Shifting Method

Written by: Rick Niess

Here's a shifting method that I've found to work for dreaming my animal's dreams and such. It's based quite a bit on what I've learned at camp and from the people here.

I start with some relaxation exercises.

Now I begin the story to myself:

I am in my favorite dreamscape (velvety grassy meadow, crystal clear bubbling brook running through it, surrounded by deciduous forrest, mostly clear perfectly blue sky). I am still am floating, though upright. Then I touch down with my bare feet in the grass. I walk all throughout the scape feeling the grass and moist fertil earth under and around my feet examining each and every small detail, blade of grass, and piece of bark. I become completely knowledgable and aware of my surroudings.

I lie down in it and feel the soft, cool earth and the grass together under my back (clothes are optional). I can feel myself becoming one with my surroundings, one, one. I am one with them. I am each tree, cloud, piece of bark and blade of grass. I am each and every detail. I have always been such. I have no memory of my modern-day life.

An animal wanders into me (the area) and begins familiarizing itself with me. It explores and experiences each and every piece of me. It feels relaxed and comfortable. It lays down and falls asleep. I feel that I really know this animal, inside and out. I can feel what it is like to wald on it's legs, be aware with it's senses, and react with it's instinct.

Not long after, I just sort of 'zoom in' on his thoughts and his unfolding dreams. I watch from a 3rd person point-of-view. I just sort of...Dream. Usually from the animal's perspective and with the animal's instincts to each situation. Kinda like reliving your day from another's perspective and critiquing your actions. I don't know what point I finally fall asleep.

I am very much aware of the imagery presented in this method, or at least in my interpretation of it. Yours may differ, so I won't spoil it by posting mine here.

Other's comments and revisions are always very welcome.

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