Chapter 3: Saturn

The third concept is Saturn. He is the creator, Yahweh, Sator, Brahma and many other names. He is the God of Time. His name, "Yahweh," comes from the name Yevo, which is composed of the letters of the seasons in their right order. "Y" is winter, "E" is spring, "V" is summer, ‘O" is fall. He created the material world. During the age of Saturn, man lived as pant of nature. Saturn is the son of Heaven and Earth. He is the father of the seasonal God. Saturn’s color is black. Saturn is the sower and reaper of life. He is time that lets things happen and in which things happen.

All that exists does so because you have chosen for it to exist. Yod-He-Vau-He Sabaoth means, "I am who am the creator." It is the sacred name of the creator, you. In the beginning, all that existed was Lucifer, who is nothing but pure light. The Creator stole light from Lucifer and created the world. This represents choosing to live, by accepting the desires that wish to enjoy pleasures of the flesh. Inner light people might believe that desires stole light and corrupted it into the material world. They believe that denying their desires helps them get back to their inner light. Life, desire and creation, are all the same thing.

You can study all the laws of Nature and understand a lot of the ways things work, but no one has yet said why things are as they are rather than some other way. Some people believe in a God who planned and designed things to be as they are, but still, that does not explain why he chose this particular design. Also, if this designer did exist, we can ask why he exists in his form, rather than some other form. When I was five years old, I came to the conclusion that, "In the beginning something happened and it has been happening ever since. If something else had happened, something else would exist." There is probably a better answer, but I have never found it.

When I say Creator, I mean something that makes the moment right now what it is. When I say creation, I mean something that keeps happening, not something that just happened once long ago. If I say the beginning of creation, I’m referring to the beginning of the moment night now. He does not have to be the God who built the world. Some other being could have made the world and now some other God may rule it. There are many, religions where God made the world and then left it to grow on its own. When I say Creator, I me an ever present force. He does not have to be in charge of everything. He could be one of many, important forces. Many, people insist that the Creator must be some kind of supreme, all-powerful God, but I don’t. He could be just another being like you and me. I have never seen any evidence of a supreme God, anyway. The Creator does not have to be all-seeing or all-knowing. He might know just some, but not all. There is a story about a God who thought of himself as all-powerful and all knowing, because the true all-powerful and all knowing never revealed himself.

Saturn is a God of agriculture. Agriculture is a technology, which allows Man to change his own environment. It is unnatural. Man should be a hunter-gatherer. We should not try to be our own creator; we should leave that to the natural powers. We do not yet know the right way, and we have put the Earth in danger. Developing agriculture was the first of a series of changes. The first change is what makes Saturn the father of the many other Gods. It caused the other gods, such as Zeus, to become major influences on us. It was our original sin. Unfortunately, Man has already made himself his own creator. Agriculture gave Man the ability to put on the mask, sound the bullroar and play God. Agriculture and other forms of technology will continue to exist. We must learn how to deal with what we have done.

Gemini is the double man. One man is temporary living material. The other man is eternal and spiritual. You can picture yourself as creator in the form of an actor in life. The actor has some effect on his environment and causes a lot of the things that happen in his life, as he chooses his steps in life. Another way to picture the creator is as a manager who sets up the stage on which you play your life. The manager may have knowledge and powers of which the actor is unaware. The manager might choose not to give this knowledge or power to the actor, because it would upset the proper order of things and ruin the game.

The world is constantly building you. Each moment you are different from the last moment. Events make you what you are, and you are a collection of events. The manager is making you by controlling events. Some religious doctrines say that you cannot get anything or do anything unless the divine manager makes it so. This is only partially true. The world is too complex for everything to be determined. Complexity has a way of creating unpredictable variations. These variations will eventually affect the big picture. Random chance makes it difficult for the manager to determine how each aspect of you will turn out. He can make mistakes.

At best the manager can only, guide you a little. The manager plants you in the world and helps you grow, but I don’t think the manager can choose to build a complete being in one step. Instead, he has to use situations that already exist, and has to build upon what already has happened. The manager has to follow what is happening in order to keep playing the game. In a way, the world is ruling the activity of the manager. Spirit rules matter and matter rules spirit. In a way, things happen on there own, just as if there were no manager. You are not completely controlled. You have free will. You are a collection of events in the world, which freely happen.

I don’t think your manager completely sets up everything in the world. He is only a player in a game. You are a character in this game who is being played by the actor who is you. There are other players who play other people. Each individual soul makes his own world. The world is a place where many souls live. They collaborate together as if they were one soul. Another manager set up the world as it is. This manager is the game master. You are part of him, and other people are part of him, too. Everything in the world is also part of him.

Your character is made of events, which make you different from other people. Other people have events, which make them into a different character than you. You can see yourself as an individual and see that you are not everything. There is You and there is the other. The other is everything that is not you.

You can also look at things differently and see that the other is You. Ever had a feeling that You are somehow connected to something more than yourself? You might notice how all matter in the universe is connected by physical laws and events. You are part of this matter. It is quite possible that You are caused by material events and that the only creator is the material events. Some people have a feeling that there is something other than the material physical structure of the universe. They might think that this non-material aspect affects parts of the universe.

I often talk about the material creator and a nonmaterial creator as if they, were one thing. I could be confused. I could be mixing religious nonsense with things that are more real. Perhaps the feeling of the spiritual is nothing more than a material biological process in my physical mind. This process, whatever it is, insanity or not, has caused me to see people as characters, actors, players, game masters, and perhaps even more.

Many, men search for an answer to their more profound questions. Often, they may imagine what this answer might look like. They, envision an all knower who could tell them everything. Some people might prefer to believe that he who made us was not all knowing or even all-powerful, but still I have this feeling there is a sum total to everything who knows everything and does everything. He might have something that performs some actions for him, but he is the one in charge. He also is conscious and aware of what he is doing. Often men assume that the all knower must also be the one who made the universal plan, which makes everything what it is. This plan is a program and a law that everything obeys. This creator is the one who spoke the word and so it was.

Maybe I have this feeling because I was raised a Catholic. I may have been conditioned to see God this way. I think that it is deeper than that. I think it originates from an instinct that all men are born with. This vision of God is an emotion. Emotions are habits we develop from a combination of inherited instincts and learned behavior. I don’t know which parts are inherited, or which parts are learned. It is just feel the feeling.

My most confused thought is of a universal song. I think the song really exists. I don’t know if it is spiritual or material. It is just a feeling. I believe that the universe is many things interconnected. It is all like a big song. Everything singing, and the singing is causing everything to be as it is. The patterns of the song are the unchanging truth, of what has happened, what is happening, and what will happen. We see change because we only hear part of the song at a time. In another moment we hear another part. Our minds are slowly learning the song. The song is us. Each part is a part of ourselves. Someday we will hear the whole song. Then we will know who we are. We are in the process of discovery.

The Great Song is recorded in a very big book. Once in a vision I was allowed to look at a few pages of the Great Song. It was recorded as a series of whole numbers, which makes one big number. Everything is a number. Just knowing this is not the same as listening to the song. In order to hear the song, you have to wait, and listen while it is playing.

The number of the song can be spoken as a word. The creator is speaking. Someday we will know enough to speak the word, and then we will be the creator ourselves. The word is mostly vowel sound. Don’t try to imitate the word by just saying vowels. It won’t work that way. You have to say it in a special way. You have to say it with feeling.

Have you ever felt something, and this feeling could be best told in a song? Or perhaps you have heard a song that produced a feeling inside you. The great song has a feeling. The special way is a feeling. This feeling is the will to touch. It made the song. It is the song. It is caused by the song. The will to touch exists because the act of touching feels so good. The moment of touch causes the feeling. The moment of touch is the only thing that exists. We touch in the material world. We made our world in a way that touch would feel so good. We desire our creation, and created because of this desire. This makes more sense if you remember that the soul can live out of time. It can feel the future effect of something while it does that thing in the past.

The soul can go back into the past and become a person long ago. The soul can travel on a line that is woven through time. All people alive today are the same soul, living on different places in a line that is meshed into our present. There is no past or present on this line. Everyone and everything you meet is actually you. You’re just enjoying the universe in different ways. The universe is very vast and complex; your soul is can be anywhere doing anything as anything. Our souls created the world to enjoy life. It is all part of the Great Song.

The great force is sometimes pictured as a big snake, a python, a dragon, or a serpent whose body is coiled throughout the universe. This is a male snake who has the waters of life passing through his body. Some natural springs represent the ejaculating of the waters of life. This snake is not the Anaconda. The Anaconda is a female snake who lives underwater and pulls people underwater to drown them. All this symbolism might be important, if you want to create your own vision, but you don’t have to use it. You can use other symbolism. I’m just showing a few traditional symbols, which I have found very useful, and which help me to see how I understand things.

When casting a spell, you can draw an Ing. An Ing is two triangles merging together. It represents birth, opening the Third Eye or something happening. You can draw your symbols inside the Ing or around it. Whatever seems to work for you. The Ing appears in words like running, making, doing, building and even the word thing. These are all events. Things are events. They are stuff happening. You’re an event and the rock is an event. Your atoms are all just a bunch of events. The universe is the one big happening. Most of all Ing is in the word "sing." What I mean by casting a spell is to sing. At least that is the meaning I’m using for it right now. You don’t only listen to the song. You should also sing it. Everybody has their own song. It is their own thing.

"36" is the Mystic number of the priest whose number is 8. The mystic number of 36 is .666. Each of these sixes can be multiplied together, to get 216. 216 months is 18 years. This 18-year period is identified with a man’s sexual development. 666 is the number of the Beast. The 18-year period is called the Dragon. Solar and lunar alignments such as eclipses happen in 18-year cycles. Several of these cycles are happening all the time, each in different stages of development. These are the coils of the Dragon.

Some people would say that worshipping the elements in Nature is wrong because we must only worship God and not his creation. I prefer to believe we can worship both God and his creation. I kind of like thinking that God wants us to worship his creation. Have you ever tried to get a dog to look at something by pointing at it? The dog looks at your hand, and fails to notice the thing you’re pointing at. The dog might think that you want him to look at your hand. I tend to feel that God wants us to love Nature. By only loving God and not his creation you might be doing something God doesn’t want you to do. You might actually be hating God by loving just him and ignoring his creation. There is a story that Satan loved God so much that he wouldn’t love God’s creation, and that’s why he was sent to Hell. A lot of people let their love for God prevent them from enjoying the world. They think that God wants them to be so dedicated that they refuse to enjoy anything else. They live miserable lives. They might think that they are achieving enlightenment, but really all they’re doing is putting darkness in their lives. Even if the world is an illusion, it might be that being part of the illusion is the only way we can be happy. Anything else would be Hell.

In Catholic doctrine, Hell is to never see God, and Heaven is to have a beautific vision of God. Am I godless, or have I found God? You could say that I don’t believe in God, but I do believe in Demons. I really, don’ t see any, need for a supreme God. I prefer to worship things that happen around me. Those who believe in God might say that I will never feel God’s grace unless I get some kind of absolute faith in God. They say I must love God to feel his love, and that I should pray to him to have a communion with him. This might be true. I might be missing this experience. There is also a problem when I say worship, because I am not sure exactly what that means.

Once while down in Florida I met a bunch of Krishna Holy Men who believe in an absolute God whose plan is absolutely absolute. They think that God is so absolutely big that they have to be impressed all the time, so they surrender themselves to him. They believe that this dedication was the only way they, can contact their God. I began to wonder if this was what I really wanted. I did not like this idea at all. I looked at the idol of Krishna in their temple and did not feel any, love for him at all. Perhaps I prefer more variety in my religion.

The Hindus got on the ground and bowed to their Idol. I remember seeing Islamic men bow the same way, but not to a statue. The Moslems just bow, but it means the same thing. Personally I don’t like bowing. If I saw God I’d probably just wave at him. That’s what I do with anyone else. Once, I met another Holy Man who said everything is special. This sounded good at first, but then I noticed he spent all day bowing to everything he met. He seemed to be overdoing it.

In a small store that specialized in South American junk, I was looking for a good luck charm. Here I met a Brazilian Holy Man. He spoke Portuguese and very little English. I only speak a little Portuguese, but he was glad to meet someone he could talk to. So we spoke in half English and half Portuguese. He said that he had no good luck charms, but apparently he knew what I really wanted. He showed me a small idol and said it was the messenger of the Gods. I asked him what it said, and he drew several loops in the air. I asked him if those loops were stairs to the Gods. He said, "No, They are just circles." Then I told him what the Krishnas said. He said, "That might be one circle. You put some of the circles there. Others are put there without you putting them there." I told him that I liked his idol so much that I would never pay money for it, because money would spoil the sacredness of the object. He said that I wouldn’t have to, and that I could make an idol like this myself. I asked him how he worshipped his idol. He said that he treats him like the rock he is. This does not mean he treats him badly. He just treats rocks the way he treats rocks. He treats houses like houses, trees like trees, and people like people. He said that the way he treats things is the way he learns about the circles. This sounds like a good form of worship so I think I will adopt it.

All this talk about God is really about sex. Sex is the act of creation. Sex makes you want to live. God is sex. I’m not just making this up to be a jerk. It is actually what paganism is all about. When puritanical anti-life religions spread, they either denied the creator, like the ancient Greeks did, or hid his true meaning from the worshipers, like the ancient Jewish priest did. The ancient secret name of God is just a bunch of vowel sounds. You can see people pronounce it correctly in any, porno movie.


Heat + Dryness = Fire = I

Heat + Moisture = Air = O

Cold + Moisture = Water = E

Cold + Dryness = Earth = U

  1. AIN = Air + Earth
  2. CANDAR = Water + Earth
  3. YEUO = Fire
  4. JOVE = Water
  5. YESUO = Fire + Earth
  6. OM = Air
  7. MAYA = Earth
  8. SHIN = Fire + Air
  9. NEM = Fire + Water
  10. GAYA = Air + Water


The Trinity

The Zodiac is the father IEOU Fire Water Air Earth

The Elements is the son IEUO Fire Water Earth Air

The Wind is the Holy Spirit IOEU Fire Air Water Earth

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