Spirit Name Meditation

Written by: ShyWolf [W-Card]

Okay...here we go...this one is fairly simple, and just requires an open, listening, and focused mind and a comfortable quiet place where you won't be disturbed. You can do it sitting down or laying down, which ever is more comfortable, but not so comfortable that you'll fall asleep. Once you've found a good spot just kick back and relax for a min, go over in your mind anythings that are bothering you, get them solved or out of your mind the best you can....once you feel centered and focused on the true task begin relaxing your body. Use what ever method that works best for you, just as long as you can get your body relaxed to the point where it basicaly disappears.

Once you are totaly relaxed invision you body being surrounded by a brilliant white light, let it wash over you and protect you in your journey. Now let the white light fade, and visualize youself standing in front of a great cave with a well in front of it. The cave doesn't freighten you, in fact it beckons you to enter it's mysterious darkness. Approach the well, that sits at the mouth of the cave, notice that it has a lid that you can lock down. Go up to the well and open the lid visualize all the remaining problems of your life forming into a mass hovering above the well...slowly lower all your problems into the well, close the lid and lock it tight.

Walk past the well and examine the mouth of the cave, let it's mysterious darkness call you, if it doesn't you are not ready to hear it's wisdom, simply think of your body and return to it. If it does call you, you may take your first step into the cave, let your eyes adjust to it's dim light... keep walking, notice the smells, notice how it gets cooler as you walk deeper into the cave...keep walking......keep walking....walk until you notice a dim flickering light ahead of you....and continue to walk towards this light... you can now hear what sounds like a fire, and you can smell the gentle smoke .....keep walking....walk until you come upon a slight turn in the cave... follow this curve and walk in to the fire light chamber it hides.

Notice the sweet smelling smoke rising from the fire....walk up to the fire and watch it's dancing flames....watch how the fire makes your shadow dance on the walls of the chamber....make yourself familiar with the chamber and have a seat next to the fire, feel it's comforting warmth on your face....sit and meditate in it's light...and listen, listen very carfully, listen because the cave is whispering your name over and over, listen hidden in the crackles of the fire...listen to the distant drops of water...listen to the whispering earth around you...she is telling you your name.

Once you have heard your name you are welcome to stay in the cave for as long as you like. When you are ready to leave thank the all the spirits for thier wisdom, and place your hand up to the fire....let it's heat fill your body, wash yourself in it's light...and slowly think of your body and let yourself return to there. And you are finished :)

Don't be frusterated if you can't get very far, or if you can't hear your name on the first try....this meditation requires a vast amount of focus...and so you may need to try it over and over before you get any results. Have Fun!!

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