Chapter 4: Jove

The fourth concept is called Jupiter, which is blue, the element water and the God of the West. He has two different personalities. The first is a God of passion, Dionysus, who is the seasonal God. His name, Evo, means spring, summer and fall. He reincarnates each year. Some cults believe you can be spiritually saved by living like Dionysus, which means you live as part of the cycles of life. They believe that when you die, Dionysus will judge where you will go in your next life, which means that, when you die, you are what you were in life, and this will determine where you will go in the next life. Like a seed, you wait in the underworld for a little while. The life you’re born into is what your soul chooses. You had better live naturally, so your soul will choose a natural life. If you worship something other than Nature, you might put yourself in an unnatural life. I like cults that make life the objective of their religion.

Some cults make Dionysus a death God. They hate life and think Dionysus will save them from life. They pervert the concept of Dionysus as Salvation God. They do not wish to reincarnate. They just want it all to stop and to be saved from themselves. They believe in a Dionysus who hates passions. I prefer the Dionysus of life and passion. To me, Dionysus is a party God. Unfortunately, many modern Christian churches make Christ a death Dionysus, a savior from life. I prefer to believe that Christ is the life-giving Dionysus. I believe the most sacred thing is to be part of Nature. Salvation is only gained by being part of Nature, not by separating from it. Those who separate from it are putting themselves into their own sterile Hell.

The true Dionysus is a union of matter and spirit, his mother and father. Several symbols can be used on banners and hung in the temple. A symbol for the banner of the West is a six-pointed star, made from uniting a triangle pointing up, representing spirit, with a triangle pointing down, representing matter. A "T" in the middle represents Tyr, the tree of life. The "T" should be red to represent the life-giving east wind. The star should be yellow; representing the solar, life-giving Dionysus called Adonai. It looks Good on a blue banner.

The other personality of Jupiter is that of destroyer and purifier, called "Yove," or "Jove," which are the letters of the seasons backwards. In our clockwise calendar, this would appear counterclockwise. Jove is the counterclockwise Thunder God of destruction. He is the west wind of fall, a necessary and important part of nature. Many, priests gain wisdom by understanding the destructor.

The swastika represents the purifier. The number, 4, represents one of the branches of the swastika. The number, 8, is the union of two fours, representing two branches of the swastika, the west wind and the direction west. Eight is the number of the priest. The middle of the number eight is the Door, between the known and unknown. The two halves of the eight represent spring and fall, birth and death. The blue door is four, the number of the destructor. Like the blue points of the Morning Star, it can represent either destruction of the self, to become Nirvana, or destruction of Nirvana to become the self.

I assume the Druids were into this kind of mysticism. Druid means door, wisdom, priest, the letter, D, and many other things. The Druid is the oak tree, which is both four and eight. The names Thor, Four, Door and Druid are all related to the sound of thunder. Just about all primitive people understand a Thunder Being. He is sort of a disciplinarian, who kills monsters, and strikes down sinful people. He sustains the tribal laws. Stories of a Thunder God who fights a giant snake-like water spirit are very common all over the world, and it has many meanings. Sometimes it can be the conflict of the civilized and the uncivilized. Jove fights Tiamat. The American Indians knew a Thunderbird, and also knew Earth and Nature. Their religion was well balanced.

Not all religions are so well balanced. Many civilized men have forgotten Earth and Nature, but still have a God who likes to control things. He is the God of Civilization. He is Zeus. Not everyone who believes the world is evil wishes to end their life. There are those who would like to change the world. These people believe in progress. They wish to make the world what they believe it should be, but that doesn’t mean that they are always good. In Greek mythology, Zeus overthrew his father, Saturn, and started civilization. Man became civilized and lost Nature. Some people think it started with agriculture. Primitive forms of agriculture are not exactly as bad as civilization, but they do begin the process that led to civilization. Saturn, the God of agriculture, planted the seeds of his own destruction.

I have heard many people say that agriculture freed mankind from starvation. I sometimes ask them how they knew starvation existed before agriculture. They say that a primitive hunter could come home empty handed and so his family would starve. I ask them how they knew that a primitive hunter ever came home empty handed. They just assume he occasionally did. I tell them that a primitive hunter-gatherer usually knows his environment so well that he almost never comes home empty handed. Most places on Earth are full of things to eat.

Agriculture did not end starvation. On the contrary, agriculture made starvation more common. People became dependent on their crops, which occasionally failed. Agriculture creates temporary periods of plenty that allow many people to settle in one place. These settlements often pollute and overuse the nearby land. They can no longer live off the land and have to plant more crops. When the crops fail, they starve. Starvation is very common in agricultural societies. Hunter-gatherers tend to move around, never settling in one place very long. They never overuse the land. They live as part of Nature’s balance. Farmers lost the balance with Nature and they eventually need more land to support their system. They developed methods to take over more land and spread their system. Hunter-gatherers were unprepared to fight the new insanity. Agriculture spread like a disease all over the world.

Agriculture was an early artificial technology. All forms of technological advance change things, and make things more unnatural. The older way is replaced by the new. Once the balance of Nature is upset, things will go wrong. To solve these problems, people add more technology. They upset the balance further, even though they are often kind people who just want to help mankind by fixing problems in the world.

A civilized system becomes such a massive machine that it uses up its supplies quickly. It is not a natural part of the balance of Nature. All that it gives back to the environment is toxic waste. The environment cannot reprocess this waste into healthier material. Things go wrong and civilization has to change more things to keep itself running. It just uses and uses. Eventually, civilization must conquer other lands to support the insane system. They also develop new methods to spread this system. So it spreads, and Zeus rapes more and more of the world.

Civilization is usually forced on people by others who are civilized. Often, civilization will destroy whole races of people who get in its way. Those who are taken in by civilization become part of it and help it spread. Even if they don’t want to, civilization makes them do it. Often, people who hated civilization, but were still held by it, would have a festival, where they would try to remember the old days when man was part of Nature. In ancient Rome this festival was called the Saturnalia.

Civilization had conquered them, controlled them, and destroyed the natural environment they once had. Unnatural technology replaced a natural way of life. A few people who may have tried to go back to the old ways were unable to, because there was hardly any of the old environment left. Eventually, people forgot how to live without civilization. As time went on they forgot the ways of Nature completely. Civilization is like an addictive drug. It makes people dependent on it.

I live in an age of advancing technology. The computer that I am using to write this book is already outdated. It was considered a great technological marvel a few years ago, but it can’t do half the things the new computers can do. I can’t find parts or software for it anymore, and will have to replace it soon.

The system spreads and grows, and often people are not conscious of what is happening. The system is too complex. Too many people blindly support progress, without realizing the results of their actions. Some even think that they can help less civilized people by making them more civilized. They are insane, and hope to force their insanity on everyone.

People in civilization feel uncomfortable with the way things are and want to make things better. Man can only, be comfortable in his natural environment, the one he is biologically designed to fit, where all his natural desires are satisfied. Progress has changed Man’s environment; therefore, he cannot feel comfortable. A civilized man also feels an unnatural stress that he is not naturally, made to deal with. He sees people around him suffering in ways that Nature would never make them suffer. He does not realize that this suffering is caused by progress. Instead, he wishes to add more progress. He adopts progressive goals and ideals, and thinks he is trying for the best.

Zeus is the Satan who tricked man out of Eden. Some people make progress their goal and ascetically, dedicate themselves to it. Following progress is a form of asceticism. Rather than directly destroying themselves, they destroy the environment, but, by doing that, they are also destroying themselves, because man is part of the environment.

As technology advanced, Man lost more of his contact with Nature. He also was faced with more new, unnatural conditions. People developed new, unnatural ways of seeing things, which included new progressive idealism. Nether civilized methods replaced old ones. Civilization becomes more powerful by adopting more advanced methods. More powerful civilizations wiped out weaker civilizations. Only the most civilized ruled and spread, giving birth to new civilizations. Man became more insane.

Progress has spread like a disease all over the world. It is a parasite on the world ecosystem. It kills Nature and makes the world sterile. If it keeps going it will kill the entire world and leave a poisoned planet. I believe we must stop progress, before it is too late. It is a disease to which Man must gain immunity.

In Greek mythology, Zeus is free to rape anything he wants; but according to prophesy the age of Saturn will return and Man will someday return to Nature. Once the balance of Nature is upset, things will go wrong, but nature can come back. The balance will eventually reestablish itself. It may take a thousand years or more, and civilization may destroy most of the world, but Nature will come back. If man doesn’t return to Nature, Man will destroy himself and Nature will return without him. Hopefully one-day man will learn that civilization is wrong and reject it.

Civilization does not just attack the world outside us. It also attacks the nature inside us. New methods of domesticating man are developed, to make him ever more part of the system. Civilization’s greatest, most utilized technology is domesticated people. People will remain the most utilized component of civilization until progress finds a way to replace them. Civilization will no longer need man. It may choose to eliminate us.

There are people who think you must end an old way and start a new way. They, think that you must be born again, or end the old you and start the new you. They think that you must go through a rebirth cycle and pass through the mystical door into a new you. They often believe they, are achieving a greater wholeness, better development, or something. This is called the IAO ritual, which means life, death and rebirth. They are committing self-progress. They may be training themselves to fit civilization, or they, may be trying to rid themselves of the nature in them that does not fit civilization. Whatever is causing them to do it is probably unnatural. Man in Nature is able to live as himself; he is born right the first time. In unnatural societies, conditions often force people to change themselves. They destroy part of life inside of themselves. The part they, kill could have helped them to live a natural and full life.

Civilized men don’t realize that self-sterilization is wrong, because they believe in their system. They often condemn people who do not develop like they do. They might call people who do not progress immature, but actually the progressive people are immature because they are addicted to civilization and cannot live like normal, natural adults. They mistake domestication for maturity. Civilization will turn people into social rejects if they don’t fit the system. They, put pressure on people to progress and die like them, so they can be reborn as part of the system. In civilization, many, cults teach the IAO ritual, though most of them don’t call it that. Any institution that wants to change people is IAO. It is simply forced domestication. They may seem to be trying to help, because they seem to make the domesticated person’s life less troubled, but the trouble is caused by the system that claims to offer relief.

Beat a wild animal enough and he will deny his natural will and become domesticated. Once he’s domesticated, you can reward him when he obeys. The civilization has taken freedom away from him. Often, civilization turns peoples’ minds away from Nature and towards the false reward of civilization.

Civilization makes many promises and the believers strive to achieve these rewards. Some civilizations are set up so people who strive to achieve these rewards are helping the system. Some are set up so that people who try to achieve these rewards are putting themselves deeper and deeper into the system. Civilization does give some rewards to those who fit it, but these rewards are not as good as a free, natural life. Many, natural desires are not satisfied in civilization, but civilization will tell you that those desires are evil, and must be rejected. Civilization may tell you that you must be uncomfortable, so you can get some better comfort.

Many Progressives think that Nature is the problem and create a religion, which thinks Nature is evil. An anti-nature belief allows them to be accept civilization. They might think that their unnatural environment is natural, and blame Nature for their problems. Or perhaps they know their environment is not natural and want some thing they, call Nature that isn’t natural. They don’ t know what Nature is and don’ t realize that Man belongs in Nature. Zeus-worshipping religions, like Protestantism, say Nature Gods are evil. I think jehovah, the Protestant God, is evil. Communists make progress a religion and follow it like a God.

In some form or another, all civilized people are detached from Nature and hate Nature. They all wish to change Nature. Sometimes they, say that they love Nature. They do not know what Nature is. You cannot love Nature unless you make yourself a part of it. Just saying that you love it, without being it, is just another way of hating it. It works out this way because Man is part of Nature. Fighting the nature inside yourself is self-hatred.

Many IAO cults use psychology to clear peoples’ minds of conflict. These conflicts are unnatural and caused by civilization. In its natural state, the mind would not have them. Often those cults will tell you that the conflicts are natural and that civilization is stopping them. Perhaps they think they, are fighting the Id, which is a, psychological term for instinct. They are just fighting their own mind and perverting it, so it fits a perverted system. They might call free people perverted.

All forms of civilization are Jove cults, which believe Nature is wrong and wish to change it. If you show a civilized man errors in other civilizations, he will say that his civilization is better, but in reality his is probably just the same. There are many kinds of civilization, but they are all pretty muck alike. All are just as bad as the Nazis. All civilizations turn people into machines and program them to do what the system wants.

Perhaps the pain of denying the system is too great. People trapped in it see no other choice. They have been taught to hate Nature and don’t know how to do anything but be part of the system. They become believers in the civilized cult and believe they have become better than Nature. They are merely sterile and inhuman. They might call themselves "the perfect" or "the chosen" or something similar. Civilized people often believe the domestication process is good, and even try to think of new ways of doing it. They give their kids over to be domesticated by Jove and think of ways to put other people into their system. They believe the rewards of civilization are better and think they are improving the world and making it a better place. They might think they are doing it for their kids, but they don’t realize the Hell they, are actually putting the kids into. People in the future will look back at the Progressives of the past and say; "They did it to us." Many people, who think they want some higher ethics or some higher good, do not realize the evil they are contemplating. They may think people who are part of Nature are suffering because they just don’t realize how happy people who are part of Nature really are. The savage or the barbarian is what I would rather be.

IAO is the purifying flood in Genesis. It destroyed the old world and started a new one. It is also a baptism with the waters of death. A baptized Christian has had the old world purified out of him and now lives in a new world. The story of the flood and baptism is understood by many agricultural societies. It appears in the myths of some Apache Indian tribes who abandoned hunting gathering and adopted agriculture, shortly before the Europeans arrived. These Indians pride themselves on having risen above their ancestors. Other Indian tribes, like the pueblos, have had advanced agriculture longer and have full-blown civilization, with elaborate baptism rituals and rigid strict, regulated behavior. You must be domesticated to fit their unnatural system. They have left the old world of the primitive savage and entered the new world of civilization. The baptism is a door. We are living in the age of this flood as civilization surrounds us and wants to domesticate us by killing our natural self. The older hunters had so much more independence and freedom. Personal dreams and visions are an important part of the hunter-gatherers’ religions. The agricultural religion emphasis conformity to the system.

They may call IAO initiation, but it’s not always initiation. Initiation is learning; IAO is domestication. The cycles of destruction, the door, the rebirth, should be life into life into life, the same each rebirth. It should never be progressive into something different; that would be permanent destruction.

Progressives are never satisfied with going up one level. They actually think you must climb up many levels. Sometimes, they think Man was created to constantly progress. They think you must IAO forever. There are many different stairways of progress. An example of this stairway might have one level of learning about progress; a higher one might be spreading progress; an even higher one might be becoming progress itself. They often think that at the top of this stairway is some really great thing. It is usually an ideal, like God, some great mind, pure spirit, or some progressive wisdom of which they want to be part. They might think that spirit should rule over matter, as if there was some great mind that wants progress. I believe that there may be a great mind, but he doesn’t necessarily want us to progress to him. He might just want us to live normally, without progress. They often call these levels spiritual levels, as if progress was something spiritual. I prefer to think it is something else.

They might say progress is the mystic law, but I prefer a different kind of mystic law. If God wants the kind of progress civilization has done to the world, destroying so much nature, then I don’t like god. Progress might be just man made. Whatever the case, it seems like it is up to man to decide if he wants progress or not. We should look at the physical evidence of what progress does, and not assume it is a metaphysical law.

Some Progressives think that there is no great mind yet, but they assume that they themselves will make the great mind happen, by progress. Often they have an image of an idealistic world, which they, think their progress will create, as if it was a view of a Heaven on Earth, they call Utopia. Then they, think that they must become the bearers of this ideal The word "bearer" is Fuhrer. Such as in the name, Christopher, which means Christ bearer, or in the name Baphomet, which means leader who bears the mystic law. Both of these words are names of idols, which Progressives might worship and strive to be like. They might identify themselves with their Fuhrer while they try to accomplish progress. They could be lone ascetics, trying to progress themselves, or they, could be trying to progress the world. Basically, anyone who thinks he must achieve some higher level is a progressive. His higher reality is probably higher insanity. He thinks it is a stairway to Heaven, but it’s actually a stairway to Hell. I use the word Hell to mean many different things. In this case, I mean something bad, something that could kill the Earth.

The symbol of Jupiter is a hammer. It can be used to break things or make things, but actually whenever you build anything, you destroy something. You should check to see what you’re destroying. It takes courage to escape civilization. Natural Man might seem to be weaker than Jove, but I believe Man can fight him and win, even though civilization has infected the whole world. There are a few people who have the courage to fight civilization, who are immune to civilization. They, might be the hope that will save Man . Perhaps, if more people understood Nature and knew civilization is wrong, Man could stop the destruction of the world.

Some people think we are getting wiser because we can solve problems that our ancestors could not. A progressive person might equate this learning with progress, and think that it is a reason to support progress. He might not realize that these lessons were learned from experience of solving the disasters that progress created. He might think that the problems were natural and not caused by progress. Progressive are sometimes most impressed at how progress can eliminate social problems such as slavery. Slavery was the product of progress to begin with. Perhaps this ability to learn how to solve any problem is a natural part of Man. Perhaps someday we will get wise enough to eliminate progress.

We should keep scientific knowledge, since knowledge could keep us from making the same mistakes again. Today, civilization uses applied science to invent technology and destroy Nature and move Man farther from Nature. We should stop applying it. We should use science for research only. We can travel the stars, but we should also remember to protect the Sacred Grove. We have the power to change the world. Perhaps what we need is the wisdom not to use that power.

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