The Hot-Wired Dodo (#3)

Book Three of The Wonderland Gambit

Jack L. Chalker

Science Fiction
Del Rey
February 1997

$ 12.00

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Reality wasn't what it used to be. Life after life, as man, woman, and child, Cory Maddox was trapped in an endless cycle of ever-changing realities, on the run from his ruthless companions*who were likewise trapped*and from the shadowy figures that seemed to exist outside the matrix.

The matrix that was becoming increasingly unstable.

Each new Alice-in-Wonderland world proved increasingly bizarre, and Cory wanted nothing more than to find the way home. Fragments of knowledge* a mysterious UFO crash, alien technology, glimpses of a computer that was controlling his fate*all pointed toward Matthew Brand, the virtual reality genius. But Brand had vanished long ago, into, or perhaps beyond, the borders of reality.

To break the cycle of cyber-reincarnation, Cory had to unlock the rules of the game. The deck was stacked against him, but Brand was his ace-in-the-hole. Somehow, somewhere, Cory had to find Brand*before the actions of his enemies destroyed reality altogether . . .

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