Chapter 11: Justice

Once, a man showed me a factory that polluted the land. He tried to tell me how important the factory was, since it contributes so much to civilization. I failed to see the value of the factory. I did see the value of the things the factory was destroying.

You might ask me why I don’t just run away to the woods and leave civilization alone. I don’t want to run away. I want to destroy. I was there, in Tompkins Square Park, when a. bunch of self styled anarchists pushed the police out of the park. It was a disgusting place, full of human rejects: bums, junkies, nuts, and talentless musicians. It was interesting, but very pointless. Social rejects are not going to defeat civilization. They can’t even clean the maggots out of their hair. The people who actually contribute to civilization are the ones who must turn against it, or else the police will just come back and close the park up.

I was very young then, a lot younger than now. It was only a few months ago. After leaving the park, I started to travel around, and slept anywhere. I learned how to clean maggots out of my hair. I learned all about skin infections, lung fluids, and swelled ankles. I noticed that I was not afraid to do what I wanted to do. Some people say that I am heading down a path of self-destruction. How do they know? They have never been there.

I met an older woman, and we became good friends. She had a lot of problems in her life that I don’t have. I can just walk away, back into my fantasy world, which the real world does not resemble. I did not want to walk way because she was fun to be with. Perhaps more than anyone else, she made me pay attention to the world outside myself. Through this woman I met many people who are considered the lowest level of society. I don’t like poverty. Poverty is to always lose. I have never been poor. Now that I know a few people who are poor, I hate civilization even more. Now, I have a reason to hate. Not like my younger days when I would just hate.

Once, a man told me that if I wanted to know right from wrong I should check the Bible. So I read the silly book. What I found was almost any right or wrong I wanted. One minute, the book tells you love your neighbors; the next, it tells the Jews to kill their neighbors. I notice a lot of people use the book to prove whatever they want to prove. So I’ll use it too. In Genesis, God told Man to be fruitful and multiply. That sounds good. He told us this before the fall, so obviously the fall was not caused by sex, the way some ascetics would want you to believe. In Samuel, He told Man that a king would rule over them, steal from them, and make them work, and that they would not be free. This sounds like a God who would rather you be free. I could use a whole bunch of these examples to prove what I say, just as someone could use the Bible to find examples that disprove what I say. The book did not tell me right from wrong. A lot of people say that they follow the book, but actually they interpret the book in their own way and follow what they want the book to say.

Religion can get carried away sometimes. While watching TV today, I saw several religious shows. A Protestant said that only Jesus saves and he sounded almost as if he was saying that all you have to do is accept Jesus and you will do everything right, because the blood of the lamb has purified you. He thinks true Christians always do right. I bet if you showed him Christians doing wrong, he would say that those people are not true Christians. I seriously doubt that his idea of a true Christian ever existed, and I don’t think Jesus is a magical force that makes you do right just because you believe in him. People who don’t believe in Jesus do many things right, while many Christians do things wrong. A lot of Christians believe in civilization. A lot of Pagans love Nature.

Christianity is guilty of a lot of evil. For example, missionaries who wanted to save Indians’ souls by bringing them the word of God, ended up carrying disease all over North and South America, killing millions of Indians leaving a few survivors to be conquered by Europe. If Jesus is guiding them, then he is guiding them to do evil. I once heard a Catholic priest say that only the Holy Mother Church of Rome is the Body of Christ, and that the Church is guided by Christ. I think we can say that the Roman Church has made a lot of mistakes in the past. It condemned scientists, tortured witches, and made masturbation a sin. It’s a civilization. Often, it would seem that when people claim to have a guiding light, they really don’t.

An idea can be interpreted to mean anything, even its opposite. A person might even point out how great he was for getting it right. A cleaver person can make his logic sound convincing. He might even convince himself. Religion seems to be the art of manipulating ideas. It can make people blind to the truth.

A lot of civilized people think they could walk away from a cult like Jones Town or Waco. All cultures are cults, but people usually reserve the word cult for tiny civilizations that are separate from the big one. Those cults are very similar to the small ancient civilizations that had divine kings, who would be buried with their followers. The big civilization has a different kind of king, but you are still just as buried in it. Let’s see who really has what it takes to walk away. Those people in Waco or Jones Town did not leave because they could only, see themselves in the cult, not outside.

I prefer to invent an uncivilized cult. I assume that my system is good. I don’t care what God thinks about it. I would consider it good even if He didn’t. He might be evil. Too many people worry about what God wants. They invent a God who agrees with them and put words in God’s mouth. They can do any evil and say that God wants them to do it. Civilization is evil. I’m sure of that, but I wonder if the people who support civilization also are evil. Most of them are not consciously trying to do evil. Even a businessman who cuts down a forest and disturbs the environment might believe that he is doing something good for mankind. Some people do evil in order to accomplish a greater good. It is very rare to meet someone who does evil just to be evil. A true worshiper of evil is very rare. Perhaps people do evil to the world because they are not aware how their actions affect the world.

A lot of suburban American cults seem to emphasize progressing yourself or adjusting to civilization. The typical suburban American cult practices psychological therapy to make themselves upwardly mobile. They try to bring a peace into their own lives by making themselves in harmony with their business world. They think they are creating world peace, and that everyone should join them. I hate this self-perversion. They are all part of the civilized, progressives’ disease. It makes them feel like their pointless lives have a point.

Sometimes a civilized person will not like one particular civilized method and prefers another. He might assume that he is doing good by choosing the better way, and then he assumes he is making things better. All he is doing is refining the system. It is like an alcoholic who discovers that he has less trouble by switching from gin to vodka, but he stays an alcoholic and doesn’t really help himself.

Civilization alters things, so the only way people can support themselves is by joining the system. Often, a person will support civilization because it is the only way he knows how to support his family. Your family would be happier without civilization. It might seem impossible and maybe you would like to just give up and forget you ever doubted civilization. We must ask where do things really belong. Justice is everything in its right place. We must find ways for this to exist. Things must return to the way they were before civilization. All the nature progress destroyed must grow back. Only then can there be victory.

People in civilization are crushed by the system. When an evil does happen, they might say, "I had no other choice," and not consider themselves guilty. Often, they blame the authorities for their problems, but actually the authorities are just as much a victim as they are. So I am going to say that all people in civilization are guilty of the worst evil. Only the people who resist civilization are innocent. They could do it, so why can’t You? They fight while the others just waste away. Someone who fights civilization is not a victim. At least they own their own souls. All the people who support civilization have no souls of their own. If civilization ever falls, and I hope it does, millions of civilized people would suddenly suffer, but they deserve it, because they made it happen. The people who protect the Sacred Grove are the only people I care about.

On the day of judgment, it has been said, they will separate the goats from the sheep. The goats will escape and run away free. The sheep will be slaughtered and sold for meat.

Today, a disease called civilization has spread over the entire world, but we can still stop it. As long as one tree in the Sacred Grove is left, we can still make the water of life. All it takes is one cell, which is immune to a disease to cure the entire body, if that cell can spread its immunity. I believe I have found this immunity and now I am trying to spread it to you. Sometimes when a cell receives immunity it can improve the immunity and make it stronger. A few people may have wanted to stop civilization, but did not know how to take the first step. I have tried to take a first step. I’m just a guy who is good at talking to ghosts. Perhaps this first step will stumble, but someone else can always start over again. If this path fails, you can try another one and learn from my mistakes. I think, if the truth—that civilization is not best—is allowed to spread, more people will fight it. More people will think of ways to stop it, and one of these ways is going to work. Civilization will fall. Eventually it will fall.

The king of the mountain may seem all-powerful, but eventually he will fall. He is there to guard the Grove. When he can no longer guard the Grove, someone will kill him and take his place. Usually his disciples will protect him, but if he fails to be loyal to the Goddess, his own disciples will kill him. Civilization has turned against the Goddess. It is time for its own disciples to destroy it.

It is hard for people to separate from the system, but it can be done. Maybe not by one man alone, but two can do ten times more than one. Three can do one hundred times more than two. Four can do a thousand times more than three, which is a million times more than one.

The woods

I remember seeing the Amazon jungle when I was young. Flying over it, it looked like a flat smooth carpet of green that stretched on and on forever. We flew over it for a long time; then, suddenly, the forest stopped. With bulldozers, they had cut down a large section of the Amazon forest. All they had left was red clay for as far as the eye could see.

I knew a man who ran a logging company. I am not sure if he was the same man who cut down the section I saw, but I think he was. The nuns at the school told me to admire this man because he had so much ability. The nuns Worshipped Progress. They thought that God manifested himself in the world through progress and believed that you must contribute to progress to join with God. They thought that the man who cut down the trees was a manifestation of God, who was doing God’s work. I looked at the clay and saw the Earth bleed. The forest had been there for thousands of years. He did not have to cut it down now. No one had to cut it down. He could have lived in the forest. The nuns wanted to make me like the man who cut the trees, but I refused to be that way. Now, the nuns think I’m a failure. I think those women failed at life. Now they are enemies of life. They think surrendering yourself to the God of progress is success. I’m at least trying to be part of life. No one else saw the Earth bleed the way I did. I was very young at the time, but I knew the lumber company was evil and I knew the nuns were evil. I also knew there could be good. I dedicated myself to finding this good. I have found it in the trees the nuns wanted me to destroy. I never become the man who had cut the trees. He had ability, evil ability.

While I was in the forest, I felt a presence that was the characters of the forest. It was the spirit of the forest, Not just the spirit that creates the forest, but also the spirit created by the forest. I began to feel the Earth as a thinking living personality. This thought opened an eye inside of me that could see the spirit of many things. Things in the wild are strong and fierce. When I look at civilized man, I see a pathetic stupidity. Mountains, rivers, and rock in the field all have a power, which everything in nature can also feel. The darkside will make you feel almost as if you were real. Magic is not civilized psychotherapy. Magic is not the energy to bend spoons. Magic is brutality, aggression, and intensity. Life makes it grow. I have felt primal instinct and I like it. I realize what is truly sacred. Ok, so I maybe I just made this paragraph up, but it is kind of true. I did feel something when I was in the jungle. Perhaps it was just a fascination that later developed into this obsession with nature that I have. I’ve kind of forced myself to believe it was more. Whatever it was, I think its called "Jhebbal Sag."

Seeing the forest cut down bothered me. I knew something wrong was happening. Cutting down the Amazon was possibly more wrong than anything that man has done before. This was back when people were worried about the Vietnam War. The war was insignificant, compared to the Earth bleeding. Looking down from Heaven at the Earth, you can’t see ten million men die, but ten million trees being cut down leaves an empty space, which you can see. I wonder which does God actually care about. The man who cut the trees down thinks that God gave Man the world so he can use it any way he wants. I think the well being of life on Earth is more important than just Man. Man has no right to turn the world into a wasteland. I doubt God gave it to us just so we would destroy it. There has to be another way. But, the man who cut down the trees wanted economic developments for the Amazon region, so it can contribute to civilization, like every other piece of the Earth. Ten ears ago, there were still large pieces of Amazon forest that progress had not touched. Those pieces are gone today. I remember seeing clear skies over the jungle, but now they say, there are no clear skies over the Amazon. It is full of smoke from the burning jungle. Progress no longer uses the trees for anything. Now they are just burning the jungle away. What does progress want?

A few weeks later I was back at school On top of a. near by hill was a big statue of Christ, with his arms outstretched, as if he was trying to embrace the town under him. I had always wanted to climb the hill and see the statue close up, but every time I tried, the hill became so steep that I was holding the roots of trees to keep from falling. I walked about and noticed a large bull water buffalo in a fenced in area. I sat on a termite mound next to the fence and watched a black bird crawl up and down the bull’s back. Then I noticed a trail that went up the hill to the statue. It was behind the bull. I looked to the left of me and the fence seemed to stretch into a hill, which would be too muddy to walk. To the right the fence went up into the steep hill that I couldn’t climb before. The only way to get there was through the bullpen. I jumped the fence and ran across the yard, then jumped the fence on the other side. When I looked back the bull had not even followed me.

I walked up the trail and saw the statue of Christ. The base of the statue was covered with blood and candle wax. Several chicken parts were arranged around two smaller statues. Someone had been practicing Macumba on the hill the night before. There was a chalk line that divided the two statues as if they should remain separate. The first statue looked like a mermaid. She is Yemanja, the Brazilian Mother Goddess. The next statue had, on top of his head, a two-sided ax that looked like two triangles pointing at each other. He is Chango, the Thunder God, the Voodoo Jupiter.

I remember a. story one of the servants told me about Yemanja. When her cult came from Africa. She had to ask permission from the native Goddess for her cult to be practiced in South America. The native Goddess was Nema a Jaguar Goddess Worshipped by the Indians. Nema gave Yemanja permission as long as the Amazon jungle is untouched. The Christian God is considered rude because he never asked for permission. His cult just invaded the land, and the Christian God does not respect other Gods. Civilization built the Transamazonas Highway, which cut through the forest and allowed settlers to move in. They did a sacrilegious act that violated Nema. The Catholic nuns who worship the God of progress do not understand how evil their rude God is.

I noticed a string of Roman Catholic rosary beads over the statue of Yemanja, and felt a strong feeling that the beads did not belong on her, so I took them off. I was about to put them on Chango when I felt that they did not belong on him, either. So I threw the beads and they seemed to disappear in mid air. I was only nine years old and I had just done a magic trick that involved the Gods guiding me.


Once, I heard a civilized man say that we must have governmental laws to be free. I asked him how? He said because they protect you from violence, and this keeps you free from suffering. I then asked him, what if the laws are making you suffer, and you would be free without them? He refused to listen to me after I said that. Apparently, he is convinced that we need laws. He is a cop. His job is to arrest people who break civilization’s laws. You might wonder how he can hurt other people and not feel guilty. The truth is that he does feel guilty for what he does, but he still does it because he thinks that the system must keep going. He is typical of a lot of civilized people. He has even killed people for civilization, and he probably will kill again. His uniform is supposed to represent him as a servant of the community, but I think it means he is an enemy of mankind. He has no faith in his fellow man. He thinks that Man must be kept in an ordered, lawful society. He is civilization. Civilization is organized hatred against mankind. If only he knew more about Man. Perhaps he would have more faith in Man, and he would realize that he is doing wrong. He said to me, "If you saw the things I saw, you would change your mind." Apparently, he saw a lot of violence. I asked him if he was stopping this violence. He said, "I try."

This cop is an example of progress bleeding the world. Ignorant doctors would bleed sick people, hoping to make them better, but the bleeding would make them sicker. A person’s natural immunity would have cured him if he had just been left alone. I have faith that people could work things out if they were freed from civilization. If there were no cops, people would take care of each other. The cop won’t let them take care of each other. He cages them in, so they fight each other rather than help each other. Then he bleeds them more. People forget how to help each other and become dependent on the cops.

This cop says that he loves mankind. If you believe in progress, you might assume that the only for you to love Man is to join civilization. Civilization does not love Man. They love what they want Man to be. They want to change Man, because they hate what he is. Their love is actually hate if they truly loved Man they would just let him be. I asked the cop, what if the system that he belonged to was causing the violence? He asked me how could Man live without the laws? I said they’d work things out for themselves, and they, would not have you to stand in their way. He then started to accuse me of being young and immature.

When I do find someone who examine the facts with me, we usually come to the conclusion that at lot of things are wrong with civilization, but the other person says that I can never stop it. I tell him that I know a way. This way is to just walk away from civilization and become uncivilized. Find a Sacred Grove and protect it. The religion I have described in this book may seem like anarchy, and it is. I like to call my cult, "The Church of Holy Anarchy."

There are no laws other than the laws of Nature in the temple. The police have no authority in the temple. Any cop who enters the temple and attempts to enforce a civilized law should be asked to stop what he is doing. If he still keeps trying to enforce a civilized law, he should be removed with Force. He is a threat to our barbarian of life, and he is also violating the sacred savagery of the temple. Any government that threatens the temple should also be destroyed. Actually all civilized governments should be destroyed because they threaten Nature. Destroy all civilization, even if it seems to accept your temple. You can’t trust civilization; it is very deceptive. You must destroy their factories. You must destroy their bridges. You must destroy their office buildings. You must destroy their money. Never accept anything from them, because everything they offer is like an addictive drug. Never give anything to them because they’ll want more. Never sign their contracts, because a contract is just their way of taking you from you. Travel far to destroy civilization even if it seems far from you, because it spreads. You must protect your Sacred Grove, to be free to build your temple.

I have noticed that people who don’t have faith in Man, and want to domesticate him, have never stopped to think if what they say is true. When I question civilization, they wonder how I could ask such a question and criticize me rather than think about the question. These people will send the cops out to shoot you if you break one of their laws. I am not going to take it. I’ve had enough of their shit.

Perhaps the thing about the witch doctor, who I knew when I was young, that most influenced me, was the way he didn’t care about what civilized men would consider success. He did not want to contribute to the system. He knew how to live without the system. People try to tell me how to find happiness as part of the system. Sometimes they seem miserable when the pressures of the system get to them. I try to tell them how to live without the system. They don’t believe me.

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