Chapter 2: Zodiac

The second concept is the Zodiac. It is purple. It is Heaven. The stars represent souls. Everyone is a star in Heaven. The constellations represent absolute forms or ideal concepts. It may look good, but beware: too much Heaven would be death. Heaven is a blank where nothing happens. Our soul chooses to live on Earth, where things happen. Religion must balance the spiritual with the material.

The Zodiac is the path the Sun takes during the year. The Milky Way splits the Zodiac in half. In my system these two halves are divided into twelve pieces of about the same size. Each piece is a constellation of the Zodiac. Some astronomers use a different method of dividing the constellations, so that their constellations are different sizes, but my twelve signs are all about the same size. Some people use the star Regulus as guide post for drawing their signs. I use the Milky Way, which divides Gemini from Taurus, and also divides Sagittarius from Scorpio.

The Seasonal God is born during the spring equinox. The constellation that the Sun is in during that time is his sign. The equinox enters a new constellation every 2,160 years, give or take a few centuries. During the years between 2,000 AD and 4,000 AD, the Sun will be more or less in Aquarius during the spring equinox, and this will be known as the Aquarian Age. Before this Age was the Piscian Age, where Christ was the Savior God. Before that was the Arian Age, with Mithra as the Savior God. Mithra is often portrayed in art as killing the old Taurian God, who was the savior before him.

Some time around the year 4480 BC, the Zodiac, the equator and the Milky Way all crossed in the same place. This was also the time between the Age of Gemini and Taurus. In Greek mythology, Cronus, who is Saturn, ruled the Earth during the Golden Age. In my system, the Golden Age is the Age of Gemini. During that time, Man lived in Eden as part of Nature. Zeus took over during the Taurian Age, and started progress and civilization. The rise of civilization began as the Milky Way moved away from the equinox. Things became corrupt. The Taurian Age was a Silver Age. The Arian Age was a Bronze Age, which began around the year 2,320 BC It was the Age when the Aryan tribes swept across Europe and Asia, conquered many civilizations, enslaved the aboriginal people, and developed ancient classical civilizations on the ruins of the older kingdoms. The Age of Pisces is an Iron Age, which began around the year 160 BC. During the Piscian Age, the equinox is moving farthest from the Milky Way. This is the Christian Age, the most corrupt of all, which will end when the equinox begins to move back towards the Milky Way. The new Age of Aquarius will begin when the equinoxes are halfway between the points where the Milky Way crosses the Zodiac. This will happen sometime around the year 2,000 AD. I hope things will get less corrupt and man will return to nature.

Other astrologers using a different system will give you a different date. On the standard astronomy charts, used by most astronomers, Pisces is too big. They say that the equinox will not enter Aquarius until the year 2,500. I don’t use their system. You might compare my way of classifying things with other ways and notice a big difference. I don’t follow a tradition unless I want to. The meanings that I give to each sign are very different from what most astrologers use.

In my system, each sign is identified with a God and a number. Virgo is zero and Vesta. Leo is one and Lucifer. Cancer is two and the Zodiac. Gemini is three and Saturn. Taurus is four and Jupiter. Aries is five and Mars. Pisces is six and the Sun. Aquarius is seven and Venus. Capricorn is eight and Mercury. Sagittarius is nine and the Moon. Scorpio is ten and the Earth. Libra is eleven and Justice. Planetary Gods in Greek mythology are identified with animals that resemble the signs related above. Many scholars think the source of the Greek astrological system and some of their mythology, may have come from ancient Babylon.

Astrologers invent rigid methods of reading the stars to tell what a person is. I don’t think they know anything. Even if our fate were written in the stars, the astrologers would not have the slightest idea how to read them. To find what kind of person you are, you must look at the life you live.

The word, Zodiac, means circle of animals. Each person is a Star—your dream animal. To find this animal, you might have to go on a vision quest. Perhaps you might not be sure of what you see. You might not see an animal at all. You just know that something is there. It is the kind of person you are. You might not know what kind of animal it is. In a primitive society, walking in the way, of your animal is considered very sacred and powerful. A person’s animal may be very different from another person’s animal. A tribe functions as people walk as their animals. A person will know his true purpose when he knows his animal.

A person may learn more about his Dream from other people with similar Dreams. If his Dream involves a craft, he may chose to join a group that can teach him. There may be ceremonies or tasks, which he must do. Some tribes have many different Dreamer Cults. They all contribute to the tribe’s culture in some way. In some cultures the Dreamer is celebrated in elaborate rituals.

The animal could be a sexual attitude. What you are is what you are. Primitive religions are full of sexual symbolism. It is very sacred. Different people think about these symbols in different ways. A horse is domesticated. A Horse Dreamer might think that sexual behavior should obey tribal laws. An elk has more than one mate. In some tribes the Elk Dreamer might see things very differently from a Horse Dreamer. A cow is domesticated and useful. A spider is skillful. A fox is clever.

The different dreams of people in a tribe are all interconnected in the Dream World. A shaman sees this. He also knows that the Dream is created by the tribe. The tribe is a body, which can feel its needs. There are different tribes with different needs. The Dream shows the way that the tribe should follow. It is all part of man’s nature. Many civilized people never know their animal. Civilization makes people act in ways that they were never meant to, forcing them to ignore their Dream. Sometimes civilization will use a person’s Dream in unnatural ways. The beast is caged and domesticated in civilization, and will never know freedom or its true place in this world. Man must be free to be what he is.

I remember once an old man told me that he did not follow his Dream. He knew his Dream when he was young, but chose to ignore it. He spent his life doing other things. He could have been what he should have been, but he never was.

I remember talking to someone about sacred prostitutes. This person considered prostitution a degrading act, which uses people as nothing but a biological toy for pleasure. This may be true; civilized cultures always force people into degrading roles, but some people have a calling to be a biological toy for pleasure. A person should not be a prostitute unless their Dream says that they should. In my religion such people would be very sacred. They would be the true representatives of the temple. The Babylonians had temple prostitutes, and they might have had similar ideas about the Zodiac and sex. I don’t know.

I went on a vision quest and I came up with these weird ideas one night, while walking down a beach in Florida. I could see Scorpio in the sky in the direction that I was walking. I don’t want to end up like the man who never followed his Dream. So I went to find my animal. My animal is something many people would consider perverted. I won’t tell you what it is, but I will tell you a little about how I found it.

As I walked along the beach, on one side of me was the salt-water ocean, which the Babylonians would have called Tiamat. On the other side was a fresh water swamp. The Everglades probably look like the Sumerian Absu before civilization dried it out. I could imagine a temple rising out of the Absu where people would perform all kinds of fornications. I could imagine the High Priestess of Ishtar, the Whore of Babylon, herself. There was no Moon that night. It was very dark.

Back in ancient times temple prostitutes were mostly men who acted as women. She-males were considered very sacred. They ministered pleasures of the flesh for religious reasons. The American Indian Berdach and the Siberian "soft male" are other examples. Each village has at least one. A war party would sometimes take one along as a concubine. Women prostitutes did not become common until civilization invented money, and made people economically dependent on money.

Eventually, I reached a road that came out of the Swamp. I decided to walk it. I was going west through the Abyss, on a black road, and I could hear frogs singing all around me. There was a building up ahead, with people going in and out. I was hoping that I would see more that night to stimulate my imagination. When I got to the building, It was a sleazy strip bar. It is definitely not the temple I had imagined, but let’s go in anyway. Several people offered me sex for money. I turned them down. One girl told me that I did not look like the kind of guy who came into places like this. I told her that I hang around places like this all the time. She did not believe me. She asked what I was doing there. I told her that I did not know. She asked me if I wanted anything sexual, and I told her that I did not want to have sex in that particular situation. Then She said, "You think I’m just some Goddamn titty bar dancer. I don’t want to work in this place. Fuck you." She then continued to ask me if I was sure that I did not want anything. Eventually she left me alone.

These girls want money. Some have kids to support. Some have drug problems. Some are psychologically ill. These girls don't keep the money long. A boy friend will get the money. The customers have some money, so they spend it to get off. In a civilized society, people do lots of things for money. An office worker or a factory worker is just a cheap moneymaker. Anyone who uses money is doing things cheap. They make it and spend it and that is their life. It occurred to me that in my religion there would be prostitution without money. People would do things because their Dream led them. They would be paid back something greater than money. What is it? I still had to think a little more.

I left the bar and continued walking down the road. An ugly, bald-smelling black male transvestite began to follow me. He wore a skimpy, dirty, faded yellow dress, and had numerous pus filled lacerations, all over his body. I told him that I was trying to think, so he should go away. He would not leave. He would not shut up. He would not stop asking for money. He started to play with himself and asked me if I wanted any. I tried to walk away from him. He continued to follow me. I told him that I was trying to explore the underworld, because I’m a Devil-worshiper who wants to find a way to end civilization and start a orgy cult, where even he would be considered sacred. I had never told anyone that before. He asked me why I wanted to do that. I couldn’t think of an answer. Eventually, he left and I continued walking.

Finally, it was quiet again. Just the singing of frogs. Scorpio was still in the southern sky. I walked a long time, and eventually I could see the lights of a city up ahead. Civilization, they, don’t understand. What was it I now understood? I came to a main avenue that led back to the beach, sat down, and waited for the Sun.

If civilization fell today a lot of people would be in trouble. We must stop being dependent on civilization. I believe that our inner nature can show us how. Our inner nature guided us back when we were part of Nature. Our inner nature was molded by Nature. It should all fit.

You might ask, how can there be prostitution without money? I’m not sure. The legal definition of prostitution involves money. You might wonder why I don’t use another word. I don’t know any other words. There may have been one, but it has been long forgotten. So the word, "whore" will have to do. I know a girl who considers herself a Succubus. She sure looks like a Succubus. She says that she will not turn tricks for money. I don’t know what her rewards are. Somehow they’re connected with her Dreams. She doesn’t like me, so she has never offered me her services. I regret that a lot. She has caused many, other guys to fall from grace, and for that I admire her.

We must practice our orgy cult. Only then can we find out what works and what doesn’t. We will be rediscovering an art that has long been for-gotten. I looked out over the ocean and said, "Tiamat, teach me how to make the water of life. Iag Kinqu. lag Kutulu. lag Sothoth. Iag Sabbatha." I was trying to say a prayer in the best way that I knew. I say, EUOI after a prayer. It is the name of the moment that exists right now.

Let us pray

I believe in one mystery. A star among many stars, who created the Heaven and the Earth. In man who was begotten of Nature, not separately made. In an Earth Mother, the completion of all forms, life of all life, from where we were born and to where we will return. In a true path of both giving and taking, according to our biological needs. In a balance of Nature, which has existed and should continue to exist after me. In a full life as part of this balance. In a world full of happiness everlasting, that I was born to experience.

A soul is born, who came down from Heaven to enjoy the pleasures of the flesh. He became life of life, desire of desire, true life of true life. One in being with the environment. Let Earth conceive a son. My truth and my will shall be with him, and in my name shall he be exalted in his life to be. He will travel through the four seasons and five stages of life. Glory be to conception, Growth, learning, maturity and death.

We live upon the Earth. Nature has given us a place to grow, and enjoy the growth. Let us celebrate the fullness thereof. It is truly good and right that we should at all times and in all places enjoy the Holy, Mother, upon whom our lives grow. As whom our lives grow. All that is needed is provided in a world that we are designed to fit. For this is the ground my feet stand upon, the cup of my blood, the breath of my life and the fire of my soul. Blessed is the fruit of her soil. She has given us the will of the hunter and the shape of the path. We don’t need anything else. We live as the Earth. Together we journey, now till the hour of our death.

Everything that dies in Winter is reborn in Spring. The son will become the father. The daughter will become the mother. The created will be creator. His seed shall be mighty, upon the Earth. Thanks be to all that has existed, for now the path is complete. What is important is where we are. For this is where we were and this is the complete picture, of what we are.

We are gathered here to experience a ritual celebrating life. I feel the water of life flowing from the temple. It is good because life living touched another life. Each moment of human touch is eternal. Let us break bread in the temple of life. It is right to break bread in the temple of life. Witness the life and life-giving bread. Heaven and Earth are full of your glory. My flesh of our flesh. My blood of our blood. Hoc est corpus.

May the harmony, of Nature be with you. May you choose the right path as you walk through life. Through life, with life, in life. The word has been made flesh. Arise and live as part of Nature’s balance. An inescapable fantasy, of undeniable ecstasy. Roam the wood passionately, with the Horned God. EUOI

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