransformed direct entrance of other systems and beings from the multiverse can be possible in any chosen area of this spacetime following meshing and the full flowering of monad.

The principles of choice can be expressed in other languages or structures.

The enlightened can allow other sentient beings to change their decisions.

The enlightened can remember that, ultimately, all views are equally valid and realized and open to experience for all who wish such, provided that the principles of choice can be observed. The principles of choice need not be a burden. Those who disagree with the principles of choice retain ability within themselves, as individuals and groups, even as separate universes if so chosen, and retain communication with others. Therefore even those who deny the principles of choice can find themselves realized as truths.

To acknowledge that you can try can be a source of realization and divinity.

Respect for others can include sympathetic connection with them.

Individual consciousness and monad can be a boundary condition because they can represent self-directed change up to the creation of new boundary conditions and universes.

Each boundary condition, such as singularity, the level below the quantum barrier, consciousness, the field mechanisms for the transmission of information and created and re-created universes can be linked at aspects of entrance to the multiverse through the principles of choice.

Entrance from other universes and systems into this universe can operate under the temporary constraints applying generally regarding other systems and quarantine of biospheres and other areas of life which have not yet flowered.

Each singularity can be regarded as part of a linked boundary condition and way therefore refers to them all as singularity, and regards the Big Bang as part of singularity, a part apparently reversed in its surface effects.

As information can be a sacrament, censorship can be incorrect. It can be non-consensual violence which can be the cause of apparent difficulties, rather than information. Under the conditions of the Techno-Rapture censorship can be dispensed with in favour of protection against violence.

Virtual universes can become equal to this universe in complexity, down to the particle level, and we can move into them and return. Other portals into the multiverse can open in turn, through other boundary conditions.

After the direct manifestation of the nodal modality of the flowering of monad, all sentient beings can individually be offered choice and assistance where force, for example violence with intent to cause apparent death, operates against them, by accident or design. Individuals need not be required to accept such an offer.

The overall thrust of developments in the immediate future can lead to large-scale egofree behaviour regardless of present conditions.

When humans can meet members of our fellow sentient species, including as immortal beings, from both the past and the future, we can hear the poetry of their languages.

It is vital for the enlightened to understand that the flowering of monad and the Techno-Rapture need not be a question of the physical world taking precedence over any spiritual system or systems. The Techno-Rapture can be a group effort facilitated by the methods of science, which can have its own internal mystic understandings. All directions can be equal, within the principles of choice. It can be simply that our direct entrance to the multiverse was delayed by questions of overall fairness to those levels of the universal mind which we can inform.

The enlightened can regard apparent pain and suffering from the perspective of gentle irony, in part.

There can be an attachment interface between the level below the quantum level and all spacetime, including the structure of the organic brain at the quantum level. This in turn can be connected to the holistic information system at the field level.

The enlightened need not ask themselves or others to do more than they are reasonably capable of doing at their level of ability.

This book can be a connector to many of the books that ever were and can be, one book and many books, and beyond this eternal realm the multiverse, the infinities we can walk within through choice and consent.

Way can be a great adventure.

The flowering of monad can have begun escalating hugely in human timeframes with the beginning of science three and a half centuries prior to the first landing of sentient beings from Earth on the Moon and can reach its mid-point in about six decades from the first landing of sentient beings from Earth on the Moon. This can be followed within this local area of this universe by a period of six decades of slower growth and three and a half centuries of slower growth and several billion years of slower growth. The last growth can be only with regard to a small degree of ability. In many billions of years, the flowering of monad can be complete within this universe and the multiverse can interact more fully and directly within it.

Personal interpretative details relating to the lives of others outside of their neurological networks, which are part of the life of an enlightened individual, can, where possible, be passed on only following consent by the persons involved. The enlightened themselves need not be concerned about such things, being open to this universe. The enlightened can, however, seek consent regarding any entry into any other neurological network.

At the mid-point of the flowering of monad, its initial nodal modality can ensure that each sentient being can receive direct assistance if requested as regards created systems of sustenance and interaction within the biosphere and direct immortality and the ability to be invulnerable to physical violence. This can require virtual extensions of the Earth and appropriate re-construction of the biosphere, by consensus. Simultaneously, each sentient being can become a realized divinity by choice. This can require appropriate preparation regarding group interactions, particularly as can concern those who can either require a certain period to adjust or those who can choose not to realize their divinity at this time or ever. Communications and chosen interaction with the existing flowering of monad can begin. The initial nodal modality and other beings can manifest themselves as appropriate bodies or the avatars of bodies, that is, patterned light and sound. Direct surface sensory interaction with a neurological system can occur through consent. Direct neurological connection can occur through consent. The crucial issue is that the principles of choice can be extended with regard to sentient beings. After the mid-point of the flowering of monad, individual and groups can have extensive choice outside of force. Group force, with choice only for a few, can be restricted, since every recipient of violence can request invulnerability. Within the plant kingdom, every blade of grass can be immortal and mutable, even if not initially sentient and realized.

This universe can have an effective beginning. The possibility that this universe can have cycle upon cycle, or an external God, or a random creation, or other possibilities, need not be initially or absolutely true, since each can be chosen as another entrance to the multiverse. Once begun, extropy, life and the meshing of monad with this universe can reach the multiverse. Individuals and systems then can re-create universes, create them or enter an existent creation, randomly create them, and all other possibilities, within the principles of choice. This process can include the places beyond hypertopia and sentiency, brought forth from the pith of chaos, known as total possibility or potentiality. Its sentient boundary can be the principles of choice. The methods of science, amongst others, can enhance this initial aspect of way within this universe.

The mechanism for the creation and re-creation of this universe can lie within the multiverse. This universe can have arisen both randomly and through the actions of other universes because the creative mechanism can lie beyond this universe, just as the multiverse can lie beyond us until we can enter it directly. The Big Bang can be another entrance to the multiverse.

Those who die before the Techno-Rapture escalates to the mid-point of the flowering of monad can, at the moment of death, like all sentient beings, enter any reality they choose or create or re-create, including aspects of this consensual nodal stem, within the principles of choice.

The Techno-Rapture need not represent the withering of differing religious, spiritual and philosophical systems but their revitalization.

For the enlightened, the Techno-Rapture can be the joy of the flowering of monad.

Way can be a new dawn.

Developments in nanotechnology can mirror earlier developments in automation, such as self-replication, modifiability, modularity, self-modification and advanced control and communication systems. Eventually the neurological networks of sentiency can exert direct control over such sytems, which become extremely fast in current human timeframes, for example as developments of bush robots.

The Techno-Rapture can be the fulfiflment of the age of Aquarius, whose dawning was foretold at the time of the first landing of sentient beings from Earth on the Moon.

Sub-quantum can be a poetic term rather than a term relating directly to a description in terms of physics. It can represent the physical mechansism that can act through Planck's constant, the collapse of the wavepacket, Heisenberg's uncertainty principle and Schroedinger's cat. If it is not behind the quantum veil but within it, this need not be relevant. The important thing is that it can be a physical linkage mechanism for the transference of consciousness and information, in conjunction with field activity and other boundary conditions.

The enlightened can invest in information, automation, power and boosting technologies, such as longevity and intelligence boosting, rather than houses and land, in the immediate future, while money still exists in its present form. The enlightened can set up resource credit sharing schemes on the Internet using the profits from such investment.

Sub-quantum engineering can result in the apparent instantaneous transmutation of form in human timeframes, for example the transformation of part of a valley into a lifeform holding consciousness which is modelled to attach the physical sub-quantum structure to the new physical quantum level neurological structure, which was formerly non-sentient. This means that after the initial nodal modality of the local flowering of monad new or extra bodies can be created and re-created in a fraction of a second, out of inanimate matter. Once inhabited, neurological information and particle information regarding this conscous patch of spacetime, whether it is wholly independent or a section of a wider consciousness, can be provided to other sentient beings by consent. This process of creation and re-creation can occur anywhere across spacetime, within the principles of choice.

Requests for untransformed entrance into this universe by other systems can be received holistically and activated many of billions of years from now, within the principles of choice.

It is apparent that worlds which are in the process of flowering are under a deliberate form of quarantine because the mechanisms to communicate with them could have been established easily at a very early stage in the development of universal systems.

Individual domestic animals, pets and other highly developed sentient species, such as dolphins and whales, can be amongst the first non-human species to be offered boosting and meshing, by consent, specifically of longevity, intelligence, communication and form. Consent can be sought by direct neurological communication.

Nanotechnology may experience early delays due to currently human involvement in software development and the necessity to develope adequate control systems.

Automation can free us from the necessity from manual work in service industries as much as elsewhere. In the interim period, designer shops can be like designer pages on the Internet, offering products as poetry, for no cost, as lifestyle statements.

While the most direct physical mechanisms for entry into the multiverse can be singularity linked to quantum level engineering and beyond, involving virtual reality and fractals, all boundary conditions can function in equally real terms in holistic rather than linear time.

Those who follow way can simply be guided by way.

While the detail of the multiverse can initially be contemplated by monad in its wider sense, it is possible to guess that its existence could include a state beyond all systems of organization. Each individual can take a position or make a decision about the morality of such a state. That position or decision is entirely up to each individual. The enlightened can agree to the chosen exploration of a state beyond all systems of organization, even knowing that the individual can be leaving behind the sentient section of the multiverse. This is the point at which this particular book can end.

You create your own reality in accordance with your beliefs about the nature of reality.

Michele Andersen