Chapter 6: OM

The sixth concept is the Sun and is yellow. Like Jupiter, it has many different personalities. The first and most important is a source of life. Saturn as creator, Dionysus as seasonal God, and many others are all solar Gods of life. All these life-giving concepts are called Helios.

The Sun is also considered pure purity and reason called Apollo. Apollo is a kind of manager inside of us, which can choose and control our actions. Some people think that a person without this manager would live a chaotic life, and would not be able to build a happy life. I don’t see any need for a manager, because I trust Man. If you don’t trust Man, you might think that Man needs constant control. Some people condemn Man, too quickly, without trying to understand what Man really is. A person who trusts Man might see things in Man that someone with a limited point of view would never accept.

Many people think that the biological instincts in Man are all evil, and only, reason can produce good. They seem to think that reason must rule over passion. A civilized man might be in conflict with his passions and think some kind of rational discipline will give him peace, but a man living as part of Nature, the way men should live, would not feel these conflicts. The civilized man is an enemy of his passion; therefore he is an enemy of himself. These people consider passion dirty and want to be purified.

I write against reason to show its limitations. Our information comes to us through sensory organs, which transmit information to our brains. Reason or logic can be a way of using this information, but not necessarily. A purely rational man might spend his time reasoning the ideas he thinks he knows, but never check the real world to see if these ideas are true. Reason and logic can be used to support any argument you want. All you have to do is construct a rational or logical argument. There are many rational sounding beliefs that simply aren’t true. Before proper scientific investigation and experimentation, people would use rational argument to prove that the Sun goes around the Earth. Rationalists, who believe that the material world is an illusion, think reason will lead to truth. They feel free to use reason to invent more illusions.

We come to know what seems to be true or not by how something affects our feelings. We can know whether something tastes good or bad. These feelings help us to develop our sense of right and wrong, and the way we should live in the world. Instincts guide us to live a natural life. The purely rational man, who ignores his feelings, would have no way of learning how to live a natural life. We must feel the world to know how to live in it. Feelings are a complex process whose development is influenced by the environment. Growing up in an unnatural environment would produce different feelings than those produced in a natural environment. Perhaps people who chose reason over passion have never felt the world correctly.

Let’s say you love your parents and wish to take care of them. Pure reason or logic won’t care about them. Your emotions are what cares about them. These emotions originate in you from a biological process called passion. Reason in Man is also a biological function, but pure reason cannot make a choice unless a passion is guiding it. The feeling of caring for your fellow man is a social instinct. You can think of Man as an information-processing machine that has social instincts as part of its programming. If you eliminated the passions completely you would be a sterile man; you would care about nothing and have no motivation.

Apollo is a strong ascetic God, an idol many people want to be like. Apollo is often pictured as an athletic man, who has discipline over his passions. He has conquered his body and trains it to be something it is not supposed to be. It is self-domestication. I would say this unnatural life is also a form of death. It is a self-sterilization, where you take real life out of yourself. You would be one of the undead.

Apollonian people like to think that passions are evil Devils, which they are fighting inside themselves. They fear that these Devils will drive them to evil acts. They might think reason is a spiritual act, and strive to reach some higher reason. An Apollonian person has the Apollonian dream of another self, which is rational and disciplined. He will doubt his true, natural self. He might think that this Apollonian self is his true inner spiritual self that he wants to be. They might visualize enlightenment as a man sitting in the East, with a great halo of the rising Sun shining behind his head. If only they knew that reason does not have to be an enemy of passion and that these Devils could actually be their friends. I prefer to think of Apollo as the evil Devil.

Apollo is one of civilization’s strongest allies. He can capture more souls that any other Demon. Usually, the Apollonian person is a slave of Jove’s civilization. A purely sterile man can be trained to do anything civilization wants him to do, even unnatural acts that we are not biologically programmed to do. Civilized soldiers deny their instincts of caring for other people so they can kill. They must train their bodies to become killing machines. A factory worker has to work on a line and deny his need to be free. He becomes part of the machine he works on. His authorities might tell him that he must discipline and train himself, and that it is rational to deny his irrational passions, which might want to do something else. In order to be civilized, you must be domesticated. Anyone who believe in civilization might think that domestication is the more rational choice. They become a subscriber to the Apollonian book of the dead.

A civilization will break a person as part of the domesticating process. They turn the wild beast in Man into domestic sheep. They might use punishment, the removal of privileges, threats, psychology, persuasion, torture, or any number of methods. Usually, they do it to kids, while they are young. It was very difficult, growing up and having to go to a school that wanted to domesticate me and make me a civilized man. I did not resist openly, because that would have caused them to use more effective domestication techniques. I refused to let their programming affect my mind, and managed to hold out quietly. If someone, such as a teacher at school or a cop, tries to discipline me, I just ignore them and walk away. They don’t know how wrong they are. I hope that some day all this will stop. I don’t want other kids to have to go through it.

The element of reason is air. Passion is water. The flower of reason is the Lotus, which rises from water into air. This is the flower of Apollo and Buddha. Buddha is just the Eastern Apollo. I don’t like Apollo and I don’t like Buddha. Buddha chose to reject life. He sat under the Tree of Knowledge and listened to the deceiver, Zeus, who fooled him into rejecting life. The lotus flower represents the fall from Nature, when man left Nature, because of reason. Buddhists reject Nature and live sterile and civilized, but that is because they don’t understand Nature. They think the fall is something good and try to make others fall with them. The Tree of Knowledge will not tell us what is right or wrong. Knowledge is just there. Only Nature can tell us what is right, and Nature is passion. I prefer to sink into the ocean of passion and live life as the beast. Others want reason to rule over the beast, but I prefer to be the beast.

The sacred name of Apollo is "OM," which means, "I’m not." Not to be is what ascetics want. OM’s true pronunciation is 0 as in old, ending with soft G, followed by a vibrating U and a short abrupt M. Start with your mouth wide open and end with it closed. It can be spelt Ogum. Occultists often pronounce it differently, because they don’t understand its meaning. They think it means peace, and have no ideals of the self inflicted-violence that is Apollo. Apollo could bring peace, but only after he has violently destroyed everything else, including you. Imagine how orderly and sterile and dead an Apollonian world would be

The Sun touches the Earth with pure solar energy. This is nothing, until it is used by life to grow. Without it, the Earth would be a cold place, but too much can dry up the Earth. The Earth holds water that lets life move. Some people idealize the Sun and want to return to pure solar nothing, but that is not what life is for. Life is supposed to use the energy. The Earth has solar energy and water, making life grow on it. The universe is enormous, but most of it is dead matter. The Earth is a rare place. You are just matter, but a rare kind of matter that has life. Enjoy it, because it is so rare. The lotus-eaters are people who waste their life living as Apollonian ascetics.

A person may choose to become an Apollonian because he is dedicated to a goal. His life is a duty to this goal. He may think that civilization can help him accomplish this goal, or the goal may be the well being of civilization, or the goal may be a civilized law. He may believe that accomplishing this goal will bring about good results. A purely Apollonian person would not care about the results. Accomplishment of the goal would be its own purpose. This kind of thinking can lead to all kinds of insanity. This kind of thinking is the foundation of the ethics of Protestant religion. Many fanatical religions logically construct their opinions upon Apollonian principles, and, in so doing, get very weird and forget reality.

All the sacred names can be insanity if you use then wrongly. Too many people use Om in the wrong way. Om can be used in harmless, religious ceremonies, where you may want to give yourself to a God, to show devotion and dedication. Perhaps this can even be a healthy part of one’s religious practices, if it were done in a good way. If You are dedicated to a goal, beware the goal may be unnatural, or the methods you used to achieve a goal may be unnatural. I don’t think Nature requires man to be unnatural to accomplish the natural.

The Creative Mother

Once, a Hindu told me that I should worship Kali, the violent Goddess, with skulls hanging all over her, because I eat meat. I told him that I worship Gods of Nature and Kali seems to be some insane Apollonian concept that India. Developed after it became civilized. He said that a meat eater can only be salved if he worships Kali, because none of the other Gods will accept meat eaters. I listened to his explanation, then said that I don’t really care to be saved. I’m pretty sure that his weird Gods don’t exist. Also, they don’t resemble reality at all. It must have taken Hindu civilization centuries of insanity to twist ideas around to develop something as freaky as Kali.

He then began to explain that Kali is Nature. He had this really complex, metaphysical doctrine to explain what he thought Nature was. He said that this is the age of Kali and all Nature is in action during this age, because Brahma has ordained it so. I finally had enough, so I pointed at an apple tree and said, "You see that tree? That is part of Nature. I’m sure of that. When I talk about a tree nymph. I talk about something I see when I think about what the tree means. Today, I see a quiet, nonviolent Goddess who could care less whether eating meat is a sin, and she does not have skulls hanging all over her. The tree says, ‘today is not the age of Kali.’ Maybe tomorrow will be and then I’ll see something like Kali, but I seriously doubt it."

There is a Hindu Goddess who resembles aspects of my Saturn concept. She is mother time who gives birth to material events. To do this the creative mother needs an eternal father, who resembles other aspects of my Saturn concept. She is suppose to create Nature, but she is not Nature. Hinduism worships the divine in things, but does not worship the actual things.

Some ascetics try to control their material self. Some try to focus their mind on something other than real matter. They are killing their old self. An ascetic wants to be reborn out of his creative mother as a new self. This Babe is suppose to be in tune with the ascetic’s Ideals. Basically, he has become totally insane and dangerous. He has become civilized. Civilization is his mother.

This new Babe is sometimes said to be a primal essence. All things are made of him and he is made of all things. He is a hermaphrodite who has combined all qualities. He knows everything and can do anything. He is the goal of progress. Perhaps the Babe will realize that he should have remained as he was. The so-called divine rewards he was suppose to get are not there. He would then realize that he must go back, but he won’t be able to go back, because he will no longer have the Sacred Grove. He destroyed her while becoming the Babe.

These Ascetics actually think that they must rescue the creative mother from material attachment, so they can make her the wife of their ideals. She becomes the cup from which they pour the water of death, as they use things in unnatural ways. They killed Tiamat and turned the Absu swamp into a desert. Sumerian used to be a. very wet place, before the environmental damage caused by civilization. Sumeria was the first civilization, and it gave birth to man others, before it collapsed many thousands of years ago.

Civilization still fights over that piece of southern Iraq. They drain the Earth of its fossil deposits, turning the blood into smog, poisoning the rest of the planet. I saw those scenes on television of the oil wells burning in the desert during the Gulf War. That used to be the Garden of Eden, and I don’t mean that symbolically. It is the actual place where the Garden of Eden used to be. Look at what has happened there. Do you really want civilization to spread?

Civilized people often assume anything in their own culture that they don’t like is left over from primitive culture. This may be true with some things. Other things, such as war, poverty, social violence, and emotional trouble are probably new things civilization developed that primitive people do not have. Some societies are more civilized than others, and also develop problems that less civilized cultures won’t have. It depends on how badly the civilized disease is affecting them.

The ancient Greeks had many aspects of Nature-loving religions in their culture before 500 BC They were small tribal kingdoms who worshipped agricultural Gods. As they got mixed up with more advanced civilizations from the East, they built big cities, with confused people who worshipped a divine light and hated their material bodies. The Greeks got so confused that they invented Christianity. The Greeks developed many life-hating cults, which wanted salvation through a death Dionysus. Christianity is the most successful of these cults. Perhaps modern Hinduism and Buddhism were also influenced by Greek thought.

Other societies have gotten even more civilized. Japan has used up its resources and overpopulated its islands. To keep their system going, the Japanese have developed a very disciplined and aggressive civilization. I don’t want the rest of the world to become like Japan. They live in tiny little boxes with very little freedom. They fanatically push themselves to work and practice discipline rituals, through which they get meaning from no meaning. Many forms of Japanese Buddhism are mostly a lot of mindless chanting. Japanese Shinto is very puritanical. They want a clean Nature, rather than real Nature. Shintoists would not survive in the real wild. Our society could become like them if we let progress go too far. They have a few artificial gardens, but there is very little wild Nature left in Japan. They don’t have a Sacred Grove. If they did, it would be very small At least the West has never forgotten how to become dirty.

During the centuries surrounding the year 500 BC, many changes happened all across the lands of Asia, Europe, and Africa. Cities, nations and empires got bigger. Armies got bigger and better organized as mercenaries replaced tribal warriors. Long distance trade became common and some people became richer. Small, Family owned farms were turned into large, cash crop plantations owned by rich businesses. Slavery became common for large populations of people. Poverty became more common, as families who once lived comfortably off the land were forced to hustle in the cities. Almost everyone had to work harder, and competition became harder. People became meaner and more likely to kill each other. Individual people became more expert and specialized at doing particular jobs. They forgot how to be independent. More technological development occurred in response to more demand for new, improved products. New styles and techniques of art became more common. More written records were kept. Monsoons became stronger when the Sahara grasslands were eaten away by domestic animals, leaving a desert. This and other man-made ecological disasters caused more starvation, over-population, and disease. People began searching for answers to questions that were considered unimportant only a few centuries earlier. Socrates, Confucius, Shakyamuni and Lao tzu all spoke. Anti-life salvation from the world religions replaced Nature-loving religions. Sacred she-male prostitution became less common, and female economic prostitution became more common. One event causes another event, and it was all part of a big chain, which kept growing. Perhaps this was the dawning of the Age of Pisces, or perhaps some guy invented money, as we know it today, and started it all. A few centuries before 500 BC, some king put his stamp on a chunk of gold. He probably never realized the seed he was planting. Money acts as lubricant in the civilized machine. People who come from cultures that have not been influenced by money are amazed when they first see how it makes other cultures crazy. Now 2,500 years later, it is still growing and will keep growing as long as money exists.


Sacred Name Northern Europe Rome Greece Biblical Egypt India Yoruba
1. AIN Light Lucifer Hypsistos Alalu Uraeus Atman Ina
2 CANDAR Zodiac Uranus Ouranos Anu Pet Varuna Ifa
3 YEUO Bram Saturn Cronus El Seb Brahma Oldumare
4 JOVE Thor Jupiter Zeus Baal Amen Indra Chango
4 EVO Frey Baccus Dionysus Adonia Osiris Shiva Osain
5 YESUO Tyr Mars Ares Adam Path Yama Obatala
6 OM Balder Apollo Apollo Sin Horus Vayu Ogum
6 OSHA Sunn Sol Helios Samas Ra Surya Oshala
7 MAYA Freya Venus Aphrodite Ishtar Hathor Usas Oshuna
8 SHIN Woden Mercury Hermes Nebo Thoth Agni Eshu
9 NEM Moon Diana Artemis Lilith Bast Kali Oya
10 GAYA Earth Ceres Rhea Shekinah Isis Prithivi Yemaya

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