The March Hare Network (#2)

Jack L. Chalker

Science Fiction
Del Rey
December 1996

$ 5.99

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Time after time, life after life, Cory Maddox was being incarnated into worlds he found both familiar and strangely different. And only in this latest incarnation did Cory bring along knowledge, skills, and memories of his previous existence--memories of cold betrayal that promised nothing he saw or felt could be trusted. Nor could he trust his companions who, like himself, kept moving from life to life trying to escape the endless cycle.

But it was only with the help of those companions that Cory could develop the technological means to peer beyond the veil of reality--to the shadowy figures whom he was sure were manipulating reality . . . if what he was experiencing actually was reality.

Time was running out. His memories gave him an advantage over the others, but he would have to act quickly and surely if he were to discover the truth--before truth itself could no longer be trusted . . .

"A damn fine storyteller . . . Chalker is a master."

--Orson Scott Card

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