Merchant of Venus Variant Ship Cards

Many of you people who know that old Avalon Hill classic Merchant of Venus might have read an article in the General 26/1 ("Fun and Profit in the 32nd Century – Designer's Notes and Variant for MERCHANT OF VENUS"). The variant that the designer Richard Hamblen presents in this article features specific ships for each of the races in the game. So the Qossuth for example have Rocket-ships - they can carry an extra piece of equipment but are difficult to steer. The Sports-ships of the Niks have less cargo spaces but are much more flexible to fly.


An example custom ship: the Sports-Scout

To play with the custom ships it would be nice to have custom ship cards available that look as well as the originals do. Unfortunately such cards weren't provided with the article. So what I did is throw a scanner, a graphics program, a textprocessor and Adobe Acrobat into a magic box and out came – these alternative ship cards.

New: The files allships.pdf and torch-ships.pdf have been replaced with new versions. There has been an error on the torch-freighter: It should have "Roll 1, use 1x2" but had "Roll 1, use 1x3" instead. Thank you to Michael Ward for finding this! (2002-03-21)

normal-ships.pdf (221KB)
fast-ships.pdf (221KB)
rocket-ships.pdf (221KB)
scow-ships.pdf (228KB)
sports-ships.pdf (213KB)
New: torch-ships.pdf (233KB)

This is one pdf file which includes all the other ones. This saves around 60KB:

New: allships.pdf (1310KB)

Florian Unger