Chapter 13: Underworld

One day while I was working on this book, I was thinking about life as a mission to touch. My muse appeared to me and said, "When die you become what you are. For some people it is Heaven. For some it is Hell." I wasn’t really sure why she told me this. I was thinking about life, not death. I think she trying to tell me how important life is. In some mythologies, what happens in death is a fable about life, not actual death.

I think the pure existence of a being has no form. It cannot touch another being without a vehicle of touch. The soul’s essence is the desire to touch. The world is the vehicle the soul uses to touch. We are born because the soul wishes to enjoy pleasures of the flesh. You had better touch other people while you are alive or else your soul will be dissatisfied, and you will have wasted your life.

Your soul can construct another life, but this is hard for the soul to do unless it feels the rewards of its efforts. The more touch you feel, the happier your soul will be, and your soul will be better able to construct a happy life for you, and your soul will live many happy lives. Another life your soul designs is someone else, part of you but not really you. The whole, true you is the biological being you are right now. Some people think salvation comes by rejecting the material self and pretending to be the soul. They only want to be their immortal part. These people are making a terrible mistake. To deny life would be worse then death. Your soul wants to live. Your soul wants to continue being the material self, for as long as your life can last.

Your real self is your material self, the character. The character is made of events that happen. The material part of you can die, when the events lose the order that was you. Your mind is stored in your brain, which stops functioning when you die. Some people think death is the end, where you just stop existing. This is not completely true. You have an immortal soul.

The soul is a player who plays a character. Some people might think that the soul and the character are two different beings, as different from each other as two people. Perhaps your soul can just go off and Play someone else after you die, and the material self is completely gone after death. If this were true, you would have no afterlife. I don’t believe it is true. I think the material character continues to exist after death, even after its matter has fallen apart. The soul exists as many things on many planes, it is also the character.

All matter is made of events. You are something that is happening, an organized form of matter. This organization is a process called life. The organization is a material event. Everything that happens becomes an eternal truth. Everything that happens in each moment is eternally written down in the book of the universe. This book is the spirit of the universe. Once something happens, it exists, eternally as spirit. Matter creates spirit. Everything has a spirit, which is its character that exists forever the way it was. Some things might be more important to you than others. Your character is made of many truths, which are its spirit. The spirit is a record of the way he is. The soul is making this spirit part of himself by playing the game of life.

The red line of soul crosses the black line of matter. The material line is the order in which events happen. Time is passing through this line. As long as time exists things can happen. The creator is often pictured as Father Time. In Lucifer, no time passes. The eternal passes on the red line. One of the mysteries that advanced mystics often discover is that the passage of time and eternity are not the same thing. The place where the lines cross is the moment, called EUOI. The soul, spirit, character, player, and all those other words I invent to confuse myself, are all just ways of looking at myself in EUOI. EUOI is the moment right now, and is all that really exists. On the material line, there are many alternative futures that you can take, but the past is unchangeable. The past made the character. Your character is played by an actor. The actor chooses his steps leading to the future. The actor is the part of you that is experiencing things.

The actor continues to experience long after you die. When you die, your soul goes to Hell. Everything you do in your life becomes an eternal truth inside your soul. These truths are the fires of Hell. In Hell you come face to face with yourself. For some people it is painful. For some it is pleasurable. You will find some things affect you more when you go to Hell, much in the same relay they affected you when you were alive. Hell will be very familiar to you. Your Heavenly self is ordered in a way that makes you want to touch other people. If you fail to touch, you will feel pain.

Our biological nature makes us to feel certain conditions as pleasure or pain. As humans, our social nature is a very important part of our natural programming. This aspect of our individual selves remains, as a ghost in our soul even after we die it is a gift our soul receives because it lived a human life. Because of this gift, we will feel bad for people we hurt, and good for people we helped. The pain is worst when you hurt someone. Most normal people have done plenty of stuff to keep the soul happy and will find Heaven in Hell. Very few souls are ever punished. Only a few very evil souls stay in Hell forever.

I have heard many Protestants tell people that they will burn in Hell if the are not saved. Protestantism is a fanatical civilized religion. Normal people do not have to be saved and are O.K. the way they are. Actually, the Protestants are going to feel pain in Hell because they make people feel miserable. They will feel bad when the truth of how they hurt people finally hits them.

Eventually, your soul will be ready to be born into the world again. Before it is born it must construct a tree of life, which be its next life. It must find its four directions. Beginning by rising out of the South, fire, which is conception. Then it must find East air, which is its consciousness. Then it must find west. After, which is its life. Finally it finds North, which is Earth, its body. The cross is complete and it can be born.

To find all these directions, the soul travels a labyrinth. In the labyrinth, the soul walks seven crescent passages, which are the seven days of creation. There the soul meets its four elemental selves, which will be its body. Multiply seven and four and you will get 28, which is the number of days in the life cycle. A person will experience many of these cycles while alive. In many creatures this growth happens in an egg. In placental mammals like us it happens in a uterus, inside our mother.

You are born from the Earth. One can return from where he sprang by entering a cave or any underground chamber inside the Earth. Here, you can build a fire to represent the flames of Hell. It is a good place to think. Usually the out let to this labyrinth is covered with flaps called labia. These can be closed to keep any light from the outside from getting in. There are times a person might want things completely dark.

As you walk through the maze you pass fire, then air, water, and then Earth. This is the path of the Four Winds beginning with Spring. The Four Winds are the driving forces in your life. Your animate life begins at conception, which is Spring and birth, and the East Wind of fire. You continue to the South Wind of the Sun and air, your life force. You continue to water where you pass the door of life and discover the two sides of the West, birth and death, creation and destruction. Finally you reach the North Wind where your animate body becomes part of the Earth. This becomes complete when you die and your animate life ends and your body’s material returns to the Earth.

The way the active forces act causes the elements to be the way they are. It is the elements are that cause the active forces to act the way they do. The year is a symbol of the active and elemental working together, in a continuous cycle. The Tree of Life is your body and your environment, and there is no clear line that separates the two. You are an elemental, who is acted upon by your environment. You are also an active force, who makes things happen in you environment. The environment that makes you what you are is partially created by you. The Earth is made of rocks, plants and animals, all powered by the Sun. Everything is both active and elemental. Each contributes in some way to the whole. The Earth has existed long before you and will exit long after you, but you do contribute a small part.

What you can do is limited by what you are, which is your place in your natural niche. Man can never be anything except the natural biological being he is. If civilization ever changes him, he will no longer be Man. Much in the same a toy poodle is not a wolf, though supposedly the poodle’s ancestors were wolves, before civilization changed them. The toy poodle will never be able to live like a wolf. Fortunately Man today is still biologically the same as his ancestors and can return to the wild. If we don’t stop civilization, civilization might permanently change us. If this ever happens, the cycles will stop and the Earth will no longer be the Earth.

The cycles become important when you have a relationship with other people. The symbol of this relationship is also the year. It is people making their lives what they are. This is best when it is natural because that is the way we are made to enjoy it. Man is biologically social, he must have other people with him to be complete, or else life would be incomplete. He simply can’t do it alone. The active forces have made your elements that way, and if you let these elements guide you, you will find that they make you do the right things, which will help you achieve a good relationship. Two people can join and their circles can work together. Man is on Earth to love and to be loved. Both people can give and take from the relationship what they need and this feels good. Each moment in life counts, because it only happens once, and how it happens will repeat itself over and over again for all eternity. You can make the moment count with a partner. The great "69" in the sky is the absolute reality inside us, and it is the absolute reality of the world we live in. Medieval Jewish mystics pictured this reality as a divine marriage. You are incomplete till you discover your partner. Without a partner you are wasting your eternal moments. Each moment of touch is special in eternity. They are our own personal Heavens, that our soul will have forever. Remember that as you walk trough life on the black line, each step is eternal and each step counts.

The climax of a sexual experience is the orgasm. This is a. biological feeling, which tells us that we’re doing good. But the soul only feels good if you are actually touching another person at this time. Touch does not necessarily mean sex, but I prefer it when it does. Touch is a sharing experience, which two people develop together. It is the rewarding feeling of socializing with other people that the soul really wants. The sex drive guides us to this kind of relation ship. People who deny their sex drive are denying an important part of the social instinct. Sex is one of many things that brings people together. People who think sex creates disorder are wrong.

Some people learn a mythology and act out this mythology in a dramatic ritual. This can be a form of prayer, or just a form of fun. I think we should do some form of dramatic ritual during each Sabbath, where we celebrate the Gods of the festival. Some people do dramatic sex rituals. They might imitate the union of the Earth Goddess and the Sky God, or some other myth that they like, to awaken the Gods inside themselves. I don’t rule out sex as a form of prayer, but I prefer sex that is done just for fun. It seems to me that fun is a better way to celebrate Nature than any ritual. Anything that spoils the fun might actually be against Nature.

I remember a Catholic priest who once told me that I would feel depressed after an ejaculation because it is an evil thing. He showed me a rock falling down a hill and said that there is no bottom and you keep falling into depression if you follow your desires. When I actually did try sex, I did not feel depressed after the ejaculation. It made me feel good for a long time. I did not believe the priest. Someone who does believe the priest might have felt depressed because the ascetic priest psychologically programmed the person to feel that way. You can be brainwashed to feel anything, but only natural feeling is real, because only natural feeling will guide you to live a normal, natural life. I know Catholic priests are just a. bunch of frustrated paranoid men who live without establishing normal relationships with other people. These men think sex is dirty or evil and get depressed after they have an orgasm.

Often, the ascetics have sex but have antisocial concepts brewing in their minds, which insult Nature. An example of this would be the way some ascetics don’t want to lose their semen. They don’t want to share the vital essence inside of it. A man should ejaculate during orgasm, but not all men do. Some selfish ascetics hold back their ejaculations, even when they have an orgasm. They do this to ridicule the Earth and their own material bodies. It gives them a feeling of perverted power because they hate the Earth and want to hurt it. Often they pretend this energy passes through their bodies and it gives them a feeling of even more power. They often offer this power to their ascetic Gods. They believe the sex drive has caused man to fall from grace and they use unusual acts to make themselves rise. Ascetics often punish themselves to train their will against the sex instinct. Sex is such an important part of Nature that ascetics feel a great victory over Nature when the den their sex drive, especially if they can deny it while they are having sex.

Something becomes a sin against Nature when it fights Nature, such as fighting the sex drive. This is not the same thing as masochism or sadism or masturbation or homosexuality. A person can practice any of those things if he wants, and still be part of Nature. There are many homosexuals who achieve a touching relationship with each other, and are doing what their soul wants.

A Christian might think that certain sex acts are unnatural. He thinks that only sex for reproduction is Natural. It is interesting how suddenly a Christian can become so concerned about Nature. Usually, they don’t care if you cut down a forest, but show them two men kissing and they, suddenly show you how much a Christian can hate. They fail to see the importance of sex for fun, which can be a natural, healthy part of your psychology. What works for one person might not work for another. Man is dynamic and complex. We can’t just say that one act is natural and another is unnatural. All we have is an opinion. Perhaps it is best that we don’t automatically condemn people and become hateful like Christians.

People would be so much happier if they just let their ejaculations flow out. Allow our water of life to touch a lot of people, and not just hold it back to our selves. Sex is a sharing experience between two people. Someone who holds back any aspect of the sex drive is not allowing himself to be natural. To enjoy sex you don’t need to know an esoteric knowledge. Just find someone and do it anyway you and that person want to do it.

The image of Shiva and Shakti is an example of a complex ascetic mythology. These two are shown having sex, and it looks like social touching, where people are accepting material desires, but it’s not. They are not having sex for natural fun. They are having sex in order to fit an ascetic dogma. This could be an unnatural perversion of sex. Their mythology includes channels inside the ascetic that he directs his attention through, which turns his mind away from the material world. He might use sex to stimulate his attention so he can pass it through the channels, but most of the time he just meditates alone. Along the channel are spheres containing his mythology. He wants to rise from animal spheres below his waist through a rebirth initiation sphere to higher spheres of enlightenment above his waist. His Shakti is a fantasy that he rides up the spheres.

Some people think that the Hindu concept of Brahman is the same as the physical interconnection of Nature. Brahman is supposed to be a unifying force inside everything. This is not the same as a shaman’s vision of Nature. Brahman was invented by ascetics who turned away from Nature. A true shaman is looking at Nature and interpreting the meaning. The shaman sees the spirit that is Nature. Brahman is supposed to be more than Nature. The ascetics who invented Brahman did not see the actual physical interconnections of Nature.

A Hindu might tell you to love the divine in man. They love a fantasy, which probably does not exist, and do not actually love man. Hinduism, and its civilized caste system, is notorious for its lack of consideration for the real needs of people. Christians say that they love man because they want to save his soul. They will not accept the real person for what he is. You hate a person if you hate what a person does. To love a person you must love what he is. He is his character, and anything else is a fantasy.

People are things. They are no more divine that anything else. Some people say that it is wrong to call people things. They do not see the value of things. They think things are supposed to be used. A real shaman can see the value of things; therefore he sees the real value of people. He does not see things as something only to use. He sees things existing for their own purposes. The shaman does not ride his Shakti to use her for his sick mind’s perversion. The forces of Nature actually ride him.

The shaman may sometimes see a force that creates Nature, but that is not always important to him. He can feel the forces created by, Nature, the characters of his environment, that are his Gods. A person’s personal Hell includes truths of the world around him, and also the truth of his place in this world. A shaman can see beyond most people. It is a horrible, abnormal life. He lives in a Hell that is strong enough for him to see the Gods of Hell. The Gods have chosen for him to be that way.

The characters that become part of the soul are the only form the soul has. The Eternal soul is made of all the characters that ever were or shall be. He existed in this form before creation, but it is creation that gives him this form. The God who created the material world is being created by the material world. I’m not sure if this God is the supreme God or not. The supreme God is someone who can hear your prayer and cares.

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