Lost Planet Variant

by Roberto Ullfig

New Habitable System

Add a new system to the map as in the picture below

Lost Planet

This planet was expelled from an outer orbit of the Super Giant system thousands of years ago by a cataclysmic event. Due to the absence of a nearby star, the inhabitants have learned to tap into the planet's core for their energy needs. Since the planet is always dark while travelling through interstellar space it has only recently been discovered .

Note that the three colored spaces connecting the Super Giant system to Lonely Station are not considered to belong to the Lost Planet system (for Spy Eye purposes etc...).

New Culture

Add a new culture as detailed below

4c Wraiths
IOU: $70
Factory: $200
Goods: 5 Visible Holes (buy $100; sell $170)

Factory Goods: Spectral Analyzer (buy $160; sell $250)
Sells: Blue Drive ($120) [Blue Drive cannot be used in conjunction with Red or Combined Drive] & Jump Start ($120)
New Demands: Voll Silk at 4c (+$60), Visible Holes at 6 (+$70), Bionic Perfume at 4c (+$60)
New Fare: To 4c at 7a (+$110)
Add 1 Finest Dust to the Dell's pool for a total of 7

The Wraiths buy Goods from 1a, 1b, 2, 3 and sell to 5, 6, 7a, 7b.

Note that there are 2 more blue dots than red dots on the mapboard so in general the Blue Drive is a better deal than the Red Drive.

The Wraiths

Name means "Ghostly Ones". Science: Wraith. Wraiths are very mysterious creatures who no one has yet managed to see. Communication with them can only be achieved by individuals who have no visual sense. Wraiths seem to have a great fondness for silk cloaks.


Take the 15 IOUs and distribute them randomly among the 15 Inhabitable Systems.