Merchant of Venus

New Ships

by Roberto Ullfig
Each Industrial Culture now sells 4 different ship types:

Freighter : $300
Merchantman : $280
Scow : $260
Transport : $240

Each Technological Culture now sells 4 different ship types:

Clipper : $120
Sloop : $100
Needle : $80
Scout : $60

All these ships are available from the Base. All players begin the game with a Scout or a Needle (their choice); however, if a Needle is chosen that player starts the game with $20 less. Players choose their ship before the game begins but after player order is determined.

Average Speed Comparison


The General Magazine Optional Ships

The ships from The General Magazine article are way unbalanced.

1. The Eeepeeep ships are way way way too fast. The loss of a pilot die doesn't compensate for the speed gain. Average speeds are Freighter:10.5, Transport:18, Scout: 18, Clipper:16.5. Why is the Clipper slower?
2. The Whynom freighter is superior in all ways to the Human Freighter.
3. The Scow Clipper is inferior to the Human Clipper in all ways.
4. The Nik ships sacrifice way way way too much hold space for a little gain in speed and navigation.
5. The Torch ships are fine.

These ships are found here