Some Tools Of Wicca

Many Wiccans use tools to perform rituals, and do ritual work. Some Wiccans use many tools and others use none at all. There are no requirments for tools and their uses. Tools, like most things in Wicca, is left up to the person to decide for themselves.

Below is a list and description of some of the tools of Wicca. These are not all the tools, nor are all these tools used.

The Wand

The Wand is used as a prime magick working tool. It is used by the Wiccan to direct energy, invoke the God and Goddess, and to draw the circle of symbols on the ground. The Wand is also a representation of the God to some Wiccans. It is also known as to represent the element of Air

The wand is ussually made of wood, and can be any length. Some wands are carved and decorated.

The Staff

Some Wiccans use a staff instead of a wand, or they may use both. A staff can be any hieght the Wicca desires and is ussually made of tree branches or other wood. The Staff, like the wand, is used to direct power, invoke the gods, and draw circles. The Staff is also used by some Wiccans to store energy.

The Staff is thought to have so link to Druidism and the worship of the Sun. It, like the wand, is used to represent the God.

Knife or Dagger

A Magick Knife or Dagger, also known as Athame or Dirk, is used for many things It is used to direct power durning energy raisings. The Knife is sometimes used to represent the element of Fire. Most Wiccans do not use the knife at all in calling upon the God and Goddess because it is viewed as a commanding tool, and Wiccans invite the gods into the circle rather then command them in.

The Knife is dull and double edged. It will most of the time have a black handle for absording magickal energies. Sometimes the Knife will be engraved.


Yes, some Wiccans do use Brooms, but they do not flt on them. Brooms are used to clear the ritual area clean of negative powers before a ritual. The Broom is used to represent both the God and Goddess. The Broom is also used in purify and protection spells and rituals.

Magickal Brooms can be any sort of broom. Some Wiccans make there brooms and others buy them. Brooms are sometimes used to represent the element of Water.

The Pentacle

The Pentacle is usually flat metal, wax, or wood. The Pentacle is a pentagram (five point star) inside a circle. The Pentacle often gets confused with the Satanic Pentagram. In Satanism the point of the star is facing downwards representing their belief of body over soul. In Wicca the point faces up.

The Pentacle is a strong magickal decive, sometimes used and worn for protection. The Pentacle is used sometimes to represent the gods, and aids in invoking them.

These are just some of the tools that Wiccans use. Other tools included bells, drums, crystal balls, incense burners, and candles.