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"Civilization is organized hated against mankind."

"Civilization must be downsized."

A Book of Holy Anarchy

By Jhebbal Sag


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Every system decays. This process is known as entropy. If this process were to continue, all mater will break down, and the universe will become a kind of Nirvana of pure light. Someone, who hates the material world, might find this idea pleasant. Fortunately all energy is not wasted. For example - not all sunlight is reflected into space. Some sunlight makes the grass grow and some makes the wind blow. Stuff makes other stuff happen. We live in a giant storm of many storms called Chaos. Complex dynamic systems can create complex structures. For example – a snowflake blowing around in the atmosphere may develop a complex pattern. Chaos has the opposite effect of entropy. Chaos corrupts light into form. The guy, who hates matter, might think that Chaos is evil and call it Ialdabaoth.

I didn’t just make up this pseudo science story about Chaos. Many people in the late twentieth century are starting to see the world in a similar way. You can compare this worldview to the way people thought back in Victorian times. Back then people thought the universe worked like a clock, that could be understood and controlled. Today we know that the universe is not as regular as a clock. The structure of this storm is difficult to properly describe. We also know that trying to control the storm can lead to terrible consequences. The Titanic sunk because the designers were overly confident.

All of this might seem unimportant to you, if your only goal in life is to go on America On Line and pretend to be a woman. Other people prefer to be responsible for themselves. To chose the kind of person they want to be. To know thy self.

The book is portrait of instinct and emotion, and how civilization has corrupted what we feel. Mythology is used, because myth is the language of emotion. Much of the stuff in this book might seem silly. You might think that I am a hypocrite because I don’t live like the unabomber. Before you complain, remember that it is just a guy who has exposed his worldview. It is not suppose to give you answers. Your suppose to find your own answers.

Back in school I had one of those new age teachers. He wanted everyone to draw a circle and draw what they considered important in it. One guy drew a peace sign and gave an explanation, about peace on Earth, which pleased the hippie teacher. The peace sing means nothing to me so I drew a dollar sign. The hippie teacher said that I was not creative. He also said that I had too much negative sarcasm. Who cares what he thinks. My circle is now much more sophisticated than his will ever be. I have been place he will never go and done things he will never do.

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Click on a chapter to read it.

Chapter 1 Lucifer To be or not to beUT.gif (36947 bytes)

Chapter 2 Zodiac The Inner Animal

Chapter 3 Saturn The Creator

Chapter 4 Jove A trap

Chapter 5 Man Just man

Chapter 6 Om Discipline freaks

Chapter 7 Aphrodite The Sex Goddess

Chapter 8 Eshu Know it all

Chapter 9 Nem Realistic limits

Chapter 10 Gaya Mother Earth

Chapter 11 Justice No cops allowed

Chapter 12 A Vision Or to much imagination

Chapter 13 The Underworld Hell

Chapter 14 Happiness It can happen

Chapter 15 The Black Mass Free your soul

Chapter 16 Fact or Fantasy

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Live wild or die

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