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Civilized I shall not be

A few years ago I traveled around, because I wanted to compare my ideas with another Barbarian. People with similar ideas to mine are hard to find. They find themselves alone, surrounded by people who don't understand.

I have found other people with similar views and started the Church of Holy Anarchy. Holy Anarchy is a religion for people who want to let their inner Beast run free. We celebrate all the Animals in us.

It will become obvious, to anyone who tries to live as his Beast, that civilization is the enemy. Civilization wants to cage the Beast and make him a slave of the system. Civilization is organized hatred against mankind.

People with a sense of independence realize that technology and money are not necessary. Money and technology create problems. We develop a faith in man and see no reason for governments or artificial laws. Anyone who wants laws does not trust man, and does not realize his abilities. The civilized man hates himself.

People, who want to be free to be their beast, may develop a connection to wild nature. Once they understand themselves they will understand the need for a natural world to live in.

What I believe

I am not a socialist anarchist, who want to replace normal government with an enlightened elite. I would rather have no government. Tribal leaders are acceptable as long as their political system dies when they die.

I don’t want to be dependent on the system. Industrial products are traps, which you should free yourself from. No man should own more than he can carry. This does not mean that I reject luxury. Mass produced products are disgusting. A quality product that someone makes with pride is more acceptable. Life is best with a few quality items.

Eventually those who chose to fallow their inner Animal may want to know more about themselves. Some New Age religions seek inner peace or a sense of benevolence. Your inner Animal is not necessarily benevolent or peaceful. He may have other characteristics that you might not have admitted to yourself yet.

Some Shaman believes that it is necessary to go on a vision quest, to communicate with your personal Animal. I did something like that a few years ago, but I don’t think that everyone must do this. Some people are born with the ability to live as their personal Monsters without a vision quest. Most of us were raised in a civilized culture, which prevented us from understanding our Animals. A vision quest helped me rediscover my nature.

Some people prefer to let Authorities think for them.  I prefer people who make their own myths. You can adopt other people’s ideas, but a myth is more powerful if you create it yourself. A Pagan temple should be place that people can share their myths and use each other’s ideas to develop new myth, or perhaps rediscover old forgotten Gods.

To be a Holy Anarchist you must live as your Beast. You should also encourage others to do the same. We understand that returning to nature is hard. We do not expect that all our members live like the unabomber. You don’t even have to be a full time Holy Anarchist. A little Holy Anarchy is better than none. We keep no list of members.

This Web site is not supported by many of my closest friends, many of whom reject computers. They think  that I am weak, because I use technology, and that I am endangering myself by going down the wrong path. This is a risk I am willing to take, because more people need to talk about what it means to be human.  I believe that many of the problems in civilization are caused by ignorance. If more people learn to live as part of nature, the cage of civilization will become unnecessary. I feel that the Internet is a useful way to spread information. I guess it is OK to sometimes use technology to destroy technology.

A few Gods

[Dividing Line Image]

Click here to read A BOOK Of HOLY ANARCHY.

This book is just a bunch of ideas I threw together.  Many people despise this book, because it attacks so many ideas that many people strongly support.

Click here to see a color image of my Temple diagram.

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Contact Information

If you would like more information about our church or have any comments,

Send Mail to Jhebbal Sag --- Sag777@hotmail.com

A few friends recommended that I should make membership cards so they would have something solid and official looking to hold. Official Church of Holy Anarchy membership cards are available free, if I want to give you one. Just E-mail me and I will tell you how to get one.  Everything we give away is free.  It will only cost you your soal.

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